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Today's Belize News: March 31, 2020 #541391
03/31/20 06:38 AM
03/31/20 06:38 AM
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Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP


Click for our Daily Tropical Weather Report.

Specials and Events

Last night's TV news on Channel 7, Channel 5, LOVETV, PGTV, Reef TV, KREM, and CTV 3. Also with the most recent Open Your Eyes, Belize Now, Talk Ah Di Town, and other specials.

The San Pedro Sun

San Pedro Town installs temporary health care center to treat flu and potential Coronavirus cases
As the pandemic COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to wreak havoc around the world, Belize is already dealing with its first three cases. San Pedro Town has taken the initiative to create a temporary medical facility center, where patients who test positive and need to be in intensive care and observation can be treated. The center, called San Pedro Care Center, counts with an isolation unit, a flu clinic, a pharmacy and a temporary isolation area. All islanders with any flu-like symptoms are asked to not visit the Dr. Otto Rodriguez San Pedro Polyclinic II, but may do so at this new health center located in the Mar de Tumbo area, south of downtown San Pedro. Opening Hours are: Weekdays, 8am – 5pm and on Weekends, 8am – 12 noon.

Various Belizean Sources


Meeting Monday of the Caye Caulker Health Team and Police Department
The Caye Caulker Health Team and the Police Department held a meeting this morning at 9:00 a.m. and we will be joining forces to ensure that social distancing is adhere to and with the new S.I. pass warnings will be conducted today and there after, the police department will bring forth charges. The public health inspector will be monitoring all business places to ensure that the social distancing is being adhere to. Please do not send out your child after 6 p.m., and if you can have an adult do the errands, as is stated in the S.I. As a community, we must do our part to safeguard our families and community. Thank you

Message from Miss Teen Mundial Belize
Would you save your mother or father’s life? What about your grandparents or other close relatives or friends? What about your life, your spouse, your children? What about people you don’t even know? If you could save lives by staying at home, would you do it? And would you ask others all over the world to do so, too? I know it’s the right thing to do and the ONLY WAY to protect ALL our loved ones, our communities and the healthcare professionals on the frontline. As your Miss Teen Mundial Belize I feel compelled to make a difference and use my voice in the COVID19 pandemic. We are “stuck” in four walls all over the world, but feel we have a purpose and are choosing to use this time of uncertainty to inspire each other to be world changers!

One good cure for cabin fever? Foster a Saga Humane Society pet!
Just a few of the souls fostered in the past few days! Thank you all for stepping up to help! There are plenty more at the shelter who could use some love.

">Tropic Air Cargo and Passenger Flight Schedule
CARGO FLIGHTS (Mon, Wed, Fri only) To / From San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Belize City, Placencia, Dangriga and Punta Gorda Station Hours Belize City Municipal > 10am to 5pm (Mon to Fri) San Pedro > 7am to 2:30pm (Mon to Fri) Corozal > 7am to 2pm (Mon to Fri) Caye Caulker > 9:30am to 2:30pm (Mon to Fri) Dangriga > 10am to 5pm (Mon to Fri) Punta Gorda > 10am to 5pm (Mon to Fri) Placencia > 10am to 5pm (Mon to Fri) Cargo flights to/from Orange Walk, Belmopan and San Ignacio are suspended until further notice.

Belize Bank Update: "The Belize Covid-19 Response Fund"
The BZ810 million donation from Lord Michael Ashcroft has been deposited in a bank account with the Belize Bank in the name of "The Belize COVID-19 Response Fund" and some monies have already been disbursed from the Fund and utilized as part of the Ministry of Health's national preparedness initiative to combat the virus.

As a result of the third confirmed COVID19 case in Belize City, R TILLETT BUS LINE will be cancelling the two runs we had mentioned on our earlier post. We understand this is a prompt update and many won't be informed in time,therefore we will only have one bus leaving San Felipe to transport village passengers to Orange Walk Terminal. We apologize for any inconvenience caused but hope that we all understand this is for all our safety.

Latest information on Channel 20 at 7:00 a.m.
Rules, opening hours, government offices open/closed....these are all changing by the day. We got a tip that if you tune into channel 20 at 7:00 a.m., you are able to hear the latest official news about town council and other business closures, openings, or changes.

Changes at Superbuy in San Pedro
Just an FYI to anyone that goes to Superbuy in town. There was an additional sign that said they will not be allowing customers inside.

The Trust was established in 1996 for the sole purpose of financing conservation efforts in Belize’s protected areas. PACT, with the passing of the 2015 amendment act is now responsible for the financing and management of the entire National Protected Areas System (NPAS) . The NPAS is comprised of 103 individual sites and is one of the most diverse throughout the region and includes nature reserves, wildlife sanctuaries, natural monuments, and national parks.

Update on the COVID-19 Situation in Belize
will be live streamed on the Government of Belize Press Office facebook page, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 31, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. Stay tuned!

Social Security Temporary Hours

Disinfecting San Pedro
Today we where out disinfecting all the public spaces in town to help in minimizing the COVID-19, was well accepted by the community we will continue doing it on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

In an effort to ensure that motorist adhere to the requirement of holding compulsory thirdparty motor vehicle insurance during the COVID 19 pandemic, the general insurance companies in Belize will be providing continued service, whether by limited office interactions or only by non-face-to-face contact, including telephone, email or WhatsApp communication. Insurers will require that clients/policyholders provide the required documents for processing the application of insurance including copies of identification, licensing and title ownership and pay their premium.

Social Security Board’s Preparedness and Response Actions in the wake of COVID-19
The Social Security Board remains committed to safeguarding the health, safety and well-being of our staff, customers and other stakeholders. In light of this, the following measures have been put into effect: 1. Unemployment Assistance: We wish to inform the general public that while Social Security will support the unemployment initiative to facilitate payments where possible. The application form will not be available on the COVID-19 website until this Friday. Please continue to check the official website at for information, application forms and updates in this regard.

Water for San Pedrito Today
On Tuesday, March 31st, 1:30PM, Hope Haven volunteers will be at Teacher Elsie Velasquez' residence, supplying water to those in need. Water is being donated by Kevin and Nova Parel from Casa Nova at Secret Beach. Up to 1 (one) 5-gallon container per family please, and as always, we ask 1 family representative to show up. Everyone is asked to practice social distancing, a safe 6 feet apart minimum. Together we can help each other.

Meeting with the Caye Caulker Health Team and the Police Department
The Caye Caulker Health Team and the Police Department held a meeting Monday morning at 9:00 a.m. and we will be joining forces to ensure that social distancing is adhere to and with the new S.I. pass warnings will be conducted today and there after, the police department will bring forth charges. The public health inspector will be monitoring all business places to ensure that the social distancing is being adhere to. Please do not send out your child after 6 p.m., and if you can have an adult do the errands, as is stated in the S.I. As a community, we must do our part to safeguard our families and community.

BTB notice to tourism stakeholders
The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) continues its efforts to keep tourism stakeholders updated on the measures being taken in Belize as it relates to COVID-19. While the Ministry of Health and the Government of Belize continue to focus on containing and controlling the spread of COVID-19 in country, the BTB is also ensuring that plans are put in place for the recovery and rebuilding of our tourism industry. As such, our teams have implemented the following: In an effort to protect our stakeholders and the general public resulting from COVID-19, and in line with the Government's prescribed social distancing measures, effective Monday, March 30th, 2020, our offices are closed to the public until further notice.

The SISE TC has updates for the times
In related news, all parks and recreational facilities are closed. And it's illegal tot burn your plastic garbage. You're actually not supposed to burn anything right now, but, just never burn plastic again, unless you want to severely diminish the efficacy of your lungs. ALL TWIN TOWN RESIDENTS AND SURROUNDING COMMUNITY MEMBERS KINDLY NOTE THAT IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE DURING THIS TIME, TO TAKE PRECAUTIONS AT THE HIGHEST LEVELS WHEN OUT IN THE PUBLIC. WITH THIS SAID KINDLY NOTE THE FOLLOWING: *ONE FAMILY MEMBER SHOULD GO TO STORE/MARKET *LEAVE YOUR CHILDREN AT HOME...

Notice to Stakeholders: Cruise Lines Extend Suspension of Cruises
Earlier this month all cruise lines announced that they would pause operations for 30 days. However, as the COVID-I9 pandemic continues to evolve, many of the major cruise lines have pushed back their starting date to resume operations. The following updates have been provided thus far: Carnival Cruise Line - all cruises suspended until May 11, 2020. MSC Cruises - suspension of cruises extended through to May 29, 2020. Royal Caribbean Cruises - suspension of sailings of their global fleet extended to May 12, 2020, with some exceptions...

Travel Alert – U.S. Embassy Belmopan, Belize (30-MAR-2020)
On Monday March 30, 2020, The Prime Minister announced his intent to request that the Governor General declare a 30-day State of Emergency in Belize. The State of Emergency will take effect on midnight Wednesday April 1, 2020 and includes a nightly curfew from 20:00 pm to 05:00 am. The purpose of the measures is to ensure that everyone in Belize complies with social distancing practices in order to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus in the country. A list of essential services and workers is being finalized. Banks and markets will remain open and people are encouraged to only leave their homes for reasons such as food shopping or other essential travel.

OCEANA Activity Book
We have created a fun marine-based activity book with a bunch of activities that has something to offer for all ages. If you are at home with kids looking to keep them busy or just want to try these out for yourself, we hope this book will provide some great activities to learn and have fun simultaneously!

Belize and the Alcalde System Belize, formerly called British Honduras, is part of the Maya region. The Spanish never occupied Belize and the British eventually took possession making it the only English speaking country in Central America. British buccaneers settled in the mouth of the Belize River from where they could easily pirate Spanish ships transporting logwood. Eventually in 1667 when piracy was suppressed they themselves began to cut logwood close to the mouth of the Belize River. This not only meant a more permanent settlement but the importation of African slaves. As the buccaneers moved up-stream and shifted their attention to the extraction of mahogany, they came into greater contact with the Maya.

San Pedro Businesses, Hotels, Bars, Restaurants Open & Closed
***Tune into Channel 20 at 7am to get the latest official news about town council/gov office openings, business rules/changes, etc. K Mart/ Caye Mart (near Palapa Bar) - Open Daily 7am-10am - Grocery Delivery available, WhatsApp 635-5678, or call 226-3446 to place delivery order before 10am. The Village Market - North of bridge - Open 7 to 10 daily . Delivery call 615-5500 Super Buy SOUTH - I hear this is closed for now.

Channel 7

Game Changer: Covid Case #3 is From Belize City
Tonight, Belize is 53 hours away from a nation-wide state of emergency which goes into effect on Wednesday at midnight. That's the response after the third positive test for COVID 19 came back last night. It's a game changer because this positive test comes out of Belize City, the country's largest and most densely inhabited population centre. The Prime Minister discussed this "patient 3" in a national address this afternoon.

Three Covid-19 Patients Managing Without Hospitalisation
This evening in an Ask the Experts session in Belmopan, the Director of Health Services gave a few more details on Patient three in Belize City, plus the other two patients on San Pedro: "He is doing overall good, he doesn't have any signs or symptoms, he is not under any specific treatment regimen. As you know there is no real treatment for Covid-19, but he has not warranted any specific treatment from our end..."

PM Says Belizeans Ignoring Quarantine Rules
"Clearly the crowds in the old capital make us more susceptible to widespread transmission. Thus, a comprehensive tracing of the afflicted individual's possible contacts and a wider mapping exercise are both being done by the Ministry of Health team." "In this connection, both the evidence from other countries and the advice from our own experts agree on one thing: the best way to at least slow, and hopefully stop, the spread of the virus, is by strictly enforcing the physical distancing, self-isolation, quarantining and other such rules. Even though we have already imposed a state of emergency for Ambergris Caye and passed two statutory instruments imposing penalties -- including jail time for those that do not comply with the law -- too many Belizeans are not taking the measures seriously enough."

30 Day National State of Emergency Starts Wednesday
So, what is the State of Emergency, and what does it mean for you? Mainly, it institutes a national curfew for all citizens, except essential services. Here's the PM's outline: "I will be advising His Excellency the Governor General to declare a nationwide state of emergency for the country of Belize. This will go into effect at midnight on Wednesday, April 1st, and will include a curfew from 8:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. every day. The state of emergency is to last for 30 days in the first instance. For its duration people will be advised to shelter in place even during daylight hours and only to come out as absolutely necessary for purposes of procuring supplies, and doing such business and activities as are exigently required."

Business In Downtown Belize City Wanes
Now, before that statement was made, we went out to the Albert Street to see how the commercial centre of the biggest city was doing after the news of a COVID-19 case confirmed in the city. We saw that even without a state of emergency, things are already slowing down significantly: This was downtown Belize City midday today a few hours after the announcement of Belize City's first confirmed case of COVID-19 and just a few hours before the Prime Minister's official statement on that development.

Stocking Up For Quarantine
And while that was the mood before, after the Prime Minister's statement things began to get a little tense. People are trying to prepare for the state of emergency and that's challenging given that this is the only the second or third across the board state of emergency since independence, and the majority of us don't have a clue what to expect.

PM Says Country Can Feed Itself
But, no need to go too extreme with the shopping list; the Prime Minister today stressed that Belize can feed itself: "This country is self-sufficient in basic staples and we can feed ourselves for the long haul. The continuity of essential services and the more than ample availability of supplies are both guaranteed and there is no need to panic."

Support for Jobless Coming, But When?
Of course, with so many jobs lost - particular in the tourism sector - many people straight up don't even have money to buy food whether it is available or not! We note that the COVID 19 financial assistance forms still have not been posted on the COVID19.BZ website up to this evening. No doubt, there is growing desperation and fear for the future - especially among the newly jobless. And tonight they went to know when they will be able to get that $150.00 in bi weekly assistance.

From The Frontline: COVID 19, The Dark, Dark Time
So, as we told you in our first segment, the government of Belize has responded decisively to the first confirmed case of the Corona virus on the Belizean mainland. A national curfew starts on Wednesday at midnight. For Belizean Americans in the diaspora watching from abroad as their new home wrestles with the greatest number of cases in the world, they say Belize should have shut it down like last week - because our fragile healthcare system cannot take the kind of shocks that is crippling their one.

Attorney Charged For Fake News
On Saturday, a post went live on Saldivar's Facebook account which reads, quote, "Why are you playing Russian roulette with the Belizean people? Today, March 28, 2020, a group of persons from Los Angeles, California, including a non-Belizean, are being facilitated for entry at our northern border for a few dollars more, you are endangering the entire population? Calling on media to go to the Santa Elena Border today!" End quote. Well, police say that Saldivar's post was completely false, and so they arrested and charged him with the offense of "spreading false news".

Too Close in Coro
And while Saldivar is one target of increased police vigilance for COVID 19 public safety, police have also been cracking down on social distancing. This weekend, the cops started cracking down countrywide on groups of people who were either engaging in public drinking or ignoring the government's call to use social distancing as a preventative measure to limit the spread of COVID-19. We report first on a group from men in Libertad Village in the Corozal District. Police say that on Saturday night at around 8:00, they passed by a bar in the village, and that's when they spotted a group of 6 men who were drinking in public in front of a bar.

Red Bank Drinkers Charged
At that same time on Saturday night, police from the Stann Creek District busted 3 Guatemalan nationals living in Red Bank Village of engaging in public drinking in front of the community's Convenience Store. Here's what police had to say about this incident, and why the men are now facing charges for disobeying the social distancing rules: "On Saturday, sometime around 8 p.m., whilst police were on patrol in Red Bank Village. They came across 3 persons outside a Chinese establishment, who were drinking..."

Deputy Compol's Crackdown on Dawson Drinking?
The Head of the National Crimes Investigation Branch was very brief when we asked him about reports that Deputy Police Commissioner Edward Broaster caught a police officer engaging in public drinking in a time when everyone should be at their homes. 7News has obtained a video clip that Broaster recorded this weekend when he came upon the officer who was allegedly imbibing in public. Here's that video, as well as ACP Myvette's response to our question on it:

COVID-19 Testing Ramped Up
Moving on now from the police to the Ministry of Health, in today's "Ask the Experts" session the Director of Health Services said that they are now in receipt of a new batch of tests and have embarked on a ramped up testing regimen:... "We got a further arriving on Friday and on Friday we have decided the ministry of health team to scale up testing in search of further cases. As you will note this is a third case, but they are all link to imported cases, o we have not been able to ascertain community transmission up until now..."

On-Site Self-Self-Funded Quarantine
And while testing will increase, so is the vigilance at the border. The fact is if Belizeans get to the borders, they cannot be denied entry to their own country. And, last we checked, the CANCUN AirPort was still partially opened. But, now when they cross that border, they will face a mandatory on-site quarantine. The Principal Public Health Inspector outlined this on this evening's ask the experts session:

The Manza Behind The Mask
And while the quarantine provision is set up to discourage people from using it, what about masks? There are public health authorities in Europe and Asia which say that everyone should be encouraged to use them. Now, that's not what Belize's Director of Health Services said last week. Today, he said he is reconsidering that position:... "Because I am seeing data starting to come up of the potential benefit of wearing masks. We had said and we have been saying that mostly the recommendation is for people who are sick and even though there new suggested evidence that says it may benefit the general population if everybody use it when they are outside in the setting to prevent further transmission..."

Plenty PPE's On the Way
And while the jury is out on whether the general public should "mask-up" - for sure, healthcare workers have to suit up with personal protective equipment. But, does Belize have enough? Manzanero outlined the stores which have recently arrived in country and are being distributed: "In terms of how many PPEs have been delivered, we have gotten delivery of about 4,500 PPEs that have been delivered to the central warehouse..."

Health Workers Still Scorned
But it seems even those PPE's will not merit fair treatment for health workers. Manzanero said that they continue to be discriminated against:

Former COMPOL Passes
Tonight we note the passing of former Commissioner of Police, and Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Home Affairs, Bernard Bevans, Sr. The 80 year old Bevans died quietly at home outside Belmopan from cancer related complications.

Tourism's Steep Downturn
Tour operators were the first and hardest hit in the economic downturn caused by COVID-19. They are among the many who have seen their income completely dry up, but even without their livelihoods, the struggle goes on. We spoke to one of those operators Roberto Canul, President of the San Pedro Tour operators association, by phone today and in a candid conversation about the difficulties and the frustrations currently being faced by San Pedranos, Canul told us that many of the difficulties arose because the islanders were unprepared.

When Will Strandees Get Off The Island?
And as you heard just now, San Pedro residents are having a hard time coping with a loss of jobs, a loss of buying power, and an island-wide state of emergency. But what about the folks who are stuck on the island? As we have been reporting, when the state of emergency for the island was declared last week and it stopped all flights and ferries, many got stranded on the island.

Tropic Air's Big Scale-down
And while they aren't able to come back - one of the main carriers to the island say they aren't able to continue providing many services. Tropic Air is reporting tonight that they have scaled back operations significantly to cope with the loss in business, due to the crisis in domestic and international travel. Cargo flights to and from San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Belize City, Placencia, Dangriga, and Punta Gorda will now take place on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday only.

San Pedro Spraydown
But for those who call San Pedro home, there's nowhere to escape to. This morning San Pedranos made efforts to sanitize the few areas that even under the state of emergency are still being frequented by islanders. That means the areas around and in front of grocery stores where people are made to stand one behind the other, the idea is that despite social distancing they may leave behind contaminated surfaces.

WHO Manual For Saving All
And while that disinfection effort may not quite meet WHO standards - it is a try. This Morning the Director-General of the World Health Organization released a manual filled with guidelines to help countries balance the demands of responding directly to COVID-19 while maintaining essential health services. This manual is especially instructive for countries like Belize who have a very limited window in which to bring struggling and sub-par health systems up to scratch.

Impressive Tent Clinics On San Pedro
And in accordance with those guidelines. The San Pedro Clinic has set up both a screening tent and a community facility to care for mild patients. This morning Dion Vansen from the San Pedro Sun got a tour of San Pedro's COVID-19 and flu clinics. He talked to Dr. Javier Canul, doctor and surveillance officer who is working despite limited resources on the island. Canul says that his work isolates those who may test positive from the rest of the population.

34 Contacts, Only 7 Tests?
Turning back now to the "Ask The Experts" Session, and the contact tracing being down with the three cases confirmed in country so farwe asked DHS Manzanero why all 34 contacts who were traced to patient zero were not tested:

Never Again Normal
Manzanero, who is also known to wax philosophical from time to time also gave another rumination on the state of normalcy which all of us long for, but which we all see slipping away like a helium filled balloon disappearing into infinity:

Mental Health Will Be An issue In Abnormal Times
And with normal slipping away faster than a speedboat into the horizon, for all of us, just coping is the issue. Today, Health Inspector Bodden said that, going forward, mental health is a major concern for kids and adults:

Re: Today's Belize News: March 31, 2020 [Re: Marty] #541392
03/31/20 06:38 AM
03/31/20 06:38 AM
Joined: Oct 1999
Posts: 71,996
oregon, spr
Marty Offline OP

Marty  Offline OP

Channel 5

A Third Confirmed Case of COVID-19 in Belize
Prime Minister Dean Barrow spoke to the nation today in a pre-recorded statement on the virus that’s turning life upside down.  First, there is a third confirmed case of COVID-19.  [...]

Fleshing Out the State of Emergency
As of Wednesday night, the restriction of free movement of citizens across the country will come into full effect as part of the state of emergency.  Only persons who are [...]

PM Barrow – Outside Financial Aid A Little Slow to Come By
Are there sufficient medical equipment and supplies to take us through this period of national shutdown, amid the COVID-19 crisis?  According to PM Barrow, there is enough to last the [...]

Disbursements for Unemployed Belizeans Commences this Week
To tide Belizeans over while funding from the international financial institutions is made available, government will be drawing down on monies that have been earmarked from its majority-owned utility companies, [...]

Patient Three “Doing Good Overall”; M.O.H. Looking at 2 Other Persons
The thirty-eight-year-old Belizean male, who contracted COVID-19 before traveling to Belize from New York City, remains in self-isolation tonight. Patient three is in Belize City, the economic and political hub [...]

COVID-19 Testing to be Scaled Up
The Ministry of Health is acquiring more equipment to be used to fight the virus. Doctor Manzanero says that further testing will be carried out to detect potential cases.  According [...]

Lord Michael Ashcroft & the Belize COVID-19 Response Fund
There are more details tonight on the ten million-dollar donation granted by Lord Michael Ashcroft to the government to assist in the combat against COVID-19. The donation has been deposited [...]

COVID-19 Threatens to Shut Down Transportation System
The COVID-19 pandemic is the cause of worldwide instability. Huge chunks of economies are shutting down, businesses are closing and the unemployment figures continue to rise. It is estimated that [...]

Bus Association Writes Transport Minister for Relief
Public transportation is necessary for the movement of people who go to work or shop. Ewart Metzgen says that one of the requests being made by the Belize Bus Association [...]

Sanitizing San Pedro
Meanwhile, in San Pedro Town, the business community has partnered with the San Pedro Tour Operators Association to sanitize public areas. With the approval and supervision of the Ministry of [...]

Belizean Students on Self-Isolation Experience
A number of Belizean students, who were studying overseas, have returned home and are in self-isolation due to the novel coronavirus. There is a fourteen-day incubation period for the virus [...]

Was Proper Screening Being Done at the P.G.I.A.?
Bryton Codd returned home from Canada on March seventeenth; at the time, that country had seventeen confirmed cases of COVID-19 and schools were closing as a form of containment.  On [...]

How to Cope Through Self-Isolation
Isolation comes with huge challenges since it is an abrupt departure from normal life to no contact with family members and friends. Successful self-isolation is a battle more of the [...]

Attorney Arthur Saldivar Charged for Spreading False News
Attorney Arthur Saldivar is the second person to be charged for spreading false information in relation to COVID-19. The charge comes after Saldivar made a Facebook post on Saturday, claiming [...]

Group of Men Slapped with ‘Social Distancing’ Charge
Police say that they have arrested a group of men for failing to comply with the social distancing act in light of COVID-19.  The arrest was made at a bar [...]

Trio Charged for Failing to Comply with Public Drinking and Social Distancing Regulations
Police are coming down hard on persons who do not observe quarantine measures in place.  Over the weekend, three persons were charged for public drinking in the south.  Police say [...]

Was it you, ACP Alden Dawson?
And in a separate case – but related to the issue of public drinking – we turn to an incident that allegedly involves a senior police officer.  A video was [...]

3 Charged for Unlicensed Ammunition
On Saturday morning, around eight o’clock, police conducted a search at a residence in San Ignacio where they found unlicensed ammunition. Three persons, who were at the residence at the [...]

San Pedro Patients Recovering from COVID-19
Tonight, Belize has three confirmed cases of COVID-19.  The first was confirmed on Sunday, March twenty-second.  The patient is a thirty-eight-year-old Belizean female, who is currently in self isolation in [...]

Returning Belizeans to be Quarantine for 21 Days
There were a number of new quarantine measures put in place over the weekend.  During today’s Ask the Experts segment, Doctor Marvin Manzanero was joined by John Bodden. He is [...]

D.P.P. to Provide Directives into Fatal Melinda Road Accident
Last Friday made one week since Shon Dee Emmanuel was knocked down and killed on the Melinda Road in Stann Creek.  The Hope Creek resident was riding his bike, heading [...]

The Judiciary of Belize Response to COVID-19 Preventative Measures
COVID-19 is having an impact in every imaginable sector. As you know, there is a backlog in cases to be heard and decisions to be delivered at the Supreme Court.  [...]


Three Guatemalans arrested for public drinking
Three Guatemalan men were arrested and charged after they were engaged in public drinking as well as not respecting social distancing measures enforced by the police. Assistant Commissioner of Police, Joseph Myvett, stated that this incident occurred around 8pm Saturday in Red Bank Village, Stann Creek District.

Belize receives a shipment of protective gear
When it comes to the personal protective equipment for the health workers, the Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero explained earlier today that there was the recent arrival of several protective gears into Belize.

San Pedranos are sanitizing key areas on the island
San Pedro Town is the first municipality in Belize that has felt the blow of COVID-19. The island is under quarantine and a state of emergency with no one being allowed to leave or enter the island without official clearance. It took a while for the residents to adjust to the changes on the island but as days go by, the islanders are coming together to see how they can help.

State of Emergency announced for the country of Belize
A state of emergency was declared just before two o’clock this afternoon by Prime Minister Dean Barrow. The State of Emergency comes after the third case of COVID-19 was confirmed yesterday evening.

A third case of COVID-19 confirmed; this time in Belize City
It was after nine o’clock last night when the Director of Health Services broke the news of the third confirmed case. In a pre-recorded video, Dr. Manzanero explained the condition of the patient and the process is undertaken since Patient number three arrived in Belize from New York.

Attorney Arthur Saldivar arrested over Facebook post
Attorney-at-law Arthur Saldivar was detained by police after he shared a post on Facebook that indicated that a group was coming to Belize via the Santa Elena border and that the process was being facilitated by a UDP politician. Saldivar was picked up by Belmopan Police on Saturday afternoon and subsequently released on bail.

Six men and a minor arrested at a bar in Corozal
Police have arrested and charged seven persons, including a minor, after they were seen at a bar in Libertad Village, Corozal District. The incident occurred at 8pm on Saturday.

How Covid-19 affects Belize City businesses
The once bustling old capital is now slowly becoming a ghost town of sorts. Businesses are either now closed for business, reducing their opening hours and in some cases, shutting down.

Countrywide state of emergency announced for Belize
Prime Minister Dean Barrow has declared a State of Emergency for the country of Belize coupled with a curfew to run from 8pm – 5am everyday. The State of Emergency takes effect at midnight on Wednesday, April 1, 2020 and will last for 30 days initially.

Ministry of Health confirms 3rd case of COVID-19 in Belize
The Ministry of Health has confirmed the third case of COVID-19 in Belize. Nine additional tests were conducted today, and the results were positive for a 38-year-old man with travel history to New York City, USA. He arrived in Belize on March 20 and immediately went into self-isolation. He started showing minor symptoms on March […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Do new “fake news” regulations give GOB total control of the flow of public information?
One of our most important jobs as journalists is to provide timely, necessary information about […]

Holy Redeemer Credit Union postpones Annual General Meeting, asks for patience with new measures
In light of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Holy Redeemer Credit Union (HRCU) announced today that […]

Trio busted with unlicensed ammunition in San Ignacio
Just before 9 o’clock on Saturday morning police conducted a search at the residence of […]

Three Guatemalans charged for social distancing offense
Just before 9 o’clock on Saturday night police were on patrol in Red Bank, Stann […]

Facebook police? Department denies having dedicated social media unit
Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic, the Government of Belize has sought to avoid widespread panic in […]

Social Security Board remains open for essential services, suspends non-essential services
As the country prepares for a national shutdown this week, the Social Security Board (SSB) […]

Bar owner and patrons jailed for social distancing violations
Sometime around 8 o’clock on Saturday night police were on patrol in Libertad, Corozal. That […]

Prime Minister Dean Barrow announces countrywide state of emergency
My Fellow Belizeans, Last week, the Government announced additional measures to ramp up our fight against COVID-19. At […]

Keep practicing social distancing: Ministry of Health
“I don’t think we are a disciplined society,” Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero […]

Quarantine units getting up and running
Principal Public Health Inspector John Bodden says he is checking institutions to ensure that there […]

Arthur Saldivar tells his side of ‘fake news’ story
Attorney Arthur Saldivar says he will seek redress for “grave infractions” he said took place […]

PM Barrow says stipends for the unemployed to be disbursed this week; discusses other financial measures
As Belize enters a national state of emergency, its first as an independent nation, Prime […]

Public Service Union calls for shutdown of all non-essential government services
The Public Service Union of Belize (PSU) is calling on the Government of Belize to […]

Prime Minister to declare countrywide State of Emergency
The Prime Minister of Belize, Dean Barrow issued a recorded statement minutes ago. PM Barrow […]

Government press conference to be held tomorrow on Covid-19 update
The Government of Belize Press Office just informed that Prime Minister Dean Barrow and Opposition […]

Belize Bank updates on Ashcroft COVID-19 fund
The Belize Bank Limited, on behalf of Lord Michael Ashcroft, says it is putting the […]

Prime Minister meets with Oversight Committee
The Government of Belize Press Office page issued a statement minutes ago informing that Prime […]

Prime Minister to issue recorded statement regarding 3rd confirmed Covid-19 case
Prime Minister Dean Barrow will issue a recorded statement addressing the nation regarding the third […]

How are the Cayman Islands standing up to Coronavirus?
An article by Forbes titled, “How A Little Island In The Caribbean Sea Is Standing […]


She wears her heart on her sleeve
My forearm was still smarting and tingling, the swelling finally down, but the skin super sensitive to the touch as my latest ink addition settled in. My best friend, who had no ink of his own, was highly curious about my new tattoo. As Belizeans who grew up steeped in rich folklore and storytelling, we both had knowledge of the Maya story of the Xtabai (pronounced eesh-tah-bai).

If life gave you bananas make Banana Flambé Belizean Style!
Another week at home calls for some home cooking! If you are not a professional chef but you are craving something sweet and life gave you bananas, you should try this dessert and serve it to your beloved ones at home. Peel bananas and cut in 1-inch diagonal slices. Melt butter in a saucepan on medium-low and add sugar. Stir gently. Sauté the bananas for 2 minutes and then flame with Traveller’s rum. Add mango juice and bring sauce to a gentle simmer for 3 to 5 minutes.

Why Belize Should Be On Your Radar
Belize, a small country about the size of New Hampshire, overflows with cultural and natural treasures. From the ancient Maya cities to the pristine Belize Barrier Reef, the destination is a must-visit for lovers of history, nature and adventure. Its warm weather makes it a paradise all year, and English is the official language. If palm trees and white sandy beaches aren’t enough, here are six other amazing reasons to see this tropical paradise.

Tropic Air Covid-19 Flight Schedule March 30th – April 3rd
This is Tropic Air’s passenger and cargo schedule this week as well as our abbreviated opening hours. *There are currently three cases of Covid-19. Two on Ambergris Caye and one on Mainland in Belize City which is still being mapped. Please note due to the extremely fluid and fragile state of things right now, flying in Belize could change at any given moment.

Time Stands Still – 3 cases of Covid-19 in Belize
Life is largely a mix of surreal and very harsh reality right now. The world is changing fast. Now more than ever we need to be mentally conscious in so many ways. As of yesterday evening, the news hit that in addition to the 2 cases on Ambergris Caye, there was a positive one in Belize City making our current total 3 cases of Covid-19 in Belize. For hundreds of us on Ambergris Caye, the shit has hit the fan, and our income has ground to a halt instantly. I am one of them, it is pretty hard to get any bookings or flight code use with Philip Goldson International and San Pedro Airports stopping passenger flights indefinitely. Now more than ever we need to help each other remain stable and strong.

“Putting it on the Table” reshared with the permission of Carolyn Trench- Sandiford
Covid19, a pandemic, is a potential disaster for Belize, and is beyond anything we have experienced before. Standard epidemiological models indicate that an uncontrolled epidemic could infect 60% of a country’s population, and it can have a mortality rate of 0.9%. For Belize, this means 245,093 persons could be infected (Estimated population of Belize as of 2019:408,487) and 2,205 persons can die. COVID19 does not discriminate gender, ethnicity, social standing, geographic location or age. This means ANYONE OF US can become infected and die.

The experience of being in Belize during this crisis
So much has changed since my last post. Not just in Belize, of course, but all over the world. Things have been changing daily over the last approximately two weeks here. Belize was far behind every other country in the Western hemisphere when it came to the virus. Because of the very low population density here, and the relatively small number of tourists compared to every other country around us, we were not hit as hard and as quickly as everyone else. The largest city, Belize City, has 50,000 residents. The most popular towns people visit, including Placencia and San Pedro in Ambergris Caye, have about 5,500 people on the whole peninsula in Placencia, and about 18,000 residents on the island (plus tourists). This makes for a very unique experience compared to places with millions.

8 reasons Belize should be on your travel bucket list
You may be familiar with popular destinations like Mexico and Costa Rica when dreaming about a Central American vacation. I recently traveled through the region and fell in love with the lesser-known country of Belize. While you may not be able to travel right now, if you’re stuck at home, now is a great time to research new adventures for when you can travel again. Here’s why you should consider adding Belize to your bucket list.

International Sourcesizz

Mexicanos bloquean frontera para que no entren a su país estadounidenses contagiados por el covid-19
En una ciudad fronteriza de México se vio este miércoles una escena que solo había recreado Hollywood: un grupo de mexicanos protestó para impedir la entrada de estadounidenses desde Arizona, temiendo que continúe en su estado la peligrosa propagación del coronavirus.

Mesoamerican copper smelting technology aided colonial weaponry
When Spanish invaders arrived in the Americas, they were generally able to subjugate the local peoples thanks, in part, to their superior weaponry and technology. But archeological evidence indicates that, in at least one crucial respect, the Spaniards were quite dependent on an older indigenous technology in parts of Mesoamerica (today’s Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, and Honduras). The invaders needed copper for their artillery, as well as for coins, kettles, and pans, but they lacked the knowledge and skills to produce the metal.

Bonilla Wants Out Of ICE Jail in NJ As US Attorney Opaquely Opposed SDNY Venue and Wins
Durel Jordon Bonilla is in the Hudson County Correctional Facility in New Jersey, in connection with an immigration removal proceeding at the Varick Street Immigration Court in lower Manhattan. He is 23 and from Belize; he has been in the US for 17 years. A petition for a writ of habeus corpus, seeking Bonilla's release due to the Coronavirus crisis, was filed before U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York Judge Vernon S. Broderick, who held a telephone conference on March 27.

Alternative Spring BAE travelers bring lessons of Belize home to changed U.S.
For students participating in the NIU College of Education’s Alternative Spring BAE (Belizean Academic Experience) trip over Spring Break, the search for a dose of sunlight transports them back to Belize. “Belizeans are abundantly welcoming and positive people that have this way of completely living in the moment and not letting outside stressors affect them,” Jacobs says. “Clearly, this was an awesome reprieve for a bunch of American college students trying to escape the health crises at home,” she adds. “We were pretty tuned out of the news, and got great practice staying focused on our mission.”

4-H program coordinator travels to Belize
Mecosta County Michigan MSU Extension 4-H Program Coordinator Mollie Hogg left her home March 8 to learn about another part of the world, returning to the U.S. on March 17 filled with knowledge she hopes to pass on to her 4-H students. Never having been to Central America, Hogg and 14 other MSU Extension staff and faculty traveled to Belize for nine days to learn about a new culture and focus on a variety of objectives.

How to Retire in Belize
Belize is one of the best countries to retire abroad, according to Forbes. It’s one of the few places where you can live in a Caribbean beachfront community on a low budget and take advantage of tropical jungles and lively cities. English is Belize’s official language, so you can also enjoy the charm of living in Central America without feeling like a fish out of water. Here’s Benzinga’s guide on how to retire in Belize.

Coronavirus strands Minnesota tourists in paradise
Minneapolitan Brent Timm is a vlogger on a mission to eat food from all 195 nations of the world. Two months ago he arrived in the tropical island of San Pedro, Belize, slipped on a wet dock, and pulled his back. By the time he was healed and ready to move on, the coronavirus had reached Central America. Borders and businesses started closing. A Belizean citizen who’d flown to Los Angeles and back was confirmed to have COVID-19. San Pedro went into lockdown. The international airport is out of commission until May 4.


  • Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow Announces Countrywide State of Emergency, 10min.

  • World Health Organization Media Briefing on COVID-19, 69min.

  • Humour: Decontamination procedure by Jorge Aldana, min. Unu feel like I d joke... come visit and you wa get subjected to this and worse!

  • 2020 fishing adventure in Belize, 1min. Black snapper

  • ITS BELIZE TIME!, 3min. We took my parents to Belize, it was their first international trip other than Korea. Also, it was the very first trip for our newest member of the family baby Jace!

  • Driving Through San Pedro Belize, 9min. Just a 360 video of driving a golf cart through San Pedro, Belize on Ambergris Caye. Drag the video around to see different angles and views.

  • Belizean Chicken Enchiladas, 3min. You can eat this for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Some like it with chicken, some like it with egg and some like it with chicken and egg.

  • Disinfecting the Streets of San Pedro, 1min. San Pedro Tour Operators Association and the business community are teaming up to disinfect the streets and areas where people have been, particularly around shops. This move has been approved by the local health department.

  • How to make Fry Jacks, 28min. Breakfast time in any Belizean household. Thanks, Chef Lally Nunez.

  • BELIZEAN JOHHNY LINDO!, 30min. Passing through one of the most popular hangout spots for Belizeans here in the Los Angeles Belizean community, my acquaintance with Johnny Lindo came by coincidence seeing his quiet demeanor sitting down minding his own business. Someone had told me to check with him about information on sports, politics and culture in Belize that can enrich my documentary series. And so my becoming immediately interested being one who had been seeking out any kind of Belizean culture, history, music and politics which those in the diaspora brought with them but remains hidden until excavated.

  • Coconut Milk From Scratch, 12min. Joe shows me how to make coconut milk from scratch. To make coconut milk we need an "old coconut" which means the shell has to be brown. Joe teaches me how to crack the coconut which makes for some great hijinks.

  • How To Make Coconut Creme, 3.5min. I used the fresh coconut milk we made in the last video to make coconut creme. It is a very simple process after the milk is already extracted from the coconut.

  • K'Waun Samuels of K1 Fitness to take us through a virtual class, 24min. Gyms across the country will be closed until further notice. Luckily with technology you can stay on track with your fitness goals. We invited K'Waun Samuels of K1 Fitness to take us through a virtual class. He shared a routine you can do at home to keep active during your time at home.

  • Bruk It Down Jenny - stress and anxiety of the impact of COVID-19, 40min. Bruk It Down Jenny gave us the talk about how to cope with the stress and anxiety of the impact of COVID-19. Jenny Lovell, Mental Health Therapist, shared the ways you can adjust to the change in your routines and manage your relationships.

  • Ask The Experts, Covid-19 Monday Edition, min.

  • Island residents not sitting back and waiting for action, 1min. With approval from the local health department, the San Pedro Tour Operators Association and the business community teamed up to disinfect the streets of San Pedro.

  • The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry(BCCI) process of examining economic impact of COVID-19, 46min. The Ministry of Health has confirmed a third case of COVID-19. We extended an invitation to Dr. Fernando Cuellar, Internist at the Belize Medical Associates to share his perspective on possible next steps. He also gave reminders of the necessary precautions to take to reduce your risk of contracting the virus.

  • The Ministry of Health has confirmed a third case of COVID-19, 27min. The Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry(BCCI) is in the process of examining the economic impact of COVID-19. We talked with representatives of BCCI about the implication of the virus on the economy and how the business sector can begin to draft a recovery plan. They also shared that a lock-down is a complicated matter that ought to be carefully considered before enacted. On our couch: Katherine Meighan – Councilor, COVID-19 National Oversight Committee. Kay Menzies – Past President, BCCI. Giacomo Sanchez - Treasurer, BCCI.

  • What it takes to self isolate when you have returned to the country, 16min.

  • Prime Minister announces a state of emergency, 5min.

  • Christmas night in Belize Holy Angel's school it was great, 5min. I loved dancing with does girls they made my night better.

  • BELIZE - COROZAL AND SAN PEDRO AMBERGRIS DRONE FLIGHTS, 5min. A view from the skies of Beautiful Corozal Town and San Pedro Ambergris Caye.

  • GARIFUNA COLLECTIVE from Belize - at the Engine Room in White River Junction October 4, 2019, 8min.

  • A journey in Belize, South Water Cayes with Isabelle & Patrick, 5min. In November 2019 we set out on an amazing road trip from Montreal, Canada to Livingston, Guatemala with our RV camper and 18' Seadoo Boat. This video is our journey from Sitee River (near Hopkins, southern Belize) to the South Water Cayes.

  • DIE RUHE VOR DEM STURM - Belize, 9min. Auch dieses Video erscheint wieder verspätet, aber unsere aktuelle Internetsituation hat es leider nicht anders zugelassen... Wie auch immer, jetzt ist es da! Im Januar verbrachten wir drei Wochen in Belize und lebten in unserem zweiten Workaway.

  • Cayos de Belice (Caye Belize) - Marzo 2020, 12min. Si quieres transportarte al Mar Caribe es mejor que veas este video patrocinado por Viajes Aventura Maya y Producido por Úraga Studio, junto a nuestros amigos de Asodisfarma en Guatemala

  • Belize snorkeling with sea turtles and sting rays, 3.5min.

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    First Class Accommodations for the Budget Traveler

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