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Juan Carnaval was practiced by the Mestizo Culture in 1950, 1960 and lastly in 1970, here in Cayo ,by Migrants who came from Chetumal Qroo(Maria ,Amorna,Roguel Martinez and Carmita Reyes), whom happened to be family to my Grandparents (Santiago Arguelles who migrated from Ixcalac Mexico).The above mentioned were seamstresses, so they created all the clothing for the carnaval at that time.My mother Isabel Concepcion Arguelles Moreno, was only 11 years old when she participated, together with her sisters Vitalia and Maricela Arguelles.Their Carnaval was comically musical.My mother sung us to sleep every night as kids with the carnival songs(La molina,Pichetito,El toro,La Negra Tomasa,el Pitorial,la Culebra y la cancion del Carnaval ),which represented the mestizo Culture, their clothing and Dance.

This Mestizo cultural practice was lost in the 1970's.We decided to bring it back with the great help of the National Institute Of Culture And History and SISEHOC.The children who participated were so much into learning the dance and songs blessings to them Special thank you to these beautiful children.,Hopefully in the future more mestizos decide to join the parade , after all the purpose is to open the road for our MESTIZO people to strenghten and safeguard their culture .

A heartfelt thank you, to everyone who participated in any way ,thank you Mrs Luciana Castaneda for sowing the clothing,Anna Sanches for helping ardously with the characters,Mr Mariano Lopez for the guitar accompaniment in some of the songs as well as Mr Jose Ventura as well as Ms Lilly Tzul and Husband, if i should forget anybody thank you all so much for helping.Thank you to the Parents of the children who remained with us and participated in the parade.SISEHOCNICH Safeguarding,enhancing and bringing back to life the cultural practices of the Mestizo Culture.

The Mestizo Juan Carnaval 1960/2020.A special thank you to my mother Isabel concepcion Arguelles Moreno, for safeguarding the songs and teaching it to me and my brothers and sisters and for giving me all the information necessary for the Juan carnaval.Note: the Carnaval would go all the way to Benque Viejo to perform, they would call on my mom to dance (Que baile la trenzuda)!.

Iliana Moreno