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The San Pedro Sun

SPHS girls and boys win NSSSA Northern Regional softball championships
The San Pedro High School girls and boys won the Northern Secondary Schools Sports Association (NSSSA) softball championships hosted by Muffles College at the Peoples Stadium last Saturday. MVP pitchers Sueny Vasquez and Julio Bardalez led their teams to back to back victories to win the title of Northern Regional champions, and the right to represent the North at the upcoming national championships to be hosted by Belmopan Comprehensive School on March 20-21.

Various Belizean Sources


Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Ministry of Health host a press conference on the COVID-19
Tune in for a Live Stream on the Government Press Office Facebook page (, today March 12, 2020 at 3:00 p.m. as the Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Ministry of Health host a press conference on the COVID-19.

ESTM Marching Band BBBQ Fundraiser/a>
Support our ESTM Marching Band. March 14, 10:30 - 1pm at ESTM grounds. $7 a plate.

WOW Wednesday Woman in Tourism
Our very own Director of Tourism, Mrs. Karen Bevans, has been featured in Women in Tourism Caribbean's WOW Wednesday Woman!

Michigan State University visits the U.S. Embassy Tuesday!
A special thanks to #Michigan State University for visiting the U.S. Embassy yesterday! We were happy to share all the embassy work in #Belize and answer some really fun and interesting questions.

March 2020 edition of Art in the Park is this Saturday!
This Saturday the 14th is the March 2020 edition of Art in the Park! Join us for an evening of of community and culture with DJ Kelly playing your favourite songs. Support our local artists, artisans, culinary artists and organizations. A gracious thank you to this month's sponsor Atlantic Bank - Corozal Branch.

Ministry of Health Advisory No. 8 - Update on COVID-19
To date, Belize has no confirmed case of COVID-19 but given the growing public health concern, the national surveillance committee of the Ministry of Health is hereby advising on the following measures for travelers with immediate effect coming to Belize: a) All nationals coming from an area with ongoing transmission who land in Belize and appear with cold or flu-like symptoms will be placed under self-isolation upon arrival and all cost related to that will be the responsibility of the traveler.

Statement from H.E. Ambassador Remus Li-Kou Chen on the Handing Over Ceremony
Hon. Pablo Marin, Minister of Health, Dr. George Gough, CEO of Ministry of Health, Friends of the Media, Distinguished guests, Ladies and gentlemen, Good aftemoon! As Ambassador of the Republic of China (Taiwan), and on behalf of two Taiwanese non-govemmental Organizations, - "Posh Sien Foundation" and "Coo Zhong Zhi Foundation", I am extremely honored to present 400 standard wheelchairs to the Ministry of Healtkof Their benevolence and generosity showcase that "Love has no boundaries."

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Discusses Bilateral Relations with Government Ministries
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Belize hosted a Maximizing Bilateral Relations Workshop today, March 11th. The new Chief Executive Officer in the Ministry, Ambassador Annielou Burns welcomed the participants from various government ministries. The objective of the workshop was to share best practices with public officers from government ministries and dialogue on the importance of fostering and sustaining effective international cooperation through bilateral relations.

Changes in the Pump Price of Fuel Effective March 12, 2020
The Ministry of Finance announces that on Thursday, March 12, 2020, the pump price of two fuel products will change. The prices for premium gasoline will register an increase and diesel will register a decrease as follows: Premium gasoline will increase by 52 cents from $ 10.40 to $ 10.92 per gallon; Diesel will decrease by 60 cents from $9.84 to $9.24 per gallon. The prices for regular gasoline and kerosene will remain unchanged at $10.23 and $6.62 per gallon, respectively.

Paint N Splash
See you this week at from 2-4pm Thursday to paint “Welcome To San Pedro!”

Power outage 6:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. on Sunday, March 15 to affect portion of the Stann Creek District
Entire Placencia Peninsula, Independence, Maya King, Santa Cruz, Georgetown, San Pablo, San Roman, Santa Rosa, Maya Mopan, Red Bank, Cow Pen, San Juan, Monkey River, San Isidro, Bella Vista, Trio and surrounding areas. BEL to conduct maintenance of Independence Substation and the transmission system; including pole replacements, equipment testing and transformer upgrades.

River of Art Flows Everywhere Coming to SISE HoC
The SISE HoC will be launching Yaoling Lee's exhibit this Friday, March 13th. The exhibit is entitled 'The River of Art Flows Everywhere.' "Come on over to SISEHOC NICH this Friday March 13th at 6pm for yaoling Lee's opening exhibit "The river of art flows everywhere". Come and view her wonderful art work."

Second Bio-Barrier Installed
The 2nd Bio-Barrier has been installed, this one being placed on the Mopan river at Garbutt Falls in Benque. The bio-barrier helps to catch trash, and is made of recycled plastic bottles. Thanks, Rotary, and everyone that helped with this amazing initiative!

Blues Meets Girl - Listen Up Boys
Video for Listen Up Boys, which was sang and shot at The Bluffs recently. Jimmy Thsckery and Bam Bam Sheppard play on it. Worth a watch. "Blues Meets Girl original song with Mr. Downchild on Harmonica, Kasimira on Vocals, Captain Coconut on Guitar, George Sheppard on Drums, Joop on Bass and Ernie on Keys."

Mopan River Cleanup!
A river clean-up is planned for next Tuesday in Bullet Tree. Thanks, Riverside Retreat Bar and Restaurant!

Corona Virus-19 Awareness Meeting
The SISE Town Council is having a meeting about the Coronavirus this morning. The Ministry of Health San Ignacio in collaboration with NEMO National Emergency Management Organization and the San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council cordially invites the public to attend a special presentation on the Corona virus Covid -19 Date: Thursday March 12th Venue: San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town Council conference room Time: 9:00am. Presented By: Dr.Fidel Cuellar form the San Ignacio Community Hospital

John Paul II Junior College Festival of Praise
John Paul II Junior College is having their Festival of Praise this Friday night. It'll be at 6:00pm at MCHS. JPIIJC would like to invite everyone to the Festival of Praise this Friday from 6-8pm at Mount Carmel High School Bring a friend and enjoy a night of praise with students from all over the Cayo district!

FCD Mentorship program “Protecting Planet Earth – Mentoring Young Minds to Care
With support from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, a mentorship program was started by FCD titled, “Protecting Planet Earth – Mentoring Young Minds to Care.” In Belize the mentoring was done by members of the FCD Environmental Youth Group, while in Guatemala the activity was run by members of Todos Por Un Mundo Verde. The mentoring is divided in 6 segments. Twenty children participated in Guatemala while another 20 attended in Belize.

2020 CARICOM Art Competition
Draw? Paint? Sketch? Any artists out there? Check out this awesome opportunity to participate in the 2020 CARICOM Art Competition!

Fisherfolk Consultant: Job Opening at OCEANA
An exciting new employment opportunity is now available here at Oceana. You or someone you know could be the newest member of our team!

Channel 7

COVID 19 Declared Pandemic
COVID 19 was today declared a pandemic - which means it is a  disease that is spreading in multiple countries around the world at the same time. There have been 118,381 confirmed cases identified, leading to 4,292 deaths in 114 countries.   Tonight, those countries do not include Belize, nor its neighbour Guatemala, through there are confirmed cases in Mexico, Panama, Costa Rica, and now Honduras.  It has been declared a pandemic because the number of cases outside China have increased 13-fold over the past two weeks. 

How Will Belize Respond to Pandemic?
The W-H-O Director General said, quote, "Several countries have demonstrated that this virus can be suppressed and controlled," end quote. So, is Belize one of them? So far, we have been lucky.  No one has come up positive in Belize after a number of suspected persons - all foreigners - were tested yesterday.  Today in Belmopan the Ministry of Health's team held a press briefing on Facebook to outline the current situation and answer community questions:

Belize Port Still Open But Cruise Arrivals Trickling In
But, even with all that, Belize remains open for business - even if the customers are slowing to a trickle as a result of the global scare.  Today, one local cruise ship tour operator said they are already feeling the diminished returns: John Pollard - Tour Operator: "Corona virus has had a very great effect because the ships are coming but much people didn't coming off except for the ones who are booked, those are the personnel coming off the ship. Normally we would be seeing people flowing on the outside; today we have two Carnival, the Carnival Freedom and the Carnival Conquest. This morning time has change, it is a different time span for them now, so we started this morning from 6:30 in doing ships today but the effect from the Corona is trickling down to us."

COVID Causing Cancellations
And, while cruise tourism is seeing reduced arrivals, overnight tourism is witnessing cancellations.  We spoke to the president of the Belize Hotel Association: Ted Tejada - President BHA: "The cancellation rate for Belize went up from normal cancellation for this time of the year is around 18%. As of today the cancellation rate is at 26%, so definitely we are already seeing the impact of North Americans saying what happens if I come to Belize, I'm already with the virus and they do not allow me to go back home. It's not much of a cancellation that we're seeing; it's more of postponement of their trips..."

Inside the KHMH Quarantine Room
But what happens if one of those visitors tests positive?  Well, most likely they would be sent to the specially outfitted quarantine room at the KHMH.  But, hopefully it's not too many cases, because the reality on the ground is that the hospital's quarantine room has a limited capacity for 8 adults and 2 children.  The capacity for the eastern region is not much higher with an additional 3 beds.  But despite the limited number of patients that Belize's largest and best-equipped public hospital will be able to process, the KHMH's management staff is doing their utmost to prepare for the first confirmed case of coronavirus. 

KHMH Union Rejects Quarantine Room In-Clinic
But while the KHMH lays out its plans to contend with the COVID-19 pandemic, hospital staff is up in arms saying that the national referral hospital should never have created a designated treatment area with its walls.  Their fear is that the spread of the virus could affect the entire hospital forcing it to be quarantined and therefore inaccessible to the multitude of patients who would have need of it for every other condition. 

Human Trafficking Conviction In Orange Walk
Back in November of 2015, we told about 37-year-old Guatemalan, Rosa Anita Garcia. That was when police were investigating her as an alleged human trafficker. A woman came forward to police with a compelling and ugly story of how Garcia abused her and her mother and forced her to work as a waitress and a prostitute. Well, a jury of 9 has convicted Garcia. As we reported, she was in charge of Dominguez Bar, which was located on the Otro Benque Road in the Orange Walk District. The human trafficking victim told police Garcia lured her and her mother from their home in Guatemala.

Two Rifles Recovered and Removed
Police with Special Branch support is reporting tonight that they removed 2 high powered rifles off the streets of Belize City today. Police from Precinct 2 and another law enforcement team searched an abandoned lot, located near 3 and three-quarter miles on the George Price Highway.

Drilling Down into The Honduras Air Force Report
Last night we had extended coverage of the press conference relating to the BDF Helicopter tragedy and the report on the crash from the Honduran Air Force.  The press event finished close to 5:00, and the report came out close to 6:00.  So, we didn't have time to digest and drill down into the relevant details Jules Vasquez does so tonight: The Report from the Honduras Air Force Accident Prevention and Investigation Board notes that, quote, "due to the high secrecy classification of the missionit did not seem strange (to) air Wing personnel that the aircraft had not returned and they did not have any type of report by mission personnel. 

Contention With the Hondurans
And while we would like to think of the report as authoritative, the truth is, it is not.  We have spoke to some in the aviation industry who have criticised it as being a little light, and we note also that there is also a very significant error, where those who compiled the report, mix up the pilot, with the co-pilot.  The Minister explained his contention yesterday:

Radio Reversal?
And while that was his contention - the media's contention yesterday was that the use of WhatsApp message seemed irregular.  And the revelation that they er using WhatsApp and not radio seemed to be a contradiction - since 10 days earlier, the General had said that the helicopter was equipped with a radio for communication.  Here are his remarks on Friday February 28, and yesterday:

Why No Radios?
Of course we note that Whatsapp is encrypted while standard BDF radio signals are not.  However, WhatsApp requires the presence of a cellular data signal, which is unavailable - especially in deserted areas where drug planes usually land.   Those are among the many inconsistencies in mode of communication which the media grilled the general and his minister about yesterday:

Asking American Assistance for An All American Problem?
And while Peyrefitte was the one being grilled yesterday, he said he will be grilling the Americans about upgrades for the BDF to help fight that country's drug war:

When Did The Chopper Take Off?
And, finally on the chopper tonight, lots of folks have been asking us about the apparent flip flop by Admiral John Borland, the Chief of Defence Staff.  Last week, he told us that indeed the chopper was in the air from 2:00 am - as witnesses had told us, but, yesterday he said that it left at mission time, around 4:00 am.  Here are both his statements:

Courthouse Clock, For Whom the Bell Tolls
If you're a regular in the downtown area of Belize City, have you heard the chime of the clock? We mean the toll of the Supreme Court House's clock, it's finally working again after being seemingly frozen in time for the last 13 years. 

PUP City Hall's Boasts Of Fiscal Prudence
Last week Saturday, Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner and his Council officially celebrated the completion of the second year of their first term in office at City Hall. In that time, the mayor and his council have consistently maintained that they have had to clean up after an era of reckless spending by the Darrell Bradley Administration.  And while that is an old and well-worn PUDP political saw, the PUP say that a recently completed audit by Cedric Flowers has confirmed what they long knew.

Bernard Bashes Darrell
You'll have noticed how the Belize City Mayor threw a jab at the former Mayor, Darrell Bradley, and his municipal bond project, which the Council is still paying for. Well, as his 40-minute presentation went along, those jabs turned into piles of scorn which he heaped on his predecessor. Here's what the Mayor had to say about what the audit findings are about the past administration's spending in the months leading up to the municipal elections: Bernard Wagner - Mayor, Belize City Council: "Nevertheless, the tourism industry continued to grow. We know that. We grew in the neighbourhood of 33%..."

A Tale Of Two Councils, Through the PUDP Prism
But, while the Mayor continues to criticize the past administration's use of City Hall's funds, we wondered if his administration can withstand criticism we've heard from City residents about the lack of infrastructure development during their time in office.  The Darrell Bradley Administration became well-known for the ambitious initiative to build as many concrete streets as the City could afford. In the last 2 years, there have been no such programs led by this current Council, and so, we asked the Mayor if Belize City residents may be disappointed by that.

Wheelchairs From Taiwan
The Taiwanese Embassy in Belize has handed over a generous donation of 400 wheelchairs to the Ministry of Health. The wheelchairs were delivered to the Ministry today in a ceremony that was held in the Vaccine Room in Belmopan.

Fuel Fluctuations
The Ministry of Finance is reporting that at midnight, there will a change in pump prices for premium gasoline and diesel. Premium gas is going to increase by 52 cents from 10.40 per gallon to $10.92 per gallon. Meanwhile, diesel will go down by 60 cents. It is currently selling for $9.84 per gallon, and it will go down to $9.24 per gallon. 

Channel 5

Human Error Caused Fatal B.D.F. Helicopter Crash?
Was human error the cause of the fatal B.D.F. helicopter crash? That’s what the Honduras Air Force Accident Prevention and Investigation Board says is the preliminary, probable cause.  The Ministry [...]

Did Major Ramirez Make the Decision to Press on Despite Poor Weather Conditions?
The twenty-three-page report outlines concerns as it relates to the operation of the helicopter in the mission on February twenty-seventh.  The use of cell-phone to communicate by WhatsApp messages and [...]

Report Unable to Verify Some Factors, including Time
There were a few points that the investigators say that they were unable to verify because they were told that some of the information were classified and are matters of [...]

Report Looks at Pilots’ Experience and Time Flying on UH-1H Aircraft
Other points raised in the report include the issue of the pilots’ time flying the aircraft for narco-trafficking operations. The report recommended that there be a separation of the classification [...]

Will Families of B.D.F. Soldiers Receive Compensation?
Families of the fallen Belize Defense Force soldiers met with the Minister of National Security Michael Peyrefitte and Chief of Defense Staff, Admiral Borland and investigators on Tuesday at Price [...]

Grieving Family Wants Justice for Brutal Killing of Carolyn Arnold
An elderly woman, who is a grandmother and great grandmother of many children, was viciously killed and her semi-clad body found at a dumpsite in the Ladyville area on Tuesday [...]

CitCo Opens Up its Books for Financial Review
Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner was upbeat today saying that belt tightening has turned around the finances of City Hall.  According to the mayor, collections improved significantly and expenditures went [...]

CitCo to Float Another Municipal Bond
The Belize City Council is also planning to launch its own municipal bond in the days ahead. On March sixteenth, Mayor Bernard Wagner and his team will formally roll out [...]

Mayor Wagner: “We have touched more lives than that council did with forty million”
CitCo has been busy over the past two years paying outstanding bills which it says were left behind by the previous administration.  While it has been able to steer City [...]

Draft Senate Report on Immigration Completed, Finally
Chair of the Senate Select Committee, attorney Aldo Salazar has completed the long anticipated first draft report on the inquiry of the Auditor-General’s Special Audit Report on Passport and Immigration. The [...]

PM Barrow Responds to N.T.U.C.B.
The National Trade Union Congress of Belize met on Saturday to discuss the Prime Minister’s response to the good governance demands made by the Congress. The Congress, earlier this year, [...]

Price Changes for Premium and Diesel
At midnight, the price for premium gasoline will go up by fifty-two cents to retail at ten dollars and ninety-two cents per gallon.  The relief to consumers comes in a [...]

K.H.M.H.A. Workers Union Says COVID-19 Isolation Area Poorly Constructed
The deadly Covid-19 or coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The disease has spread to more than a hundred countries worldwide and all around Belize, [...]

COVID-19 Isolation Area Puts Staff, Hospital at Risk
According to the K.H.M.H. Workers Union, having the COVID-19 isolation unit within the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital puts the entire hospital at risk. Union President Lidia Alpuche Blake and Vice [...]

P.U.P. Senator Says G.O.B. Not Doing Enough to Prepare for COVID-19
The Government of Belize has allocated nine hundred thousand dollars in response to COVID-19.  Belize has yet to confirm a case, but health officials say that it is just a [...]

PM Barrow to Host Press Conference on COVID-19
Prime Minister Dean Barrow will be hosting a press conference on Thursday on COVID-19.  During the Senate debate on Tuesday, Senator for Government Business Godwin Hulse said that the government [...]

National Hand Washing Awareness Day is Declared
National Hand Washing Awareness Day will be commemorated on March twenty-fifth.  In light of COVID-19, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Health and the WASH Multisectoral Body, along with [...]

La Ruta Maya – Rich in Culture & an Income Booster for Communities
Enterprising residents along the banks of the Belize River look forward for the annual Belikin La Ruta Maya River Challenge to generate income. From the sale of jewellery and food [...]

207 New Cops!
A ceremony was held over the weekend at the National Police Training Academy during which more than two hundred recruits joined the ranks of the Police Department. The officers are [...]

Two Dead Manatees in One Week!
Last year, Belize recorded the lowest number of manatee deaths. But with less than half way through the third month of this year, there are already five recorded deaths.  On [...]

Preliminary B.D.F. Crashed Chopper Report; Major Ramirez Signed Off on Mission
A preliminary report of the investigation into the helicopter crash that killed four soldiers, Majors Adran Ramirez and Radford Baizer, along with crew members, Corporals Reynaldo Choco and Yassir Mendez, [...]

Major Ramirez Last Communication with JIOC was Reportedly at 4:33 on Thursday Morning
As to the actual communication involving WhatsApp messages, the content of those critical messages will not be released to the public or family for reasons of national security.  Minister of [...]

National Security Minister on Validation of WhatsApp Messages: “There was none. I trust the General”
Following the minister’s presentation they fielded questions from the press. One of the main points covered today was the issue of usage of cell-phone during the message. According to the [...]

B.D.F., JIOC and the WhatsApp Messages
While it is being questioned as to why the men didn’t have radio communication with them, Brigadier General Steven Ortega says that that decision and the use of cell phones [...]

Families of B.D.F. Soldiers Received Preliminary Findings
Family members of the deceased Belize Defense soldiers, who perished in the helicopter crash, were provided a copy of the preliminary report of the investigation before it was released to [...]

The Reporter

Changes At The Pump
The prices for premium gasoline will register an increase and diesel will register a decrease as follows: Premium gasoline will increase by 52 cents from $ 10.40 to $ 10.92 per gallon; Diesel will decrease by 60 cents from $9.84 to $9.24 per gallon.

Dear Belize ! The Corona-Virus Is A Very Serious Problem For Belize
Dear Belize, because of the colonialist history, in many small countries; including Belize, we all have a tendency to wait until some ‘Caucasian person’ come and tell us to take drastic action before we really do the critical actions necessary to solve problems before they occur.

Jamaica & Panama Report 1st Case of Corona-Virus
Panama’s health minister on Tuesday confirmed eight cases of the new coronavirus in the country, including one death, the first virus-linked death in Central America. Jamaica today confirmed its first imported case of Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) here in Kingston.


Belize CitCo sees 9% increase in revenue
Over the past two years, the Belize City Council has recorded a robust term in their administration as it relates to finances. The Council patted their backs as they announced a 9% increase in revenue for 2019.

KHMHA workers union fleshed out their concerns
A threat of industrial action has been set on the table by the Karl Heusner Memorial hospital workers union regarding the concerns of the frontline staff at the KHMH as it relates to the coronavirus epidemic.

Comparing Wagner administration to Bradley administration
Also, in today’s press conference by the Belize City Council, they discussed an audit done on the Council for the period 2018 to 2019. This is essentially a comparison between the former administration, led by Darrell Bradley, and the current administration, being led by Mayor Bernard Wagner.

Kent Martinez case adjourned until March 19
37-year-old Corporal Kent Martinez was in court today before Magistrate, Stephanie Gillett for the murder of 36-year-old Allyson Major. The court was adjourned until March 19 in the light of new evidence.

Gonzalez brothers in court for counterfeit bills and marijuana
The Gonzalez’s brothers were dragged to court today on a charge of possession of counterfeit and weed possession. 28-year-old Steve Gonzalez along with 23-year-old Daron Gonzalez were busted earlier today in possession of counterfeit bills and 34 grams of marijuana.

James Gibson; back behind bars
Tonight 22-year-old James Gibson is back behind bars as he awaits his Supreme Court trial to commence for the murder of his own cousin. The Preliminary Inquiry for Gibson kicked off this morning before Chief Magistrate, Sharon Fraser in Court and ended in a paper committal for murder.

Guatemala closes borders for European and Chinese Nationals
COVID-19 – as we keep reporting it is just a matter of time before the virus reaches Belize. Love News understands that earlier today there was a meeting today at the western border between Senior Immigration Officers from Melchor De Mencos in Guatemala and those in Benque Viejo Del Carmen, Cayo District.

Tourism stakeholders affected by COVID-19
Stakeholders in the tourism industry are already feeling the pressure as the Novel Coronavirus continues to spread. Worldwide, travel bans, and cruise ships cancellations are affecting the economy of many countries.

BDF commander Ortega’s response to helicopter crash
As mentioned by Minister Peyrefitte in his timeline of the morning of February 27, BDF Commander Stephen Ortega had agreed to allow his men to participate in the drug operations. In yesterday’s press conference, Commander Stephen Ortega was asked why he did not conduct due diligence to check on his men who were on a drug bust operation dubbed a high-security mission when he was the one who gave the orders for them to go. Here is how Ortega responded.

Nazarene Expo 2020
Nazarene High School will be hosting its second Expo this upcoming Friday on its campus in Belize City. Today, one of our news team stopped by the school to take a look at some preparation work being done by the students and teachers. Reporter Naim Borges has the story.

A Change In Fuel Prices
As of midnight tonight, the prices of Premium and Diesel Gasoline will change. Premium will be increased by 52 cents from $10.40 to $10.92. Meanwhile, Diesel will decrease by 60 cents from $9.84 to $9.24.

Deeper Look At The U1H1 Chopper Honduran Report
It has been 13 days since the BDF chopper went down in the Gales Point Lagoon after being a part of a drug bust in the area. While the bust yielded 69 parcels of cocaine...

Validation Bill Opposed By The Senators For The Private Sector, The Opposition, The NGOs And The Unions
The Sitting of the Senate took place today in Belmopan with a focus on the Validation Bill 2020. The Bill went through its three readings at Thursday’s House Meeting and was brought about to get...

Union Says Soldiers And Police Should Be Represented And Given More Benefits
With the deaths of the four Belize Defence Force soldiers, one of the issues brought forth had to do with the fact that the soldiers are not a part of the social security scheme. Love...

NTUCB Prepares To Respond To Prime Minister
The National Trade Union Congress is preparing a response to the Prime Minister after the unions met over the weekend. The meeting looked at the responses provided by the Prime Minister surrounding their six demands...

Stevedores And Teachers Supported In Intended Industrial Action
Aside from the six demands from the NTUCB, there are other unions that are experiencing some challenges. Recently, the Christian Workers Union was protesting at the Port of Belize as over one hundred stevedores will...

Update On The Investigation Of John Saldivar
Former Government Minister John Saldivar is still trying to recover his political career that took a nosedive at the start of 2020 when it was discovered that he was taking monies from Lev Dermen and...

The 23rd La Ruta Maya River Challenge 2020
The 23rd Belikin La Ruta Maya River Challenge 2020 was held over the weekend with local and international paddlers competing to be number one. The 4-day journey ended yesterday at the Belize Civic Center with...

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Health Ministry says no Covid-19 case in Belize, steps up travel advisory and restrictions
Late today, the Ministry of Health issued Advisory/Update no. 8 on Covid-19 and confirmed that […]

PM Barrow and Health Minister Pablo Marin to host press conference tomorrow on Coronavirus outbreak
Health experts around the world are grappling with the outbreak of the novel Coronavirus (Covid-19) […]

London man second person in the world to be cured of HIV
It has been a year since Adam Castillejo, a man from London, was declared cured […]

Coronavirus hits basketball fans, NBA season postponed
Basketball fans in Belize and around the world will be disappointed to learn that the […]

Agriculture CEO leads delegation to UK for meetings with British politicians
The British High Commission in Belize reports that Chief Executive Officer, Ministry of Agriculture, Jose Alpuche, […]

Heavy fluctuation at pumps: premium up, diesel down
Premium gasoline rises by 52 cents effective midnight tonight, reaching a former high of $10.92 per […]

Five manatees dead for this year, two of them killed last week
Belize’s already-endangered manatee population continues to suffer losses due to human interaction, with five manatees […]

Preliminary report rules out helicopter malfunction; poor risk management to blame
The preliminary report on the Belize Defense Force (BDF) helicopter crash, which was prepared by […]

CitCo reports increased revenue and belt tightening; no help from Government
Two years after it took office, the Belize City Council led by Mayor Bernard Wagner […]

World Health Organization declares Coronavirus global pandemic with cases confirmed in 118 countries
The World Health Organization (WHO), this morning, declared the global outbreak of coronavirus (Covid-19) as […]

Honduras confirms two cases of coronavirus
The Honduran Ministry of Health has confirmed two cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) in the country. […]

City Council to present audited financial records
The Belize City Council has called a press briefing for this morning at its Commercial […]


Corozal BTIA to host the Second Annual Corozal Coconut Fest 2020
Corozal BTIA to host the Second Annual Corozal Coconut Fest 2020. It’s going to be a 2 days event, with the first day, on Friday, March 27TH it’s going to be the Maya Re-enactment Wedding in Santa Rita Maya Wedding from 7PM and the second day, it’s going to be the Coconut Beach Festival commencing at 9AM until the bar closes.

Tea Tasting Medicinal Walk in Cayo
Last week I had a jungle walk along the grounds of the San Ignacio Resort Hotel in the Cayo District. Having visited Cayo all my life, I was under the impression that this kind of vegetation only existed deep in the rainforest. I was so wrong! I took a medicinal walk, along with two very young Canadian young ladies who were avid botanists. Our guide himself looked like a student. His name is Luis Rosales, married with children, and I was astonished by all the information that just flowed out of him. His enthusiasm and explanations were so clear that I soon realized that this was not merely a job to him, but his vocation.

Caribbean Countries are not a high risk level for travelers according to the CDC
The Caribbean is far from the core of the coronavirus. Authorities throughout Caribbean countries are following all advisories and regulations both for their citizens and their visitors to ensure that the coronavirus does not make its way to the Caribbean, and that if the unfortunate would happen that all precautionary measures have been taken to implement proper handling. Due to the fact that Caribbean countries tend to have smaller populations, controlling measures are easier to implement and widespread transmission is less likely.

International Sourcesizz

2020 Atlantic, Caribbean & Gulf Of Mexico Hurricane Season Forecast (Issued March 10)
Summary: The Caribbean and Gulf of Mexico could be very active this hurricane season. A very persistent western Atlantic ridge of high pressure looks to remain in place through this summer into the fall. This, in combination, with an active Western African Monsoon could lead to systems being guided first into and through the Caribbean and then into the Gulf of Mexico. Unlike previous years, I think that the Caribbean may “wake up” and be active in terms of tropical storm/hurricane development. This means that Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, Belize and the Yucatan Peninsula could be at risk this year. As for the Gulf of Mexico, even though the entire Gulf of Mexico looks to be at significant risk this season, the west coast of Florida may be at particular risk in June and then again in October. In addition, the northern and western Gulf Coast may have their highest risk during August and September.

Coronavirus and Seasonality: What We Know and Don’t Know
As I discussed in a 2018 post, there’s a substantial body of research showing that influenza tends to peak in the cold season and wane in the summer across midlatitudes. The key meteorological factor isn’t the heat – it’s the humidity. At higher humidity, the virus appears to be less stable, and the small virus-bearing droplets sent into the air by a cough seem more likely to attract water vapor and fall out of the air before infecting someone else. There’s also evidence that the flu takes hold in the upper respiratory tract more readily during dry weather. This moisture effect may not be large, but it’s robust and significant, according to Jeffrey Shaman (Columbia University), a leading researcher on the flu-weather connection. “Due to high susceptibility, the pandemic virus continues to circulate through late May or June, is limited in summer, and ramps up again in September,” he said. “If SARS-CoV-2 follows suit, we could have a break from it in the summer, which would buy some time to further prepare. However, it would still be in circulation in the Southern Hemisphere…and in the tropics throughout the year, in all likelihood.” Importantly, Shaman added, “All this assumes SARS-CoV-2 has a strong innate seasonality.” If not, he said, “it may just continue through summer unabated.”

Guatemala find reveals early Mayan writing
A 2,000 year old stela recently discovered in Guatemala has revealed examples of the genesis of Mayan writing, according to experts studying the ancient civilization that dominated much of Central America. Known as Stela 87, the stone was discovered in September 2018 at the Tak’alik Ab’aj archaelogical park in El Asintal, 85 miles (140 kilometers) southwest of the capital.


  • Downtown Cayo is captured well by Filmedbymary, 3.5min. Down town San Ignacio on a tuesday afternoon.

  • Belize Barrier Reef, 3.5min. The Belize Barrier Reef is a continuous coral buttress approximately 260 km (160 Miles) long. It is the second largest of its type in the world and has 70 species of coral. It has more than 600 species of fish and invertebrates. The two days I spent diving with Belize Underwater out of Hopkins only scratched the surface of what was to see. This video is a short compilation of some of the clips taken on South Water Cay, Trick Ridge, Tobacco Cay Cut and South Water Gap dive sites. Clips include Remoras, White-spotted Eagle Rays, Parrot fish, Blue Tangs, Lion fish, Green Moray eel, Crabs and Lobster, Trumpet fish, File fish, Butterfly fish and French Angel fish

  • Orange Walk Town, Caye Caulker & San Ignacio, Belize, 24min.

  • Reduced Cruise arrivals, overnight tourism seeing cancellations , 2min. We spoke to the president of the Belize Hotel Association:

  • Question and answer segment regarding COVID-19, 48min. Health officials confirmed that there are NO cases in Belize.

  • Hot dog eating contest at Sacred Heart Junior College, 4min. 10 hot dogs. It wasn't as easy as it looked to win this one.

  • Belize Curious Nurse Shark, 1min. While I was taken a video a curious shark came by. Belize feeds lion fish to the nurse sharks and when they see a diver near the corals they think we are getting lion fish for them...

  • Diving in Belize 03.11.2020, 5min. Jenna's first dive in Belize at Hol Chan Marine and Shark Ray Ally.

  • Jetsurf in San Pedro Belize (JetRas), 5min. Jet surfing in paradise on a beautiful day

  • Belize Roads, 5min. 2x speed up of a variety of roads & trails I rode in Belize in Feb 2020 on a Lifan 250 that I rented in Hopkins.

  • Beautiful Summer Tanager singing while trying to catch food, 1/2min.