NHI has been coordinating with the Ministry of Health and the COVID 19 Task Force in the fight against the present threat being posed by the SARS coronavirus 2 pandemic. In an effort to protect and safeguard our frontline health care providers that may be needed in an event of COVID 19 cases coming to the assigned health care facilities for treatment, we are asking that you STAY AT HOME and observe the guidelines established by the Ministry of Health for social distancing and self -isolation!

If you need assistance, please call your NHI clinic and a health worker will direct you over the phone on what actions you need to take. NHI-contracted Southside clinics will accept calls from 7 am to 7 pm from Monday to Friday with the exception of Mercy Clinic working hours: 6 am to 4 pm. Any other calls after 7 or weekends please call the 0800- MOHCARE hotline for instructions.

NHI Clinics contact numbers:
MRHC: 227 -7170/ 615 5098
BRA: 202-5881/ 620 5651
BMA: 2270644/ 2270159/
Mercy: 2230344/ cell number
BHP: 227-6722/ 227 6724/ 6151546
MOH Care 0800- MOHCARE after 7 pm and on weekends