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The San Pedro Sun

COVID-19 and Caye Caulker: Village Council and volunteers handling the crisis alone
Ambergris Caye’s sister island Caye Caulker has seen its share of struggles in the fight against COVID-19, which has severely impacted the national economy. Like Ambergris Caye, tourism was the main fuel of Caye Caulker’s economy and with its absence, many have lost jobs and are in dire situations. Allegedly, government has yet to render any assistance, and the Caye Caulker Village Council (CCVC), along with volunteers and donors have been doing their best to assist the most vulnerable islanders with meals and groceries. On Thursday, April 16th, the CCVC detailed how their relief program has been tending to the less fortunate in these difficult times.

GOB: Update on COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program
As of noon on Thursday, April 16th, a total of 65,762 applications have been submitted online since the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program was opened to accept applications on April 3, 2020. Of these applications, 23,264, have been approved and sent to Social Security Board (SSB) during the period of April 9th to 15th for payment into applicants’ accounts. By the end of today, April 16th, all these approved payments will have been sent to the banks and credit unions for deposit.

San Pedro Lions Club joins relief efforts on the island
As Ambergris Caye remains in lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, volunteers and community organizations are trying their best to assist vulnerable families most affected by the crisis. The San Pedro Lions Club recently joined in the efforts and donated goods to several families across the island, targeting mainly senior citizens. According to Vice-President Everette Anderson, they held their first distribution on Monday, April 13th. This work is part of their mission, which is to always be there for the community and help wherever possible. The Club did not approach anyone for donations, but rather, used some of their savings to assist senior citizens identified through their database, including islanders who have always supported them.

Ambergris Today

140 US Residents Headed Home From Belize Today
Another group of 140 U.S. citizens departed Belize today, Thursday, April 16, 2020, on a commercial repatriation flight to the United States. Thanks to the Government of Belize and United Airlines the flight was made possible to send Americans home. U.S. Embassy Belmopan says it remains committed to providing urgent assistance to all U.S. citizens still in Belize. The fully booked United Airlines flight UA3042, departed Philip Goldson International Airport at 12:00 noon and arrived in Houston at 15:28 pm. (pics by US Embassy Belize)

Various Belizean Sources


FCCA Children's Essay Competition
It's that time of year again for the FCCA Children's Essay competition. Know a talented student? Encourage them to apply and they may win a generous prize!

CARSI Small Grants Notice of Funding Opportunity Is Now Open For Applications
The U.S. Embassy in Belmopan, Belize announces a notice of funding opportunity (NOFO) strengthening government through Civil Society Engagement. To learn more about this opportunity and eligibility requirements, please visit and search for “Belmopan.” All grant proposals MUST be submitted on the website. Closing date for proposal submission: June 3, 2020

The Rotary Club of Benque did some power-washing
Full heart, thank you so much for the support!! Blessings to each of you that I make this possible for the second occasion. Together we stand out any calamity.

World Health Organization recommendations on washing clothes and linen
Q: How do I ensure clothes and bed-linen don't spread COVID-19? A: Don’t carry dirty linen or clothes against your body. Wash them in hot water, where possible, with laundry detergent or soap.

On this day 150 years ago Maya Icaiche General Marcos Canul occupied Corozal Town
We give great thanks to historian Roy Rodriguez who researched and compiled the information below. On this day 150 years ago Maya Icaiche General Marcos Canul occupied Corozal Town. We give great thanks to historian Roy Rodriguez who researched and compiled the information below. The Icaiche Maya group and Cruzo'ob Maya were both Yucatec Maya. Villages like Patchakan and Xaibe in Corozal were well known Cruzo'ob Maya villages . The Cruzo'ob Maya descendants are still found in Corozal District, while the Icaiche are mostly in Orange Walk. Descendants like like Faustino Yam, Gaspar Ken, Jeremias Tzul and others are Cruzo'ob Maya descent.

Update on Unemployment Relief Program
As of noon today Thursday, April 16th, a total of 65,762 applications have been submitted online since the program was opened to accept applications on April 3, 2020. Of these applications, 23,264, have been approved and sent to Social Security Board (SSB) during the period of April 9th to 15th for payment into applicants’ accounts. By the end of today, April 16th, all these approved payments will have been sent to the banks and credit unions for deposit. While the majority of the payments are being credited correctly, there are, however, a notable number of them (about 15%) that have been returned from the banks because incorrect banking information was provided by the applicants.

Republic of China (Taiwan) Donates Face Masks to the Ministry of Health
In a brief ceremony today, April 16th, the Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin received, on behalf of the Government of Belize, 60,000 face masks from the Government of the Republic China (Taiwan) through its Ambassador to Belize H.E. Remus Li-Kou Chen. In addition to today’s donation, the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) will also donate six infrared thermal imaging cameras, to be shipped to Belize next week. The equipment can be used to track the temperature of more than 10 persons at a time on the monitor. They will be installed in hospitals where there is a large inflow of persons in order to detect anyone who might have a fever.

This is our data up until 3 pm today. The physical/social distancing and other elements such as hand washing and avoid being out in public are important elements that we need to continue to stress. We need to continue to work as a community in addressing COVID-19 and the other elements associated to it.

Cost and Financial Management During the COVID-19 Crisis
21st April, 2020 at 10am. "Most businesses are now focused on protecting employees, understanding risk within their business and managing supply chains. Under ‘normal’ circumstances good cash flow management is important for any business looking to succeed. In this new COVID-19 environment it is critical to survive through this crisis."

Portrait Proceeds Directed to Families in need
Many people are reaching out and trying their best to help whose who need the most. YOU inspire me and I want to do something to help too! Many thanks to Maryam Abdul Qawiyy for assisting me and linking me to “Belize Emergency Relief” thats created by Aline Habib and Khadijah Assales. Many thanks to Aline and Khadijah for allowing me to use their platform. In collaborating with them, I’ll be able to focus on the paintings and contribute. I’m not sure if this project will make any difference but I want to try.

Headed Home to the USA
Another group of 140 U.S. citizens departed Belize today on a commercial repatriation flight to the United States. Thanks to the Government of Belize and United Airlines for making today’s flight possible to send Americans home. U.S. Embassy Belmopan remains committed to providing urgent assistance to all U.S. citizens still in Belize.

Hydro Panels Making Water on Caye Caulker
The hydro panels are making water and tomorrow, you can come over to the Caye Caulker Roman Catholic School between the hours of 1:30p.m. to 3:30p.m. to fill up two gallon containers per family for free. Community members coming out to get water should wear a mask and must be prepared to practice the social distancing rules.

Clarification by Caye Caulker Village Council
After some stern allegations made by Ms. Cher Mungovan, the Caye Caulker Village Council want to make several clarifications. On April 1nd, 2020 the chairlady received a call from Quality Poultry manager saying that they were banned from selling on the island. The chairlady clarified that there is a growing concern going forward as there is an increase number of COVID-19 cases in Belize City. The manager at first was saying they were being barred from coming to Caye Caulker and the chairlady clarified the situation as it was raised by many and reminded him, as a corporate business, the Caye Caulker community have not benefitted from this company and in time of need they should consider giving back to Caye Caulker.

Let's Rise Telethon
The Let's Rise Telethon starts at 9:00am today, April 17th. It's to raise funds to help those in need. "BELIZEANS and BELIZEAN SUPPORTERS AT HOME AND ABROAD....Tune in this FRIDAY APRIL 17th from 9am on LOVE TV/Radio and BE A PART OF THE Covid19 SOLUTION, TOGETHER LETS RISE UP AND HELP BELIZE "

Belize's Pulse in Latin America
The Directorate General for Foreign Trade, Belize has released an economic publication entitled: Belize's Pulse in Latin America. It focuses on the PSA's between the countries, and while it covers all of Central America, it goes in depth about the trade between Belize and Guatemala. "Take a deeper look at Belize's trade with Latin America and the opportunities presented by Belize's trade agreements with countries in this region."

Millennium Radio is having a food drive in Benque
Let them know if you can help out. At Millennium Radio 106.5FM we are raising funds to purchase food and necessities especially for persons who do not meet the measurements for assistance from the Government of Belize. With the funds we raise we will use it to buy food from local businesses to also help support them during these difficult time. We are also accepting food (cans, milk, flour, sugar, rice, cooking oil, salt etc).

The Let's Rise Telethon
The Let's Rise Telethon starts this morning at 9:00am. Proceeds go to those families in need. BELIZEANS and BELIZEAN SUPPORTERS AT HOME AND ABROAD....Tune in this FRIDAY APRIL 17th from 9am on LOVE TV/Radio and BE A PART OF THE Covid19 SOLUTION, TOGETHER LETS RISE UP AND HELP BELIZE

Benque Community Covid-19 Emergency Fundraiser
Who I'm raising money for Let’s contribute and help our people back in our community.. $2 would be a pound of rice in a household. Why I'm raising money: Covid-19 is hitting our people hard, our kids hungry. How donations will be used: Temporary only accepting monetary donation. On behalf of our people of Benque and surrounding villages we thank you all in advance.

Belize Water Services Notice
Effective April 17, 2020 all offices will be opened for customers to utilize cashier services.

BEL Kids YouTube Channel
We invite families to check out our New Kids YouTube Channel created for children to view videos on fitness, arts, wellness, and other activities.

Fires in the Chiquibul Forest
Forest fires have prominently been observed and felt across the country. The Chiquibul Forest is no exception. Along the western border at least three large fires have been observed caused by farmers engaged in agricultural farming. FCD finds it more essential to develop a Fire Management Plan that will help prevent, contain and combat forest fires as we move into drier years.

There is a phrase that says 'nothing is certain but death and taxes'. The phrase means that everything in life is uncertain, but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes. I would like to share with you what has been our vision for the Belize Heritage Plaza keeping in mind the above phrase. The Belize Heritage Plaza (formerly known as the Paslow) was well on its way to completion before COVID-19 came along. Currently, this project, along with all of the other projects under the Downtown Rejuvenation Project have been suspended for an indefinite period of time.

OCEANA Job Opening: Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant
An exciting new employment opportunity is now available here at Oceana. You or someone you know could be the newest member of our team!

Laughter is the best medicine, and happy is healthier. 1. "They should not allow topless sunbathing on the beach. It was very distracting for my husband who just wanted to relax." 2. "On my holiday to Ambergris Caye, I was disgusted to find that almost every restaurant served spicy food. I don't like spicy food." 3. "We went on holiday to Cayo and had a problem with the taxi drivers as they were all Spanish." 4. "We booked an excursion to a water park but no-one told us we had to bring our own swimsuits and towels. We assumed it would be included in the price."

Santiago Pech was a Yucatec Maya leader of the Icaiche Maya . In 1875 Santiago Pech and a group of Maya marched on Holotonich and restated a prior claim to the left bank of the Belize river down to Black Creek mounth. By 1882 Santiago Pech had appointed Alcaldes at Holotunich,San Jose Yalbac and San Pedro in the Yalbac area . The Yucatec Maya continued to resist the British invaders until 1930's until the BEC burn down their houses and milpas in Northwestern Belize.

San Pedro: Current restaurants offering delivery

Channel 7

PM: Gov't Funds Flatline, But Non-Partisan Support For The Most Needy Will Roll Out
The good news tonight is that there is no new case of COVID-19 in Belize to report tonight.  And while that is encouraging news, for tens of thousands of Belizeans who have lost their jobs, and their livelihoods, there is deepening social despair and growing desperation. Just a few minutes ago, the Prime Minister released a statement discussing the measures being taken to get relief for Belizeans who are going hungry.  Here are a few of his remarks form that 10 minute address:

Alleged Gangsters Get Free After 30 Days
29 days ago, on March 18, police and the state launched Southside State of Emergency.  It covered 8 areas of the Southside and sent more than 100 alleged gangsters to jail for 30 days - no questions asked, no arraignment before a judge, no presumption of innocence.  At the time, the Attorney General said it would be renewed for another 30 or 60 days at the end of the first 30.   But, either there's been a change of heart, or events have overtaken - after all, we're now in a national state of emergency due to COVID-19 - and indications are tonight that the 100+ alleged gangsters could be coming out of prison either today or tomorrow.

18 COVID Cases, Two Dead, 16 Encouraging
Turning back now to COVID-19 news, as we said at the top, there are no new cases to report tonight.   So, since Monday, no new cases have been detected - while testing continues.  So, of the 18 cases detected, two have died, and 16 are still COVID 19 positive.   Today on Ask The Experts, The Director of Health Services also gave an encouraging update on those 16:

Head of KHMH ICU On Quarantine
And while that is indeed encouraging news, there is much to be learnt from the sxscanraio with patient 10, Conrad Everette, who died from CVOID-10 complication on Good Friday. After that, a number of frontline medical professionals from Healthcare Partners and the KHMH had to be quarantined at a local hotel. One of them is the head of the intensive care unit - Dr. Pedro Ariaga.   We spoke to him today in his hotel room where his is on day 10 of his quarantine. We discussed the handling of patient 10 and the controversey via zoom video conference:

Putting Together The Belize City Cluster
And that patient 10 came from the cluster at a Belize City Party at Downtown Place on March 14th.  More than 100 persons attended - and they are now coming in for tests according to Dr. Manzanero:

Can School Start Again?
And so, looking now at the larger national picture, what should be the Easter holidays are coming to a close, when CAN school start?   "The short answer is, we don't know. Up until next weekend, next 8 to 10 days is when we start looking at the numbers and see whether we can make that recommendation and also follow what other countries are doing in terms of opening up..."

Pump Prices Will Go Down Sharply Sunday
World oil prices are at a two decade low, the price for a barrel of oil has literally crashed.   But pump prices in Belize still aren't moving.  So what's up with that?  Well, the problem is the old stock.  Because of the national shutdown, oil inventory is moving so slowly that the new, cheaper stock cannot get into the system.  

Update on Unemployment Relief Program
Last night we gave you an in-depth look at the candid conversation that led to the resignation of SSB chairman Dough Singh. You'll recall that Singh made some disparaging comments which he later admitted could distract from the PM's COVID time relief efforts.  But even without their chairman, the SSB is soldering on, still hard at work to ensure that Belizeans receive their long-awaited unemployment relief funds.   And as of noon today, Thursday, April 16th, a total of 65,762 applications had been submitted online.

PM Calls Doug's Departure "Sad"
And the man who was the tip of that spear, the social security board chairman Doug Singh was forced to resign two days ago - after ugly remarks emerged. So,  who will replace him. We asked the Prime Minister today, and he told us quote, "I am very sad to see Doug Singh go, especially at a time like this..."

Very Many Masks From Taiwan
Last night, we told you about the of 60,000 face masks that the Taiwanese Government shipped to Belize. They were making this generous donation to the frontline medical personnel who are at risk of being infected with COVID-19 while they attempt to look after sick Belizeans.  Well, the Taiwanese Ambassador handed over those masks to Health Minister Pablo Marin in Belmopan today, during a short ceremony.

Community Cottage Industry of Mask Making
And while Taiwan is coming through with 60 thousand masks, the efforts at the cottage industry, ground level are just as significant. Feste Films has the story of one Belmopan mask maker who turned form housewife to mask maker for a friend at a pharmacy who saw the need in the community.

Cattle Trade Stopped in Bullet Tree
For the past 2 days, we've been reporting on the plight of the local livestock producers.  Poultry farmers are experiencing a 50% reduction in revenues because Belizeans aren't buying chicken in the usual quantities, due to COVID-19. If they aren't able to move substantial quantities of their chicken, they run the risk of running out of cold storage for all that meat. Dairy producers have had to dump their products which have spoilt due to the decrease in sales, and the short shelf life.

Food Lines In Dangriga Town
Just a few minutes ago, we told you about the government's unemployment relief program, which is already delivering some ease to the thousands of Belizeans who lost their jobs due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Then, there is the food assistance program that has been launched to look after Belizeans who were unemployed before then Our colleagues from Plus TV got a few glimpses of how the food package program was being rolled out in Dangriga Town. With their help, Daniel Ortiz put together this report:

Relief Food Packages Will Go To Corner Stores
As we discussed last night, this food package program is being initially funded with 10 million dollars to feed what could work out to be three thousand or more households countrywide with a bi weekly package.   The idea is to make these packages available at neighbourhood groceries where the Ministry of Human Development would provide them with shopping lists to be filled:

Getting The Farmers Involved
And, there will be a deliberate strategy to involve local producers who have produce and meat to sell, but now have limited market options due to COVID-19: Hon. Anthony "Boots" Martinez - Minister of Human Development: "I feel that the people that the produce chicken, at least in this first brush can't complain at all because like what I said, 4,900 originally on pantry, that transfer into 8,018 chicken..."

Ariaga: Include Intensivists in the Conversation
And just like the Ministry of Human Development are looking out for those in the agricultural sector, today, the head of the KHMH intensive care unit told us that intensivists like himself, and others need to be included in the discussion about the national medical response to COVID-19: Dr. Pedro Ariaga - Head of ICU, KHMH: "Again you know we are not law makers in this country, I think everybody has a roll in this. So I think I would like to see the politicians they will take into consideration..."

Public Doctors, Private Prohibition
New, fine tuned regulations for the national state of emergency come into effect tomorrow.  They are mostly housekeeping, tightening up on a curfew for minors and extending opening hours for banks and utilities. But there's also one which says that doctors who work in the public sector cannot do double duty in the private sector during the state of emergency. Dr. Manzanero explained the effect and extent of that today:

An Enduring Social Distance
Speaking more broadly about the national state of emergency and the fact that there have been no positive tests reported for three days, the public asked Manzanero when the social distancing regulations will be relaxed: "The short answer is, we don't know. Up until next weekend, next 8 to 10 days is when we start looking at the numbers and see whether we can make that recommendation and also follow what other countries are doing in terms of opening up..."

The Importance of Mapping Investigations
Also on Ask the Experts today, Principal Public Health Inspector John Bodden reminded the public that mapping efforts for infected persons can prove futile with complete cooperation. This was Brough into focus this weekend when we learned that Patient 10, the second man to die from COVID-19 in Belize, was likely exposed at a large birthday party he attended in Mid-March.

Cayman's So. Ko. Test Kits Not Like CABEI's So. Ko. Test Kits
And while the Public does its part, GOB is tasked with making the hard choices such as which tests, donated or not, can be incorporated into an expanded testing effort.  As we told you, the government of Belize is buying a significant number of tests from our neighbour, Grand Cayman which has a super abundance.  They brought it from South Kore and are selling it to their Caribbean neighbours at cost.   Today we asked the Director of Health Services Dr. Marvin Manzanero why the Cayman tests sourced from South Korea will work when the tests CABEI donated to Central America, also from South Korea wouldn't. Dr. Marvin Manzanero - Director of Health Services "I know that there is discussion between the two Lab directors because a test from Cayman even though they are compatible also requires extraction enzymes which we have not procured we have procured enzymes for the current PCR tests that we have."

The Dialogue Between Doctors
In other news, we've told you that the Belize Medical and Dental Association says it has been given very little say in government planning for the pandemic. And to add injury to insult their representative was locked out of a task force meeting last week. But this afternoon DHS Manzanero said he's been chatting with BMDA president Jose Moguel. They haven't hashed out many issues but the Ministry of Health is ensuring that doctors are furnished with information and additional training at this time.

Can Bodies Be Contagious?
You've seen mass burials in Italy and New York City and heard heart-wrenching stories of COVID-19 patients made to die alone, their disease too contagious to risk the exposure of their families. But can the body of a COVID-19 victim transmit the disease? Health Inspector John Bodden addressed that concern today.

In COVID Era, Funeral Traditions End
Belizean funerals have rituals which are ingrained cultural practices. We say farewell to our dead with all the caring we showed them in life. But at the height of this pandemic where funerals are limited to 10 persons, and all of our norms are suspended, the spectre of COVID 19 makes it even more difficult to bury a loved one.   Today, Bodden discussed why, right now, it's difficult to allow families unfettered access to their dead. 

Strict Rules For Burying A COVID Patient
And Bodden took some time to explain the protocols GOB has put in place for the handling of deceased persons with known or suspected COVID-19.  John Bodden - Principal, Public Health Inspector: "In general, we have four specifics areas that we focus on and one of them was actually to draft the management of protocols for deceased persons with known or suspected COVID-19 cases and as you know now that we have progressed with the emergency we now have two deaths and of course that triggered the need for the burial of those individuals..."

Take a Break From The Barrel
And switching gears now to some of the important public notices we didn't get to in yesterday's Meet the Experts session…If you are one of those Belizeans who regularly receive barrels of goods and or other cargo from family or friends living in the US, the Attorney General is hoping that you will curtail your shipping needs, at least until the COVID-19 threat is over.  Here's how he explained his stance on the issue:

AG: Give Essential Workers A Break
The Attorney General is also asking the management of companies that are allowed to conduct business until 4 p.m. during weekdays to be reasonable with their employees.  He notes that as of Friday there will be a 4 p.m. children's curfew and  some of these employees are parents who have to make babysitting arrangements.

Deliver, Don't Take Out
And, Peyrefitte warns, restaurants also have to make accommodations. That's mainly because under the national state of emergency rules which went into effect on Saturday night, restaurants and eateries can only make deliveries:

Body Found, No Foul Play
On Tuesday we told you that the body of 70-year old Salvadoran national Pedro Fuentes was found at his workplace, a dumpsite near a valley of peace. Fuentes left for work on Easter Monday but by nightfall when he hadn't returned home a search party was organized to locate him. That search ended on Tuesday afternoon when Fuentes was dead and in a partially decomposed state.

Channel 5

Bullet Tree Falls Chairman Proposes Toll for Cattle Trade
Every sector is being affected by this novel coronavirus and it includes the productive sector.  The exportation of livestock to Guatemala via Bullet Tree Falls is an informal industry that [...]

Cattle Trade at a Standstill, Millions Lost in Revenue
During the meeting, Chairman Pinelo informed the panel that prior to the suspension of cattle export in the area, farmers were often seen paying out monies to police officers stationed [...]

DHS Clarifies Internal Memo to Doctors
An internal memo from the Ministry of Health surfaced on Wednesday night. It follows statements made by the Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte hours earlier that doctors will no longer be [...]

Specialized Services at the K.H.M.H. Uninterrupted
But what about those specialized care services offered by doctors at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital? While those with insurance may be able to access these services at private healthcare [...]

Ministry of Health Finding Other Ways to Import Medical Supplies
We have reported that a number of medical items in demand during the COVID-19 pandemic ordered from U.S. suppliers have been blocked from arriving at the Bahamas, Barbados and the [...]

COVID-19 Data Up: 651 Screened; Positive Cases Remain at 18
Across the globe, there is a call for more testing to determine as much as possible the number of persons carrying the virus and to contain its spread. Even persons [...]

PM Barrow’s Latest Address on COVID-19
Since we reported on Wednesday on the COVID Relief Programme, the number of applications submitted has increased by another two thousand persons, though the number of applications has now tapered.  [...]

New Under-16 Curfew Measure Takes Effect
So there is no date for schools to re-open but at midnight tonight, new curfew measures restricting those who are sixteen-years-old and under take effect. From four p.m. to eight [...]

When Will School Reopen?
When will classes be re-opened? That’s the question parents, teachers and students are asking. But that answer isn’t so clear cut at this time. As you know there are a [...]

Poultry Sector Braces for Economic Shock!
The impact of the COVID-19 is being felt everywhere. While the agro-productive sector is considered essential – it is also not immune to the shocks locally. As we’ve reported this [...]

Dairy Farmers and Producers Feel the Impact of COVID-19!
And while the problems in the livestock sector affect those who are moving cattle to be exported, it is also affecting the dairy cattle. These are cows bred for the [...]

Drought to Compound Economic Losses on Poultry and Grain Sectors in Spanish Lookout
Dairy farmers are also staring down a drought that is expected to have serious consequences on the sector. The poultry farmers and grain growers are also expected to take a [...]

COVID-19 Hospitalized Patients Doing Well! K.H.M.H. I.C.U. Patient Transferred to Western Health Region
During today’s Ask the Experts online show, Director of Health Services Doctor Marvin Manzanero also gave an update on the condition of the two hospitalized COVID-19 patients. He noted that [...]

Screening Infographics Updated 3:00 p.m. Daily
Doctor Manzanero also gave an overview of how the testing data is being shared. As you know by now, the number of positive cases remains at eighteen, which includes the [...]

Medical Doctors Undertake Online Training Sessions
And on the topic of COVID-19, Director of Health Services Manzanero says that they are ensuring that medical personnel have access to online educational resources and sessions. He says that [...]

Tackling Social Distancing
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams spoke to News Five today about the issue the department is facing with citizens adhering to social distancing guidelines. On Wednesday, we showed you the [...]

Bishop Dorick Wright: Jovial but Stern
Bishop Dorick Wright passed away at five-fifteen on Wednesday morning in Belize City. In paying homage to Bishop Wright, his colleagues in the priesthood have been reflecting on his many [...]

Management Protocols for the Handling and Disposal of COVID-19 Positive Corpses
So far, two persons have died from COVID-19 and as we know, the protocols for their burial are within the established measures set by the World Health Organization. The Public [...]

Public Health Inspector on Gears and Shipping of COVID-19 Bodies
Public Health Inspector John Bodden also shares the protective gears to be used in the process of disposal of bodies of both known and suspected COVID-19 patients. Bodden says that [...]

Healthy Living: Dialysis Plea
Since the start of April, Belizeans have been asked to stay home to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus. This restriction on movement was tightened on Sunday when the [...]

The Reporter

Gang Members to be Released?
The Reporter has confirmed with a prison source that 137 gang members detained in Belize City 30 days ago during a citywide dragnet are set to be released shortly. A State of Emergency which targeted 8 zones in Belize City was declared after crime in the city had left multiple persons, including two children, dead. Sources in the Police Department had indicated to the Reporter that there would be a discussion on extending the period of detention for possibly another sixty days.

Please note that if you have applied for COVID-19 Relief Assistance being provided by the Government of Belize and NOT the Social Security Board, you can use the numbers shared with us by the COVID-19 Relief Team for assistance in addressing your queries or concerns on your application and payment: 621-3618 | 621-3400 | 604-4645


15,197 applications excluded from Unemployment Relief Program
65,762 Belizeans have applied for the Unemployment Relief Program since it was opened to applications on April 3. This should theoretically mean that over 65,000 Belizeans are in need of financial assistance as they are currently unemployed and unable to work due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

DHS explains memo to private doctors
An internal memo from the Director of Health Services took flight yesterday and raised concerns for many. The document addressed to the Regional Management Team stated, in part, quote, “Given the recent issue of how Covid-19 has evolved for the Belize context, we are hereby asking all health staff across all levels to suspend all their private practice services effective immediately as this curtails the risk of exposure in terms of COVID-19.”

Belize CitCo outlines payment options
The Belize City Council has issued a release on how to facilitate payment to them since they have had to put in various operational changes associated with the COVID-19 pandemic and related national response. As it relates to Belize City residents who wish to make payments, they have several choices.

Doctors deployed to the Western Health Region
A cadre of doctors was deployed to the Western Health Region to perform as front line workers in the Covid-19 response. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz has the details.

Minister of Human Development speaks on the state of the Food Pantry Program
The Food Pantry Program is a program set in place by the Ministry of Human Development to fight against malnutrition by subsidizing basic food baskets. These baskets are offered every week at a low price and the program has approximately 17,000 beneficiaries, according to the Food and Nutrition Security (FNS).

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Taiwan donates face masks to Ministry of Health
Today, the Minister of Health, Pablo Marin received, on behalf of the Government of Belize, […]

Government to roll out emergency countrywide food assistance program
Prime Minister Dean Barrow informed the nation today that the government will roll out an […]

Prime Minister Dean Barrow: “We are fortified in combatting the enemy”
Prime Minister Dean Barrow: “We are fortified in combatting the enemy” Prime Minister Dean Barrow today updated the […]

Taxi operators in crisis?
We have well documented the impacts of the economy and tourism as a result of […]

Bush fire causes major concerns for residents in Santa Cruz
Last night, Breaking Belize News reported of an extensive bush fire in the Santa Cruz […]

COVID-19 vaccine made in Cuba to be clinically trialled
Might the desperately-needed cure for COVID-19 which originated in the Old World, come from the […]

Over 23,000 applications approved for unemployment relief program
As of noon today Thursday, April 16, a total of 65,762 applications have been submitted […]

Dr. Marvin Manzanero explains importance of leaked memo
Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero today explained the content and importance of a […]

Director of Health Services: No date yet for re-opening of classes
On the Ask the Experts show today, Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero answered […]

Orange Walk, Toledo and Stann Creek remain COVID-19 free
There are currently 18 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in three districts of Belize. Of those […]

Gallardo Services and Hardware donates COVID-19 testing booth
Gallardo Services and Hardware in Belmopan has delivered a COVID-19 testing booth to the Western […]

Ministry of Health mandates suspension of private practice for public health workers
The Ministry of Health has issued a memo requiring all public health staff to cease […]

Let us prepare for the rise of the Phoenix
By Charles Leslie Jr.: Sooner than later, as our country begins to figure out how to get the economy going again and move forward, external forces and our own internal instincts and desires will try to convince us to get back to "normal..."


140 More Americans Depart Belize on Repatriation Flight
On April 16th, 2020, a group of an additional 140 American citizens departed Belize on a commercial United repatriation flight home. This return flight to Houston, Texas was made possible for American nationals to return to the US amidst the coronavirus pandemic in Belize. In the past few weeks, United Airlines has led the charge with over 30 repatriation flights across Central and South America, including Belize. United Airlines has worked alongside the US Embassy Belize for this scheduled repatriation flight.

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Earthquake of magnitude 6.0 rocks northern Honduras
An earthquake of magnitude 6.0 rocked northern Honduras at approximately 13:45 pm IST. As per the United States Geological Survey (USGS), the epicenter of the quake lies 55 kilometers north of Savannah Bight, Honduras, somewhere in the Caribbean sea.

CCJ marks its 15th anniversary: Three landmark rulings
The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) is celebrating 15 years of operations, today. To mark their Crystal Anniversary, Loop News has looked at rulings handed down by the CCJ that have changed the Caribbean Community.

When Princess Ships Could Start Sailing Again
Princess Cruises has announced an extension of its pause of service through June, also making changes to the Alaska season. The new Enchanted Princess is also delayed. A look at the expected first sailing of each Princess ship as the cruise industry gets back into service (all information is subject to change due to the COVID-19 crisis):

The New Face of Central America Multi-Destination after the crisis
The world faces one of the most important challenges in modern history. CATA invites you to participate in the webinar series: The New Face of Central America Multi-Destination after the crisis


  • Belize Trip 2019, 2.5min. We went swimming with stingrays, manatees, nurse sharks and tons more. The water is incredibly clear and the people are so friendly. Had a great time and glad we went.

  • Weekend Warriors Series Race (Belize), 62min. Belmopan - Sibun - Belmopan Stage Race (Hills) won by Geoffrey Waight.

  • Belize Spring Break 2020, 6min.

  • Frontline health workers at the KHMH in Belize City, 1min.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - GLORIA MAE WAGNER, 2min.

  • 3 days sail Belize to Isla Mujeres, Mexico, 18min. After a week or more of unsettled weather, it looks like a Wx window for us to move North is opening up tomorrow. So we set sail for Commerce Bight and catch lots of fish along the way. The next day brings perfect sailing weather! Enjoy watching us sail day one of a perfect 3 day beam reach sail North up the coast of the Western Caribbean.

  • Belize Dive - 26 December 2019, 6.5min. Peter and I had numerous sightings in this dive! Seeing the dolphin under water was such a surreal experience! We even saw a curious nurse shark that stopped by to hangout with a lobster! The dive site was the Little Elbow and the Playground at Turneffe Atoll.

  • Divers in Belize find themselves surrounded by big sharks, 1min. These divers in Belize had ventured out on a wall dive near the Great Blue Hole. They had been drifting along and watching the endless variety of corals and sea fans that they were swept past. They were seeing coloured fish of incredible variety and indescribable beauty. But unexpectedly, they were surrounded by curious sharks. Most were reef sharks, scavengers of the ocean that seldom bite humans.

  • Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow Updates the Nation on COVID-19 Response, 10min. "Our Country is Broke - We will deliver to our people"

  • BUSHFIRE IN-FRONT OF ENTRANCE TO COROZAL HOSPITAL, 1min. Come on now people of Corozal bay let's work together to save lives and property in this time of crisis, who in their right mind would light a fire like this right in front of the hospital entrance causing all the toxic smoke to blow in thre direction of the hospital.

  • We are proud to help get another 140 Americans Home, 3min. U.S. Embassy Belize

  • Our Travel to Belize, 8min. Some highlights of our travel to Belize and Tulum in Mexico.

  • Hole 3 - Cerros Maya Disc Golf Course Belize, 1/2min. Chris Leonard and his father Mark throwing off hole 3 white tee.

  • Manatee River Belize- Belize River Lodge, 1min. Some old drone footage I never used. Fishing on the Manatee River out of Belize River Lodge's Long Key Outpost.

  • Landing in Belize City - United A350-900 [Gear CAM] X-Plane 11,1.5 min.

  • Waterfall rapelling in Belize, .5min.

  • Garifuna 101-Learning Garifuna, 2min. Who says children can't be Culturally engaged from home! The 'Garifuna 101-Learning Garifuna' page provides child friendly educational material, visual demonstrations and exercises as an introduction to learning the Gariguna language.The tutorial video below provides an easy to follow demonstration of pronouncing basic body parts in Garifuna.Try this with your child and see if they can do it on their own

  • Throw back Thursday! Real Throw Back!! 1991 Festival de Cultura del Caribe Ereba, 4min. With the King of Punta Rock: Andy Palacio & The 1991 Youth Connection Band