San Pedro Town’s Little Free Libraries gets updates

Canadian tourist Michel Fournier spoke to The San Pedro Sun about a unique solution to two problems on the island: plastic pollution and sargassum. He believes that instead of tackling them as two separate issues, they should be combined. His solution? A solar powered plastic extruder. Currently, solar powered plastic extruders are available but aren’t commercially produced.

With his proposal, plastic materials should be collected from around the island, especially from stakeholders most affected by the sargassum (beach front properties). Then, the materials collected would be processed by the extruder and its byproduct then used to build plastic barriers that would be installed to prevent the sargassum from washing up to shore. Some resorts already have this method in place with PVC pipes, but Fournier’s proposal sees the plastic pollution being not only reduced but repurposed to battle the sargassum that has been a growing problem since 2014. He also suggested that the plastic barriers would make collecting and disposing of the sargassum easier, since it would not wash up on the beach and decay, causing a foul odor and unsightly appearance.

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