As you know, during the Ask the Experts webcast the panelists field questions from the public. Two of the frequently asked questions today were about the use of masks and the availability of ventilators. The literature on the use of mask has been changing constantly and some organizations have still not fully endorsed the wide use of masks while others say it is useful in preventing the spread of the virus. In respect of the ventilators, Director of Health Services Doctor Marvin Manzanero says that those are still in transit.

Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services

“Please tell us about the use of masks – what is the word on that? Now we are seeing that CDC is suggesting that it may be of use in the general community. I went back to review what CARPHA and WHO had said and they are still not leaning towards the blanket use of masks. Again, it has to be the adequate use of the mask because if we are using in adequately you run the risk of still becoming infected or assume that because if you have a mask you are protected or assume that because you have a mask you can actually be in the street if you are ill. Other factors are relatively important and we cannot underestimate the value of social distancing which we still don’t seem to want to understand or if we are taking this very seriously.   Any update on the ventilators? They were supposed to arrive on Monday. They are coming by flight from Miami. There were some issues with the company that is shipping them here. My understanding is the new delivery date of Tuesday next week. So, for now it is the ventilators are KHMH only. We don’t have any other, other than the ones that were due to arrive one week ago Friday and they told us Monday and now the new date is Tuesday next week. This is the same issues we will be having not only for ventilators but all equipment. As you see the US having the same issue is the same thing that is applicable to us.”

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