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Belizean Heroes and Benefactors
Today Belize celebrates a national holiday formerly known as Baron Bliss day. In 2008, the name was changed to National Heroes and Benefactors Day. Here are Some other Belizean Heroes and Benefactors that we celebrate on this day. This holiday, normally celebrated on the 9th of March, in recent days moved to whatever date the Monday falls. Read below a brief history of a few of our Belizean Heroes and Benefactors. May the legacy of these heroes live on for generations to come. If you are interested in finding out more about this wonderful history, google search will provide you with all the information in greater detail.

COVID-19 Response: An update from the DHS
As part of our preparation process for COVID-19, the series of meetings and partners engaged last week are the following: 1. The National Intelligence Committee was debriefed and alerted of the potential disruption of normal / routine activities and the potential role they would have in any potential quarantine of a local area vs a wider area. 2. The Social Security Board has been engaged given the potential increase in sick leave that this could have and they are working in tandem with us as part of the national response.

Happy holiday! The SISE TC is planting to celebrate
Happy National Heroes and Benefactors Day to all! We continue to work in planting fruit trees in the different areas of our community. It was a wonderful request made by our community members and we continue to collaborate to make our Twin Towns more beautiful!

Cayo Cave Guide Association Meeting
The Cayo Cave Guide Association is having their next meeting on Monday the 16th at 7 PM – 8 PM. Updates and other important topics to be discussed.

Birding in Crooked Tree with Roni Martinez
Stoked about this 13-day trip I started yesterday with birders mostly from Massachusetts, but also from other states. I am delighted to see mostly women on this trip, and super happy that some of our targets we got on the first day. These are from Crooked Tree today.

FINAL STATS for the 23rd Belikin La Ruta Maya Belize River Challenge

Movies for this week at Koko King Outdoor Cinema
ADULT WEDNESDAYS SPENCER CONFIDENTIAL (RATED R) - When two Boston police officers are murdered, ex-cop Spenser teams up with his no-nonsense roommate, Hawk, to take down criminals. FAMILY FRIDAYS A SHAUN THE SHEEP: FARMAGEDDON (RATED G) - When an alien with amazing powers crash-lands near Mossy Bottom Farm, Shaun the Sheep goes on a mission to shepherd the intergalactic visitor home before a sinister organization can capture her. FREE SNACKS FOR THE KIDS ON FAMILY FRIDAYS!! MOVIES START AT 7 P.M. DINNER MENU AVAILABLE ALL NIGHT!!

Large herd of breeding manatees between Corozal and Cerros
The Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development would like to announce that a large, breeding herd of Manatees has been sighted between Corozal Town and Cerros. Please could every boat owner/captain be extra vigilant and show caution when travelling on the bay in this area to avoid any further Manatee fatalities in 2020. Corozal Bay Wildlife Sanctuary (CBWS) is home to the largest breeding populations of Antillean Manatees in Belize.

2020 Women in Arts Fair
The 2020 Women in Arts Fair is Saturday at the Cayo Welcome Center at 8 AM – 3 PM.

MAXIMO: The Last Alcalde of San Jose Yalbac
The Image Factory Art Foundation presents MAXIMO: The Last Alcalde of San Jose Yalbac. to be launched on Wednesday 18th March in Belize City, and on Sunday 22nd March in Nuevo San Jose Palmar, Orange Walk at 10:00am

The Reporter

The Funny Side Of Serious Things – Corona-Virus
The following video shows how far some people in China have gone to protect themselves from the Corona Virus.

Home Invasion In Lake Gardens
A woman, along with her daughter, husband and two employees were the victims of an armed hold up at a construction site in the Lake Garden area of Ladyville on Friday evening. Dianne Martinez,27, and her husband Nigel Martinez, along with their employees were robbed of $3,000 in cash...

Preliminary Findings Due Tuesday
The preliminary findings into last week Thursday’s deadly BDF helicopter crash that killed four BDF soldiers, including two seasoned pilots and two flight maintenance engineers are due next Tuesday, according to Minister of National Security, Michael Peyrefitte.

A Catastrophic Failure
The news that a BDF helicopter had gone down, killing all four crew members onboard, sent shock waves throughout Belize. It was the worst air accident in the history of the BDF and it left the nation in a deep state of shock.

Pain Free – Pill Free !
If we were to brainstorm what was the number one reason people visited the doctor many would say: pain, hypertension or probably diabetes, considering that the last two are diseases that are quite familiar to most households.

In The Line Of Command
I am certain that two major things in my life have molded me professionally and have helped me build the career I now have. During my college years in the United States, which was around the time of the first Gulf War, I had the opportunity to be a part of the uniformed services.

Editorial, March 8th. 2020
Four precious lives were lost last week when a Belize Defence Force Bell UH-1 helicopter lost altitude and plunged into the shallow lake at Gales Point during a nighttime drug interdiction operation.

Stevedores Give Notice of Strike Action
On Monday waterfront work at the Port of Belize Limited (PBL) came to a standstill as stevedores and shed workers protested issues with their Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) as well as a recent announcement that ASR/BSI would start to move raw sugar through the Big Creek Port, which will have a devastating economic effect on over 150 employees.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Vehicle burst into flames in Placencia
A short while ago a vehicle burst into flames in the streets of Placencia, Stann […]

Reflecting on the 2020-2021 budget speech and Belize’s economy…Between these lines
By Glenn Tillett ... I tried to listen to Prime Minister Dean Barrow's budget speech, but his florid language had me zoning out at times and I finally tuned out. His insistence on excoriating the 1998-2008 Musa administration as […]

Javier Castellanos: A humble worker for the people of the City
Belize City Councillor, Javier Castellanos, has taken a long, winding and interesting route to City Hall, passing through the Police Department, […]

Belize featured in New York Times Geography Quiz
This week the New York Times is checking its readers knowledge of Belize’s geography in its […]

Single-room house burns in Lake Independence
An abandoned single-room wooden structure caught fire this morning in Belize City. Police and fire […]

Belize listed among ‘hot spots’ to visit this April
Planning to come to Belize this Easter? MSN Lifestyle just listed the hotspots to vacation […]

Today is Commonwealth Day 2020
The 2nd Monday in March is commemorated annually as Commonwealth Day. Commonwealth Day is observed among […]

Businessman robbed inside his home in Belize City
A businessman was robbed inside his Belize City home on Saturday morning. Reports are that […]

US State Department issues cruise ship travel advisory; Belize to issue advice on traveling abroad
The United States Department of State has issued an advisory for all cruise ship passengers. […]

Man survives shooting in Belize City
A Belize City man is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital after a shooting […]

Salvadoran arrested for unlicensed weapon in Stann Creek
Police have arrested a Salvadoran national for keeping a firearm without a gun license. Officers […]

National Heroes and Benefactors Day observed
The holiday previously known as Baron Bliss Day and now known as National Heroes and Benefactors […]

Belize Progressive Party stands with Stevedores
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) is the latest entity to rally its support behind the […]


She wears her heart on her sleeve
My forearm was still smarting and tingling, the swelling finally down, but the skin super sensitive to the touch as my latest ink addition settled in. My best friend, who had no ink of his own, was highly curious about my new tattoo. As Belizeans who grew up steeped in rich folklore and storytelling, we both had knowledge of the Maya story of the Xtabai (pronounced eesh-tah-bai). I am fully aware that tattoos are not everyone’s cup of tea. But I also embrace the amazing Belizean pride items that have sprung forth via young entrepreneurs.

Mexican authorities warn that coronavirus could enter Quintana Roo through the Free Zone of Belize
Currently, in Quintana Roo, health precautions in seaports and airports were extreme, following the international alert of the World Health Organization (WHO), to prevent the expansion of the coronavirus (COVID-19), however, it seems that they forgot to do what same on the border with Belize, indicate the inhabitants of this town. In this regard, the Commercial Manager of Comercializadora Chetumex, René Acosta, mentioned that due to the activities of his position (export), he has to pass through the Free Zone of Belize and has noticed that the health filters have not been reinforced and are the same ones that are implemented throughout the year. "Basically, the only thing they ask you is, if you have recently traveled to China," Acosta said.

A Brief History of Belize
There is much about the History of Belize that is not common knowledge. I hope this overview will lead to an understanding of our unique diversity. The 18th Century in Europe ushered in the age of exploration and conquest. The monarchs of Great Britain, Spain, Portugal, and France were all competing for domination of the “New World”, which they supposed would bring them great wealth. Spain had already taken hold of Mexico, but due to Great Britain’s reputation as seafarers, they took possession of coastal Belize, as they also did other parts of the Caribbean. The descendants of the Maya were found here, and the British established logwood settlements and chicle camps to extract resin for the making of chewing gum.

Canoeing in the Macal and Mopan Rivers
For nature-loving visitors to Belize and San Ignacio Town, there are many opportunities to get out and see all the amazing natural beauty of Belize. One great way to do that is by taking a canoe tour of the Mopan and Macal Rivers. You’ll be able to spot a variety of tropical wildlife on either of these rivers, including egrets, iguanas, crocodiles, river turtles and much more. Be sure to enlist the services of an experienced local guide for the best results. A popular canoe tour on the Macal River starts with a 20-minute drive to The Lodge at Chaa Creek, a world-class eco-resort. The canoe tour takes about two hours to get back into San Ignacio Town from Chaa Creek. During the tour, you’ll experience being in the natural habitat of Belize wildlife.

Saturday Night at Aji
Our friends at Aji Tapa Lounge & Restaurant, located 3 miles north of town, just started to celebrate Saturday nights! Upon arrival, you park your golf cart and stroll through the beautiful grounds, walk over the wooden bridge and keep an eye out as you may just be lucky enough to spot a crocodile. Once over the bridge, make your way towards the lighted beach. If it is “date” night, a romantic dinner on the beach awaits you, but if you are more inclined to come with your “gang” of friends, they have plenty of room to spread out, listen to fun music, and enjoy great conversation!

International Sourcesizz

To cruise or not to cruise?
Lately, the words cruise ship and coronavirus have been linked an awful lot together, but that hasn't deterred the Mulready family. "We have stops in Honduras, Belize and Cozumel," said Glen Mulready. They planned their trip long before anyone even heard the word coronavirus, and now... "It seems like there’s a over-alarm of folks happening out there, sort of almost a panic over this and we’re trying to be a little bit more measured," he said.

On 2nd stop of running cruise, a brutal climb
The second stop on the Gasparilla Running Cruise the last week of February was Harvest Caye. It’s a 75-acre island off the south coast of Belize, formerly British Honduras, that was developed by Norwegian Cruise Lines in 2016. The dock they built to accommodate their ships was damaged prior to our arrival, so we had to take a tender to reach the island. After a half hour wait, we boarded a ferry to Placentia. From there, we boarded a 24-person speedboat, rode through a maze of mangroves, and arrived in the town of Independence on the mainland. Then we got on a bus that drove an hour inland to the Mayan Mountains and the Nim Li Punt Mayan ruins site.

Sneak Peek: Unpacking The Maya Exhibit At Cincinnati Museum Center
Workers are carefully unpacking and arranging centuries-old artifacts at the Cincinnati Museum Center ahead of Friday's opening of Maya: The Exhibition. More than 300 objects representing daily life, religion, innovations, politics and more are on loan from Guatemala, including jewelry, clay figurines, stone carvings and slabs, and even two-ton stella (standing stones). It's billed as "the most incredible collection of real artifacts ever to leave Central America." After an item is removed from its packing, it is inspected by a museum center curator and someone from the lending institution to ensure items arrive and leave in the same condition.


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  • The Belizean Nation Anthem sung in the Yucatec Maya language on the Chactemal(Santa Rita) Maya temple by over 50 students from Centro Escolar México Junior College (CEMJC) and To'one Masehualo'on NGO of Corozal, 1.5min. Mrs Adelita P. Vallejos de Moh leading the anthem .

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  • Beautiful Bountiful Belize 2020, 3min. Belize is home to the world's second largest barrier reef. As you might expect, the snorkeling is fantastic and since we use a liveaboard we are able to really explore the best parts of this vast reef system in comfort and style!