It has been brought to our attention by concerned civilians of Caye Caulker that an incident regarding a boat movement happened this evening at 6:33PM Thursday, March 26th 2020. Reports are that a vessel came from Sanpedro to pick up an individual who was in another vessel coming from Belize City belonging to Ocean Ferry. In the boat that came from sanpedro, there were a number of individuals coming from the island who were granted permission to dock and exit the vessel.

The health inspector Mr. Adrian Belgrave attempted to deny permission to dock but to no avail as by law it is impossible to restrict movements within Belize to citizens. However, although the individuals were sent back to the island, the concern lies where the individuals who came from Sanpedro are not complying with the Government ordered state of emergency for that area.

Despite not having a confirmed case, the people of Caye Caulker have placed themselves in self isolation and quarantine as a precautionary measure to combat COVID-19. Civilians are exasperated by the disobedience of the Government's enactment, and they demand that the proper authorities intervene to aleviate the situation and terminate the transportation of individuals from Sanpedro to Caye Caulker until there is an official all clear.