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The San Pedro Sun

69 more mainland residents evacuated from the island
Early on Thursday, April 9th, 69 mainland residents were evacuated from Ambergris Caye, after being screened and cleared to return to their communities of origin. The return of people to the mainland was coordinated between members of the Ministry of Health (MOH), Ministry of Human Development and the National Emergency Management Organization. These persons have been stranded on the island since March 23rd, when they lost their jobs because of the abrupt halt in the tourism industry, triggered by the pandemic COVID-19.

Belize Postal Services temporarily suspends their services
The Belize Postal Service has temporarily suspended delivery of postal services at all post offices due to COVID-19. Some provisions have been made to accommodate customers.

Travellers Liquors Limited’s Sani-Bel – a hand sanitizer proudly made in Belize
When Belize began to experience a hand sanitizer shortage due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Travellers Liquors Ltd. came to the rescue, switching gears from distilling rum to producing a sanitizing product dubbed Sani-Bel. Its main ingredient is high proof alcohol concocted via a formula from the World Health Organization (WHO). Currently, the liquid solution comes in one-litre glass bottles, and the company urges customers not to drink it and to keep it away from fire and out of the reach of children.

Summary of Effect of Statutory Instrument No. 52 of 2020 (Cayo District and Countrywide)
As announced by the Prime Minister on April 6, 2020, additional measures including a lockdown for the Cayo District have been implemented in response to COVID-19 through a Statutory Instrument effective Tuesday, April 7, 2020. The Statutory Instrument provides for further amendment to the Emergency Powers regulations and offers additional measures to protect the citizens of Belize.

Summary of Effect of Statutory Instrument No. 52 of 2020
As announced by the Prime Minister on April 6, 2020, additional measures including a lockdown for the Cayo District have been implemented in response to COVID-19 through a Statutory Instrument effective Tuesday, April 7, 2020. The Statutory Instrument provides for further amendment to the Emergency Powers regulations and offers additional measures to protect the citizens of Belize.

Ambergris Today

Ninth Case Of COVID-19 Confirmed In Belize
The Ministry of Health ran a further 30 samples for COVID-19 on April 8 and has confirmed a ninth case. The patient is a female minor who is an immediate contact of a previously identified patient.

Various Belizean Sources


Children's Book: “My Hero is You, How kids can fight COVID-19!”
A new story book that aims to help children understand and come to terms with COVID-19 has been produced by a collaboration of more than 50 organizations working in the humanitarian sector, including the World Health Organization, the United Nations Children’s Fund, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies and Save the Children. With the help of a fantasy creature, Ario, “My Hero is You, How kids can fight COVID-19!” explains how children can protect themselves, their families and friends from coronavirus and how to manage difficult emotions when confronted with a new and rapidly changing reality.

Summary of Effect of Statutory Instrument No. 52 of 2020
As announced by the Prime Minister on April 6, 2020, additional measures including a lockdown for the Cayo District have been implemented in response to COVID-19 through a Statutory Instrument effective Tuesday, April 7, 2020. The Statutory Instrument provides for further amendment to the Emergency Powers regulations and offers additional measures to protect the citizens of Belize. The two main changes include specific restrictions on movement in the Cayo District and further reduced hours of operation for some businesses. Below is a summary of Statutory Instrument No. 52 of 2020:

Ninth Case of COVID-19 Confirmed
The Ministry of Health ran a further 30 samples for COVID-19 on April 8 and has confirmed a ninth case. The patient is a female minor who is an immediate contact of a previously identified patient. The 30 samples screened yesterday included additional samples collected from the mapping exercises for patients #6 and #7 as well as samples from other health facilities across the country. This brings the total screened samples to 364.

Finca Solana market day
Social distancing where?! 6ft distance WHERE?! Couldn’t even stay and do my damn shopping! I’ve already contacted who I think I could have contacted about this issue, as it is an issue and attention NEEDS to be given to the matter. COVID-19 is not a joke people! Community spread is a thing!

Summer Art Wave's "Let's Go Play Maya" Program
We hope to bring Summer Art Wave's "Let's Go Play Maya" Program back this coming summer. Children were truly engaged in the summer of 2018 learning about Yucatec Maya culture through music, games, language, math and more. The program was presented by the great people of Corozal NGO To'one Masehualo'on!

USA Evacuation Flight Cancelled
Due to the health and logistical requirements that must be met in order to transport individuals safely and securely through Belize to the airport during the current State of Emergency, the United Airlines repatriation flight scheduled for April 14, 2020 has been postponed. We are advocating for a replacement flight for April 16, but we do not yet have confirmation from United. Please understand that we are working diligently with our partners – United Airlines and the Government of Belize – to get you home.

Discontinuation of Non-Essential Services of the DOE during the National State of Emergency for COVID-19
As a follow up to our previous announcement on 1st April 2020; and to Government's Public Notice of 8th April, 2020, reminding the public about the closure of 14 government entities, the Department of the Enviroiunent (DOE) hereby informs developers, investors, interested persons and the general public that we are discontinuing non-essential services until further notice. This includes the screening and processing of project proposals, environmental checklists, EIAs, LLESs, the carrying out of site inspections, public consultations, and the signing of Environmental Compliance Plans (ECPs).

Taiwan Contributes BZ $ 2 Million to Fight COVID-19 in Belize
The Republic of China (Taiwan) today, April 9, added to its March 25 contribution BZ an additional $ 2 million to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Belize. It will be used to obtain your urgently needed supplies such as personal protective equipment, medical equipment, test kits and laboratory supplies for frontline medical service providers nationwide.

Reminder of Closure of Conch Season
The Belize Fisheries Department hereby reminds all fishers and the public that in accordance with Statutory Instrument No. 54 of 2012, the queen conch (Strombus gigas) fishery remains closed as declared by the Minister of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment and Sustainable Development on March 27, 2020.

Update on the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program
The Government of Belize launched the electronic services portal whereby applicants can apply to receive benefits of the UNemployment Relief Program by COVID-19. Starting at noon today, April 9, around 59 , 500 applications had been subjected online. Several physical applications have also been received that will be manually registered on the portal early next week as soon as appropriate protocols regarding time and sanitation can be implemented. The Economic Monitoring Team has been working diligently on the verification and approval processes of these applications. Disbursements to 1,488 approved applicants were sent to the Social Security Board this morning for processing.

In light of the increase in confirmed COVID-19 cases, and the need to further protect the staff and members of the public, the general public is hereby notified of the following adjusted cashier hours with effect from April 14, 2020. MONDAYS AND THURSDAYS - 9:00 A.M. TO 2:00 P.M. FRIDAYS - 9:00 A.M. TO 1:00 P.M.

Volunteers and island businesses sharing Easter Love
On this Holy Thursday, the NEMO Relief & Supplies Committee and our volunteers are currently distributing essentials for 147 families before the Easter weekend. Their weekends are made just a bit brighter with the wonderful and gracious donation of Easter goodie bags, courtesy of Super Buy Supermarket and Caye Supplies!

The cross is a symbol that has been present in the Maya culture since pre-Hispanic times . The Maya Cross’s symbolic identity is that of supernatural entities, such as Itzamná and Chaak; as well as ancestral entities, trees, corn stalks, and other plants which abound in the Mayaab, the land of the Maya. Maya Crosses often have an overhead semi-circle of flowers. Maya crosses are often painted a blue-green hue, which signifies centrality, and are referred to as "ya’ as che’ "--’green tree’ and "kuxa’an" –alive. The Maya cross is a representation of the tree of life of the Maya the Ceiba . The Maya belief that proclamations of these crosses come from the "divine" voice of "hahal ku," the true Maya god of the Masewal.

Channel 7

Unemployment Relief Program Starts With A Trickle
60 thousand people have applied for urgent assistance under the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program - and up to today, only 1,500 names have been approved and processed for payment.Those payments were sent to Social Security this morning at about 10:00, but this evening we can confirm that only about 500 of that 1,500 got payment, and those are the persons who have accounts at Atlantic Bank.So that's a little more than 500 out of a long line of exactly 59,500 persons who have applied and been approved for the assistance program. It's 150 dollars bi - weekly and for those who have lost their jobs and are feeding their families noodles and sausage, it can't come too quickly. Tour operator Tom Greenwood says many of them are his members:

Last Boats Out Of 'Pedro
And while the unemployed are waiting for COVID funds for their relief, those stranded on San Pedro have FINALLY been getting a break to leave the island after being stuck there for two weeks. The approved exodus from San Pedro started from the weekend and continued this morning when boatloads of mainlanders were screened, approved for passage, and allowed to return to shore. Those from the Cayo district, were told to remain on the island...

Child Tests Positive For COVID-19
Belize now has its 9th positive test for COVID 19, and for the first time, it's a child.The female minor came up positive this morning as an immediate contact to one of the other positive patients.In today's Ask the Experts Session, DHS Dr. Marvin Manzanero explained:

Patient 7 No Longer Needs Intensive Care
Manzanero also spoke about patients #8 and #7. #8 is 50 year old Ramsley Gillett, a Lands Inspector at the Ministry of Natural Resources. He lives and works in Corozal with a wife and two children and was admitted to the isolation area of the Corozal Community Hospital.Patent #7 is from the Cayo District - and his positive test is what triggered government to declare a district wide lockdown. And that's because he appears to have picked it up from within the community.Manzanero said the mapping exercise on these two patients has been done, and added that Patient #7 no longer needs intensive care:

Most COVID-19 Patients Doing Well
Patient 7 would be moved out of the KHMH - not transferred to another ward.And Manzanero also aged a general update on all the other cases - none of which are in a worsening condition, and most of whom are not showing any heavy symptoms:

Briceno Laments GOB Turning Down Test
And so while there is generally encouraging news about the COVID patients, many were discouraged when we reported last night that Belize had turned down the donation of more than ten thousand COVID test kits.As we reported, the kits were donated by South Korea to SICA, for all Central American Nations, but Belize turned them down because of a compatibility issue.This morning on "Despierta Belice" on CTV-3 in Orange Walk, the Leader of the Opposition said both he and the Prime Minister were shocked to learn of it:

Why The So. Korea Tests Wouldn't Work
But, it's not quite that simple as the Director of Health Services explained today on "Ask The Experts".Manzanero explained that the type of PCR testing units that Belize has - which were provided by PAHO - are simply not compatible with what was on offer: "We had said to the lab can you review this specifications, is this something we're going to be able to work with and they had 3 basic concerns which is general compatibility of reagent components with primers and probes and I'm reading textually what is written, whether they are compatible with the enzyme that they were using, whether the tests have been validated in the region..."

Taiwan Delivers Support For COVID-19 Fight
And while those Korean tests won't be donated, Belize has received a generous donation from the Government of Taiwan. It's a donation that was received during a virtual meeting between Taiwan's Ambassador Remus Li-Ko Chen and a masked and gloved Prime Minister of Belize.This donation is designated for urgently needed additional personal protective equipment, medical equipment, testing kits, and laboratory supplies for frontline medical service providers countrywide.The Taiwanese Ambassador reassured Belizeans that Taiwan would continue to share its first-hand experiences and expertise with medical professionals in Belize. For his part, Prime Minister Barrow congratulated and thanked Taiwanese President Tsai Ing-wen for her concern for the region and for Belize in particular.

Attorney Argues For Guatemalan Fugitive
Last night, we told you about Walter Jerome Rosales Garcia. He is the Guatemalan fugitive who was living in the Stann Creek District under an assumed identity.As we reported, Belize police located him 2 days ago in the San Juan Village. That's where he was living and pretending to be a Belizean national. We are informed that when he was initially detained by Belize police, he handed over a full list of national identity documents, including a birth certificate and social security card, for an assumed Belizean identity. His birth certificate was detected to be a fraudulent document, which opened the door for all of the other national identity documents to be produced.

Man Set On Fire In House, Survives
A man was set on fire yesterday at the Mahogany Heights community on the George Price Highway.Yesterday evening at 5:40, police responded to the report of a fire in the village and found 25 year old Floyd Escarpeta with burns across his upper body.

NASA:(Possible) Record of 117 Fires In Belize
In news of another kind of fire, satellite imagery highlighted by a Belizean who works at NASA shows that 117 fires were detected this afternoon across Belize.This is considered exceptionally high, and, on April fourth - just five days ago, the Forestry Department warned that the they observed 73 fires in just one day.They say that these are mainly agricultural fires, with some bordering natural forested areas that pose a high risk for wildfires.

PUP Leader Cool With the Cartel
Last night, we told you about the battle over butane between the Central American importers of butane on one hand, and the regulator, which is the Belize Bureau of Standards on the other.The Central American companies, which import from Mexico - are playing to public sentiment by offering to lower prices - at a time when world oil prices are near to a two decade low.But, the regulator forcefully intervened and rejected their unilateral decrease.

Two Sides Of The Butane Battle
And while Briceno played the popular political said of this very thorny dispute, there's a whole lot more to it. Last night, we showed the press conference that Audrey Matura on behalf of the 3 Central American Butane importers: Gas Tomza Limited, Southern Choice Butane, and Belize Western Energy Limited.These 3 companies insist that they are just trying to be responsible corporate citizens by looking out for Belizeans during this difficult time.

The Incumbent Vs. The Challenger
So, if you're keeping count, you could chalk up the LPG price decrease as a small victory for these Central American LPG Importers. The bigger fight is on the Horizon when the National Liquified Petroleum Gas Project Law is enforced, they will no longer be able to import butane to supply Belize. That responsibility will rest solely with the public-private company known as National Gas. They will have exclusivity over importation for 15 years, and they will then issue supply tenders to all distributors, including the Central American companies.

Form The Archive, The First Butane Battle
Here at Channel 7, you'll forgive us for questioning the "good guy" depiction of these Central American LPG companies. After all, back in February of 2011, our News Director, Jules Vasquez, exposed them in an investigative journalism piece for serially defrauding Belizean consumers. They were charging consumers for butane that they never went into the tank.

The Sweeping SOE S.I.
The government has released a synopsis of this week's revised conditions of the national state of emergency.It's a long document and mainly restricts movement in the Cayo District and limits business operation.It stresses that movement can only happen between 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m. and can only be for the purchase of food and essentials only.Exercise, jogging, walking or running, only, must be between 5:00 a.m.

Bze Ambassador To US Ready To Help
And, Belize's Ambassador to the USA, Daniel Gutierez is under a smilier kind of lockdown in Washington DC. The Embassy offices are closed but we spoke to him in DC where he wanted Belizeans in the US to know that they are still available to assist at the various consular offices:

Finding Fish In A Time Of COVID
But, right now let's take a wee break from all that COVID messaging. Yes, it's upon us, and we are all living in its clutches, but some sense of normalcy must prevail as we come into the Easter Weekend.Cherisse Halsall went looking for that at the Fish Market - where the cultural and religious practice of finding a Good Friday fish was in full effect. The Price of fish varied today and, while vendors say they were trying to help the poor we note that these average easter prices were set at the normal $8, $10, and $12 dollars a pound.

Remembering The Races
And while fish will be heartily consumed on Friday, the cross country bugle will not be sounded at dawn on Saturday. Due to the Coronavirus, there will be no Holy Saturday Cross Country Cycling Classic. The race has been ridden annually since 1928, through world wars and the aftermath of hurricanes, but this year, CORONA stopped cross country in its tracks.

No Street Passion Play in Benque
And while there won't be a cross country race this year, in Benque Viejo the treasured tradition of the Street reenactment or Passion Play is also cancelled. And to cushion the blow of canceled celebrations NICH has produced a series of videos that demonstrate ways in which religious ceremony and tradition can be expressed at home.

The Streets Sleep In Easter Week
And so while this Easter won't have a lot of the traditions that we're all so used to, including those treasured Easter outings to our rivers, coastline and cayes, it will have you and your family safe at home, and right now health is more important than any race or getaway.

Channel 5

Belize Confirms 9th COVID-19 Case
As we start the Easter weekend, the novel coronavirus continues to spread. Ministry of Health today confirmed the ninth case of the deadly COVID-19. The patient is a female minor [...]

Director of Health Services Explains Rejection of Test Kits
On Wednesday it came to light that Belize has rejected thousands of test kits that countries from the Central American Integration System were getting from the South Korean government. The [...]

John Briceño Says Let’s Make the System Work
Opposition Leader John Briceño, who is the co-chair of the National Oversight Committee, says that the ministry made a mistake by refusing the test kits from SICA.  Briceño says that [...]

State of San Ignacio Hospital’s Flu Clinic “Discouraging”
Flu clinics have been set up across the country as part of the efforts to identify COVID-19 cases. In San Ignacio, the clinic was partially set up at the San [...]

The Status of the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief
One thousand four hundred and eighty-eight applications for the COVID-19 unemployment relief programme have been processed and approved but about five hundred have been disbursed. The number of applications up [...]

The Unemployed Frustrated with Sluggish Relief Program
Leader of the Opposition John Briceño says that as many as sixty thousand applications for unemployment relief from Belizeans who have been have been left jobless due to the corona [...]

John Briceño: “I find it disgusting”
A two-minute video posted online by the U.D.P. Standard Bearer for Orange Walk Central, Denny Grijalva is being shot down by the Leader of the Opposition and Orange Walk Central [...]

A Group of Unemployed Persons Allowed off Ambergris Caye; Situation Grim
About sixty-nine persons left today from San Pedro Town to the mainland and others are expected to be transferred this weekend. These are person who lost their jobs and are [...]

Returnees Had to Get Health Inspection Clearance
While some of the returnees were from Belize City, a number were from the districts and lived on the island to earn their living. But with suspended bus runs and [...]

John Briceño: “government is under a severe cash flow crunch”
Public officers across the country find themselves without their scheduled salary before the Easter; they will now be paid until April fourteenth. While the government is obligated to pay salaries [...]

G.O.B. Fires Back at LPG Importers; John Briceño Asks Gov’t to Reconsider
The government today responded to statements made by attorney Audrey Matura on behalf of three liquefied petroleum gas importers as it relates to the G.O.B. blocking the companies from reducing [...]

Farmers Feeling the Brunt of COVID-19
Farmers suffered millions of dollars in losses in 2019 due to the drought. They were barely recovering when the COVID-19 started to spread in Belize, bringing economic activity to a [...]

Guatemalan Fugitive Returned to Melchor to Face Murder Charge
Attorneys headed to court today in the matter of a Guatemalan fugitive. On Wednesday, the Immigration Department surrendered a fugitive to Guatemalan authorities.  Edgar Cortez, who also goes by the [...]

Buying and Selling Fish During an State of Emergency!
Easter is cancelled – that’s the message that Belizeans heard straight from the Prime Minister. This Easter the country will spend under a state of emergency and curfew hours will [...]

Belize Police Department Receives Cheque from Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund
A third donation via the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund was disbursed today. It went to the Belize Police Department. Commissioner of Police Chester Williams received a cheque from Lyndon [...]

One Thousand Live Chickens for Cayo Residents
Additional measures taken by government to lockdown Cayo District for fourteen days have further restricted the movement of residents in the twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio.  Delivery, [...]

20,000 Masks Are Donated to Essential Frontline Workers
As cases of COVID-19 pop up in different parts of the country, the use of masks is becoming more prevalent, but less available for purchase. Frontline workers in health, sanitation [...]

Patient 8 Remains Hospitalized
COVID-19 patient number eight, fifty-year-old land inspector Ramsley Gillett, remains hospitalized tonight.  Gillett tested positive for COVID-19 on April seventh and is currently in the isolation area of the Corozal [...]

How to Keep Healthy During Quarantine
The Easter holiday is well upon us so there are those hot cross buns that form part of our diet in the next few days. We will all be at [...]

Sanitize Your Groceries!
If you will be doing grocery shopping over the weekend, aside from social distancing and wearing face masks, the nutritionist advises to be careful what you touch at the supermarket. [...]

Experts Entourage Breastfeeding during Pandemic
The adage Breast is Best still applies to keep babies healthy and strong. The experts are recommending that mothers continue to breastfeed but to take the necessary measures to protect [...]

Healthy Living: Tips for Pandemic Stress
The COVID-19 pandemic has usurped everyone’s attention. It’s on local and international television; it’s all over social media and the main topic of every group chat, and even at dinner [...]


MOH says there has been many efforts in acquiring additional testing kits
Reports surfaced yesterday that Belize had rejected as much as twenty-five thousand testing kits being offered from South Korea. According to a report on a local channel, there is a leaked memo that indicates that Belize is the only SICA country rejecting the offer of testing kits. It lends for speculation especially since Belize currently has an estimated seven hundred kits available.

People previously stranded in San Pedro return to mainland
People who were previously stranded in San Pedro Town are now being given the opportunity to return to Belize City. A boat with passengers arrived in the city this morning. Each person was carrying a letter that states their name, their reason for leaving San Pedro, and that they have been screened for COVID-19.

MOH figuring out who came in contact with patient seven and eight
Dr. Manzanero also spoke of the condition of Patients Seven and Eight and the mapping process.

A look at the cremation process and the COVID-19 protocols
The Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero mentioned yesterday that it was important that guidelines be set for how to handle to bodies of those that die as a result of COVID-19. One option looked at is cremating the bodies, as in the case of Hubert Pipersburgh.

Belize records its first minor to be infected with COVID-19
The Ministry of Health has confirmed a ninth case of COVID-19 in Belize. Not much was said about his particular case other than the Patient Number Nine is a minor who was mapped as having close contact with a previously identified patient.

Government of Belize issues an amended summary of Statutory Instrument Number Fifty Two
The Government of Belize issued an amended summary of Statutory Instrument Number Fifty Two of 2020 this afternoon that includes specific restrictions for those in the Cayo District. The release via their Press Office was issued to prevent any confusion or misunderstanding that may arise particularly over the Easter weekend.

Government commences the distribution of financial aid to the unemployed
Almost one week after the application portal was launched to assist unemployed persons, the Government of Belize has already reached out to almost one thousand five hundred applicants. A release from the Financial Task Force indicates that they have received fifty-nine thousand five hundred applications online with hard copies making up another total of applications sent in.

Conch season still closed
The Fisheries Department is reminding Belizeans that the queen conch fishery remains closed as declared by the Minister of Fisheries on March 27. The Department along with the Ministry are aware of the difficult times that the COVID-19 pandemic has created nationally and they are exploring options as it related to the future opening of both the spiny lobster and queen conch fisheries.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

BDF soldier placed in self-isolation; his colleagues placed in quarantine
A Belize Defense Force (BDF) soldier who is showing flu-like symptoms and was tested for […]

Taiwan comes through with $2 million more for COVID-19
The Republic of China (Taiwan), through its “Regional Emergency Fund against the COVID-19 Pandemic” under […]

Test kits from South Korea not accepted due to different standard
Last month the Heads of Government of the Central American Integration System (SICA) met and […]

Butane importers appeal to GOB to continue selling at reduced prices to help Belizeans
Butane importers appeal to GOB to continue selling at reduced prices to help Belizeans The three major importers […]

Belize Progressive Party concerned about timeliness of government unemployment assistance funds
The Belize Progressive Party (BPP) is concerned that the Government of Belize is not disseminating […]

Light a candle in support of front line workers
The Love Foundation and the Indian Merchants Association is inviting the entire country to a […]

Over 59,000 Belizeans apply for Covid-19 relief assistance; payments processed for 1,400 people
On Friday, April 3, the Government of Belize launched the COVID-19 e-Services Portal through which […]

Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 relief fund donates to police department for protective gear
The Belize Police Department has received a donation from the Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 relief fund. […]

Ministry of Health provides update on patient 9; says patient 7 is improving
The Government of Belize announced that a 9th person tested positive for Covid-19. According to […]

Ministry of Health explains test kits saga
Hours ao a report surfaced that the Government of Belize had rejected a donation of […]

Scotiabank announces closure of San Ignacio branch
Scotiabank announced that its San Ignacio branch is temporarily closed due to the latest national […]

Female minor confirmed as ninth COVID-19 patient
The Ministry of Health says a female minor who is an immediate contact of a […]

GOB updates list of essential workers and services under the law
The Government of Belize shared a list of essential workers and services under the law: […]

Movement allowed in other districts in Belize
The entire country is in a State of Emergency due to the Covid-19 threat. The […]

Government: No one is permitted in or out the Cayo District
The Statutory Instrument number 52 of 2020 informs the public that during the 14-day quarantine […]

All government offices in Cayo closed
The Government of Belize informed that all government offices in the Cayo District will be […]

List of movement allowed in Cayo District during quarantine
As announced by Prime Minister Dean Barrow on April 6, 2020, additional measures including a […]

Complete shutdown announced for businesses in Cayo on Sunday
The Government of Belize’s summary of Statutory Instrument 52 of 2020 indicates that on Sundays […]

Government shares list of businesses to remain closed in the Cayo District
The Government of Belize has issued a summary of the effect of Statutory Instrument 52 […]

Astrum Helicopters mourns passing of founding member
In 2006, Gustavo Giron Sr. and his son Gustavo Giron Jr. founded Astrum Helicopters with […]

“No Underwear” artist, Dexta Daps, arrested in Jamaica
Jamaican artist Louis Grandison, affectionately known as Dexta Daps, was scheduled to perform at the […]


United Brings Over 4,000 Americans Home on Repatriation Flights
In the past two weeks, United Airlines has led the charge with over 30 repatriation flights across Central and South America, including Belize. On April 14th, 2020, United will be working alongside the US Embassy Belize for the next scheduled repatriation flight. So far, United has brought over 4,500 Americans home, and is still planning more flights in coordination with government officials. Airlines continue to be essential to the travel industry, despite the financial losses they’ve taken during the pandemic.

Punta Gorda: A Charming Forgotten Town
Rich in natural attractions and diverse cultures, charming Punta Gorda is an undiscovered gem south of Belize. Punta Gorda is the capital and largest town of the Toledo District, geographically part of the Gulf of Honduras. This town is also the gateway to neighboring countries, Guatemala and Honduras. This town is best known for its Maya influence, great fishing, laid back lifestyle, and rich landscape. With a population of about 6,000 people with its inhabitants mostly of Ketchi, Mopan Maya, Spanish, Garifuna, East Indian, and Creole descent. Essentially, it’s known as a small melting pot town in the extreme south. In an article written by Dr. Gerald Zuniga from Guatemala, he ultimately described Punta Gorda Town as “the most beautiful town.” 

International Sourcesizz

The secret call of the wild: how animals teach each other to survive
Cultural knowledge, passed from animal to animal, is key to how species adapt to change in the world around them... Sam Williams’ Macaw Recovery Network in Costa Rica rewilds captivity-hatched fledgling scarlet and great green macaws. But introducing young birds into a complex forest world – bereft of the cultural education normally provided by parents – is slow and risky. For 30 years or so scientists have referred to the diversity of life on Earth as “biological diversity”, or just “biodiversity”. They usually define biodiversity as operating at three levels: the diversity of genes within any particular species; the diversity of species in a given place; and the diversity of habitat types such as forests, coral reefs, and so on. But does that cover it? Not really. A fourth level has been almost entirely overlooked: cultural diversity.

The Luxury Travel Sector is Aiding Communities During COVID-19
Managing Principal of Banyan Bay Suites, Grand Colony Villas snd Alaia Belize, Andrew Ashcroft, is keeping staff employed during the crisis to ensure that they continue to receive pay and benefits. He’s also leading humanitarian efforts in Belize by raising over $60,000 (BZE), he’s using to transform a school into a hospital on Ambergris Caye. His father, Lord Ashcroft, has personally donated $10 million (BZE) to the fight against COVID-19 in Belize, $100,000 of which recently went to Hope Haven Children’s Home and Community Center.

Multicultural Art Lessons for Kids
Multi-Cultural Art at home for kids! Get ready to discover art from around the world! Here you will find traditional folk art techniques from Africa, South America, North America, Australia (and more). Your students and children can make cool multicultural creations as they learn more about the world around them.


  • Mexique Belize 2007, 15min.

  • Thursday's "Ask the Experts", 60min.

  • Despierta Belice April 9 2020, 4hr.

  • Dr. Clive Landis onOpen Your Eyes, 1.5min. Belize is conducting COVID-19 testing at world standards according to Dr. Clive Landis, Chairman of UWI Regional COVID-19 Task Force. Dr. Landis made an appearance on Channel 5’s Open Your Eyes morning show yesterday to discuss the Caribbean’s response to COVID-19 and this is what he had to say about testing in Belize and the region.

  • Taiwan Contributes BZ$2 Million to Fight COVID-19 in Belize, 11.5min. The Republic of China (Taiwan) today, April 9th, added to its March 25th contribution an additional BZ$2 million to contain the spread of COVID-19 in Belize. This is for urgently needed additional personal protective equipment, medical equipment, testing kits, and laboratory supplies for frontline medical service providers countrywide.

  • How to make Sawdust Carpets, 4min. This year, we won't be able to create the traditional sawdust carpets due to safety measures being taken for prevention of the COVID 19 virus, however, here goes an excellent tuturial on how the colorful sawdust used is dyed and prepared. Enjoy!!