A total of 62,706 applications have been received through the COVID19 electronic services portal starting at 2:00 pm on April 14, plus a fewer physical applications received for the Unemployment Relief Program by COVID-19.

The program was designed with the aim of providing financial aid to those who were fired due to the COVID-19. crisis. The program also provides assistance to those who remained unemployed before the beginning of the COVID pandemic - 19 and now they go through harder times.

So far, the Economic Monitoring Team that oversees program operations has been processing these applications and as of noon, 7,247 applications were approved and sent to the Social Security Board (SSB) for disbursement. Approximately 7,500 additional applications are being processed and are expected to be ready for approval, in phases, between this afternoon and tomorrow morning.

Applicants who have been approved must receive a text message with the following message: " Your application for unemployment relief was approved and sent to SSB for disbursement."

Those applicants who were approved and whose applications sent for disbursement from Thursday, April 9, before the long weekend, should have received payments in their bank accounts today, April 14

The Economic Monitoring Team is dedicated to the rapid review of all applications received and ensuring a response is sent as soon as processing is completed. However, in some cases, applicants need to be contacted to make corrections to incorrect information and this affects the processing of applications even more.

According to the rules of social distancing and protocols established by the state of emergency, every applicant is advised to submit their online application via a computer, tablet, or a smart mobile phone with internet access. This will guarantee the shortest time between when you submit your application, approval and payment of relief. If you need help filling out the form, you can access a short instructive video on the website www.covid19.bz or you can contact leaders in your community for assistance.

Please remember that physical applications are manually registered to the portal so this additional process increases the time between the moment you deliver the physical application and approval of disbursement.