Hope Haven, in conjunction with Human Development (& NEMO) is working to ensure citizens in need get assistance.

Currently, we have 6 volunteers making calls and over 600 people waiting for assistance.

ONE text needs to be sent to 670-7030.

It should include name and location. Our volunteers will get back to you.

There is no need to text or call multiple times, as weeding through multiple texts from the same person only halts our progress.

We understand the frustration and need but are working with what we have. Threatening to blast us only further serves to delay our work as we deal with the fallout. We are trying our best.

We implore citizens to look out for one another - if you see someone in desperate need, and you can help, please do so.

If you have received help before, try to think of those who need it even more and let us get to them. We will all pull through if we work together.