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The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Tiger Sharks defeat win over Belmopan Bandits
On Friday, February 28th, the San Pedro Tiger Sharks travelled to the Capital City of Belmopan, where they faced the local team, Belmopan Bandits. The island team played without Martevious Adams, who is recovering from an injury. Despite this disadvantage, the Tiger Sharks put up a fight and maintained a lead, after a rough start, winning 86-69. The upcoming games for week eight will mark the mid-way point of this year’s basketball season. The San Pedro Tiger Sharks will take a break this weekend, and their next game is on March 14th against the Orange Walk Running Rebels.

San Pedro Pirates score another home victory
The Ambergris Stadium was the venue for another home victory in favour of the San Pedro Pirates, when they hosted Wagiya Sporting Club on Saturday, February 29th. The island team fiercely defended their turf, playing well and defeated the visiting team 2-0 via Pirate’s top scorer Jesse Smith. With this win, the island team was in second place in the Premier League of Belize’s standings. Following Belmopan Bandits’ 3-0 victory over Placencia Assassins on Sunday, February 1st, San Pedro Pirates slid down to third place due to goal differential.

Ambergris Today

Belize’s President Of The Senate At FORPEL Meeting In Mexico City
The President of the Senate, Honourable Darrell Bradley, recently attended the 38th Ordinary Meeting of Presiding Officers of National Parliaments of Central America and the Caribbean Basin (FOPREL) that was held in the Chamber of the Mexican Senate in Mexico City.

MOU On Gillnet Ban Signed Between MFFESD And The Coalition For Sustainable Fisheries
This MoU reiterates the conditions and timelines for a successful phase-out and livelihoods transition that would conclude in a ban to be instituted throughout Belize’s maritime waters by March 31, 2022, at the latest or earlier when the livelihoods transition of fishers is successfully attained. It also sets the framework to determine the eligibility of gill net fishers for the livelihoods transition programme, which includes those gill net fishers licensed in 2018 who presently meet the legal requirements as stated in Statutory Instrument 81 of 2019.

Various Belizean Sources


Miss Claudia Gallego
Day Three of recognition for International Women's day. Today we feature a woman who is also respected by the island due to her undying commitment to the church and the people of Caye Caulker. Miss Claudia Gallego is a well known Christian woman who came to live on the island in 1968. As a catholic, the first thing she did was seek out the Catholic Church where she was accepted right away! Miss Claudia became so involved within the church that over time, she began to host sunday school for the children whom of which are all grown up today.

Community Action for Public Safety II Project Community Consultation
The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, and in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank, proposes to embark on a project entitled Community Action for Public Safety II. The main objective of this project is to increase the capacity of the Ministry to coordinate and deliver violence prevention services in Belize City.

By-Elections Notice

San Pedro Power Outage Thursday Morning
Power outage 5:00 a.m. to 6:00 a.m. on Thursday, March 5 to affect entire San Pedro, Ambergris Caye. BEL to replace equipment and conduct maintenance at the San Pedro Substation.

Drum Lessons at the Benque House of Culture
Explore another amazing percussion instrument, master this discipline every Monday from 3:00 p.m.- 7:00 p.m. with drum master Javier Martinez at your Benque House of Culture. Lessons start March 16th, 2020, sign up and learn more.

Last week was a tale of two halves. In the first part of the week, we had perfect weather, and our anglers caught good numbers of fish. It then degenerated as the frontal system arrived. Barometric pressure fell, and fishing became quite tough. Anglers who worked hard were still rewarded with several good bonefish.

Is a creature which roams in the Maya world . The Dzulúm is discribe as a white jaguar with long peace of hair which runs from the head to his back . A mysterious creature which makes the Indigenous women to have a desirable attracted to follow the Dzulúm . Those who follow it are not seen again .

Activity in Honour of International Women's Week on Caye Caulker
Today was the first activity in Honour of international women's week where the female police officers held their meet and greet with different members of the community and they also conducted an inspection of carts, making sure that everything was in order and in place. The female police officers are working hand-in-hand in organising activities for the rest of this week and the voice of Caye Caulker will be following up and updating on all these other activities.

4th Annual Festival of The Sun & Moon
The Festival of the Sun & Moon is an annual music festival held in Belize. The organizers have committed to donating partial proceeds from the festival to Hope Haven Children’s Hope and Community Center, a non-profit organization working to provide shelter and empower children and families of Belize to have a brighter future. What a fun way to spend 4 days in one of the most beautiful tropical paradises in the world, enjoying the sun, music and having fun while supporting a great cause! Apr 22 at 6 PM – Apr 27.

A Night with the Stars Musical Concert
The Benque HoC is having a concert to celebrate Women's month. A Night with the Stars, celebrating the many contributions of our Women in the society especially those that foster and promote our cultural heritage, customs and traditions in unique ways, making it the Benque of today and tomorrow! Join us in giving merit to our contributors Saturday March 14th, 2020 at our Centennial Memorial Park.

Belize - Virtuoso Luxury Fam Tour

Channel 7

Airwing Corporal Buried in Big Falls
Corporal Reynaldo Choco was buried in his home village of Big Falls, Toledo today. Just like yesterday in Douglas when the funeral was held for Yassir Mendez - the attention of the nation descended on a small village church heaving with grief. Cherisse Halsall has the story of today's full military funeral:

Officialdom Supported Family At Funeral
Security Minister Michael Peyrefitte and PUP Area Representative Oscar Requena commented on today's sad proceedings:

The Failure to Inform
And while the families got full respect and honours from officialdom today, Choco's mother has already told the media she learned of her son's death on Facebook. But, what about his wife, Jasmine Choco? She lived in Ladyville to be with her husband and they shared a residence at Price Barracks. She teaches nearby in Ladyville, but reports from family members say she too learned of her husband's demise ion facebook. Today, the Minister of National Security commented on these critical communication lapses:

COMPOL Addresses Conspiracy Theories
And while the immediate families, and the larger BDF family prepare for two more funerals - in the public mind, there's still so much uncertainty about the mysterious circumstances under which the BDF chopper went down. The ballistics report should be in tomorrow and we are reliably informed that it concludes that the chopper was NOT shot down. So, for unknown reasons, in the pre-dawn darkness of Wednesday, it crashed, headfirst into the Western Lagoon - at a point where the lagoon was just five feet deep. It was a massive impact crash, shattering the aircraft and its crew.

Did Drug Plane Circle Belize District Last Night
And speaking of drug planes, We also asked Wiliiams about a plane circling last night over the Belize district. Reporter: "Plane circling last night, Belize District, did that reach your desk?" Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "Yes, it circled and we were out waiting. I didn't land. It went over to Guatemala side." Reporter: "Sir, it was a narco plane that was seen around 8-9p.m, in the Belize District, Hattieville, Gardenia, those areas?"

Two Grandfathers Killed in 15 Minutes
Yesterday we told you that a barber had been shot to the cheek after dodging what was meant to be a headshot. That shooting happened at 4:15 but it was just the beginning of a spasm of violence that would grip the city's twilight hour. By 5:35 there was another shooting, this one fatal. 52-Year old Micheal Barrera was picking up food from Bravo's shop on Central American Boulevard and chatting with someone. That, someone, was being targeted by a gunman. He spotted the threat and immediately ran away but Barrera wasn't so lucky. The target escaped reportedly by jumping on to a city bus. That's when the gunman in anger reportedly turned to point the gun at Barrera, firing a fatal shot. Here is that story.

He Died Shielding Grandchild
But the violence didn't stop there, 15 minutes later, at 5:50, there was another shooting. This one saw 52-year-old Keith Courtenay killed while shielding his grandson from a bullet. It happened in front of a long Barracks on the corner of Ebony Street, in the shadow of a police camera. This morning his family and friends gathered to share in bewildered grief for the father and grandfather gone too soon. Cherisse Halsall reports.

COMPOL Says Shootings Retaliatory
And Commissioner of Chester Williams says that police believe yesterday's succession of shootings were retaliatory. This morning he told us that several suspects are detained. Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "There are several persons we are looking at and we know that there is a group of young men who are behind these shootings and we have some of them in custody at this time. The investigation is ongoing and we have collected a number of valuable information that we are using to guide the investigation and we are hoping that we will be able to make an arrest in at least one of them by the end of this week."

Stevedores Shut It Down!
And changing gears now to labour issues at the Port of Belize, the stevedores entered their third day of strike this morning. Minister of state for Labour Dr. Carla Barnett had already intervened and set up a meeting to hear both sides out this afternoon. And while they waited on that, the stevedores kept up their day and night vigil at the Port of Belize. But, this morning, the tone of their industrial action changed when they noted that a cargo ship had docked at the Pierhead, and they concluded that the Port Management was trying to go behind their back to offload the ship. And that's when they moved to shut the port entrance down. Jules Vasquez was there:

Some Progress As Stevedores and Port Meet
All that commotion subsided just before 1:00 - just in time for their union's negotiating team to have a face to face meeting with the Port's management overseen by the Labour Minister at the Belize City Labour Office. That was a marathon 4-and-a-half-hour session, and when the leaders for the two sides exited, we tried to get a few details out of them about how these talks went. Here are their very brief comments: Evan Mose Hyde - President, CWU: "We have to make sure that we need to reach our members to explain to them what we have discussed in this meeting with PBL and the Minister of Labour..."

Clarifying The Millions For Gillnets
Last night, we told you about the upgraded offer that the conservation community has presented to the Government to institute a full ban on the use of gillnets in Belize. Oceana is offering 1 million dollars to fund the transition from gillnets to a more sustainable form of fishing. The Coalition for Sustainable Fisheries, an organization created in August 2018, has also presented the Government with an offer of an additional 1.5 million dollars to fund the transition away from this destructive fishing gear.

NTUCB Expects GOB Movement on Demands Tomorrow At Budget Presentation
Yesterday we told you about the NTUCB's refined list of demands to the government. They have gotten overwhelming and emphatic support from a wide cross section of unions and civil society groups, including today the PSU, the National Evangelical Association of Belize and the Belize Network of NGO's.

Will Compol Suspend Extortion Cops
Last night we told you about 3 police officers who were arraigned in the San Ignacio Magistrate's Court for extortion. They are as Special Constable Albert Reynolds, Special Constable Eusterio Coc, and Corporal Maximiliano Lanza. The details of the accusation have not been shared with us, but we are told that the complainant said that the incident happened on the Branch Mouth Road.

COVID In Quintana Roo
In last night's news, we took you to Belmopan for the Ministry of Health's press conference on the latest information on the coronavirus, or COVID-19, as it is better known. The head table was careful to stress that the Ministry has a plan to deal with this potential public health threat and that citizens need to keep up-to-date with the information. The Ministry made it clear that there is no way to fully insulate the Belizean population from the virus, and that sooner or later, it will be detected in Belize.

No Gas Station For South Ring Road
Parents of Belmopan's Our Lady Of Guadalupe R.C. schools are were celebrating last night because the DOE responded to their concerns over plans to build a gas station in front of the school. Those plans were widely criticized last week with residents fearing that a gas station adjacent to the school had the potential to cause frequent car accidents and become a hazard to the children.

Channel 5

Corporal Reynaldo Choco is Laid to Rest in Big Falls
A solemn ceremony was held in the village of Big Falls, Toledo, for fallen soldier Corporal Reynaldo Choco. His flag-draped casket was carried from his house in the village, to [...]

Grieving Wife Not Satisfied with BDF Silent Treatment
The Belize Defense Force has come under fire for the manner in which it handled the notification of the families of the deceased airmen.  As with Jean Baizar, who lost [...]

“You can never be informed quickly enough” – Mike Peyrefitte
While the B.D.F. effected its internal protocols to confirm that all four men had indeed perished in the crash before notifying their respective next of kin of the tragedy, it [...]

Preliminary Report into Helicopter Crash Completed
A preliminary report following an investigation into the deadly helicopter crash has been submitted to Rear Admiral John Borland, who is coordinating a probe into the incident that claimed four [...]

Families of Deceased Airmen are Expected to be Compensated
The issue of compensation for the families of the four deceased airmen has been raised in light of the fact that B.D.F. personnel do not qualify for social security benefits.  [...]

Who Will Now Lead BDF Air Wing?
The untimely demise of the head of the B.D.F. Air Wing, as well as his second-in-command, has left a vacuum in the leadership of that military unit and in the [...]

ComPol speaks on narco jet!
Earlier today, the press caught up with Commissioner of Police Chester Williams outside the gate of the Port of Belize. The Commissioner was there to mediate a matter related to [...]

Suspected drug plane circling over Belize?
And while Belize is still reeling from the deadly crash involved in the last interception of the drug plane off the Coastal Road, there was another aircraft circling over the [...]

Social worker killed in the city!
A well-known social worker, a counselor in Belize City, was shot and killed on Tuesday evening. He was the first murder victim in a shooting spree on Tuesday evening. From [...]

Who killed Keith Courtenay and why?
The second murder on Tuesday evening happened about ten minutes after Michael Barrera was killed and this time it took place on the corner of Ebony and Sarstoon Streets in [...]

Barber shot inside his shop is recovering.
In Tuesday’s newscast we reported on the shooting of fifty-two-year-old barber John Crawford. He was inside his business around four-twenty that evening when a man entered the shop and fired [...]

ComPol speaks on violence in the City!
As you heard in our reports tonight, two men were killed and another narrowly escaped an attempt on his life. Today the media asked Commissioner of Police about the eruption [...]

An update on jet plane drug cargo!
Less than twenty-four hours after Belize Police Department intercepted one of the biggest drug cargos on record, the deaths of the four Belize Defence Soldiers were reported and that tragedy [...]

Belizean Man Sentenced to 18 Years in US Federal Prison
Fifty-three-year-old Belizean Moses Anthon Francisco has been sentenced to eighteen years behind bars in the United States. According to news outlets in Iowa, Francisco led law enforcement on a high-speed [...]

Tensions Rise at Stevedores’ Protest
Tensions built up at the Port of Belize today and police had to be called in to cool down the situation. The protesting stevedores grew agitated and blocked heavy equipment [...]

A suspected case of Corona Virus in Quintana Roo
As new cases of the corona virus are showing up around the world, there are still no confirmed cases in Belize. Health authorities, however, warn that it is a matter [...]

Oceana Offers More to Fishers for Transition Phase
Oceana Belize has upped its proposed transitional support to Belizean fishers to two point five million dollars. The N.G.O. has been calling for the absolute ban of the use of [...]

CWU Meets with Ministry of Labor and Port C.E.O.
The meeting between the Christian Workers Union, official representatives for the Port of Belize and the Labour Minister and Labour Commissioner met for more than five hours. C.W.U. President Evan [...]

Port CEO says Meeting was “Good”
At the conclusion of this afternoon’s meeting, the C.E.O. for the Port of Belize Limited, Arturo “Tux” Vasquez, addressed the media. Vasquez says that several agreements have been reached and [...]

Unions Will Act if Government Does Not Comply with Demands
The Public Service Union is echoing the call by the National Trade Union Congress of Belize to stamp out corruption as P.M. Dean Barrow had promised years ago when he [...]

An afternoon fire wipes out a structure up north
Fire erupted at a small structure in the village of San Joaquin, Corozal District this afternoon around two o’clock. Fire fighters responded to the call of the fire, but the [...]

D.O.E. Halts Construction of Gas Station in Belmopan
In February, the People’s United Party condemned the decision of Belmopan Mayor Khalid Belisle and his City Council to approve the construction of a gas station immediately in front of [...]

3 cops to be placed on interdiction for extortion charge
Three cops attached to the San Ignacio Police Station are to be placed on interdiction following a charge of extortion. There are concerns that the cops were not placed on [...]


Two dead and one injured in separate city shootings
Guns were blazing on the south side of Belize City yesterday evening. In a span of two hours, between 4:00 p.m. and 6:00 p.m., three persons were shot two of them fatally, while one other person was hospitalized in a stable condition.

The Reporter

Angry Stevedores Block Access To Port
Tensions escalated outside the Port of Belize Limited (PBL) earlier today after stevedores learnt that the company had allegedly hired substitute workers to unload a container on the pier head.

Belize Health Officials: Prepared, If The CoronaVirus Get’s Here
Cabinet has agreed to and the Ministry of Finance has approved an initial budget of $900,000 to prepare for the inevitable effects of COVID-19.

A Violent Evening In Belize City
The first murder of the evening in Belize City occurred just after 5:30pm at the corner of Iguana Street and Central American Boulevard during rush hour traffic.

Early Morning Accident Near Armenia: Truck Driver Died
The fatal road traffic accident in the village of Armenia early this morning has resulted in the death of a cargo truck driver, Jose Quinonez.


Police impersonators rob the cousin of Cpl Reynaldo Choco
As if the pain of losing a family member were not enough, two men had to endure additional agony over the weekend when they were robbed on the Hummingbird Highway. 47-year-old Thomas Ack and 22-year-old Ronaldo Ack were on their way to Big Falls Village, Toledo District, to join their relatives in the mourning of Corporal Reynaldo Choco.

Counselor for youths gunned down
Within a span of three hours yesterday evening, Belize City saw two murders and another person injured in three separate incidents. The first happened at around four o’clock when a gunman barged into a barbershop on Zericote Street and fired shots at the barber, 52-year-old John Crawford.

2.5 million for the banning of gillnets
The financial contribution to the banning of gillnets has increased to 2.5 million dollars. One million was raised by Oceana Belize and 1.5 million was contributed by the Coalition for sustainable fisheries.

Man fatally shot while protecting grandson
Shortly before six o’clock yesterday evening, the second murder victim was targeted. Reporter Courtney Menzies visited the family home of the victim, 46-year-old Keith Courtenay.

Belize Network of NGOs sides with unions
The Belize Network of NGOs (BNN) has joined the unions in their fight against corruption. In a press release issued today, they called on the government to immediately re-activate the UNCAC Project Board – as per the demands stated by the National Union Trade Congress of Belize (NTUCB).

Kareem Franklyn in jail for attempted murder and aggravated assault
23-year-old Kareem Franklyn is on remand for two counts of attempted murder and two counts of aggravated assault with a firearm against two police officers.

BCCI sets three new resolutions
The Belize Chambers of Commerce and Industry (BCCI) has committed to employing the Private Bill provision to urgently introduce a Campaign Finance Bill, as per section 76 of the Standing Orders of the Senate. This commitment is one of three resolutions passed in last night’s Special General Meeting.

BDF give Corporal Reynaldo Choco a full military funeral
A full military funeral took place this morning in Big Falls Village, Toledo District for BDF Corporal Reynaldo Choco. We join our News Director, Renee Trujillo for the story.

Jasmine alert for missing teenager
A Jasmine Alert has been issued for a 14-year-old boy. Jaiden Castro was last seen leaving his home in Unitedville, Cayo District just after seven o’clock last night en route to play basketball.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Ministry of Health says rumor of 5 cases of Covid-19 in San Ignacio is false alarm; 1 person only is in self isolation
Ministry of Health says rumor of 5 cases of Covid-19 in San Ignacio is false alarm; 1 person […]

Police investigate shooting incident in Belize City
Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occurred around 4:20 pm yesterday in Belize City. […]

Unitedville teen reported missing
Authorities are asking the public’s assistance in locating 14-year-old Jaiden Castro of Unitedville Village. Castro’s […]

Taiwanese Embassy staff climbs Victoria Peak
On February 29, seven staff members of the Taiwanese Embassy in Belize reached the top […]

Belizeans prepare for La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge
The annual La Ruta Maya Belize river challenge kicks off this Friday, March 6 at […]

Retire in Belize: The Benefits of Belize’s QRP Retirement Program
Belize is quickly becoming one of the top travel destinations, but did you know that […]

Michael Barrera killed in Belize City
Authorities are investigating the murder of Michael Barrera, 52, of Belize City. Around 5:40 p.m. […]

Keith Courtney Sr. murdered in Belize City
Authorities are investigating the murder of Keith Courtney Sr., 46. Around 5:50 p.m. yesterday, Courtney […]

Tensions running high at Port of Belize, stevedore protest continues
Things have escalated between the stevedores, represented by the Christian Workers Union (CWU) and the […]

GOB to embark on public consultation on a project entitled “Community Action for Public Safety II”
The Government of Belize through the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, […]

UB and Ministry of Health to host public health forum today
The University of Belize (UB) and the Ministry of Health are hosting a public health […]

Patient in self-isolation in Cayo; Health authorities say no symptoms of coronavirus
The Office of Director of Health Services has informed that there is currently no suspected […]

Belizean sentenced to 18 years in federal prison for illegal re-entry, possession of firearm
News reports from Sioux City, Iowa in the United States say that last Friday 53-year-old […]


La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge 2020
La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge – March 06, 2020 – March 09, 2020. La Ruta Maya is an annual event that takes over the entire country’s attention for four exhilarating days. This year it falls on March 06, 2020- March 09, 2020. It is a marathon canoe race that runs West to East along the Old Belize River. Meaning “The Maya Route” in Spanish, the race follows the very same ancient trading route the Maya, and later Baymen used to transport goods for trade. It begins at the Hawkesworth Bridge in San Igancio and ends at the river mouth of the Belize City harbor. Conceptualized by the Harrison brothers and founded in 1998, it was originally intended to be a marketing event for the launching of their family-owned purified water company.

International Sourcesizz

Mantiene Quintana Roo casos sospechosos de Covid 19
Suspected cases of COVID19 in Quintana Roo, Mexico. Quintana Roo se mantiene como una de las entidades con casos sospechosos de Covid 19, los cuales son monitoreados por las autoridades de salud a nivel federal. José Luis Alomía, director general de Epidemiología, reportó que en el país hay 38 casos sospechosos de coronavirus que son analizados y que siguen siendo cinco casos confirmados.

Concerns remain for Caribbean as drought season continues
The Barbados-based the Caribbean Institute for Meteorology and Hydrology (CIMH) says that while some parts of the Caribbean, such as the Leeward Islands, experienced above normal rainfall in January, there are concerns over short and long term drought by the end of the dry season in May over much of the region. “Monitoring water reserves and enhancing water conservation measures are recommended,” it said, noting that long term drought is evolving in Antigua, Barbados, northwestern half of Belize, Cayman Islands, parts of coastal and interior Guyana, St Kitts, the Windward Islands – Dominica, Grenada, St Lucia and St Vincent and the Grenadines.


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  • Ever wanted to play ball like the Maya?, 10min. JUEGO de Pelota Mesoamericano has got you covered with some handy rules! Look out for Belize teams on their page!

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - NATALIE MARGARET THOMAS, 1.5min.

  • Miss Universe Belize, Destinee Arnold, 18min. Miss Universe Belize, Destinee Arnold is in country to do some community work. She stopped by to talk about her experience at the Miss Universe pageant and share her latest projects. She also revealed that she will be partnering Olivia Quido Skin, the official Miss Universe skin care line, to bring the brand to Belize.

  • Covid-19 in Mexico & United States - proper hygiene practices, 54min. There are now confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Mexico and the United States. With these developments it has become even more necessary to stay vigilant in monitoring the disease and keeping up with proper hygiene practices. Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services with the Ministry of Health walked us through MOH's preparation and surveillance strategy.

  • Reef Week 2020, 37min. Stakeholders are showing the reef some love for this week! Reef Week is celebrated from March 7th to 15th. This year the theme is: Tru Tru Reef Love Means Yuh Stay Involved. Our guests talked with us about the activities planned for this year. On our couch: Janelle Chanona - Executive Director, Oceana Belize. Deseree Arzu - Communications Coordinator, Wildlife Conservation Society.

  • Procedures of the BDF, 39min. Ret'd Major Lloyd Jones shared his insights into the protocols and procedures of the BDF. He walked us through what would have been proper procedures for executing the pre-dawn mission that ended in the loss of the lives of four soldiers. In his expert opinion he cited several breaches and discussed his theories of what could have caused the fatal crash.

  • A Ride through San Pedro Town Belize at Night, 3.5min.

  • Snorkeling in South Water Caye, Belize | Belize Barrier Reef, 3min. The Belize Barrier Reef is one of the most gorgeous and easily accessible reefs out there! Snorkeling is a must-do while in Belize!

  • Belize Feb 14-21 2020 San Pedro - Ambergris Caye Restaraunts, bars, snorkeling, 66min. Many different aspects of the island including a few of Caye Caulker, with some restaurants, bars, and also snorkeling.

  • Ras Indio visits Sadie Vernon High School in Belize City, 12min. on March 2nd 2020 , Ras Indio was invited to Sadie Vernon High school as the guest speaker at their morning school assembly.

  • Belize - Canoeing and Hamanasi Dive Resort, 9min.

  • Public Health Update : CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19), 74min.