The evacuation of mainland residents off the island scheduled for today Saturday, April 4th, was postponed until further notice. The decision was reportedly taken by the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) in San Pedro Town, who reconsidered this action. According to a message from the EOC, they are asking those that had signed up to leave San Pedro today, to be patient as proper procedures must be finalized and put in place to ensure the safety of all. The new evacuation date will be announced as soon as all plans have been confirmed.

The San Pedro Town (SPTC) Council along with representatives of the Ministry of Health on the island and the police have been working on special arrangements to get people off the island. From Wednesday, April 1st to Friday, April 3rd, those stranded on the island were asked to visit the SPTC offices to provide their contact information and explain their case. Afterwards, they would be contacted and informed if they had been selected to be included in the group that would have left the island today. There was a screening process involving a medical check- up to ensure the individual was in good health and did not present any suspected symptoms.

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