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The San Pedro Sun

Ministry of Labour Calls for Compliance with Social Distancing Directives
The public is reminded of the Government of Belize’s directive on social distancing as a primary precautionary method to mitigate the potential spread and transmission of COVID-19. The public is also expected to continue these practices if a confirmed case is detected in Belize.

Blood Drive postponed amid COVID-19 concerns but raises the question: does San Pedro need a blood bank?
Originally scheduled for Saturday March 14th, the Belize Red Cross San Pedro Branch (BRCSPB) postponed their blood drive at the Polyclinic. The San Pedro Sun spoke to Phillip Ramsey, a representative of BRCSPB about the sudden postponement. He said that he received notification via email from the Blood Bank Unit in Belize City that the drive needed to be postponed, “due to the nature of the COVID-19 situation”. The email stated that they were making necessary arrangements to prepare for possible progression of COVID-19 and that they would follow up about rescheduling. The cancellation however, highlighted an issue affecting San Pedro: the lack of a blood bank. Residents have to rely on organized blood drives, instead of being able to go to a designated donation center at any time.

New Measures Announced to Protect Against COVID-19
The COVID-19 National Oversight Committee held its second meeting today, March 20th, and agreed to take additional measures to further protect the health of Belizeans and reduce the threat of transmission of COVID-19 in Belize. As of today, March 20th, Belize does not have any confirmed case of COVID-19. The developments on the international and regional fronts, however, have informed the Committee’s decisions. Effective 11:59 p.m. on Saturday, March 21st, the Northern Border of Belize, which includes the Corozal Free Zone, will be closed for traveling but will remain open for cargo transportation. This means that only Belizean nationals, residents, and diplomats residing in Belize will be allowed entry into Belize subject to inspection and possible quarantine for 14 days.

Chase the Ace continues to benefit charities in San Pedro Town
Since its inception, Chase the Ace has donated thousands to multiple charities on Ambergris Caye. Chase the Ace is a form of lottery that gained popularity in 2013 in some parts of Canada. It is also known as ‘Crown the King’ and ‘Jig the Joker’. While the game has been postponed amid COVID-19 concerns, organizer Rhonda Westman Brown shared with The San Pedro Sun details about how the game works. According to Brown, the rules are simple. Each day, tickets are sold for two dollars at a different location and at 7 PM, a ticket is drawn from the daily sales. The holder of the winning ticket wins 20% of the pot and gets to draw a card from the deck.

Triple R donates ambulance to Ambergris Caye
As Ambergris Caye prepares for any possible case of the pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus), an ambulance has been secured on the island for the sole purpose of transporting persons suspected to be infected with the deadly disease. The ambulance is a donation from the Rickilee Response and Rescue (Triple R) Emergency Response Team. The vehicle, a Mercedez Benz, has sealed compartments separating the driver from the medical personnel, minimizing any potential contamination.

Various Belizean Sources


"A further 4 samples have been processed at the Central Medical Laboratory, all negative so that we there are still NO CONFIRMED cases in Belize, these samples processed through the night. Our staff continues to monitor the situation across the country but we NEED the cooperation of ALL in this if we are to continue to have a successful intervention. Despite our calls and explanations to all those returning from abroad to self isolate, to not be out in public and minimize exposure to others - this is still not happening!

As with much of the world, we have had to move into crisis planning to ensure that we are able to continue operating the wildlife rehabilitation activities over the next few months, with crisis management strategies identified for moving forward in the face of uncertainties. We have completed an assessment of the situation to protect and maintain our Wildtracks Team, the fifty-three primates, eight manatees and various other species in our care. We are currently down from fifteen to a team of five for the wildlife care, supported by the three tracking team members. With incoming volunteers unable to travel, we are already very short of hands. We are also losing the volunteer contribution towards animal food costs at a time when we urgently need to stock up on both animal and people supplies and fuel to ensure continued operations, before travel restrictions are imposed.

Persons with COVID-19 can claim sickness benefit
In the effort to share as much information with the public as possible, we may have caused some confusion. For clarity, COVID-19 along with its related incapacities such as isolation and quarantine, certified by a Medical Practitioner, ARE COVERED by SSB under our Sickness Benefit process following the same procedures currently in place for any other illness.

Orange Walk Town Council COVID-19 Prevention Plan
The Orange Walk Town Council hereby informs the General Public that certain preventative measures will be put in place for the safety of our Children, and all residents. The following measures will be implemented in agreement to the press conference held on Monday, March 17. 2020. by the Prime Minister of Belize. Hon. Dean Barrow and the Leader of the Opposition. Hon. John Briceho. 1. The Orange Walk Municipal Traffic Authority will be limiting the amount of customers within the offices. 2. The Orange Walk Municipal Traffic Authority will be limiting the time customers spend within the offices by allowing them to apply and pay for transactions and return for finished documents. 3. All offices of the Orange Walk Town Council will be off bounds to Children ...

San Pedro Town Council Preventative Measures for COVID-19
Mayor Daniel Guerrero and the San Pedro Town Council hereby informs the general public that preventative measures will be applied in order to ensure the safety of our residents and visitors from the coronavirus (COVID-19). In agreement with the press conference held yesterday, Monday, March 17, 2020, by the Prime Minister of Belize, Hon. Dean Barrow and the Leader of the Opposition, as they men-tioned, "Limit Social Gatherings no more than 100 persons", the San Pedro Town Council is forced to cancel the following events and activities: Mother's Day Extravaganza, Teacher's Day, All Easter events/activities and the International Costa Maya Festival.

Corozal Free Zone Board Closes Tonight
Based on the decision made by the National Oversight Committee on Friday 20th March, 2020 to close the Northern Border effective Saturday 21st March, 2020. The Administration has decided to close its gates to the general public effective Saturday 21st March, 2020 at 9:00 p.m. All administration services will be provided accordingly. CFZ Management

COVID-19: Liquor License Extensions Suspended
Dear Mayors/Chairpersons. Sen. Hon. Carla Barnett, Minister of State in the Ministry of Labour. Local Government and Rural Development, is informing Councils and District Liquor Licensing Boards that the granting of "Extensions" for liquor license establishments are suspended with immediate effect until further notice. The suspension is aimed at preventing mass gathering and to minimize the spread of COVID-19 if it reaches our country. The Ministry of Local Government encourages all license holders to practice proper hygiene and to abide by this directive.

Live mass will be aired on Sunday morning
Live mass will be aired on Sunday morning at 8:30 a.m on The National Channel (TNC10). All are welcome to tune in. Repeats of the mass will be aired throughout the day.

Celebrating the International Day of Forest!
Ya’axché protects 151,000 acres of forests in 3 protected areas. Within the critical forests, wildlife is kept healthy, freshwater clean and the sustainable use of resources. Our team carries enforcement patrols and research and monitors biodiversity to ensure our forests for future generations.

Koko King Restaurant & Wet Lounge Closed
Due to the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, and the mandatory safety measures put in place for our country, Koko King regretfully announces the closure of our establishment effective today March 21,2020 until further notice. We take this moment to thank our valued customers and hotel guests for their support throughout our years of service. We hope to serve you all in the future when we overcome this worldwide devastation. The safety of our customers, and employees is of paramount importance to us. We plea to all, to responsibly prepare, and practice proper hygiene, social distancing and isolation. Please keep yourself and families safe at all costs.

This magnificent old tree was once slated to be taken down. I am not sure what type of tree it is, but it is probably over a hundred years old and it survived two category 4/5 hurricanes and tsunamis. I couldn't let them cut it down. They said it was dangerous since some of the limbs were rotten out and it would eventually fall on someone. They had already placed an X on it. All of the trees that were slated to be removed from the property had an X on them. The base of this tree is about 15 feet in circumference. The only other tree that is as old or larger than this one in downtown are the mahogany tree on South Street and the flamboyant across the street in the St. John's Cathedral property (already cut).

No Masses at San Pedro RC Church
During this time the public Masses will not be offered. Adoration will continue with about 2 persons per hour with at least 6 feet (2m) between persons. We will have further guidance later. Kindly prepare physically and spiritually. For now, there will be no large gatherings at church on Sundays but, the church will remain available. God Bless

CCVC Notice Number two, read and take note
The Caye Caulker Village Council and the Caye Caulker Liquor Board would like to notify the general public that effective tomorrow. March 22"1. 2020, the following measures will be implemented as additional measures to minimize the potential spread of COVID-19. • All Public and Special license holders will be required to close completely. • All shops and convenience stores will need to close completely at 9:00 P.M sharp. • Restaurants are encouraged to do take-out and are reminded that only a minimum of 25 people are allowed at the establishment. • Additionally, all gatherings including the number of persons at restaurants, shops or supermarkets should not exceed more than 25 persons...

American National Tests Positive for COVID-19 After Departing Belize
The Ministry of Health was today notified of an American national who was in Belize and tested positive for COVID-19 in the U.S. after departing Belize one week ago. The Ministry is, therefore, tracing all persons that were in close contact with the American. All of those found so far are without any symptoms but all have nevertheless been placed in isolation for 14 days. Nevertheless, the mapping exercise to identify other potential contacts continues.

The Ministry of Defence informs the public of the closure of the Belize Defence Force Hospital at Price Barracks, Ladyville. The Belize Defence Force health system must reconfigure its military medical personnel to support operational medicine and combat COVID-19 with a goal to maintain a healthy force. Therefore, the closure of the Hospital will reduce the footprint of its non-uniformed beneficiaries. The Force Hospital will remain closed to the public until further notice.

Corozal Town Council Notices on COVID-19 Measures

Ministry of Labour Calls for Compliance with Social Distancing Directives
The public is reminded of the Government of Belize’s directive on social distancing as a primary precautionary method to mitigate the potential spread and transmission of COVID-19. The public is also expected to continue these practices if a confirmed case is detected in Belize. Please be reminded to limit gatherings in public spaces and business environments to a maximum of 25 persons at any given time. This directive is applicable to RESTAURANTS, LOUNGES, CLUBS, BARS, MARKETS, SUPERMARKETS and all other public spaces.

RF&G Insurance Statement on COVID-19
The Management and Staff of RF&G Insurance have made preparations for the arrival of COVID-19 to ensure the safety of our staff and minimize disruptions to our clients. Our goal is to remain operational during this difficult time by utilizing technology. This will allow both our staff and customers to observe good social distancing guidelines by working with us remotely. Below we have included the different communication options we have made available to our clients. We encourage you to contact us so that we can facilitate your insurance electronically.

Notice from Atlantic Bank:
In light of Covid-19, we are taking proactive steps in encouraging the well-being of our customers, staff and communities. We remind you to use any of our digital products and services; such as, Atlantic Online, GoMobile, your debit and/or credit cards.

Belize Audubon Society COVID-19 Update
At Belize Audubon Society, one of our primary concerns is the health and safety of our staff, guests, and partners, along with operations of our co-managed protected areas. With this in mind, we are closely monitoring the COVID-19 pandemic globally, while simultaneously bracing for a 1st confirmed case in Belize. We are committed to welcoming guests while we can and facilitating open communication to supporting our needs as the situation develops day-by-day and often, hour-by-hour. Recently, we have taken extra measures to ensure compliance of the guidelines provided by the Government of Belize, Ministry of Health, and the World Health Organization.

Thunderbolt Water Taxi Notice
"We would like to thank everyone for your continued support as we try our best to continue operations during this time. We would like to ask that only passengers with a ticket or a boarding pass are to stay on the dock in San Pedro and the pier in Corozal. All other persons, please refrain from lingering as we want to comply with SOCIAL DISTANCING. So far no confirmed cases of COVID 19 in our country and we are still operating on our scheduled runs until any official further notice. Thank you very much and please stay safe."

Westrac 2020 Cycling Race
Pictures from the 4th annual Westrac Cycling Race. Congratulations, Oscar Quiroz! "The first major 10-man break was established by the time the race reached Cotton Tree, and shortly after a chase group of the main contenders had separated themselves and were on their way to join the front break..."

Westrac Ltd Cycle Race
Westrac Ltd was proud to sponsor our 4th Annual Cycling race this past Sunday, March 15th. We started sponsoring this race so that we could help prepare our Belizean cyclists better for the Cross Country. This year we had to cancel our original scheduled date because of too many other activities. Unfortunately, the usual Belmopan Cycling Classic was also postponed due to funds being redirected for Coronavirus preparations. Westrac took the opportunity to still host their race on this date. Due to this, we had a very good turnout of riders. We want to thank M&M Engineering ( sponsoring the aged 35+ prizes ), Minister Castro (traffic support vehicle), Belmopan City Council (traffic control) and Best Care Pharmacy (station prizes) for assisting us in this race.

Maya Independence
The Yucatec Maya (Máasewal) had the last Independent Maya Nation from 1850-1901 . The British recognized the Maya nation and the Maya kept the Yucatecans and Mexicans away . 1892 The British betrayed the Maya nation of Noj Kaj Santa Cruz (Chan Santa Cruz) by signing a treaty with the Mexicans without asking the Indigenous Yucatec Maya . The treaty succeeded the nearly all the land of the Maya nation to Mexico and the British agreed not to sell weapons to the Máasewal army . The Yucatec Maya of the Maya nation called themselves Máasewal or Cruzo'ob . The descendents of the Maya nation of Chan Santa Cruz can still be found in the Quintana roo state of Mexico and Northern Belize especially Corozal district .

The second part of the story of the Great Yucatec Maya grandmother Nojoch Chiich Anselma Yam Pott.

The Reporter

Criminal Dereliction Of Duty!
By Major Lloyd Jones (Ret’d) - “Orientation is maintained through the body’s sensory organs in three areas: visual, vestibular, and postural. The eyes maintain visual orientation. The motion sensing system in the inner ear maintains vestibular orientation. The nerves in the skin, joints, and muscles of the body maintain postural orientation...”

Job Terminations Must Be Reported Beforehand, Says Labour Ministry
The Ministry of Labour issued the following advisory yesterday evening to all employers and employees in respect to job terminations in light of COVID-19: “The Ministry of Labour informs all employers, employees and the public that ALL EMPLOYERS are required by the Substantive Laws of Belize (Revised Edition 2011) to inform them prior to terminating the employment of any worker.

Corozal Free Zone to Close At 9 Tonight
In tandem with the COVID-19 Oversight Committee’s decision to close facilities that pose a potential health risk, such as the Northern Border, the Administration of the Corozal Free Zone advises that the free zone will be closed to the public as of 9:00 tonight until further notice.

Editorial: March 22nd. 2020
This week the Hon. John Saldivar posted on Facebook a statement in which he says that he would be willing to endorse the Hon. Omar Figueroa for Party Leader at the up-coming UDP leadership convention, but he would compete for the position if his rival, the Hon. Patrick Faber competed.

Editorial #2 – March 22nd, 2020
US biochemists have created a 3-D atomic scale map of key portions of the corona virus, opening up prospects for an effective vaccine. The invading virus delivers a genetic code which changes the way body cells behave. The sabotaging genetic code causes mutations which expand and block the pathways that send oxygen into your lungs.

Belize Brace For Impact Of COVID-19 Virus
All schools were ordered closed for a fortnight from Friday, March 20, and tighter border restrictions, and a ban of all social gatherings of 100 persons and more were announced by the Government of Belize, as preventative measures against the transmission of the COVID-19 virus.

Market Day Activities Significantly Reduced
The buying frenzy that normally occurs on Saturday mornings at the Michael Finnegan (formerly the Queen’s Square Market) came to almost a screeching halt today. Notably, there were no vendors who ordinarily line the two sides of West Collet Canal selling their products. In fact, pedestrian traffic was so light that there was no need to close the street to vehicular traffic.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

American national tests positive for Covid-19 one week after departing Belize
Late tonight, the Ministry of Health reported that several persons who had come into contact […]

Man shot on Antelope Street
A man was shot moments ago on Antelope Street Extension. BBN understands the man, identified […]

Ministry of Labour urges everyone to comply with social distancing directives including in supermarkets
The Government of Belize reminds the public of its directives on social distancing as a […]

Central Bank and financiers encourage less face to face encounters in wake of coronavirus
The Central Bank of Belize, Credit Unions League and Bankers’ Association have issued guidelines for […]

Body found in southern Belize
Minutes ago a man was found dead in Southern Belize. His identity remains unknown but […]

St. Michael R.C. Primary School breaks ground for new school building
A ground-breaking ceremony was held on Friday to commemorate the start of construction works of […]

Louisiana Government Primary School breaks ground for building extension
A ground-breaking ceremony was held on March 18, to officially commence the construction of an […]

Corozal Free Zone to close gates tonight
The Government of Belize yesterday informed of additional precautionary measures in light of the Covid-19 […]

SSB clarifies: persons with COVID-19 can claim sickness benefit
The Social Security Board (SSB) has clarified its initial social media post on benefits associated […]

Southwest Airlines cuts 1,000 flights from schedule including flight to Belize
The Government of Belize announced that on Monday, March 24, the Philip Goldson International Airport […]

Four samples return negative; still no confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Belize
This morning, the Office of Director of Health Services issued a statement informing that a […]

“Courts announces support for credit customers”
Unicomer (Belize) Ltd. is reaching out to its credit customers to offer much-needed relief during this critical time. […]

Ministry of Natual Resources to reopen on Monday
The Ministry of Natural Resources issued a release this evening informing the general public that […]


Caribbean Travelers Note: Southwest suspends all Int’l flights
Southwest Airlines will end all international flying on Sunday March 22nd, 2020 as the carrier slashes a quarter of its schedule, its latest reduction in light of the widening coronavirus crisis. This means over 1,000 flights will be cut from the carriers schedule.



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