Last week, we showed you how local companies were switching things up the solve the country's shortages in hand sanitizer and personal protective equipment in the fight against the spread of COVID-19.

Well tonight, we report on another business entity that has repurposed its operations to manufacture masks. That company is known as Aligraphics Limited, which specializes in printing. They began exploring the idea of producing face guards about 2 weeks ago, and right now, they have a massive order to mass produce face guards for the police department.

They invited us over today for a look at their new protective gear for frontline workers. Here's what one of the owners had to say about this product:

Yvonne Moore - Owner, Aligraphics Limited
"In response to the current crisis, we have recognized that there is a shortage of these protective gears that our frontline workers need. We thought about how we can use our equipment to produce these items because they are not in supply and they are necessary. So, it took us about a week to refine the process, and we have been producing about 2 weeks now. This item weighs about 0.2 ounces, and it is very comfortable, full visibility, very audible, and effective. It wraps around all the way behind my ears, all the way down here. So, it protects us and the person who is talking to the enforcer, the frontline person. Currently, we're supplying the police department with a very large quantity."

Johnathan Moore - Rep., Aligraphics Limited
"These masks comprise of 3 parts: the elastic band, the plastic material, and the acrylic frame right here. What we do is that we have a laser cutter that cuts out the acrylic framer. We hand-sow the elastic bands. We cut out the plastic by hand. What we do is that we have a frame, a frame that we cut out of acrylic, and [we] just put it on the plastic material, and just cut it out. We've repurposed our equipment for this."

Yvonne Moore - Owner, Aligraphics Limited
"We cannot retail at the moment because of the compliance with the Ministry of Health directives."

As you heard Yvonne Moore say, the company cannot retail the face guards at this time because they must follow the Health Ministry's directives. If at any time that restriction is lifted, and you would like to purchase one, you can contact them at the telephone numbers, 615-6565 and 615-7100.

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