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The San Pedro Sun

Wolfe’s Woofer: Cuba
“I was born in Cuba,” the old man told me. “I left there in 1960, right after the revolucion and I came to Belize when I was 21 years old.” Señor Diaz is one of my favorite people to visit. He always has such wonderful stories but he rarely mentions his early life. “Then you […]

Combating plastic pollution and sargassum: the Fournier Formula
Canadian tourist Michel Fournier spoke to The San Pedro Sun on Tuesday, February 25th about a unique solution to two problems on the island: plastic pollution and sargassum. It’s his second visit to San Pedro and he’s seen an increase in the garbage buildup around the island and sargassum washing up on the beachfronts. He believes that instead of tackling them as two separate issues, they should be combined. His solution? A solar powered plastic extruder. Currently, solar powered plastic extruders are available but aren’t commercially produced.

Doctor Love: Not Aging Gracefully
"Your body is yours to live with and to modify should you wish, as long as there isn’t a health risk and you choose a surgeon carefully. The decision you make will directly affect your future, so which one can you live without—him or the face and body you desire? Will you be satisfied to let him dictate to you how to grow older or will you grow to resent him as you advance in age?"

Ambergris Today

Fifty Boat Passengers Returned To Mexico From San Pedro Amidst Corona Virus Concerns
Members of the Belize Coast Guard, Port Authority and other officials stopped the boat a few miles west of Ambergris Caye before the vessel could dock at the international water terminal. The members of the water taxi were refusing to return to Chetumal, Mexico and remained on the vessel anchored off San Pedro for a few hours. Contrary to reports that the passengers remained on the vessel overnight at sea outside of Ambergris Caye, Commander of the Belize Coast Guard confirmed that they were escorted by the Belize Coast Guard back to the Chetumal port. The Coast Guard made contact with Mexican authorities who were on standby to receive the passengers onboard a water taxi. The water taxi company also made contact with Mexican authorities to ensure the safety of their passengers before turning back.

Various Belizean Sources


San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi Limited releases public statement in regards to incident with it's Saturday, March 14th International Chetumal Ru
n Summary: On Mar 14-2020 Vessel MV International Star departed the International Pier in San Pedro en route to Chetumal for its regular run. The Vessel was schedule to return from Chetumal to Belize at approximately 2:30pm local time with a total Pax of 50 passengers and 3 crew members. The Chetumal vessel was later ordered to return back to the last port of call, since the passengers on board were from the countries that fall under the category of concern for Covid- 19. Note that they did not show any signs or symptoms of the virus.

Belize Electricity Limited’s Preparedness and Response Plan for COVID-19
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) continues to monitor the global, regional and local situation in relation to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. On March 4, 2020, BEL activated its Preparedness and Response Plan, which focuses on ensuring the continuation of operations and services, while safeguarding the health and wellbeing of our employees, their families, and our customers. BEL encourages customers to access our services anytime from anywhere by phone, online or email as follows:

The Belize Branch of the Belize National Teachers Union is calling on its members to join the KHMHA Workers Union for a demonstration on Tuesday

Masala Park in Corozal
On December 29TH, 2019 COEICH broke ground for the newly Masala Park rehabilitation of existing park into a multi-cultural, Eco-friendly and family oriented green for all to enjoy in the future. A place for meditation, family celebrations, movie nights, cultural events and recreational activities. Today, the Masala park had commenced its construction of the newly park. The Park is located across of Copper Horse Hotel in Corozal. This will now attract more people to visit Corozal in the future. This is great news for Corozalenos to come use this park to enjoy the day.

Swings Fixed at Children’s Park in Corozal
This afternoon, members of the Rotary Club Corozal, Belize came to fix the swings at Children’s Park in Corozal. The swings, were fixed, because some of them where broken. Thanks to them, the public has new swings in place. Let us all take care of the park as we use them.

BTB Important notice to Stakeholders - COVID-19
The Belize Tourism Board wishes to advise our valued stakeholders that only the press releases and notices from the Government of Belize (GOB) and the Ministry of Health (MOH) should be considered official information on the COVID-19 situation. All information from GOB and the MOH will also be shared with stakeholders by the BTB. The BTB urges stakeholders to avoid listening to rumors and sharing information on social media from unofficial sources, especially as it relates to border closings, as there has been no such decision taken by the Government of Belize.

Amidst reports of consumer price gouging, the Corozal Town Council takes action
We hereby ask the business community to be considerate in the retail pricing of goods especially those in demand that are used for the prevention of the COVID 19 In times like these we must come together as a community to be able to adequately prepare. We will not accept that the public be subjected to disadvantage through hikes in prices due to the demands of these products. Our personnel will be monitoring reports of such activities and will be reporting to the Trade Licensing Board who will then move to take action which could result in a STOP ORDER or the Trade License being revoked.

By the Hawksworth Bridge. Extremely parallel parking tryouts have started
It's not if, it's a matters of time before someone dies at the curve exiting Hawksworth Bridge on Santa Elena side by my entrance. Please I once again asking the authorities to put necessary measurements in place to reduce the chances of the unfortunate. We know for fact the speed limit sign is not working. Please let's not wait until someone dies when something can be done.

Se cuenta que hace muchísimos años, en una ranchería vivía un joven con sus padres, el muchacho cortaba leña junto con su padre, cuando iban al monte, descansaban en la sombra de un gran yaxché (ceibo) A diario era la misma rutina, el joven le comunicó a su padre el deseo de casarse y que por favor le buscara esposa, en la antigüedad, la costumbre maya los padres buscaban a los yernos y nueras.

The Placencia Breeze February 2020

The Placencia Breeze March 2020

Channel 5

An ADO bus with 21 Polish passengers was refused entry in Belize
The bus was halted at the northern border and ordered to return to Mexico. A Belizean man traveling in an ADO along with seven other passengers was allowed entry. We understand that the Belizean opted to be self isolated. We are told that he is not exhibiting any symptoms associated to coronavirus. Health officials will be waiting for him in Belize City where he will undergo self isolation.

The Reporter

Armed Robbery In Orange Walk
Police are looking for two men who robbed D8 Entertainment at the Cor. Belize/Corozal Road and Santa Anna Street in Orange Walk Town Saturday night around 11:00.

Editorial: 15th. March 2020
Should Belize be concerned about the spread of the Corona virus ? This virus kills one out of every 25 persons with the infection, mostly elderly people and those with weak resistance. But that is no reason to take it lightly.

Keeping Belize Safe: GOB Clamps Down At Points Of Entry
Extreme vigilance at the northern Border continues as this morning a bus with 21 Polish nationals was refused entry and sent back. An ADO bus with 15 passengers was also stopped, and seven of the passengers were allowed to enter while eight were turned back along with the driver of the bus.

Police Detain Two for CA Blvd. Murder
Belize City Police have detained two suspects for questioning in last Friday’s shooting on Central American Boulevard which claimed the life of one man and resulted in injuries to a second person.

According to the WHO (World Health Organization), COVID-19 has been declared a PANDEMIC. For weeks now we have watched this disease spread, cause sickness and death. We watched and we mocked the virus because of its name...

For the Love of Beauty…
Against a backdrop of warm, vibrant colors, surrounded by her favorite brushes and canvases – that is where Raquel Rodriguez, 41, loves to be. That is her home, her life-calling and her serenity, and she is hoping that through her work she will be able to make her community a happier place for art lovers, kids and anyone that is willing to appreciate beauty on canvas.

NO COVID-19 IN Belize, Says PM
Today Prime Minister Dean Barrow hosted a press conference at the Belize Biltmore Plaza, and announced that despite multiple reports to the contrary, “as of this moment there are no cases of Coronavirus in Belize.” In the past days there have been many unofficial social media reports of Coronavirus diagnoses.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Shakira White confirmed as second fatality in 6th Street shooting
BBN has confirmed that Shakira White, one of three people injured in a shooting tonight […]

Phillip Leslie killed in 6th Street shooting, mother and child also injured in incident
BBN has confirmed that Phillip Leslie was killed in a shooting on 6th Street earlier […]

Channel 5 cameraman grazed in shooting incident
Earlier tonight Stephen Ferguson, 50, was shot. He was inside his parked vehicle at the […]

Several people shot on 6th Street
Minutes ago there was a shooting on Belize City’s northside. It happened in the vicinity […]

Road traffic accident on Benque Viejo road
Minutes ago, there was a road traffic accident on the Benque Viejo road in San […]

Bus coming from Jalacte borderline stopped by Belize officials in Punta Gorda
Our colleagues at PGTV are reporting that a bus transporting people from the […]

Belize Electricity Limited activates its preparedness response plan
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) says that it continues to monitor the global, regional and local […]

Guatemalan patient dies of coronavirus; 300 more quarantined
Guatemalan authorities informed that today an 85-year-old Guatemalan man who travelled from Madrid to Guatemala […]

Body found in Corozal
The body of a man was discovered this afternoon in Corozal. The victim was observed […]

Belize Tourism Board urges stakeholders to listen to official
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) issued a statement advising stakeholders that only the press ...

Two armed men rob Orange Walk bar
Last night two men robbed D8 Entertainment at corner Belize/Corozal Road and Santa Anna Street, Orange Walk Town. The owner of the ...

Coronavirus postpones Belmopan Cycling Classic; Westrac
Novel coronavirus continues to impact Belize's sporting calendar. The famous tune up for the Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic, ...


Red Bank Village and the Scarlet Macaw Tour Belize
Despite their name, scarlet macaws are not entirely red (or scarlet) colored. Instead, these birds are adorned with brilliantly hued feathers of red, yellow, and blue. Related to parrots, scarlet macaws are very swift fliers and often travel in pairs or small groups. The species of scarlet macaws found in Belize are ara macao cyanoptera and can be found across Central America as far south as Costa Rica. Every December, they leave their homes in Chiquibul National Park in search of fruits which grow in abundance in and around the village of Red Bank in southern Belize.

International Sourcesizz

US airlines are waiving fees and canceling flights as coronavirus spreads
US-based airlines are extending waivers and reducing flight capacity to Europe after President Donald Trump announced a sweeping travel suspension on March 11. Two days later, American, Delta, and United Airlines said they will start capping fares on several US-bound flights for Americans rushing to fly home in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak. “We are placing caps on our fares for all cabins on flights from Europe to the US that are affected by the government-imposed travel restrictions,” an American Airlines spokesperson told CNBC. Several carriers also announced cuts in service to domestic routes, as airlines are buckling down to reduce overhead costs. American, Alaska, Delta, and United are expanding and waiving some change and cancellation ticket fees for both domestic and international flights as people reassess their travel plans. Be sure to read the terms and conditions of these waivers, but most airlines are now allowing travelers who booked international and domestic flights to make changes without charge.

United will now hold onto your money for a year
United Airlines has now updated their flight change policy again, for literally the fourth time since March 6. With United’s new schedule change policy, for international flights where travel is disrupted by more than six hours because of schedule changes resulting from government restrictions: Customers will get a credit valid for a year At the end of those 12 months, if the customer doesn’t use the credit they can get a refund to their credit card

American Airlines cutting international flights by 75% amid demand collapse
WASHINGTON/CHICAGO (Reuters) - American Airlines Inc said Saturday it plans to cut 75% of its international flights through May 6 and ground nearly all its widebody fleet, as airlines respond to the global collapse in travel demand due to the coronavirus pandemic. The dramatic announcement by the largest U.S. airline came hours after the White House said the United States would widen new travel restrictions on Europeans to include travelers in the United Kingdom and Ireland, starting Monday night. The Trump administration also signaled Saturday it wanted Congress to quickly back financial support for troubled U.S. airlines. American’s sweeping cuts include suspending nearly all long-haul international flights to Asia, Australia, Europe, New Zealand and South America.

SAM DUNCOMBE, head of the Bahamian environmental organization reEarth, looked on with concern Thursday as island authorities debated whether to allow passengers to disembark from Fred Olsen Cruise Lines’ Braemar, the latest ship hit by the novel coronavirus. Duncombe is a longtime critic of the cruise industry and has led the fight against Disney’s plan to build a private cruise port in an area recommended for marine-protected status, home to a fragile coral reef ecosystem. Cruise ships have repeatedly come under fire in the Bahamas for dumping sewage, food waste, plastic, and oil into the aqua waters. Duncombe doesn’t trust the cruise industry to protect the islands from a health crisis any more than she trusts it to protect the environment.


  • KHMHA Workers Union prepares for demonstration, 1/2min. The demonstration is scheduled to take place on Tuesday evening. Union members are concerned that the KHMHA and the CEO have not taken into consideration the safety and health of the staff pertaining to the hospital’s preparedness plan for COVID-19. We are told that the KHMHA has ignored the concerns of the workers and during a recent meeting an official was recorded telling staff members that each one of them submitted an application form to work at the KHMH voluntarily and that nobody forced them.

  • Belize Electricity Limited reminds customers that you can easily pay your electricity bill online, 1.5min.

  • TOP 3 Fitness Options San Pedro - BELIZE, 2min. Will Mitchell from RE/MAX shows you guys the top 3 places to exercise on the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize!

  • Hopkins Belize Elementary School, 3.5min. Chuck & Heidi starting their dental charity foray with the elementary school kids in Hopkins Belize.

  • 2020 March Snorkeling in Belize, 9min. Fish, Spotted Eagle Rays, Sea Horses, & Manatee's.

  • COCONUT HUT PALETTES into FURNITURE WORKSHOP, 15min. This Early Risings video is one of the first workshops hosted by the Coconut Hut/WACPtv. How to make something outta recycle materials... in this case needed furniture.

  • Children from the village of Xaibe(Corozal) singing in the Yucatec Maya language, 1min. They had requested for this class several months ago and they were eager to dive in and experience the joy of learning the one of the Indigenous languages of Belize . A special treat for these bright minds was, an introduction to guitar playing , learning musical notes and learning their original Maya language .