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The San Pedro Sun

COVID-19: Belize Announces New Response Measures
In a joint press conference held today, March 16th, with the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow and the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño a range of new measures were announced as part of response to the imminent threat of COVID-19. These decisions were taken at the first meeting of the COVID-19 National Oversight Committee which is co-chaired by the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition.

Belize Strengthening Relations with the City of Merida (Mexico) through Technical Cooperation in the Building Sector and Urban Development and Planning
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, through the Building Sector Reform Project, and in partnership with the Economic Development Council continues to strengthen its bilateral relations with Mexico on the subject of construction sector development. A delegation from the Government of Belize went on a technical exchange visit to Merida City, Mexico. The delegation held meetings with the Merida City Council, specifically with the Municipal Institute of Planning (Instituto Municipal de Planeación de Mérida- IMPLAN) and the Department of Urban Development (Dirección de Desarrollo Urbano – DDU) responsible for urban planning and development and, building permit processing respectively.

Ambergris Today

Belize Strengthening Relations With The City Of Merida (Mexico) For A Safer Building Industry
The Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, through the Building Sector Reform Project, and in partnership with the Economic Development Council continues to strengthen its bilateral relations with Mexico on the subject of construction sector development. A delegation from the Government of Belize went on a technical exchange visit to Merida City, Mexico. The delegation held meetings with the Merida City Council, specifically with the Municipal Institute of Planning (Instituto Municipal de Planeación de Mérida - IMPLAN) and the Department of Urban Development (Dirección de Desarrollo Urbano - DDU) responsible for urban planning and development and, building permit processing respectively.

San Pedro Belize Express Voluntarily Ceases Chetumal Run For 14 Days
On Saturday, March 14, 2020, at around 5:00p.m. Belizean authorities refused the entry of a water taxi traveling to San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, Belize from Chetumal, Mexico. The vessel contained 50 passengers, 16 of them European and 34 of other nationalities, all of which had to return to Chetumal due to the COVID-19 break out in European countries. San Pedro Belize Express has since posted a release on their behalf in regards to the situation and has voluntarily ceases its Chetumal run for the next 14 days. Below is their statement on the matter:

Various Belizean Sources


Postponement of 2020 Census
The Statistical Institute of Belize (SIB) informs its stakeholders and the general public that the conduct of the 2020 Population and Housing Census, scheduled to begin on May 12th of this year, has been postponed until 2021. This decision comes as a result of a national directive provided by the COVID-19 National Task Force, following its first meeting on Monday, March 16, 2020. As further indicated by the Task Force, the SIB’s efforts and resources allocated to the 2020 Census will be redirected towards the collection of data necessary to support the Government of Belize in its efforts to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic in Belize.

Caye Caulker COVID Assistance Team
Dear Caye Caulker residents and friends, we at the Law Office of Wendy Auxillou, with the blessing of the Chairlady of the Village Council, Seleny Villanueva Pott, have created a new FB page called the "Caye Caulker COVID Assistance Team" which you can find at the link below. Please click and like our page. Through the CCCAT community page we hope to provide assistance to those in need during this time of COVID. Not every person or family in our community has the economic means to withstand an extended shutdown of our business systems or stockpile groceries for a month.

Reef Fair which highlighted Reef Week 2020 under the Theme "True True Reef Love Means Yuh Stay Involved" was celebrated this past Friday, 13th March in the beautiful village of Placencia Point and our Corozal Daily news blog was there to witness the educational booths on display, games activities, local art, music, food and drinks. Reef Week is an initiative that started back in 2013. It is led by "Reef-minded" organizations that have come together to celebrate Belize’s national resources, through a week-long celebration nationwide!

Tarpon fishing has suddenly been on the boil with continuous sightings of rolling fish and good numbers caught. 8 fish were landed with a father and son double on one day. Brandon Coleman Jr caught a nice fish of 60 Lbs, and Brandon Snr answered that with a fish of 70 Lbs ! It would seem that the season is getting off to an early start.

2020 Reef Week Belize
The Reef Fair is always one of Reef Week's most exciting events and this year was no different! This year's fair took place at the Boardwalk in Placencia Village on Friday, March 13th. It was a day filled with music, art, green vendors, food and information booths with many interactive games for students to enjoy as organizations shared all there is to know about our beautiful resources. We had students visiting from St John’s Memorial School and the Peninsula International Academy, as well as tourists and locals passing through the area. Music was provided by Dj Swagg and our food vendor was Galley’s Restaurant. We were also lucky to have DML Bamboo straws there. Local artist, Anton Leslie, was also out on the beach working on a unique Reef Week art piece.

Oceana, Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association and JICA offer school presentations at Sarteneja La Inmaculada RC School
On Thursday, March 12th, Oceana, Turneffe Atoll Sustainability Association and JICA collaborated to carry out school presentations at Sarteneja La Inmaculada RC School, Sarteneja Nazarene School, Chunox SDA Primary School and Copperbank RC School. These presentations had a unique twist as students were informed of how to get involved in the protection of our reef and they learned how to make pencil cases out of discarded plastic bottles. The day ended with a much enjoyed movie night at Copperbank RC School.

"The Great King Deer Hunters and Revenge" Mayan legend
Many years ago in the mountains of the interior of the Peninsula, thousands of deer were abundant. It was such a lot of deer that these entered the men's community but these only killed them to eat, never to market. But that's when the whites arrived, seeing so much deer, they started killing them and taking the meats to other communities and salted it to send to Spain.

This past Saturday's Art in the Park!
As expected, this past Saturday's Art in the Park was at about 1/4 capacity. We thank the Corozal community for supporting our artists and vendors. A gracious thank you to this month's sponsor Atlantic Bank - Corozal Branch. We urge everyone to please continue to take precautions in protecting yourselves and your families. At this time, Art in the Park for April 2020 has been cancelled. If by chance, changes are favourable we will revisit the notion in a few weeks. Stay safe everyone.

Belize Announces New Measures in Response to COVID-19
In a joint press conference held today, March 16th, with the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow and the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño a range of new measures were announced as part of response to the imminent threat of COVID-19. These decisions were taken at the first meeting of the COVID-19 National Oversight Committee which is co-chaired by the Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition. While Belize still has no confirmed case of the virus, the bi-partisan committee took very important decisions to further protect the health and well-being of Belizeans and reduce the threat of the virus spreading to Belize. The Government is fully cognizant that the situation can change rapidly and, therefore, continue to prepare for different scenarios.

Monthly Weather Summary, February 2020
February typically marks the beginning of the dry season for the country. Temperatures normally start increasing as the month is characterized by a warm easterly to southeasterly surface airflow. Whatever limited rainfall that occurs during the month is typically associated with one or two cold fronts, prefrontal trofs, shear lines and low level easterly wind surges. February 2020 started with the approach and passage of a cold front during the late evening. This front supported showers and isolated thunderstorms over most of the country that resulted in one inch and a half of rainfall at Savannah in southern Stann Creek, over one inch at Hershey on the Hummingbird Highway and half of an inch at Central Farm in the Cayo district. The second day of the month winds remained gusty and from the north to northeast but mainly fair, mild and dry weather prevailed across the country.

Government Receives Personal Protective Equipment
Minister of Health, Hon. Pablo Marin, received some of the Personal Protective Equipment and other materials this afternoon from PAHO Representative, Dr. Noreen Jack, on behalf of the Ministry of Health. The Minister also had a meeting this afternoon with the Cuban Ambassador to finalize logistics to get healthcare personnel from that country to assist us in Belize. All this is being done as ongoing efforts to prepare for COVID-19.

Corozal Town Council sharing COVID-19 Information
"Mayor Rigo Vellos, the Corozal Town Council and the Corozal Municipal Traffic Department have embarked on a mission to share information to the public on safety and preventative measures on the COVID-19.

For anyone who has to miss work because you are sick, here's the SSB's notice
As part of SSB’s COVID-19 precautionary measures, Customers are encouraged to submit Sickness Benefit Claims via Drop Boxes. This checklist is your guide for the submission of completed Sickness Benefit Claim Forms. Get the Sickness Benefit Claim and Salaries Record forms here: To view a sample of a completed Sickness Benefit Claim Form, click here:

Maya Day Postponed
The Tumul K'in Center of Learning and the Maya Day Organizing committee, wish to inform the public that Maya Day Celebrations planned for March 22, 2020 has been postponed until further notice. The postponement of Maya Day is due to the precautionary measures outlined by the relevant authorities on COVID-19. Being an event that has continuously drawn a significant number of people throughout the country of Belize, in the best interest of our guests, the organizers of Maya Day Celebration had adhered to necessary precautions especially during mass gathering at public events. We are grateful to the many organizations, big and small businesses and individuals, who either sponsored or pledged support towards our memorable event.

8th Annual St. Patricks’s Day BASH Hosted by Crazy Canucks Beach Bar
Come celebrate our biggest party day every year! We will have homemade corned beef and cabbage served with potatoes and carrots (beginning at 1pm until it is gone). Live music with Tsunami Nick from 1-3pm and DJ Debbie takes over from 4-10pm. Free giveaways. Free shots. Beer and drink specials. And SAGA will be there with a raffle, prizes and fun gifts for your furry loved ones! We wanna be Irish for the day with us!

Channel 7

Barrow and Briceno Buddy Up for COVID-19
Tonight, there is still no confirmed presence of COVID 19 in Belize - but preparations for the virus have stepped up sharply.   This morning the COVID-19 National Oversight Committee co-chaired by the Prime Minister Dean Barrow and the Leader of the Opposition John Briceno met at the Laing building in Belize city. At 3:00 pm at the Biltmore, both leaders held a press conference, their first joint press conference ever - and this, on the most critical national issue.   Briceno started by outlining the decisions made regarding Health And Social life in Belize:

GOB Finds 75 Million For Covid-19 Response
And while Briceno outlined the major directive for health and social life, the Prime Minister outlined the fiscal and economic measures.  Basically that government will come up with 75 million dollars for a COVID response, starting by going to the house for 25 million: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "The actual budget debate scheduled for Thursday and Friday is up in the air. We talked about the possibility of not doing the debate at all, but there is a need to pass a general appropriations bill and so while we could postpone that for three months, I think it is. It would limit our spending. The better course of action is to pass the general appropriations bill and to add to that by way of an additional allocation that...

Commercial Banks Will Ease Loan Payments
And apart from doing its part with government spending, the Central Bank will also take measures with commercial banks - giving some ease on bank payments to those whose businesses are at risk of going underwater: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister  "The time period to classify targeted non- performing loans in affected sectors particularly the accommodations sector will initially be extended from three months to six months. The domestic banks and the credit unions are to provide grace periods for the servicing and or principal components of commercial loans and mortgages as needed..."

Airport Remains Open, Arrivals Trickle
And while the Prime Minister did not specify whether those are personal or company loans - the focus right now is primarily on the hardest hit tourism sector.  Bookings have disappeared, and thousands of jobs are on the line.  Additionally, airlines are cutting back on flights.   And that is why government has not closed the airport.   Here's how the Prime Minister explained it: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "In terms of leaving the PGIA open, the tourism sector is suggesting that already the bookings have plummeted to such an extent that there is very little coming in and if we were to lock down PGIA that would stop completely..."

No Revenue. No Taxes For Tourism?
Indeed as flights, and arrivals are cut back to the bare minimum - government is prepared to suspend collection of hotel and other taxes, but with the bottom line going to zero, that may not amount to much: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow - Prime Minister: "We're already agreed, I think leader correct me if I'm wrong that the 9% tax would not be collected by the BTB or that only half of it would be collected which causes some to say but half of nothing is nothing. The way arrivals are plummeting there will soon be no hotel tax to collect but in the meantime certainly to the extent that the hoteliers are still..." 

Who Gets Relief Money
So, the money for tourism, where will it go?  Property owners and tour operators are losing money, while industry workers face losing their jobs, and their livelihoods.  So who will be eligible for birdie financing to get them across the COVID 19 crisis?  Here's what both leaders said: Hon. Johnny Briceno - Leader of the Opposition: "Jointly they will be able to work to ensure that the people that need the money most would be able to get the money starting from the Ministry of health and to the tour guides and hair braiders and all of these people that are going to be needing the necessary assistance." 

PUP Leader Tries to Pacify Protestors
Funds will also be used, of course, for the acquisition of test kits for COVID-19 and respirators to treat those with respiratory failure.  But, we heard nothing definitive about more hospital beds, or a new isolation ward away from the KHMH.   That's what the KHMH union plans to protest about tomorrow evening - and all day today - from morning to evening - they had sessions to try and reach a compromise.   But, if they plan to protest tomorrow - that might be a crowd larger than 100.  And with that even the leader of the opposition - who loves any anti government protest - urged them not to do so:

COVID Kits Coming to Belize
Tomorrow, we'll let you know what they decided on the protest.  But, a lot of the social tension that's been building would decrease if the general public was confident that at - risk persons are being actively tested, and that there are enough tests available.  Today, the Prime Minister gave an update on the the efforts to acquire more testing kits: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow- Prime Minister: "I would say that what we don't have we are about to receive. We have already ordered extra testing kits from a company called Roche, a German company, not necessarily operating in Germany. We are getting additional kits from PAHO, we are getting kits from several sources. We have put in a request to the Cubans..." 

Parents Killed, Mom Died Shielding Children
COVID may be coming, but the killers are not relenting. The peace of Belize's City's Sunday night was shattered by a double murder last night. It happened on the northside at the corner of 6th and Landivar streets, the residence of Shakira White and her extended family.  The tragic incident has left one child a 5-year-old in a critical condition and another a 3-year-old shot to the knees.  Cherisse Halsall was on the murder scene this morning and she found out that you couldn't have met a nicer more hard-working couple that Phillip and Shakira.

Two Families Destroyed By Double Murder
And the wide imprint of grief has also crushed the Leslie family.   We spoke with the family patriarch this evening: Phillip Leslie's family is also grieving. And this afternoon his father fought through that grief to say that he's incredibly proud of the man that Phillip had become. Paladin Leslie - Phillip Leslie's father: "Well I know him as a hard-working fellow. He was always committed to whatever he did. When he wanted something to get done. He always tried to be strong. Right now all of us are grieving and trying to stay as strong as ever, I'm speaking right now but I'm very emotional, even so I have to be strong because I'm the head of the home."

One Detained For Double Murder
Shakira White and Phillip Leslie lived in a house that she shared with two of her siblings. And this morning when Superintendent Alejandro Cowo addressed their muShakira White and Phillip Leslie lived in a house that she shared with two of her siblings. And this morning when Superintendent Alejandro Cowo addressed their murders, he said that police could not be sure who the intended target was because of the number of people residing in the home. 

Gunman Storms Into Home, Teenager Killed
So, while those killings happened last night, the City's first murder occurred on Friday night. 18-year-old Frederick Williams, a resident of Partridge Street Extension, was fatally injured by a gunman who went all the way to his house.  He was recently released from police custody, and he should have been enjoying his freedom. But, it was cut short by a shooter who kicked open his front door.

A Killing At Chactemal
There was one more murder this weekend, and this one happened near the Belize/Mexico border. At around 3:00 on Sunday afternoon, Corozal Police arrived in an area just off the road that leads to the Chactemal Bridge, which is near to the Customs cargo area at the Santa Elena Border. That's where the body of an unidentified man had been discovered.  He was found lying in a pool of blood, and had been viciously stabbed, reportedly over two dozen times to the neck, the head, and the back. There was no identification found on him, but the cops have since been able to identify him.

Channel 5

Five Immediate Measures Taken Ahead of COVID-19 Outbreak
The highly contagious novel coronavirus continues to spread all around the world and more than one hundred and twenty countries are now affected. Across the border, Guatemala has confirmed one [...]

$25M Earmarked as Relief Aid for Tourism Sector
The budget debate that has been scheduled for March nineteenth and twentieth hangs in the balance, as government is yet to formally agree on whether those consecutive House meetings should [...]

Central Bank Instrumental in Funding Fight Against COVID-19
That twenty-five million-dollar loan, which government will secure through the Central Bank of Belize, will be serviced through cost-cutting measures across all ministries at two percent of the recurrent budget.  [...]

Bipartisanship and Unity in Fighting COVID-19
The prospective funds set aside for addressing the national issue of the coronavirus crisis is in the vicinity of seventy-five million dollars, all loans and grants put together. As you [...]

K.H.M.H. Workers Union Meets with Official to Iron Out Pressing Issues
As measures are being put in place to combat COVID-19, the K.H.M.H. Workers Union and the management at the national referral hospital remain at odds. The union is concerned that [...]

K.H.M.H.A. Workers Union Considering Strike Action
Union members have expressed several concerns to the hospital’s management, including the provision of the protective gear.  According to Baird and Alpuche-Blake, both parties remain in a stalemate regarding several [...]

Couple Murdered inside King’s Street Home; 4-Year-Old Critical
Four persons were murdered between Friday and Sunday nights; three of the murders were committed in Belize City. We start with the shocking killing of a couple.  Philip Leslie and [...]

Gunman Breaks in Door to Murder Frederick Williams
The weekend gun violence started as early as Friday night. Eighteen-year-old Frederick Williams was targeted at his home on Partridge Street Extension. Williams was released from police custody that same [...]

Hattieville Resident is Murdered in Corozal
There is further loss of life.  On Sunday afternoon, the body of a Hattieville resident was discovered near the bridge at the Belize/Mexico border in Corozal. It was identified as [...]

Channel 5 Employee Targeted by Gunman
In another act of violence, Stephen Ferguson was shot on Sunday night and rushed to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital. It happened just before eight o’clock in front of his [...]

Youth Shot in Belize City
Eighteen-year-old Earl Baptist is recovering from a gunshot wound. Baptist was released from the Queen Street Police Station in Belize City this afternoon and was making his way down Pink’s [...]

Lev Dermen is Found Guilty of Money Laundering
Earlier today in a Utah court, a jury convicted Lev Aslan Dermen of conspiracy and money laundering. Dermen, as we have been reporting, was accused of defrauding the U.S. government [...]

Additional Testing Kits Procured for Belize
There are more details on the coronavirus preparedness.  The issue of testing kits and their availability locally, in order to confirm whether persons who are exhibiting signs of COVID-19 are [...]

Johnny Gives Assurances to K.H.M.H. Staff
At the prime minister’s press conference this afternoon, Opposition Leader John Briceño also addressed the issue of occupational concerns being raised by the K.H.M.H. Workers Union.  While the K.H.M.H. Authority [...]

SP Water Taxi & ADO Bus Return to Port Amid COVID-19 Concerns
On Sunday, the government announced that it was stepping up its control measures at the ports of entry.  A ban was imposed prohibiting the nationals of China, Hong Kong, Iran, [...]

Belize City Mayor on COVID-19: “Business in our city has to continue”
Belize City is the economic hub of the country. More than seventy thousand persons live in the Old Capital and thousands use the public transportation system.  While mass gatherings are [...]

Belize CitCo Launches $10M Municipal Bond
The Belize City Council today launched its ten-million-dollar municipal prospectus paper.  Mayor Bernard Wagner says that the municipal bond has three tranches with different maturities and coupon rates and an [...]

C.E.O. George Lovell: Report on B.D.F. Helicopter Crash was Professional Done
It’s been one week since official preliminary reports were released on the helicopter crash of February twenty-seventh that claimed the life of B.D.F. majors, Adran Ramirez and Radford Baizar and [...]

Can a Soldier Refuse a Command from his Superior?
Among the factors that could have contributed to the fatal crash was the use of cell-phone to communicate, poor weather conditions and the lack of night vision equipment. One of [...]

Families of Fallen Soldiers Will be Compensated Adequately
The families of the deceased B.D.F. soldiers, with the assistance of their attorneys, are in discussion with the Ministry of National Security to secure a compensation package because in most [...]

Bizarre Robbery-Kidnapping Incident in San Narciso
A man was robbed, tied up and dumped in a river, but he survived the ordeal. Police say that they have two of the men responsible for the crime.  San [...]

Shooting in San Ignacio; One Man Injured
A San Ignacio resident was shot just after ten on Saturday night in San Ignacio. Police say that Belizean Security Officer Leroy Supaul was heading home after a night of [...]

The Weekend in Sports
Good evening, I’m James Adderly and this is Sports Monday   [Highlights of the weekend sporting activities…]


Collett Morter, Jr., fatally shot
There was a shooting on Gladden Street tonight. Collett Morter, Jr., 19, was fatally shot.

School will be suspended effective Friday, March 20
At a press conference currently underway with Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Opposition Leader John Briceño, it was announced that all classes will be closed effective Friday, March 20, and will remain closed until after the Easter holidays.

Toddler passes away
Dominique Rhamdas, 4, passed away a short while ago at the KHMH. He was shot last night along with his mom Shakira White, step dad Philip Leslie and his two-year-old sister who was also shot in her leg.

Two adults dead, two minors injured in last night’s shooting on 6th Street in Belize City
There was a shooting last night on 6th Street in the Kings Park area. Philip Leslie was shot and killed on the spot. His girlfriend, Shakira White, was also shot; she died a short while later at the KHMH.

The Reporter

Joint Press Conference On Corona-Virus Crisis
In a joint press conference held today, March 16th, with the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow and the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. John Briceño a range of new measures were announced as part of a response to the imminent threat of COVID-19.

Lev Dermen Found Guilty After $1.1 Billion Fraud Trial
Today Lev Dermen, alleged to have paid monies for political favours to former Minister of National Security John Saldivar, was found guilty in a Salt Lake City, Utah Courtroom.

All Schools Will Close On Friday For 2 Weeks
Today, it was announced that all schools countrywide will be closed for two weeks, commencing Friday, March 20th, and going straight into the Easter Break.

S.S.B Will Help During The Corona-Virus Crisis
As part of SSB’s COVID-19 precautionary measures, Customers are encouraged to submit Sickness Benefit Claims via Drop Boxes. This checklist is your guide for the submission of completed Sickness Benefit Claim Forms.

Stephen Ferguson Shot On West Street in Belize City
The Reporter has confirmed that Channel 5 employee Stephen Ferguson was shot Sunday March 15th. on West Street in Belize City.

Three People Shot In Kings Park Sunday Night, Died
A man, Phillip Leslie, 27 and his girlfriend Shakira White, 31, were killed last night around 9:40pm at White’s home at the corner of 6th. St. and Landivar Street in the King’s Park area.


CEO George Lovell says BDF has nighttime equipment
The Belize Defence Force has nighttime equipment, according to CEO in the Ministry of National Security, George Lovell. The media got a chance this weekend to speak with him about the tragic incident that took the lives of four BDF soldiers back in February.

Final conclusion on the KHMH Workers Union underway
The Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital Workers Union has planned a demonstration for tomorrow, which will see inclusion from the Belize National Teachers Union (BNTU). Several concerns have been raised regarding the demonstration.

No entry to the cayes
San Pedro Belize Express (SPBE), a Belizean operated water taxi service, has called off its international run to and from Chetumal, Mexico for the next 15 days. The move comes following a situation over the weekend where the company’s International Star vessel was carrying fifty tourists to Ambergris Caye and was refused entry onto the island.

Two adults dead and two infants injured in north side shooting
Two infants were shot and their parents killed last night in the Kings Park Area of Belize City. Around 10pm, 27-year-old Phillip Leslie was with his girlfriend, 31-year-old Shakira White, at their home at the corner of 6th and Landivar Streets when a gunman fired a barrage of shots through their bedroom window.

GOB prepares for COVID-19
Another adjustment made in the national scheme of things is the dates set aside for the Budget Debate 2020/2021. The debate was slated to take place on Thursday and Friday but according to the Prime Minister, it may be limited to one day although he was hoping it could have been bypassed.

Government closes multiple border points
The National Oversight Committee led by the Prime Minister and the LEader of the Opposition presented a list of precautionary measures to be implemented in Belize. The presentation was made via a press conference this afternoon and includes controls at the borders, in the schools and on the social front.

Crystal water Company reports shortage in five-gallon water
Crystal Bottling Company has reported, via a press release, that there is a shortage in five-gallon water across the country. According to the release, this shortage has resulted in customers having to wait for longer periods, and not being able to purchase their usual number of bottles.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Amidst coronavirus threat, a teenager is murdered tonight in Belize City
Despite the looming coronavirus threat facing Belize, another man was murdered tonight in the old […]

Four year old in shooting incident dies
The 4-year old who was shot on Sunday night along with his parents on Sixth […]

John Saldivar supports Omar Figueroa for UDP leader; calls on Faber to do the same
Former Minister of National Security and UDP leader elect issued a statement tonight saying that […]

Earl Baptist survives gunshot wound to the buttocks
Eighteen-year-old Earl Baptist, a Belize Ciry welder, is recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital […]

Belize announces new measures in response to COVID-19
In a joint press conference held today, March 16, with Prime Minister, Dean Barrow and the […]

Inside story on ferry turned away from San Pedro
Prime Minister Dean Barrow confirmed he ordered the vessel full of foreigners to initially be […]

Dominique Rhamdas needs blood donation
Four year old Dominique Rhamdas is one of the victims that was shot last night […]

Crystal Bottling Company asks public to not hoard 5-gallon waters
Crystal Bottling Co. (Crystal) said today that there is a shortage of 5-gallon waters countrywide […]

Belize still COVID-19 free; ordering additional testing kits and supplies
You might not be able to tell from the tightening of the screws announced by […]

18-year-old went from police detention to hospital
Authorities are investigating a shooting incident that occured minutes ago. Earl Baptist, 18, was detained at […]

Guatemala confirms 6 cases of Covid-19
Guatemala’s President, in a press conference this morning, confirmed that 6 people have tested positive […]

Coronavirus death toll soars to over 6,000
A map by John Hopkins University shows that over 6,500 people worldwide have died to the […]

Three-year-old child also shot in 6th Street double murder
A 3-year-old infant was taken to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital this morning suffering from […]

Belize Home Caregivers Association hosts soap drive for elderly
The Belize Home Caregivers Association (BHCA) is conducting a soap drive for the elderly to […]

Travelers arriving from Guatemala to be screened for COVID-19 at Belize Western Border
Belizeans and foreign travelers entering Belize from Guatemala this morning were stopped at a tent […]

Baby critical after mother and step-father killed in 6th Street shooting incident
A four-year-old baby boy is in critical condition undergoing treatment at the Karl Heusner […]


Dine Artfully at Casa Picasso
Its latest incarnation has opened her layout, but Casa Picasso still brings about those feelings of ‘special’ and ‘artful dining.’ Now on Coconut Drive, in a spacious building offering both indoor and outdoor seating, Casa Picasso remains a go-to for fine dining. Date night? Special celebratory dinner? A chill session with your girls (or dudes)? With their extensive wine list, delicious martinis and specially prepared cocktails and an eclectic menu, Casa Picasso hits the spot.

Tropic Air Placencia Airstrip Closure Plan
We are reaching out to share our service plan for Placencia during the coming airstrip (PLJ) construction closure. Here is what we know and how we intend to make it work for our customers: The airstrip is scheduled to be closed for runway expansion and light installation from May 1 to September 30, 2020. Tropic Air will be using Riversdale Airstrip at the north end of the Peninsula for the closure period only. We intend to resume normal PLJ operations no later than October 1, 2020. Our terminal at the PLJ airstrip will remain open for business...

Reschedule your Belize trip, don’t cancel because of COVID-19
Every aspect of travel is being affected by the hour as new information and travel bans are coming into place. It seems that every time we look to the news we see more and more shutting down. It’s affecting every single person on the planet. While we realize that panic and scare of the COVID-19 is very real, we urge travelers not to jump to hasty decisions and cancel their Belize trips, but to consider re-booking their holidays instead of calling them off completely.

Koko King Is the Perfect Beach Getaway in Caye Caulker, Belize
While most visitors to Belize head to the tourist destinations of San Pedro, Placencia Village or San Ignacio, some can’t resist the easygoing charms of Caye Caulker, a gorgeous island off the coast of Belize City. If you want to see Caye Caulker at its best, head directly to Koko King when you get there. Koko King is also home to the WeYu Boutique Hotel which offers modern amenities and a wide variety of luxury accommodations.

International Sourcesizz

Long-lost Maya capital discovered in backyard in Mexico
Archaeologists have discovered the capital of a long-lost Maya kingdom in the backyard of a cattle rancher in Mexico. Experts from Brandeis University and Brown University were part of an international team that excavated the site, dubbed Lacanja Tzeltal, in Chiapas in southeastern Mexico. The site, which was settled in 750 B.C.E and occupied for 1,000 years, was the capital of the ancient kingdom of Sak Tz'i', according to Brandeis University. The discovery came about in unusual circumstances. In 2014, Whittaker Schroder, a graduate student of archaeology at the University of Pennsylvania, was waved down by a carnita seller on a highway in Chiapas. He told Schroder, who was researching archaeological sites in the area for a dissertation topic, that his friend had uncovered an ancient stone tablet. When Schroder and Harvard graduate student Jeffrey Dobereiner visited the friend, a cattle rancher, he showed them the tablet and they were able to verify its authenticity.

Mesoamerican Play Ball: 3,400 Years Ago in Mexico
Say you have the day off, and you feel like going down to the ballpark and watching a game. That's not so unusual, unless you happen to be a highland dweller living in 1,400 BCE in what is today Oaxaca, Mexico. Recently, two researchers at George Washington University, Jeffrey Blomster and Victor Salazar Chávez announced their discovery of an ancient ballpark at their Etlatongo dig site. The site was excavated between 2015 and 2017 by the Formative Etlatongo Project (FEP).

Chile, Guatemala join Latin American neighbors in closing borders
Chile and Guatemala on Monday announced that they would join a number of other Latin American countries in closing their borders for 15 days in an attempt to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus across the continent. Chilean President Sebastian Pinera said the border closures would go into effect on Wednesday. Guatemala imposed a similar measure on Monday, with President Alejandro Giammattei saying that “only Guatemalans will be able to enter, (but they) must go through a period of quarantine.”

It's better in Belize
Lil’ Alfonse, of Lil’ Alphonse Tours, has been passionate about sharing the beautiful reefs of Belize with the world since he was young. If you’re feeling courageous, you can swim with nurse sharks and stingrays in Shark Ray Alley. The Truck Stop is made up of several ‘food trucks’ with a centralized picnic area. There is something for everyone in the family here, even New Haven-style pizza.

Explore both the reef and rain forest in Belize
Beautiful beaches aren’t the only attraction in Belize. The country also boasts vast rain forests. At Chaa Creek, you can stay in luxury in the jungle or choose a more affordable cabin option.

Keeping the Caribbean culture alive
Central America is the birthplace of chocolate and AJAW Chocolate & Crafts creates the delicious treat the traditional Mayan way. The Garifuna people of Belize are descendants of African slaves and indigenous Caribbean people. They have kept their beautiful and colorful culture alive in Belize.

The Harpy Eagle Stands As Tall As a Child With Talons Longer Than a Grown Grizzly Bear’s Claws
The harpy eagle is a magnificent bird of prey that can stand up to 3 feet 5 inches in height. Resting happily at the top of its food chain, the harpy lives on (among other things) a diet of lizards, birds, rabbits, monkeys, and even sloths. “[T]hey are top predators,” explained Belize Zoo’s director Sharon Matola, speaking to 7 News Belize, “so there were never a huge amount of these eagles because they are solitary, large birds of prey.” “[I]f their habitats are altered or degraded,” she continued, “it only takes one shotgun to eliminate a mating pair. If that keeps happening over time, they are considered to be extirpated from Central America, meaning no more.”

Rainforest Trust Staff Spotlight: Katie Pugh
On a study abroad program in Belize focused in rainforest, mangrove and marine ecology, she was conducting research on the beaches. “It was beautiful, but I remember looking down the beach and seeing that garbage had washed up everywhere,” said Katie. “I wanted to contribute to the protection of the incredible places I visited while studying abroad, and the experience ultimately peaked my interest in international conservation.” She went on to earn her Masters in Biology through Miami University’s Global Field Program.

Wise financial measures necessary to ride out COVID-19
The situation is worse for those Caribbean countries that also rely on cruise ships. Wise financial measures necessary to ride out COVID-19.



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