Despite restrictions set by island authorities

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Despite the rules announced by SPTC, specific construction projects are being allowed to continue in different parts of the island, while others remain grounded. Many residents are seeking answers as to why some projects are being given the green light, and others not. Several construction workers who have been out of work since the pandemic hit Belize say this is unfair. They believe that if one construction project is allowed to stay open, then it should be across the board and not only a few. Concerned residents provided images revealing a huge construction project in northern Ambergris Caye with dozens of workers on site. Workers were also seen atop a four-story building in the Boca del Rio Area, and a small construction site in the San Pablo Area is currently in full swing.

The San Pedro Sun caught up with Mayor Daniel Guerrero, who acknowledged he has given the go-ahead for the construction projects. He said that a lot of construction workers have families to take care of, and if these people are able to work, then they can maintain their households. Guerrero added that island authorities could then concentrate on helping those who indeed cannot work and need more support. The Mayor further stated that some rules had been implemented to ensure social distancing among workers at these construction sites.

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