Additional Measures for the Safety of All Belizeans

Due to the continued and increasing threat of COVID-19 to Belize, and the rising death toll worldwide, the Government of Belize is concerned that persons continue to disregard self-quarantine measures encouraged by the Ministry of Health; this endangers the lives of all Belizeans.

The security forces and health services are already making every effort to ensure the safety of all; however, persons continue to act irresponsibly by entering Belize via blind spots and legal ports of entry, which is dangerous and unsafe, and poses an imminent threat to all those in Belize.

The Government now finds it necessary to enforce additional quarantine measures and has amended the Quarantine Order to include that, effective immediately, any Belizean entering Belize from any country through any official port of entry or caught attempting to enter via any blind spot will be placed in a mandatory quarantine centre designated by the Quarantine Authority of Belize. Persons will be placed into quarantine at their own cost, which may be up to $110 per day for accommodation and three meals.

The Quarantine Authority will, at its discretion and in line with the guidelines of the Ministry of Health, determine the length of stay in the quarantine centre. Belizeans are reminded that any person who develops flu-like symptoms and who suspects that they may have had contact with someone who has travelled from a country affected by COVID-19 MUST immediately inform the Ministry of Health.

It is essential that Belizeans continue to work together as a nation to prevent the spread of COVID -19 in Belize.

Every Belizean has a moral responsibility to stop the spread of this pandemic. The public is urged to practice good hygiene by washing hands and following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and Government of Belize.