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The San Pedro Sun

Hope Haven - Belize, in conjunction with Human Development (& NEMO) is working to ensure citizens in need get assistance
Currently, we have 6 volunteers making calls and over 600 people waiting for assistance. ONE text needs to be sent to 670-7030. It should include name and location. Our volunteers will get back to you. There is no need to text or call multiple times, as weeding through multiple texts from the same person only halts our progress. We understand the frustration and need but are working with what we have. Threatening to blast us only further serves to delay our work as we deal with the fallout. We are trying our best.

Mainland residents previously screened and on standby leave Ambergris Caye; others still waiting to get off the island
On April 4th a group of about 60 persons was able to leave the island via five separate boats, and an additional nine on Sunday, April 5th. According to a source with the Ministry of Health (MOH) on Ambergris Caye, the groups that managed to leave were not part of the scheduled run that was postponed. Those allowed to leave had previously been identified, screened, and their departure cleared by MOH.

Ministry of Health Confirms Fifth Case of COVID-19 in Belize
Today, at 03:19 a.m., the expanded testing protocol of the Ministry of Health identified a fifth case of COVID-19. The patient is a Belizean student who returned from Florida. The patient arrived in Belize on Friday, April 3rd, and is in self-isolation at a quarantine facility. He is without symptoms and stable.

Ambergris Today

Fifth Case Of COVID-19 Confirmed In Belize
Today, at 03:19 a.m., the expanded testing protocol of the Ministry of Health identified a fifth case of COVID-19. The patient is a Belizean student who returned from Florida. The patient arrived in Belize on Friday, April 3rd, and is in self-isolation at a quarantine facility. He is without symptoms and stable.

Various Belizean Sources


All Borders Closed to the Entry of Belizean Nationals
Effective today, April 5th, all borders are also closed to Belizean nationals seeking to enter the country. This decision was made by the Government of Belize with unanimous support from the National Oversight Committee to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Belizeans will only be allowed entry into the country for the purposes of an emergency or seeking emergency medical care. This new measure will last for the duration of the national state of emergency.

Ministry of Health Confirm Fifth Case of COVID-19 in Belize
Today, at 03:19 a.m., the expanded testing protocol of the Ministry of Health identified a fifth case of COVID-19. The patient is a Belizean student who returned from Florida. The patient arrived in Belize on Friday, April 3rd, and is in self-isolation at a quarantine facility. He is without symptoms and stable. In reference to patient #4, the mapping exercise of the Ministry of Health has allowed for the identification of close contacts of that patient in both San Ignacio and Belize City where swabs were taken on April 3rd and 4th.

Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry - Closure of Office
The public is hereby notified that effective today, April 5th, the Belize Companies and Corporate Affairs Registry is closed for business until further notice. The public will be informed when services resume. The Registry apologises for any inconvenience caused.

Government of Belize Extends Condolences to the Family of COVID-19 Patient
The Office of the Prime Minister and the Government of Belize extend their deepest condolences to the family and loved ones of Mr. Hubert Pipersburgh who died in his battle against COVID-19. This is the first death associated with COVID-19 in Belize. The patient was diagnosed in the early morning of Friday, April 3rd, and transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Friday evening as his health began rapidly deteriorating.

Revised Bus Schedule Effective April 6, 2020

Tapir was "stuck in the mud" at a water hole
We were contacted by a farmer who was concerned that a tapir was "stuck in the mud" at a water hole on his farm. Upon arrival, we observed that the tapir was not moving and indeed appeared to be stuck in the mud. However, as we got near to her, we noticed that her mobility was limited in her hind legs. We were able to get a strap around her and moved her from where she was in the water. Further observations revealed that she had been shot!!! Veterinarian Dr. Orlando Amir Baptist later confirmed traumatic spinal injury due to gunshot wound resulting in rear leg paralysis. Sadly, after evaluating the case, the difficult decision of euthanasia was made.

Cargo flights continue on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays between Belize City Municipal, San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Corozal. Effective today, April 5th, the operational days and hours for the stations to receive and distribute cargo have been amended and are as follows. Cargo Station Hours (Monday, Wednesday & Friday only) Belize City Municipal: 10AM to 2PM. San Pedro: 7AM to 2:30PM. Corozal: 7AM to 2PM. Caye Caulker: 9:30AM to 2:30PM.

Collared Peccary AKA Javelina in San Pedro
With San Pedro residents, for the most part, being confined to their homes the critters are beginning to roam the neighborhoods. This isn’t my shot - credit goes to Kate Corrigan for that. So what do you think... Wild pig, right? Apparently there are goats wandering through town too, and a big osprey flew directly over me at most 15 feet up and with a big fish in its grasp. Beautiful! All the other birds are coming in closer too.

According to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, since the start of the curfew the police have made over 300 State of Emergency related arrests. Each day the number of arrests increase. He said it is evident that some of our Belizeans are still not taking heed to the measures put in place to minimize or stop the spread of this deadly COVID-19. COMPOL Williams said people are finding all sort of ways to beat or dodge the system. He went on to say it is in that spirit, that he will be recommending to the Prime Minister that all those who continue to breach the regulations be sent directly to prison until the state of emergency is over.

BEL's Adjusted Customer Services
Belize Electricity Limited advises customers of our adjusted customer services, effective Monday, April 6, 2020. All BEL Branch Offices will be closed until further notice. Cashier services will open from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at the Corporate Headquarters in Belize City. These changes are precautionary measures to ensure the safety and well-being of our customers and employees. Customer Service representatives remain available remotely to assist with service requests or queries between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday to Thursday, and 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Fridays.

The Cayo Traffic Department has shortened hours for now

Westline Bus Schedule effective Sun. April 5th, 2020 as announced by Min. Transport
There's a new bus schedule, effective Sunday.

San Ignacio Mayor Earl Trapp Jr. calls on community to take more precautionary measures
As the Mayor of San Ignacio and Santa Elena Town, I would like to inform you, that as a result of the stringent measures taken by the Government of Belize in light of the Global Pandemic of the COVID-19 and having a potential case within our community, we have made a crucial decision to close our Town Council offices as of April 6th, 2020 until further notice. It is in this regard that I humbly appeal to all the residents of the municipality, to adhere to the advisories issued by the Government Press. We can control this deadly virus by following the proper preventative measures, especially in isolating ourselves and staying at home for the best interest of all.

For over a little more than four years, The Belize City House of Culture and Downtown Rejuvenation Project (otherwise simply known as the Downtown Rejuvenation Project) has been busy working on various components of the Project. In the past, we have shared our progress concerning individual components we have been working on as they progressed over the last four years on our Facebook pages. Here is a comprehensive list of the components we have completed and are in progress as of today:

Channel 5

Minister of Health Tested for Covid-19 Virus
Health Minister Pablo Marin says he was tested for COVID-19 and the result was negative. Marin posted on social media this morning the following statement: “A total of 102 tests were performed yesterday of which 1 resulted positive to COVID-19. The Belizean male student who returned home from Florida, USA has since his arrival been in self-isolation at a designated COVID-19 Quarantine Center in Corozal, under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. We now stand at 5 confirmed COVID-19 cases in our country. Those who are in self-isolation or quarantine need to continue doing so for the safety of all.

My fellow Belizean residents, following extensive Covid-19 sample tests conducted on April 3rd and 4th on a number of Belize City Council employees, including the City Administrator and myself, I am pleased to report this morning that those samples were all found negative for Covid-19. I am told that a number of other Council employees and councilors will be tested today. We continue to pray for our fellow employee and pray God's continued healing, in this the fight of his life. We remain committed to cooperate with the Ministry of Health in their efforts to contain the spread of this dreaded virus in our beloved Belize.


Ministry of Health Confirms Fifth Case of COVID-19 in Belize
Ministry of Health confirms Fifth case of COVID-19 in Belize. Now more than ever it is important for people to stay home, practice social distancing. Be safe. Below is the Press Release by the Goverment of Belize Press Office in Full: Belmopan. April 5, 2020. 8:15 a.m. Today, at 03:19 a.m., the expanded testing […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

PM confirms death of Hubert Pipersburgh
Prime Minister Dean Barrow, offering condolences to the family of the late Hubert Pipersburgh by […]

Tapir put down after mortal gunshot wound
Photo Courtesy: The Belize Tapir Project Environmentalists had to make a tough decision Saturday after a […]

Belize records first Covid-19 death
Reports reaching Breaking Belize News is that patient #4 died this afternoon of Covid-19. The […]

San Ignacio/Santa Elena Town Council closes all operations
Today, the San Ignacio/Santa Elena (SISE) announced that it would be ceasing all operations following […]

Health Minister Pablo Marin and Western Regional Hospital staff all tested negative for Covid-19
Minister of Health Pablo Marin says he is negative for COVID-19 after tests performed on […]

Belize City Council staff cleared after Covid-19 tests
After a Belize City Council employee tested positive for COVID-19 on Friday, offices of the […]

All borders closed to the entry of Belizean nationals
Effective today, April 5, all borders will also be closed to Belizean nationals seeking to […]

Two bus companies decide to make runs despite collective decision to discontinue
While the Belize Bus Association ( BBA) agreed to discontinue run until further notice, James […]

Source of infection for patient number 4 still unknown
Today the Ministry of Health (MOH) provided an update on its mapping and testing exercise […]


Cook a ‘Sunday Dinna’ at Home
As we push through another week of quarantine and curfew, there’s plenty to miss. Of that, maybe your mother’s cooking or a local street vendor whose rice and beans may be extraordinary compared to most. Thanks to the Flavors of Belize Cookbook, you can make your own rice and beans for a Sunday dinna while staying at home! What Belizean recipes would you like to see next? Let us know in the comments below. We’re here with you, and we’re here for you.

Expat Diary: What Is Life Like In Belize During The Covid-19 Pandemic?
I run two businesses in Belize, so the last two weeks have been very busy. Here in Belize, we have small villages and towns so it is a bit of a unique experience. We are better able to handle the needs of the community, because we are not dealing with millions of people. Most business owners are concerned with being able to pay their employees at least something during this time. So much of my time now is spent figuring out a plan so that we can reopen as soon as possible, and to be financially prepared.

Snorkeling the Hol Chan Marine Reserve in Belize
Last year, we only stayed in Caye Caulker for two nights, underestimating how great snorkeling the barrier reef is, we opted to skip it and do the ATM cave on the mainland instead. However, after hearing so many backpackers rave about the Hol Chan Marine Reserve, we regretted not going snorkeling. So when we somehow found ourselves back in Caye Caulker last week, we knew what we had to do!

Big Cats List Of Belize – Five Beautiful Species
A little while back we did a piece on the international efforts to establish and maintain a green corridor running from Mexico down to Argentina to protect the region’s jaguar population, and some people registered surprise that Belize actually has a jaguar population. That population not only exists, but is hopefully growing today thanks to efforts from conservation groups such as Panthera and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary. Well, we thought that if people were surprised that Belize had jaguars, they’d be even more intrigued to hear that there are actually five major big cats species running around Belize. So here’s an introduction to Belize’s big cats.

Nación de aves
A través de diversos paisajes se encuentra el grande y brillante mundo de criaturas emplumadas de Belice. Desde las cordilleras montañosas hasta los humedales, bosques y cayos, la observación de aves en Belice es emocionante. El mejor momento para observar aves es entre febrero y mayo, la temporada de reproducción de las especies residentes. Es un momento en que los senderos y las carreteras secundarias son secos y accesibles. Octubre y noviembre ofrecen una oportunidad espectacular para observar las aves de corral migratorias y las rapaces a lo largo de la costa.

International Sourcesizz

Around the Caribbean...
Just over two weeks since Barbados confirmed its first COVID-19 case, the Government has revealed that one person has died as a result of the virus. Minister of Health Colonel Jeffery Bostic made the disclosure during a national briefing yesterday. Bostic said the deceased is an 81-year-old Barbadian male who travelled to the United Kingdom and returned to the island on March 22.


  • Her Majesty The Queen addresses the Commonwealth, 4.5min. "We should take comfort that while we may have more still to endure, better days will return: we will be with our friends again; we will be with our families again; we will meet again." Her Majesty The Queen addresses the UK and the Commonwealth in a special broadcast recorded at Windsor Castle.

  • Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow Expresses Condolences on the Passing of COVID-19 Patient, 5min. My Fellow Belizeans, It is my sad duty to announce the death this afternoon of the fourth patient to be diagnosed in Belize with COVID-19. On behalf of the entire nation, I offer deepest condolences to the wife and family of Hubert Pipersburgh. He was a well-known, indeed renowned, Belizean who served his country both at home and in the diaspora.

  • Come Away to Belize With Me!, 50min. Watch the video while you guys are hangin out. "COME AWAY TO BELIZE WITH ME" Watch on the computer big screen with good speakers or headphones. Go back in time when San Pedro was a little more chill!

  • Belizean living abroad shares her story of her family’s battle with the deadly COVID-19 virus, 36min.

  • Crab Life Belize 2019, 1min.

  • Nurse Shark Belize 2019, 1/2min.

  • The Belize Zoo needs help (no visitors allowed), 8min. The Belize Zoo is struggling during the Corona crisis. Sharon Matola, the founding director of the Belize Zoo, is telling me in an interview what the current situation is and how people can support it.

  • Sunset in Belize from the front porch, 9min. As the sun dips over the horizon, the oranges and reds in the sky fade to a pale peach that is consumed with the deepening blues.

  • How to use a River Washing machine Belize style, 5min.

  • Belize, 8min. - Placencia (5-6 jours) - San Ignacio (2 jours) - Belize City (7 heures) - San Pedro (7 jours) - Caye Caulker (1 jour)

  • Belize- Part 1, 3min. San Ignacio and Belize City

  • Belize Part 2, 3min. Blue Hole and Caye Caulker.

  • Sailing around Southern Barrier Reef of Belize. Placencia, Seal Cay, 19min.

  • MCCA Belize Honduras District Palm Sunday Service, 54min.

  • EXPLORING THE MAYAN RUINS OF CAHAL PECH // SAN IGNACIO (CAYO), 4.5min. Here's me exploring around Cahal Pech in San Ignacio (locally referred to as Cayo) on the western border of Belize. It's quite small and doesn't take long, but if you need a way to fill a couple of hours, I recommend it. There is an entrance fee, which is currently $10 BZ ($5 US).

  • Palm Sunday Live mass from Mount Carmel Church in Benque, 66min.