May face charges for movement outside of curfew on a Sunday

According to the BCG’s Patrol Commander, they received a report from residents at Secret Beach about a person who went out on a green kayak around 10AM on Sunday. They lost track of him and made the report the day when he did not return. The BCG first searched the Cayo Rosario area, then headed to Blackadore Caye, some five miles away from Secret Beach, where they found the missing individual around 3:30PM.

According to the patrol commander, the individual claimed the kayak, which he reportedly took from the beach, began taking in water, and due to the strong winds drifted to Blackadore Caye. There he spent the night and was found in good health, wearing only his underwear and had survived the night on coconuts. The police are currently investigating the incident, and no charges have been filed as yet.

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