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Channel 7 is reporting that in yesterday’s meeting almost all of cabinet threw its support behind Hon. Dr Omar Figueroa as the consensus candidate for UDP party leader elect.

This comes after last week’s meeting with 31 UDP Representatives & their delegates in which 21 representatives asked both recent leader elect John Saldivar and his defeated opponent Patrick Faber to step aside to make way for a new person to emerge that would heal and unite the party after a divisive national convention.

Saldivar stepped down after false accusations threatened to be too much of a distraction to the party. Saldivar sacrificed his life long ambition which he finally achieved to lead the UDP in order to protect the interest of the party he loves.

Patrick Faber is being asked to do the same as delegates chose Saldivar over him by a decisive margin of 342-226 at the recent UDP national convention.

Omar Figueroa has a PhD in environment and is a life long UDP dating back to the Dean Lindo days. Figueroa also served as UDP senator when the UDP was in opposition 1998-2008 and government senator before winning a bi election in Cayo and then the general elections in 2015.

It is expected that Patrick Faber will stand down at the NPC scheduled for this Saturday and support the will of the majority of delegates who voted against him.