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The San Pedro Sun

COVID-19 – Alert Regarding Border Closures
The Government of Belize reminds the public that Belize’s borders are closed for entry. Belizeans are being strongly advised against leaving the country, unless it is a case of bona fide emergency. This is being advised for the safety of all. What do border closures mean? Belizeans, please stay in Belize. Kindly take note of the border closures below:

Wolfe’s Woofer: Fiancée
“Hey Dennis, are you coming to Ma’s birthday party tonight?” Reuben asked. “We’re renting the whole restaurant and bar.” I ran into my young friend Reuben at Tropic Air as I was coming in from a flight to Belize City. He graduated university in the US and after five years of working in Texas he was coming back to Belize to settle down. “I wouldn’t miss it,” I said. “Will I get to meet your fiancée?”

Ambassador Nestor Mendez Re-elected as Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States
The Office of the Prime Minister of Belize is pleased to announce that H.E. Nestor Mendez, former Ambassador of Belize to the United States, was today re-elected as the Assistant Secretary General of the Organization of American States (OAS) for the period 2020-2025. Today’s elections mark Ambassador Mendez’s second term as he was previously elected in March 2015. The post of Assistant Secretary General is the second highest office in the OAS and holds senior responsibilities in that hemispheric organization.

Doctor Love: My Time
Dear Doctor Love, Last year was a banner year in my life and marriage. Our oldest child gave us our very first grandchild. Our youngest child graduated university and moved to her new home across the country. My husband became senior partner in his firm and we paid off our house. For the first time in nearly thirty-five years I can relax. I can join my husband on business trips to exotic places I was not able to go when we had four children at home. I was looking forward to a whole new adventure.

Various Belizean Sources


Office of Director of Health Services COVID-19 update
This is a snapshot of the Barbados' plan for COVID-19. This is exactly like the one we presented at a press conference 10 days ago and mirrors what all countries in the region have in terms of planning. You will note that despite not having a confirmed case, we have moved as a country to implement actions from stages 1-3 and this will be scaled up as we move along so please remain alert and attentive to any further information in this regard. For now, if you are ill, please stay at home. We encourage all to continue to practice safe hygienic practices to/from work, at work and at home.

Government of Belize Clarifies Municipal Curfew and Entry Ban Notice
It has come to the attention of the Attorney General’s Ministry that there is a public notice circulating which states that Belizeans will not be allowed entry to the island of Caye Caulker and Sarteneja Village in the Corozal District. The public is advised that only the Government of Belize can restrict the movement of Belizeans within Belize. Unless such restriction is enacted by the Government, municipal bodies should refrain from doing so. Any entity found guilty of doing such will be dealt with to the fullest extent of the law. Also note that it is not within the purview of any municipality to institute a mandatory curfew. This can only be done by the Government of Belize.

Alert Regarding Border Closures
The Government of Belize reminds the public that Belize’s borders are closed for entry. Belizeans are being strongly advised against leaving the country, unless it is a case of bona fide emergency. This is being advised for the safety of all. What do border closures mean? Belizeans, please stay in Belize. Kindly take note of the border closures below: • Western Border – Closed. Travellers: Belizeans, diplomats residing in Belize, and foreigners with legal residency in Belize are allowed to enter. Please be aware that those seeking entry to Belize may be subject to a period of 14 days in quarantine to prevent the possible transmission of COVID-19. Guatemalan nationals can depart from Belize to return to their home country.

C.C. Health Team and The Village Council Notice
The C.C. Health Team and The Village Council would like to inform the public that we are continuing our efforts to prepare the island for the COVID 19 Disease, But we need your HELP! We would like to ask the business communuty especially the Hotel Owners if they can kindly cooperate in offering isolation rooms to those who do not have the proper conditions to self isolate at home. We also ask the community to kindly help with donations for medical supplies such as face masks, gloves, oxygen tanks( even those used by the dive shops, can then be filled with oxygen) and isolation gowns to proper equip our isolation building. Every helping hand will be highly appreciated and ensure Caye Caulker be well prepared for the safety of our island. Thank You. God Bless!

Tips for Co-Existing with Crocodiles, by ACES / American Crocodile Education Sanctuary
Crocs in Belize are typically non aggressive towards people and don’t see us as a food source. Unless an individual has been hand fed by people, they will shy away from us and keep their distance. Their food source is mainly aquatic based, hunting prey items such as fish, shrimp, crabs, with a bit of birds, small mammals and reptiles thrown in for good measure. But a croc is still a croc and it always pays to be cautious, so here’s a few safety tips to ensure safe and harmonious coexistence if you live in or near croc territories. Be sure to share these tips with your children!

Long ago, but a long time ago, Itzamná created the universe and the world. Then Itzamna decided to create a land that was so beautiful that everyone who knew it would want to live there, in love with its beauty. Then he created El Mayab, the land of the elected(Chosen people) and planted in it the most beautiful flowers that adorned the roads, created huge cenotes whose crystalline waters reflected the light of the sun and also deep caverns full of mystery. Later, Itzamná gave the new land to the Maya and chose three animals to live forever in El Mayab and whoever thought of them would remember it immediately. Those chosen by Itzamná were the pheasant, the deer and the rattlesnake.

Morales Transport Revised Bus Schedule until further notice
As part of our commitment in offering the best service to our valued customers, we have decided to have the above runs, however, that is pending on what is advised by our Health Service Department. We will keep you posted. Feel free to join our newsletter to receive our latest information and updates. Our thoughts are with all whose lives have been affected by the virus so far. We are continually looking at other ways we can support those in our community and those in need, and will keep you updated as things evolve.

The Western Regional Hospital has some new guidelines for checking in
The management of Western Health Region would like to inform the public that additional measures are being taken at the major hospitals in the Cayo District, Western Regional Hospital and San Ignacio Community Hospital, in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. These actions are being taken to protect the public, health workers and patients presently admitted in the hospital and will be effective March 23, 2020. Below please find changes:

Last week, fishing improved with more favorable weather conditions. Bonefish were around in good numbers, and Tarpon were rolling in a number of locations. We enjoyed the company of a great Father and Daughter team this week. Gordon & Meris McHaney both caught really good Tarpon of around 70 Lbs with Capt. Cesar. Meris also took a beautiful Permit of 20 Lbs.

The Reporter

American National Tests Positive for COVID-19 in US After Leaving Belize Last Week
The Ministry of Health informed late Saturday night that the US has notified them that an American national who was in Belize one week ago has tested positive for the COVID-19 coronavirus in the US.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Popular restaurants change food service options due to COVID-19 threat
Two popular restaurants in Belize City are changing the way they are serving their customers […]

Health officials: “Not recommending rapid tests for covid-19”
The Office of the Director of Health Services issued a statement saying that it is […]

U.S. Chargé addresses American residents and Belizeans
Charge’ d’affaires at the United States Embassy in Belize, Keith Gilges, today issued an update […]

Government of Belize clarifies municipal curfew and entry ban notice
The Attorney General’s Ministry has stated via press release that contrary to announcements by the […]

Cuban doctors head to Italy in coronavirus fight
Al-Jazeera reports that Cuba is sending its medics to the Lombardy region […]

Government issues reminder of border closures
Today, the Government of Belize issued a reminder about the closure of borders due to […]

Grenada announces first positive case of COVID-19
As the COVID-19 global pandemic continues, Grenada has become the latest country to announce its […]

Police making intervention to ensure compliance with social distancing measures
The Belize Police Department is mobilizing to ensure that the social distancing measures recommended by […]

Immigration officials: “Belizeans will be allowed to come home”
Earlier today, a group of Belizean students returning home contacted BBN to share their experience […]


How to Experience Belize Like a Local
Some people like to vacation without a firm schedule or plans. They say it makes them feel more like locals and less like visitors. If that’s how you want to approach your Belize vacation, here are some tips. One of the best ways to experience Belize like a local is to travel the way locals do. Instead of jumping in a cab, use the bus lines to travel. This is also a cheap way to get around. Although local airlines crisscross the country, there are times you should skip them and enjoy a slower form of travel. Some of Belize’s highways are wonderfully scenic, and driving along them gives you the chance to check out some new places.

International Sourcesizz

WestJet Schedules Extra Repatriation Flights For Canadians
Canadian airline WestJet is providing additional flights in order to repatriate Canadian citizens from abroad in the coming days. The airline has said that 34 flights will operate with the sole purpose of bringing Canadian nationals back onto home soil. The news comes as travel restrictions around the world get tighter and international services are cut.


  • Belizean Chimole | Black Soup, 12min. I show Joe how to make one of our authentic Belizean dishes called chimole. It uses a special spice called black recado that can be found in my Amazon store here:

  • Have you ever heard the sound of Howler Monkey's in Belize?, 1/2min. Volume up to hear the amazing howler monkeys! They are considered to be the loudest land animal and can usually be heard howling in the morning and evening.

  • The Children of Xaibe with the help of To'one Masehualo'on NGO are learning the basics of the Yucatec Maya language, 1min. A boy from Xaibe village counting in the Yucatec Maya language . The children are exited to learn the language of their granparents through songs and games

  • Belize Cycle Tour Video For YouTube, 26min. This video is a combination of time spent with my mother and brother on Belize's San Pedro + Caye Caulker and my cycling touring adventures around the country.

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  • Beautiful Belize, Kings Park, 3.5min. Beautiful aerial video of Belize.

  • Belize COST 2020, 12min. This is my student teaching experience at Concepcion RC School in the Corozal District of Belize.

  • Hol Chan, Belize, 4min. Snorkeling in Hol Chan, Belize, March 2, 2020.

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  • Tiniest Lizard in Belize! I want to hold it!, 1.5min.

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  • Belize, Caye Caulker | Travel Vlog, 7min. This vlog captures some of my experiences in Caye Caulker, Belize. This was my second time in Caye Caulker, and I had an incredible time!

  • A message to U. S. Citizens in Belize from the Chargé d' Affaires, a.i. Keith Gilges at the U.S. Embassy Belize, 2.5min.