And while there is a southside state of emergency in Belize City, in San Pedro crime is at a very, very low level. And today, the San Pedro Police Station received a donation of a golf cart from the Brads Gaming Group in Belize City.

San Pedro Police, like all other formations around the country, have to make judicious use of the resources that they share with the rest of the Department. And so, donations like this one are always welcomed. 

We got a chance to speak with the Coastal Executive Officer, and a Brads Gaming Representative about how this new golf cart will be put to use for the island residents. Here's what they told us:

The donation is currently valued at $22,000, but that other private sector entity will retrofit the golf cart so that it can be used in police operations. That will increase the value to around $30,000. It will complement a donation of police bicycles that the US Embassy has donated to San Pedro Police. Here's what the Coastal Executive Officer had to say about the additional 8 bikes which arrived on the island this afternoon:

Channel 7

The island police department was also provided with eight bicycles for its newly installed constables to support the current bike patrol. The bicycles were donated by the Embassy of the United States of America in Belize. “We are expanding our bike patrol, we will do more training with the hope that this will make them more visible in the community” Noble said. Each bicycle, together with its equipment, helmets, lights, and locks, costs around BZ$2,800.

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