The Reporter has confirmed with Police that over 200 persons were allowed to leave San Pedro today. While the island remains guided by the nationwide quarantine which has gone into effect, those who were allowed to leave are persons who were caught on the island when the first State of Emergency for San Pedro was announced. With no more cases confirmed on the island, it has been determined that it is safe for them to leave.

(Pic - Priest blessing persons as they leave)

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Island residents on waiting list given the clear to leave Ambergris Caye today. No work, no money, no housing, running out of food. Going home to their families in the mainland.

Ambergris Today

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Hundreds of mainland residents are preparing to travel off the island with the assistance of the island authorities and the Ministry of Health.

Every person boarding the boats has been screened prior to today and will be required to do another 14 day isolation at their intended destination.

Some were stranded on the island while others lost their jobs after cases COVID-19 were registered in the country paralyzing the islandís main economy - Tourism.

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San Pedro Sun


More Persons Allowed to Leave San Pedro!

As early as 6 a.m. today a number of persons formed lines at the Central Park in San Pedro as they waited with their belongings for a chartered boat to leave the island and return to their respective homes on the mainland. They were waiting for 3 hours because the two vessels, which were delayed, just arrived at the San Pedro Belize Express pier on La Isla Bonita. About two weeks ago, another boat filled with persons, who lost their jobs due to the shuttering of the tourism industry, was allowed to transport these displaced persons off the island. We are told that these people have been screened so they could leave the island.