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The San Pedro Sun

COVID-19 claims the life of Belize’s Hubert Pipersburgh
Belize has registered its first COVID-19 related death, after Mr. Hubert Pipersburgh, 55, passed away on Sunday, April 5th. He was the fourth patient to be recorded in the Belize COVID-19 statistics, and the first case registered in the Cayo District (San Ignacio Town). According to the Government Press Office, after Pipersburgh was diagnosed early on Friday, April 3rd, he was transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) that evening, as his health was deteriorating rapidly.

National Days of Prayer and Fasting
The Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow has approved three National Days of Prayer & Fasting, from Good Friday, April 10th to Easter Sunday, April 12th, 2020. Throughout the nation, the Council of Churches will celebrate the three days with combined times for prayer, repentance, worship, and celebration.

Drought Press Release #1
The National Meteorological Service (NMS) of Belize hereby informs the general public that the seasonal rainfall forecast for April to September 2020 is showing a probability of drier than usual conditions across much of the country. Driest conditions are expected over northern and central areas while rainfall over the Stann Creek and Toledo district is expected to be normal to slightly below normal. One of the main climatic drivers in our region is the El Nino Southern Oscillation (ENSO). Whenever there is an El Nino, as was the case in 2019, there is high confidence that our region will see less than normal rainfall.

Update on COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program
As of this morning, April 6, more than 44,000 applications have been received via the portal, and about 7,000 hard copies of the applications have been distributed and will be manually entered into the system. The team is diligently working on the verification and approval processes for these applications to ensure that all are given attention in the shortest possible time so that financial relief can begin to flow to qualified applicants. It is expected that the first payments will be made to approved applicants before the end of this week. Applicants will be updated via SMS or email notifications about the status of their application.

Belize Bus Association announces national shutdown; James Bus Line and Westline Bus Co. continue operating
As COVID-19 (Coronavirus) continues to make its presence in Belize, and the current National State of Emergency is slowly bringing the country to a halt, many services are now limited to the general public. On Sunday, April 5th, most bus companies across the country ceased operations. The only bus companies that continue operating are James Bus Line, which runs from Punta Gorda, Toledo District to Belize City, and Westline Bus Company operating from the Benque Viejo del Carmen Town in the Cayo District to Belize City.

Ambergris Today

Two More Cases Of COVID-19 Confirmed In Cayo District, Belize
The Ministry of Health has continued to scale up testing for COVID-19 and a further 26 samples were tested on Sunday, April 5th. That scaled up testing has identified two further cases, both males residing in San Ignacio. One of the males identified is a contact of patient #4. He developed minor signs and symptoms that included diarrhea and loss of sense of smell.

Various Belizean Sources


Two More Cases of COVID-19 Confirmed
The Ministry of Health has continued to scale up testing for COVID-19 and a further 26 samples were tested on Sunday, April 5th. That scaled up testing has identified two further cases, both males residing in San Ignacio. One of the males identified is a contact of patient #4. He developed minor signs and symptoms that included diarrhea and loss of sense of smell. This patient, the sixth case, has not required medication and is currently in self-isolation at home. Another male person, who is being treated as a pneumonia case, was also swabbed this weekend and is also positive for COVID-19.

Update on COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program
On Friday, April 3, 2020, the Government of Belize launched the COVID-19 e-Services Portal through which persons may apply to receive benefits from the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program. As of this morning, April 6, more than 44,000 applications have been received via the portal, and about 7,000 hard copies of the applications have been distributed and will be manually entered into the system. The team is diligently working on the verification and approval processes for these applications to ensure that all are given attention in the shortest possible time so that financial relief can begin to flow to qualified applicants.

Wife of First Person to Die from COVID-19 in Belize Speaks Out
Last night, Sunday, April 5, Maria Estella, wife of 55-year-old Hubert Pipersburgh of San Ignacio (Belize’s first COVID-19 related death), took to Facebook to share her family’s ordeal. She says based on their experience Belize is not ready to handle this pandemic. She wrote on here Facebook page: “Esteemed family and friends and general public, I am sharing my story, so you know of our experience and not by rumors spread around by third parties. This is my declaration. March 21st: My husband showed the first symptoms with sore throat and dry cough. He was like that in the days to follow with highs and lows but stable.

Please note these closures
BWS, Atlantic Bank in San Ignacio, BEL

Protocols Following First COVID-19 Death
The Government of Belize has been made aware of the social media post by the wife of the late Mr. Hubert Pipersburgh in which she recounts her experience while seeking care for her husband. The nation is deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Pipersburgh, a beloved Belizean, both at home and abroad. The Government reiterates its deepest condolences to his wife, Ms. Maria Estella Recinos and their family as expressed last night by the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow.

Belize Intellectual Property Office – Closure of Office
The public is hereby notified that effective today, April 6th, the Belize Intellectual Property Office is closed for business and will resume services on April 20th. Nevertheless, e-filings and any other queries may be sent to the following addresses: [email protected] or [email protected]

Belize Water Services Changes to Opening hours effectively immediately, today April 6, 2020

Prime Minister Announces Lockdown of Cayo District and Additional Nationwide Measures
This evening during a live address, the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow announced additional measures including a 14-day lockdown and ramping up testing for the Cayo District in order to locate persons who may have COVID-19. Random testing will be done in the Cayo District. These measures will go into effect at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7, 2020.

Mayor Rigo Vellos and the Corozal Town Council work with Chinese Community
Mayor Rigo Vellos and the Corozal Town Council working together with the Chinese Community to assist the needy and poor in these difficult times. Join us in extending a heartfelt thank you for donations received by our Chinese Business Community. Due to Social Distancing Measures, we will be delivering packages to the respective homes.

Corozal Market Day Rescheduled to Thursday April 9
The Corozal Town Council wishes to inform the General Public that Market Day will be rescheduled to Thursday, April 9th 2020 for this week as Friday the 10th is Good Friday. We kindly asked that the protocols set in place are followed for the Market to be available to consumers. Operating Hours are as of 8:00 am as stipulated under SI 47 of the Belize Constitution (Emergency Powers) Regulations, 2020. Only 5 people allowed inside the building at a time. Everyone inside and outside the Market must be practicing social distancing of at least 6 feet from each other. Vendors are recommended to have their produce bagged in 1Ib and 2lbs packages to reduce the time a Customer spends inside the building.

The new Roaring Creek bridge should only be crossed by essential personnel
The Roaring Creed Bridge has been closed to non-essential workers and non-essential travels.

Channel 7

COVID Community Spread, Cayo District On Lockdown
Just a fe minutes ago Prime Minister Dean Barrow finished a live address to the nation. He spoke after an all day meeting nay the national oversight committee responding to the death of the first COVID 19 patient in Belize, San Ignacio resident Huber Pipersburgh, and then the emergence today of two more cases, also from San Ignacio. The PM says that this has forced them to lockdown the entire Cayo District - and sharply increase testing:

Belize Now Has 7 COVID Positives
So, as you heard, as Belize confronts COVID-19 tonight, the situation is a lot more serious than it was on Friday. A round of 26 samples tested on Sunday have yielded two more positive results, they now become cases 6 and 7. They are both men from San Ignacio, one of them is a direct contact of patient #4, the now deceased Hubert Piperburgh. A press release says he developed minor signs and symptoms that included diarrhea and loss of smell. But, apart from that he seems to be doing okay and has not required medication. He is currently in self-isolation at home in San Ignacio.

Patient #5 Came From Florida
The Cayo and Belize districts have each produced three of those positive results. In Cayo, there appears to be community spread - which is the significant reason that has led to a district wide lockdown.

Well Loved Pipersburgh is First COVID Casualty
And - while the news of his positive test emerged on Sunday morning, but the afternoon, the news came like a body blow of Belize's first COVID casualty. The well known and loved city council employee Hubert Pipersburgh died on Sunday at the KHMH from respiratory complications. A ministry of health release says "The patient was diagnosed in the early morning of Friday, April 3rd, and transferred to the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital on Friday evening as his health began rapidly deteriorating.

Pipersburgh's Wife Lashes Out At Health System
Of course, since that statement last night, there have been two more positive tests coming out of the Cayo District, patient #6 and #7. And, one of them was in contact with patient #4, Hubert Pipersburgh. Pipersburg's wife is in mourning but outraged at the manner in which health workers treated her husband's case, she isn't mourning in silence, and in a long-form Facebook Post, this Weekend Maria-Estella Recinos recounted the last days of her husband's life and the ordeal she went through trying to get him adequate care for his frightening symptoms that were, until far too late, flat out dismissed.

PM Won't Fight With Grieving Family
And the Prime Minister also responded to her this evening in his address which ended 40 minutes ago. Here's what he said: "There is no way we are going to quarrel with people that are in a state of bereavement. No answer will therefore be made to the charges that have been hurled at us..."

Nurses Slam KHMH
And while the PM doesn't want to fight with a grieving family - will he fight with the nurses? Starting tomorrow Nurses will report to work in T-shirts. It's a quiet attempt at metaphorical industrial action designed to affect change, in this time of utter crisis. In a press release today the Nurses association said that quote: "It is echoed at every opportunity that the nurse is the backbone of the health system but the actions of the department speak nothing to that statement." That's because the nurses of Belize are not satisfied with the materials and equipment being provided for the current Covid-19 crisis. They claim that the health facilities of Belize are not prepared to protect their staff and patients.

PM To Nurses, "I Heard You!"
That's a whole lot complaints. Here's what the PM said in response today: Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow, Prime Minister "Public or personal protective equipment, again, I see that there is an outcry on the part of the nurses. We dealt with that this morning and I hope successfully and I imagined that even now the authorities are in the process of communicating this to the nurses..."

Patient #3 Speaks Out
And while the Prime Minister is trying to smooth things out with the nurses, patient 3 today made his first public statement - and he's trying to clear the air for himself. Numerous rumours have been floating around about The Belize City Northside resident, that he's roaming the streets, driving around and risking thee safety of many. So, to counter these rumours that he was showing blatant disregard for the wellbeing of others, he made an attempt to do so today when he called into Love FM's COVID watch. Here's what he told the host, and the commissioner of police, who was on air:

The Curfew Count On Arrests Increasing
As you've heard in our first segment, there are now 7 patients who have tested positive for COVID-19. As a result of this the Prime Minister this evening announced a 14-day lockdown for the Cayo District. A press release a few minutes ago says these measures will go into effect at 8:00 p.m. on Tuesday, April 7, 2020. The PM also hinted at enhanced measures to keep people at home during the nation-wide curfew; hundreds have been arrested since it went into effect on Thursday.

Are Police Abusing SOE?
So, while the cops do their part to enforce the State of Emergency and now the Cayo District lockdown to keep the community spread of the virus to a minimum, the police department is already coming under fire for alleged abuse of that authority given to them by those regulations. This weekend, a group of families living in an apartment complex in the San Martin area of Belmopan accused police officers of using the curfew as an excuse to harass them. They're also claiming that officers put a severe beatdown on the elderly landlord for no apparent reason.

City Men Say Cops Use Curfew As Opportunity
So, while the police get ready to investigate their own about that incident in Belmopan, a group of residents from Belize City are accusing police of maliciously enforcing the curfew regulations in unintended ways for harassment purposes. This morning, a number of the newly charged defendants showed up to the Belize City Magistrate's Court, which, as viewers are aware, is basically operating only downsized capacity due to the COVID-19 threat. Several of those defendants complained bitterly that they are hardworking Belizeans who still need to put food on their tables, even though there is a State of Emergency in effect.

44k Sign Up For COVID Relief Program
As of this morning, 44,000 Belizeans had signed up for GOB's Unemployment Relief Program. The Government of Belize launched the COVID-19 e-Services Portal on Friday, April 3, 2020, It had a few bugs at first but by Saturday it was back online working on the verification and approval processes for all applications. It is expected that the first payments will be made to approved applicants before the end of this week. Applicants will be updated via SMS or email notifications about the status of their application. , once filled out, be manually entered into the system.

LPG Importers Go To Court Against GOB
Last week Friday, we told you how the major Central American Importers of Liquified Petroleum Gas, which we know as butane, were announcing that they were dropping their price in this time of the COVID-19 crisis. Well, those companies, Gas Tomza Limited, Southern Choice Butane, and Belize Western Energy Limited, have now gotten into a legal battle with the Government of Belize. Information on the dispute is limited at this time but we understand that these companies are taking issue with Statutory Instrument #80 of 2019. We understand that their import licenses for LPG expire at the end of April and that the Government won't renew it.

Unlicensed Cop Killed Man In Accident
A man was killed in a traffic accident in Dangriga Town yesterday, and a police officer without a valid license, in an unlicensed vehicle is to blame. Police say that at around 5:40 p.m, they responded to an accident report on George Price Drive. When they arrived they found a black and blue Lifan motorcycle with its front portion wrecked.

Another Decade Another Drought
The COVID-19 pandemic has already claimed the life of 1 Belizean and 6 more have tested positive. It's cause for great concern and anxiety all across the nation tonight - but, regrettably, it's not the only dark shadow on the event horizon: the meteorology experts are announcing that the country may be hit by another drought this year. A press release from the National Meteorological Service says, quote, "The seasonal rainfall forecast for April to September 2020 is showing a probability of drier than usual conditions across much of the country.

CDB Supports Drought Relief
But, help is on the way for those cane farmers in the north who were devastated by last year's extended drought. The Caribbean Development Bank announced today that they have approved a loan for more than 1 million US dollars to the Belize Government to help cane farmers. In a press release, the CDB says, quote, "One key component of the project is a Drought Recovery Scheme, a specially designed voucher programme, which will help farmers get needed inputs (planting material, fertilizers, and pesticides), and services such as land clearing and preparation.

Dr. Sergio's COVID Cautionary Tale From Oklahoma
Last week, we spoke to a Belizean American nurse in Brooklyn, New York, who's on the frontline of the COVID fight, and at the epicentre of the US outbreak. She described a harrowing situation of many lives lost, in the face of limited resources and personnel. Most gripping was her account of persons dying alone, with no family around because the coronavirus is so infectious.

Private Providers Brought In to Boost Effort
And while Dr. Garcia works at a private hospital in the US, here in Belize, private doctors will now join the effort to assist the senior technicians from the Ministry of health in strategizing, and in a hands-on capacity. The Prime Minister explained in his press statement an hour ago. "The quarantine headed by Dr. Manza is under severe pressure and there is a need to provide assistance to them. These private sector, healthcare personnel that we have now drafted are prepared to assist, not just in terms of strategizing..."

A Provision For The Homeless In Curfew
Last week we spoke to three homeless men who were concerned for their health and safety having nowhere to shelter during curfew hours. At the end of that story, we told you that the Welcome Resource Centre had joined the National Sports Council and the Belize City Council to take care of the homeless population of Belize City during the National State of Emergency.

The King Is Dead, Long Live the King
It's Holy Week and while a global pandemic means you won't be heading to Church this Sunday, tonight we're turning back the calendar tonight to tell you the story of a man who took much more than a leap of faith from one of the country's most well known churches. It's the story of Edgar Sanchez, known in Orange Walk as "El Rey", or "The King." He died sometime this weekend and when we saw the facebook post about his death, we went into our archive for a look at this man that had a singular imprint on his town's history.

Channel 5

Belize Records First COVID-19 Related Death
There are seven known cases of COVID 19 now, the first Belizean to die here from the virus is fifty-five-year-old Hubert Pipersburgh; he passed away on Sunday at the isolation [...]

Pipersburgh’s Wife Claims Neglect by Health Professionals
While Prime Minister Dean Barrow says that herculean efforts were done to attempt to save him, Pipersburgh’s wife says otherwise. In an emotional Facebook post, Maria Recinos shared her family’s [...]

Patient Five is a Belizean Student
On Sunday, Belize confirmed its fifth COVID-19 case. Patient five is a Belizean student who returned from the U.S.A. via Mexico and remains in strict quarantine.  The student arrived in [...]

Two More COVID-19 Cases Brings the Total to 7
Belize has confirmed seven cases of the deadly novel coronavirus so far. Two hundred and sixty-eight persons have been tested so far.  Patient four, fifty-five-year-old Hubert Pipersburgh, died from the [...]

Cayo District Placed Under Enhanced Quarantine
Late this afternoon, the Prime Minister released a recorded statement after today’s meeting of the National Oversight Committee. PM Dean Barrow announced new measures. The first is that the entire [...]

Enhance Measures for Countrywide Lockdown
The National Oversight Committee took additional measures with respect to the rest of the country.  Hardware stores that were allowed to keep their doors open in the first list are [...]

Belize City Mayor Mourns Passing of Hubert Pipersburgh
The Belize City Council, the Belize Territorial Volunteers and many others are mourning the passing of Hubert Pipersburgh, the first casualty of COVID-19 in the country.  The fifty-five-year-old returned to [...]

Mayor Wagner in Isolation Despite Testing Negative for COVID-19
Mayor Bernard Wagner is among a group of employees at City Hall who have been sequestered inside their homes after being swabbed over the weekend.  They remain in mandatory isolation [...]

Police Beat Down San Martin Residents
Did cops take the enforcement of the curfew law too far on Friday night in Belmopan? That’s what many have concluded after a video and photos of an elderly man [...]

Traffic Accident Leaves Dangriga Resident Dead
Another police officer is under scrutiny – this time for a traffic accident on Sunday in Dangriga which resulted in the death of Giovanni Villafranco.  It happened at around five-forty [...]

Over 400 Charged for Violating State of Emergency, Curfew
The full force of the law is coming down on persons who violate the measures of the state of emergency. Countrywide, more than four hundred persons have been arrested and [...]

Infected Persons Who Fail to Comply with Quarantine Directives Can Also Be Charged
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams also told News Five that infected COVID-19 persons, who fail to comply with quarantine directives, can be charged for negligent behaviour if they do not [...]

Patient Three Says he is Recovering Well
Earlier in the newscast we had details on the COVID-19 patients. Belize confirmed its third case of the novel coronavirus on March twenty-ninth. As it relates to Patient Three, he [...]

Bus Service – Ceased or Reduced?
On Saturday afternoon the news of the countrywide suspension of bus service took off like wildfire online. That’s because there was an announcement made by the Belize Bus Association. The [...]

When is the COVID-19 Bus Relief Coming?
So – the decision was a suspension of bus service countrywide which was to go into effect on Sunday. But a few hours later, James Bus Line and West Line [...]

Nurses Association of Belize Vex with Ministry of Health
This afternoon, the Nurses Association of Belize sounded an alarm saying there is lack of material and equipment to deal with an outbreak of COVID-19. NAB says it has concluded [...]

PM to Nurses: “We not only hear you, we will address your difficulties”
Responding to the concerns of the Nurses Association of Belize was Prime Minister Dean Barrow today during live video statement. Barrow says that the Association’s concerns will be addressed including [...]

Belize Central Prison Aims to Remain COVID-Free
The Belize Central prison is bursting at its seams with the number of inmates behind bars. The recent arrests of state of emergency offenders have swollen the number to about [...]

2 Persons Detained for the Murder of Ismael Jacobs in Punta Gorda
There were three fatal shootings over the course of four days last week, two of which have been recorded as murders. The most recent occurred on the night of April [...]

Police Believe Robbery was Motive in Murder of Haitian National
In the murder of Haitian national Raymond Cherestal, the motive seems to be robbery. Commissioner Williams says that an ongoing investigation has not led to any arrests. The former cab [...]

Accidental Shooting Death of Rafael Sansores
Commissioner Chester Williams also gave an update on the shooting death of Rafael Sansores in Corozal. The Chula Vista resident was with friends at a house he frequented in the [...]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize: “Masking” the Pandemic
By Abner A. Recinos: In light of this pandemic, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends self-isolation for 14 days after travel […]

Belize Medical and Dental Association raises major concerns for medical practitioners
The Belize Medical And Dental Association (BMDA) has made public its major concerns for the […]

Prime Minister promises answers in death of Hubert Pipersburgh
Prime Minister Dean Barrow acknowledged the level of upset of the family of the late […]

Changes made to opening hours on list of approved and essential businesses
Making the distinction between essential services and approved businesses, Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced some […]

Prime Minister announces stringent quarantine for Cayo district
Prime Minister Dean Barrow in a live-stream on Facebook just now informed that authorities are […]

Court conducts hearing for LPG importers by WhatsApp
The Supreme Court at last minute this morning called off an in-person hearing of an […]

Police investigate fatal traffic accident in Dangriga
Police are investigating a road traffic accident that claimed the life of a man on […]

Brightest super moon for 2020 visible tomorrow night
The brightest super moon for 2020 is going to be visible tomorrow night. It is […]

Belize Intellectual Property closes office
Effective today, April 6, the Belize Intellectual Property Office is closed for business and will […]

Nurses Association sounds alarm: ‘Health facilities not prepared to care for staff or patients’
The Nurses Association of Belize issued a statement informing the public that the nurses are […]

British PM Boris Johnson now in intensive care unit after Covid-19 symptoms worsen
News sources in the United Kingdom (UK) are reporting that UK Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, […]

Belize Territorial Volunteers honor fallen brother
The Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) issued a statement expressing condolences to the family and friends […]

Guinea Grass resident charged with possession of controlled drugs
Police conducted a search at the home of Guinea Grass resident, Orlando Guerra, 24, yesterday. […]

Drought intensifies: Authorities call for water conservation
The National Meteorological Service (NMS) of Belize is calling for Belizeans at all levels to […]

A time of Courage
The views expressed in this article are those of the writer and not necessarily those of Breaking Belize […]

GOB notes social media post by Maria Estella Recinos on her husband recent passing with COVID-19
The Government of Belize issued a statement saying that it has been made aware of […]

Roaring Creek Bridge closed; only essential travel allowed
Our newsroom has confirmed that the newly built Roaring Creek Bridge has been closed to […]

Motorcyclist from Dangriga dies after being involved in traffic accident
Giovanni Villafranco of Dangriga died during the night while receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner […]

Ministry of Health: The two patients that tested positive with COVID-19 are from San Ignacio Town
The Ministry of Health has continued to scale up testing for COVID-19 and a further […]

Two more Covid-19 cases confirmed in Belize; total cases now at 7
Just one day after Belize recorded its first covid-19 patient death, the country has confirmed […]

100 people arrested in the last 24 hours for State of Emergency offenses
The latest arrest figures released from the Belize Police Department show that 100 people were […]

Over 44,000 Belizeans apply for Covid-19 unemployment relief program
On Friday, April 3, the Government of Belize launched the COVID-19 e-Services Portal through which […]


9 Must-Sees That Make Belize The Best Place You’ve Never Been
Belize’s famous coral reef, tropical beaches, and green rainforests make it a paradise for nature lovers. It’s also home to ancient Mayan ruins, exotic wildlife, and friendly natives. All year long, travelers come to its shores for adventures like snorkeling, scuba diving, and fishing. With its street festivals, gourmet seafood, and warm welcome, the country is one of the most popular spots in the Caribbean. 

Forbes ranks Belize in 1 of 3 top destinations to retire post-Coronavirus
Considered from a post-crisis perspective, where in the world will offer the best options for repositioning yourself overseas? Diversifying your lifestyle and your investment portfolio is a more important agenda now than ever. Embrace the many opportunities our world continues to offer. How to make sure you’re prepared for whatever tomorrow brings? Expand where you spend your time and money. This way, you’re not at the mercy of any single government, economy, marketplace, or currency.

Thinking & A Timeline In Lieu of An April Newsletter
It’s Hard to Write The Same Old Monthly Newsletter When the World has been Turned on Her Head in Less Than A Month This is the time of month when I would sit down and put together my April Newsletter. A look back on the previous month…my most popular posts, my favorite pictures…and I’d look ahead. But…now what? Easter has been canceled, said our Prime Minister, except for a time of quiet reflection and prayer. Caye Caulker announced that they would not hold their Lobster Festival at the end of June and…everything is now in a strange sort of limbo. THE MOST strange sort of limbo. Belize is in a National State of Emergency and we are all required to shelter at home unless on essential errands or business.

International Sourcesizz

20 of the worst epidemics and pandemics in history
Throughout the course of history, disease outbreaks have ravaged humanity, sometimes changing the course of history and, at times, signaling the end of entire civilizations. Here are 20 of the worst epidemics and pandemics, dating from prehistoric to modern times.

SAC: Caribbean sugar in good shape but more protection is needed
The Caribbean’s sugar industry has been described as healthy by the Sugar Association of the Caribbean (SAC). Loop News interviewed a spokesman from the regional body and he said: “This is an exciting time for regional sugar producers.” Belize, Barbados, Cuba, Jamaica and Guyana are the only Caribbean countries still cultivating sugar on a large scale.


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  • Fishing – an Alternative in the Wake of Collapsed Tourism Industry?, 4min. The tourism industry has shut down due to the COVID-19 pandemic and now domestic tourism is also on hold for the upcoming Easter holidays. It is forecasted that the industry is in for a very long ride. The livelihood of the residents of San Pedro and Caye Caulker has been upended so the two cayes will now have to explore alternative ways to spur economic activity.

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  • Did You Accidentally Kill Someone Today?, 1min. Every time you leave your house, you could be infecting someone. So don’t. Stay home. Save lives.

  • Live address from the Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow on today's National Oversight Committee Meeting, min.

  • COVID-19 Coverage - Review of Virus/Symptoms, 22min. DR. Jorge Hidalgo - Internist, Belize HealthCare Partners Ltd.

  • Ministry of Agriculture - COVID-19 Update, 24min. COVID-19 continues to create the new normal in every sector of society. When it comes to food security Jose Alpuche, CEO of the Ministry of Agriculture, reassures that we have sufficient in storage to take us through the State of Emergency and beyond.

  • Belize Police Department - enforce State of Emergency measures, 51min. Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams talked about the ways the Belize Police Department will be preparing to enforce the State of Emergency measures.

  • State of Emergency - Understanding the provisions outlined and who it impacts, 96min. Audrey Matura shared her legal expertise on the State of Emergency. She helped us understand the provisions outlined and who it impacts.

  • National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC) - how to avoid risky behaviors contracting COVID-19, 20min. Esner Vellos is the Director of the National Drug Abuse Control Council (NDACC). He shared important information about how to avoid risky behaviours that put you at high risk for contracting COVID-19.

  • Reflection on lessons learnt from previous pandemics, 41min. Dr. Ramon Figueroa broadened the COVID-19 discussion to reflect on lessons learnt from previous pandemics. He shared how we can use these experiences to improve our health systems to be able to respond to future threats.

  • Interesting Hobbies - Vlogging, 23min. Jamie-Lee Rocke - Former Host/Vlogger

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  • PATIENT THREE SPEAKS UP, 4min. The third person to have tested positive for COVID-19 is a 38-year-old man of Belize City who remains under self-isolation. Love News spoke with him earlier today on his current condition and the ordeal of having the virus. He started by going through his timeline of events since he arrived in the country on March 20 via the Philip Goldson International Airport.

  • Rays Belize 2019, 2min. A few rays from our snorkelling outings at Glover's Atoll off the coast of Belize last year. Southern sting rays are the most prominent. I saw (sorry, no pix) a huge sting ray with close to a 2m wing span swimming under our hut in the shallows.

  • Milk and Dairy Products in Belize, 5min.