Situation: many countries have taken quarantine measures, however people might face situations which require first aid at home or somewhere else. They have to pay particularly attention to the ageing population.

Prevention: as much as possible, people should use a hydro-alcoholic/disinfectant solution and/or be closed to a place where they can wash their hands. It is important to clean hands BEFORE and AFTER providing first aid, to reduce infection transmissions.

Unconscious casualty and breath checking: airway must be clear and open, the first aider tilts slightly the head and observes the chest movements, and feels the air onto his/her hand (not forgetting after using disinfectant solution or washing hands). He/she have to avoid approaching his/her face to the mouth of the victim or use ideally a bag-valve-mask.

CPR in case of not breathing: the first-aider uses hands only.

Others: burns, wounds, bleeding, choking, and recovery positions…Remember that COVID is a respiratory disease and is not transmitted by blood, burned or wounded skin. First aid techniques remain the same, having in mind that every first-aider should be careful with his/her own protection.

Belize Red Cross