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The San Pedro Sun

Belize’s semi-pro basketball and football leagues cancelled due to COVID-19
After being suspended since the middle of March, the 2020 season of the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) and the Premier League of Belize (PLB) have been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Both the NEBL and PLB held virtual meetings on Saturday, April 18th and collectively agreed that it was the best way moving forward as it relates to both sporting seasons. Both leagues, basketball and football, took into consideration the social, health and financial impacts it will have on team owners, players, fans and other stakeholders.

Education Minister discusses the way forward for schools in light of COVID-19
Following the Easter break, schools across the country were to open on Monday, April 20th, but due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the goal of re-opening schools before the school year ends is not guaranteed. At a press conference hosted by Minister of Education (MOE), Youth and Culture, Honourable Patrick Faber indicated that distance and home-based learning are expected to continue at varying degrees at different levels of education. If educational institutions are to open, it will be advised by the National Oversight Committee under the guidance of the Ministry of Health.

Ambergris Today

Belize Rolls Out More Unemployment Relief
As of noon today, April 20, 2020, a total of 72,213 applications have been submitted since the Unemployment Relief Program was opened to accept applications on April 3, 2020. This includes some of the applications submitted via hard copy, which have begun to be entered into the online portal. So far, 32,916 applications have been approved for payment to applicants. These include 7,106 that were approved today and have been forwarded to the Social Security Board (SSB) for processing. SSB has paid directly into the accounts of 20,153 applicants during the period of April 9th to 17th.

Various Belizean Sources


Anonymous donor helps residents of San Lazaro and Trinidad
An anonymous donor in the US has reached out to the Reporter to inform residents of San Lazaro and Trinidad in the Orange Walk District that arrangements have been made for the families in need to access free butane and free 5-gallon bottles of water. According to the donor, Village Council Chairman Angel Cabañas (San Lazaro) and Chairlady Ari Alfaro (Trinidad) have been asked to assist in selecting the persons most in need. Residents of both communities are asked to contact these persons for assistance through this initiative.

BEL: Service Available at Belize City Headquarters

Belize Water Services Limited: Thank You to our Valued Customers
As the provider of an essential service and an important part of the community, Belize Water Services takes this opportunity to thank our valued customers for their support and for recognizing their responsibility during this difficult time. This is testimony that we are a resilient people, as we work together to help combat this pandemic. The health and safety of the community remains BWS’ top priority. We will continue operations to help with providing the necessary sanitation and hygiene to stop the spread of this disease within our country.

Corozal Town Historical Walk
If you have never had the opportunity to take the Corozal Town Historical Walk we are delighted to bring "the Walk" to you via our facebook page. The House of Culture is committed to the preservation and promotion of our tangible heritage. We are fortunate to have structures from the late 1800's still with us today. The Historical Walk was produced by the Corozal House of Culture with great support from our residents and local historians. It was inaugurated in 2017 and serves as a dynamic educational tool, as well as a great activity for residents and visitors alike. The self guided tour takes about 45 minutes on foot.

What is Social Distancing? by Ministry of Health
There are many key prevention practices that persons can undertake to reduce the risk or contracting COVID-19 or any other respiratory illness caused by viruses. One of them is social distancing. This simple behavioral response can reduce your risk on infection.

FREE Water Distribution for Needy Families (Schedule) by Hope Haven
TUESDAY (APRIL 21) 1:30PM: BOCA DEL RIO SOMOS (1 block south of bridge). THURSDAY (APRIL 23) 1:30PM: SAN PEDRITO. In front of the home of Elsy Wity. SATURDAY (APRIL 25) 1:30PM: DFC. New Horizon Sda Primary School. Our volunteers will be distributing 300 gallons of potable water each day, courtesy of Kevin and Nova Parel of Casa Nova Cabanas at Secret Beach.

COVID-19 Implications on Education and the Way Forward
Frequently Asked Questions. 1. When will schools reopen? Guidance for the reopening of schools will come from the National Oversight Committee based on advice from health authorities. Under the circumstances, the reopening of schools before the end of the current school year is not guaranteed; therefore, distance and home-based learning are expected to continue to varying degrees at different levels of education. 2. How does the Ministry of Education plan to support distance and home-based learning? The Ministry of Education is working closely with international partners such as UNICEF and with key education stakeholders, including school leaders, teachers, and the media, to develop distance and home-based learning strategies for each level of education. These strategies include both academic and psychosocial support.

Caye Caulker has recieved another donation from the Area Representative
Yesterday the Caye Caulker Village Council received 109 boxes of bananas from Minister Heredia, today the Councilors took to the streets and distributed bananas to the entire village, and 5 boxes each were given to both soup kitchens.

Update on Unemployment Relief Program
As of noon today, April 20, 2020, a total of 72,213 applications had been subjected to the Unemployment Relief Program since the opening of the program implementation system on April 3 of 2020. This amount includes some of the physical applications that were received, which have already begun to enter the electronic portal. So far, 32,916 applications have been approved for payment to applicants. These include 7,106 applications that were approved today and already sent to the Social Security Board (SSB) for processing.

New Food Pantry Schedule
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation informs the public that starting today, April 20, 2020, the following pick-up schedule for Food Pantry in Belize City will come into effect. This schedule is organized by last name and is designed to reduce lines and comply with social distancing recommendations. Please note that this schedule is for Food Pantry, NOT other food programs.

Placencia Ambition Forum
The Government of Belize, in its capacity as Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), is hosting the Placencia Ambition Forum from April 20-22, 2020. The opening session was held today, April 20th. Prime Minister the Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow delivered the keynote address at the High-Level Opening Session of the virtual Forum, which will also included high-level messages from the President of COP25, the Secretary General of the United Nations, and the UNFCCC Executive Secretary.

Relief delivered in Western Belize
We are happy to share that yesterday, we delivered 140 packages to families in need in Belize (60 in Calla Creek, 40 in Benque Viejo & 40 in San Antonio Cayo)! Thank you to all our generous donors who have been opening their hearts to our cause on our GOFUNDME page BELIZE EMERGENCY RELIEF. . Our team of angels Khadija Assales, Arianie Lara Morgan, and Gladimir Canto oversaw the purchasing and distribution of supplies to families who were overwhelmed with gratitude. I'd also like to thank Norma Humes, Rosa Gonzalez Jenny Martinez, Brenda Guerra, Paul Habib, and Israel Coh for all your help in making this happen.

Belize Virtual Music Festival May 1
Belize's first Virtual Music Festival will be next Friday, May 1st. Sam Harris! Nello Player! Great lineup! Presented by The Music Industry Association of Belize, a member of the Belize Coalition of Service Providers.

I wonder why plants are the way they are. Why is it that the fruits of plants that you never eat tend to give you fruits all year round; while some plants that you love, seldom if ever give you any fruits. Case in point, my Noni tree (first photo) . I understand that the Noni fruit is very nutrious, but you need to know how to prepare it before eating it because it could be poisonous. I believe it is because of this reason why people don't eat it, its just too complicated a fruit to eat.

NICH Extends Condolences to the Family of Belizean Designer Ulysease Terry
The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), through the Institute of Creative Arts (ICA), would like to extend our condolences to the family of Belizean Designer Ulysease Terry, aka Adrian Roca (Rocker) of Iconic Designs. Adrian participated in several Fashions Runways, including Belize Fashion Week 1 and 2, showcasing his unique street-chic women apparel. He had clothing available for sale at Island Gear Boutique in San Pedro and had aspirations to further his education in Fashion Design. In an interview done with the San Pedro Sun at his Iconic Fashion Show, Adrian said: “Fashion is how I express myself and it is an extension of who I am.”

Channel 7

One Week, 170 Tests, None Positive For COVID-19
7 days - that's how long Belize has gone without a new positive test for COVID-19. About 170 tests have been done in that time and all of them were negative. Statistics released this afternoon from the Ministry of Health show that 772 tests have been done, 754 of them were negative, leaving 18 positive, broken down into 9 men and 9 women. That's the same number as a week ago on Easter Monday. They are all recovering or stable, and none of them are in the isolation unit or on a ventilator.

Gay Man Dies, Family Says Police Abuse Played A Role
There's much more COVID news still to come, but first, the story of a gay man found dead; his last days clouded by controversy and ridicule. Tonight, the family of 25-year-old Ulysease Roca, a resident of Willows Bank Village, is grieving his sudden passing. They are also pointing fingers at the police for allegedly playing a role in his demise. He found dead yesterday by a relative, and at this time, his loved-ones don't know what caused his health to take such a sudden turn for the worse.

Roca Family Blames Cops
So, as viewers have seen, the Roca family believes that police played a direct role in his death. They were already suspicious that the issue wouldn't be assessed fairly because police officers are allegedly involved. But, a few more occurrences between yesterday and today have cemented that deep sense of distrust that they've developed toward police. Here's how his sister explained why they think that police are hiding something:

Commissioner Says Police Will Be Charged Disciplinarily
For, police, who are the enforcement arm of the Government's State of Emergency and the curfew regulations for COVID-19, these allegations of abuse of authority are a big public relations black eye. Today, in a press conference, Police Commissioner Chester Williams discussed a few of the issues that Ulysease Roca and his family have raised publicly about the way his detention was handled: "Our records showed that Ulysease Roca was detained by police on April 5th for having violated the curfew law. He was taken to court and pleaded guilty and was fined $3,500 dollars subsequent to that I saw a Facebook post where he had gone live and expressed that he was hit in the face by a police officer whilst in custody..."

Two Sides of the Police/Politician Pantry Clash
On Friday we showed you how Minister of Human Development Anthony "Boots" Martinez ran to the rescue of the breadlines. The Minister was livid, and wasn't shy about blasting police for, quote, "a lack of social conscience." And by Saturday there was a rebuttal from Commissioner of Police Chester Williams who said that assertions made by Minister Martinez were completely wrong and that his officers were well within their authority to close the pantries. But were the police pulling an "ambush in the night" on the Belizean people or just doing their best to promote necessary social distancing? We heard opposing views from the Minister and Commissioner..

Police Have to Prepare For Growing Desperation
And, while police have agreed to work along with the pantry program, they will have to be flexible, because going forward into a deepening social economic crisis, the lines may be longer and the crowds more impatient. We asked the Commissioner about that on Saturday: "Now however going forward you all as you explained want to operate on a compassionate basis aware of the needs of people and the desperate times we're in..."

All Gangs Being Watched
But, if relief food packages get out in time, those problems can be avoided, but what about gang violence? That's much harder to predict and control. Police had a break from it last month when they locked up 134 of the City's gang members under provisions of a South Side state of emergency. It was expected that the gang members would remain locked up for 60 days, but that would have required an extension of the Southside state of emergency - meaning a trip to the house of representatives.

Cops Send Warning To The Alley
And, as we told you on Friday, they started to come down in Pink's Alley. This is after a fight that happened earlier on Friday morning near Dario's meatpie. We're told it's a scuffle - but police say it was a fistfight between warring groups in the area. We do know that a businessman in the area had to fire a shot to break it up. After that, police detained a group of men from Pink's Alley for 48 hours. Williams said they intended to have a deterrent effect:

Waiting For Guns From Gangsters
One way the gangs are doing their part for trying times is by giving up a number of guns. On Friday the Police department had collected 22 of them with an expectation of 5 more. And this morning the Commissioner told us that they've received two more: "I know since then we have received two more. We should be getting the others this week and see what else we can do to disarm the gang members of their firearms."

From Gunman To Human
And Williams hopes that an informal amnesty for those who surrender their guns will help the City's criminal elements to act more like what he calls "human beings." "Well I would hope that they keep it that way..."

When Will Schools Re-open?
If COVID-19 hadn't turned the world upside down, school would have re-opened today after the easter holidays. Butright now, parents and children don't know when school will re-open - and neither does the ministry! The heads of the Ministry of Education held a one hour 45 minute virtual press conference to try and answer all your questions on education - but in some cases, try is all they could do - like when it came to the first, inevitable question, when will normal classes resume?:

Grade Promotions Automatic
So, distance and home learning will continue, but that means curriculum learning is disrupted, so, the decision right now is that all students will be promoted to the next grade. It may sound outlandish, but these are extraordinary times, and here's the announcement: "For pre-school students, the Ministry's recommendation is as such: those first year pre-school students, that is those children who are 3 years old should be promoted to the 4 year-old year and those students who are 4 years old, we are recommending should receive their pre-school certificates and transition into primary school..."

The Problem With Mass Promotion
Of course, if you promote all grades, then why would any student have the incentive to study? After all - even though the school year is NOT finished - they already know that they are advancing to the next grade. We asked the Minister about this via video conference: "Are we sort of abandoning something that is really integral in the system which is that those who work the hardest and try the hardest should be promoting and those who do not should not be."

PSE, CSEC, CAPE Off The Calendar
So, the promotions are automatic, but they should also be earned. It's a tough line for teachers and administrators to tow, and they'll have time to think about it because the PSE and C-SEC and CAPE exams are also cancelled. Here's how Faber put it: "The Belize Junior Achievement Test (BJAT) will not be administered this academic year, but instead this exam will be used as a diagnostic tool for schools to use by administering it at the start of primary standard 4..."

Distance Learning From Close Up
So, like we said, education will continue via distance learning, that may mean the internet, or radio and television. Faber explains how they plan to case as wide an electronic net as possible for students: "The ministry will continue to develop and broadcast daily audio lessons on local FM radio stations and more information on that will come in this week and we will also provide a printed publication containing learning activities for students at the early childhood and primary levels who may otherwise not have access to the other resources being provided..."

Expectations Must Go Up With New Norm
So, while those booklets will have two weeks of work, that's really just homework. What about tests and quizzes and exams? They may be a source of stress for school kids, but they are critical to assessment and motivation. So far, the Ministry has been soft-pedalling, telling teachers not to push kids too hard with distance learning because the COIVD pandemic already has the kids stressed out. But now that distance learning is going into a longer term, Faber says the expectations have to be higher:

Registration Deadlines Extended
And while the Ministry if trying not to stress the kids out more, what about their parents and those registration fees which will soon start to come due? Faber says deadlines should be extended: "Registration for the new school year also becomes an issue and to this end the Ministry of Education is requesting that all educational institutions extends their deadlines for registration and payment of school fees until circumstances improved."

Will Teacher Salaries Be Touched?
And while postponed registration means schools will be starved for funds, government is already in a worse position. It's revenue has slowed to a trickle with the economic shutdown - and with that, there is concern for teachers' salaries. Will they have to take a paycut? This year's increment is already on the table to be frozen - but will salaries also take a hit? The Minister had no clear answer to this key question:

The Plan Imperfect
The answer for that one will eventually have to come from the Ministry of Finance. And, there are other answers which will have to come from the National Task Force, like when will school doors re-open. So, today's plan for the education had a lot of missing piecing and incomplete information; the Minister did concede it's not a perfect plan:

Fatal Accident Claims 50 Year Old
50-year-old Octavio Cowo, a farmer from Liberty Avenue, Orange Walk, was killed in an accident on Friday night. It happened at around 8:30 when Cowo lost control of his pickup truck. The vehicle flipped several times, finally landing 3 feet off the highway near the bypass between the Tower Hill road and the San Estevan cutoff.

Fires Raging, Polluting Western Skies
Last week, we told you how the Ministry of the Environment intended to get tough on Belizeans who are still setting bonfires during the COVID-19 State of Emergency, and the drought that the country is facing. The CEO said that a draft statutory instrument was being prepared which would criminalize the starting of any kind of fires. The concern is that the accompanying smoke is polluting the air, and that could compromise the respiratory systems of citizens, causing them to be more susceptible to the coronavirus.

The San Pedro Exodus
On March 23rd., the island town of San Pedro became Belize's official COVID-19 ground zero. And shortly after the announcement of the first confirmed case of COVID-19, the island was completely locked down with no one allowed to leave or return. Hundreds of people were left stranded on the island, the majority of them seasonal workers. They've been trying to leave ever since and some of them managed to. But Saturday morning saw the largest group yet finally get off the island. Cherisse Halsall was out there and she has the story.

7News And The Compol
On Saturday night, 45 year old Patachakan resident Noel Elias Arzu reached the KHMH in a critical condition. He had been in an accident of some type and sustained serious spinal injury. He was experiencing respiratory distress, and that caused great concern among the front-line staff at the KHMH. His family tells us there was a delay to even take him out of the ambulance, and the Director of Health Services confirms he was flagged as a possible case of COVID 19. He was also intubated on a respirator.

Noel Arzu's Mysterious Demise
And the family of Noel Arzu wants answers. Police are saying they believe he was in some sort of traffic accident - but the family says they have no idea how he ended dup in the hospital with very serious injuries.

Cops' Changing Role
Earlier you heard the commissioner speak about weighing charges against a media house for allegation of mis reporting. These are among the changing roles police now have to embrace: "In the times that we're in it's really tough times and the police we see our roles changing or we have to be making adjustments to our roles every day..."

If Found With Fonto
And versatility has leant itself flexibility when judging who should and should not be on the streets after curfew. But the Commissioner says if you're out to buy fonto you're going to jail. "We see people out buying one soft drink, buying one monster, buying fonto..."

"Tapeboss" Taken To Station
He's a self-proclaimed social media influencer so it shouldn't have been strange last week when Roderick Wade aka TapeBoss' video went viral on Facebook. And it wasn't long after it was posted that the video began to receive a lot of attention, that is negative attention. And this afternoon Wade was detained by police. Reports say that his home was searched and computer equipment was confiscated in an effort to retrieve pornographic material, particularly any which may involve minors.

72,213 Unemployment Applications Submitted
The Government is reporting tonight that as of noon today, a total of 72,213 applications have been submitted electronically for aid under their Unemployment Relief Program. As viewers are aware, this was the Government's aid to Belizeans who lost their jobs when the coronavirus pandemic landed on Belizean soil. The government says that this today's tally included some applications submitted via hard copy, and steps are being taken to enter them into the online portal. So far 32,916 applications have been approved for payment to applicants.

Channel 5

COVID-19 Disrupts Present Academic Calendar; All Schools Remain Closed
High Schools normally close in May followed by primary schools in June for the summer break. But COVID-19 has disrupted every facet of life. The Ministry of Education today announced [...]

No New Cases of COVID-19; 66 Cases Under Investigation
The last confirmed cases of COVID-19 were last week Monday and it is now seven days since the Ministry of Health has not reported a case relating either to community [...]

An Investigation is Launched into the Death of Fashion Designer Ulysease Roca
Ulysease Roca, a twenty-five-year-old fashion designer, was found dead inside his house in Willows Bank, Belize District on Sunday. Roca’s death is under investigation because of the circumstances. Roca was [...]

Ulysease Roca Suffered from Being Bullied
Ulysease Roca was a fashion designer who suffered from cyber-bullying for being a member of the LGBTI community and for being HIV positive. In a recent post on his social [...]

UNIBAM Exec. Dir. Says Police & Community Could Not Identify Mental Breakdown
The family claims that Roca was denied access to medical assistance due to his HIV status, saying that a post-mortem was initially refused because of that. Caleb Orosco, the Executive [...]

ComPol Williams: “Police Officers Should Not Record and Make Mockery of People”
Just recently, three cops coerced a man to have sex with a mentally challenged woman. That despicable act was recorded on cell phone by one of the rogue cops and [...]

A Gang Update from ComPol
Last Thursday evening one hundred and thirty-seven gang members were released from the Belize Central Prison. The men were sent to prison for one month following a series of killings [...]

Is the Release of Gang Figures during the COVID-19 S.O.E. Stretching Police Resources?
But while the released gang members appear to be keeping the peace, their release from prison has put an added pressure on the Belize Police Department during the State of [...]

Tape Boss Detained by Police Pending Investigation
Police have detained Belize City resident, Roderick Wade who uses the alias, Tape Boss. Not too long ago, the photographer was on social media claiming he had a raped a [...]

Can Government Meet Teachers Wage Bill?
A new budget for the 2020 fiscal calendar came into effect at the beginning of April, but with the fluid economic situation involving COVID-19, there are concerns as to whether [...]

Education Budget Remains Intact Says Patrick Faber
The fiscal allowance for education is the second largest area for recurrent expenditure for government, after the Ministry of Finance.  Given the dire state of the local economy amid the [...]

Ministry of Education Recommends CPD for Teachers on Vacation
Ending the school year with home-based learning is a historic first for the education sector when traditionally the months of May and June are reserved for examinations.  Whereas BJAT, P.S.E. [...]

Policing and the Pantry Programme During the S.O.E.
On Friday, police officers shut down pantry programmes across Belize City. It has been reported that cops were telling pantry recipients to go home and that didn’t go over well [...]

138 Curfew Breakers over the Weekend!
Over one hundred persons breached the curfew law over the weekend but it did not include minors.  On Friday evening, the new curfew regulations for persons sixteen-years-old and younger came [...]

Two Vessels Arrive from San Pedro Over the Weekend
On Saturday morning, dozens of passengers destined for other parts of the country arrived by sea at the San Pedro Belize Water Taxi Terminal.  Many of them had been trapped [...]

Oil Prices Plunge Below Zero
There was an unprecedented event today in the international markets that should have some bearing for Belize. The coronavirus pandemic caused oil demand to drop so rapidly that producers have [...]

Standards & Poor Lowers Belize’s Credit Ratings
In other news of a financial nature, Belize’s ratings on Standards and Poor, have taken a hit.  The agency has lowered the credit ratings from a “B” negative to a [...]

Chamber of Commerce Says Bullet Tree Chairman is Acting Illegally
Last week, we reported on the impasse between the chairman of the Bullet Tree Village and Livestock Producers who export informally to Guatemala. The Chairman, Sabino Pinelo, held a meeting [...]

An Update on the Unemployment Relief Programme
As you know, there are a number of food programmes for persons who have, in some way, been impacted by COVID-19. Some of these programmes have run into hurdles due [...]

ComPol Weighs In on Media House Facebook Post
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that 7News didn’t break any laws with their Facebook post over the weekend. The media house posted that they received credible reports that a [...]

Lord Ashcroft Relief Fund Has Dispersed $.75 Million So Far
Here is an update on the Lord Ashcroft Relief Fund of ten million dollars.  The most recent donation is for five hundred thousand dollars, which was made to the Belize [...]

186 Fires Recorded on Monday in Belize!
More than one hundred fires were recorded on a single day in Belize last week posing serious risks to human health and the wider environment.  Air quality measurement tools showed [...]

The Reporter

The Minister of Education Patrick Faber joined the nation this morning
Via zoom to share the education plan for Belize for the remainder of the school year. Below are highlights of that plan. 1. Re-opening of schools before the end of the school year is not guaranteed; 2. Home-based learning, working with school leaders, teachers, international partners at all educational level must continue; Academic and psychosocial support must be provided...


Minister of Education speaks on the education budget post-COVID
As noted by the Prime Minister time and time again, Belize is in a financial bind. Millions are being diverted to assist the unemployed, to buy medical resources and equipment in the COVID-19 fight and they are trying to keep up with the salaries for public officers and teachers. When asked how the education budget will be impacted post-COVID, Minister Faber minced no words and explained that some promises may have to be broken.

Schedule created for the Food Pantry Program
The Food Pantry Program, which was launched last week, has seen plenty of issues that needed to be ironed out. In order to comply with social distancing regulations, the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation, has created a schedule for residents in Belize City to pick-up their supplies.

Prime Minister opens the Placencia Ambition Forum with regional leaders on climate change
ver the next two days, Belize is virtually hosting what is dubbed The Placencia Ambition Forum (PAF). The forum is having the participation of regional and international leaders who will engage in climate change negotiations with the central idea of increasing ambition and a focus on safeguarding the Paris Agreement. Among the official remarks made this morning for the opening was Belize’s, Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Cattle ranchers blocked from exporting to Guatemala
Livestock producers have been seeing their fair share of difficulties since the COVID-19 pandemic. Just this past weekend, cattle exporters out west were blocked from what is dubbed an informal trade with Guatemala.

Teachers and principals will be participating in online courses that will go towards their CPD hours
Adjustments on the COVID-19 front as they relate to education will also have to be made by teachers. The Ministry of Education will be facilitating teachers and principals with online courses that would assist them in the accumulation of their professional development hours.

Family wants answers in the death of a 25-year-old LGBT person
A young man from Willow’s Bank, Belize District was found dead yesterday afternoon. Reporter Alisha Valentine has the story.

ComPol comments on 7News
Over the weekend, one local news station reported that there was a patient at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital displaying symptoms similar to COVID-19. It also indicated that the patient had exposed front line workers and that he had to be intubated due to respiratory distress.

Primary School Examination and BJAT Exams cancelled for 2020
Had it not been for COVID-19 the city streets would have been swarmed with students and teachers returning to school this morning. Unfortunately, this is not the case and for now, it is uncertain how soon students will be getting back into the classrooms.

Police investigating alleged abuse inside station
With the results of the post mortem examination on Ulysease Roca, it is uncertain whether the Professional Standards Branch will pursue its investigation into the alleged abuse conducted two weeks ago. What is for certain, however, is that the Commissioner is probing into a video that was made of Roca inside the police station.

772 people have been tested for COVID-19 in Belize
The latest figures coming out of the Ministry of Health have indicated that there are no new cases of COVID-19 detected in Belize. An updated infographic flyer was uploaded earlier this evening indicating that between 3 pm yesterday and today, ten additional tests were conducted bringing it to a total of seven hundred and seventy-two tests carried out.

Police Confiscate Guns From Gang Members
Late last week, one hundred and thirty seven men who were detained under the State of Emergency and remanded to the Belize Central Prison were released following the expiration of their thirty day stay.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Government faces continuing backlog in Unemployment Relief Program
The Government of Belize has now approved about 45 percent of all applicants for the […]

Over 770 tests conducted; no new case of COVID-19
The Office of the Director of Health Services informed today that it has conducted 772 […]

COVID-19 to Belize’s Economy
By Shanidy Vasquez, Msc. Economics. The 2020 global economy is expected to lose USD $5 trillion to the COVID-19 (Novel Corona Virus) pandemic with Latin America and Africa being affected the most (JPMorgan, 2020). […]

Government informs of new food pantry schedule
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation informs the public that starting […]

Despite record low oil prices, a glimmer of hope for Belize’s struggling oil industry
Original estimates from the Department of Geology and Petroleum had predicted that output from Belize’s […]

Roderick Wade detained over sexual assault confessions
BBN sources have confirmed that one Roderick Wade, alias “Tape Man,” is being held at […]

Covid-19 Implications on Education and the way forward
Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports & Culture When will schools reopen? Guidance for the reopening of schools will […]

“It doesn’t come just like that:” Minister of Education says work is not done after promotion
Perhaps the most eyebrow-raising portion of his statement this morning is Minister of Education Patrick […]

Examinations for PSE and junior achievement (BJAT) will not be administered this academic year, CXCs canceled
The usual Belize Junior Achievement Test (BJAT) and Primary School Examination (PSE), administered in Standard […]

MOE on teachers’ roles, promotion and graduation during COVID-19 induced shutdown
Teachers are not on holiday, Minister of Education Patrick Faber asserts. Their roles are key […]

Minister of Education: ‘Can’t guarantee classes resume by June’
By: Aaron Humes: Minister of Education, Patrick Faber, says he cannot guarantee the reopening of schools by the […]

Ministry of Education to address plans for schools
Today was supposed to be the first day back to school for Belize’s students after […]

Basketball (NEBL) and football (PLB) leagues cancel ongoing seasons
The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on sporting leagues around the world, and Belize’s […]

Sixth consecutive day with no confirmed case of COVID-19 in Belize
Sixth consecutive day with no confirmed case of COVID-19 in Belize Today makes the sixth consecutive day that […]

Man found dead in Willows Bank home
A man was found dead in his home in Willows Bank, Belize District around 2:00 […]

Reflections-Positive lessons in Belize from the COVID-19 pandemic
As the world grapples with the COVID-19 pandemic, most countries, including Belize took drastic lock […]


Belmopan’s Rising Art Pulse
Belmopan, the quiet and unassuming capital of Belize, is considered a perfect place for retirement rather than youthful activity. However if you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss some of the details that make it great – like it’s rising art pulse. There is life here, there is talent, and there is a movement which has taken root. With proper nourishment, Belmopan can become an artistic oasis.

Missing My San Pedro...
Today, I sit looking out at the Belize Barrier reef, watching the waves hit. I long for the days when I, once again, hear the boats speeding by heading north to Matachica or Portofino. For now, I only get to hear the waves crashing with their thunder and beauty. I am not complaining as these moments of calmness feel like the earth has been given a gift. A gift of peace, and a gift of joy to just be…. I know our happy adventures here in Belize will soon be back. But for now I ponder, will life be different here in San Pedro? Will the businesses we used to frequent be back? Will our friends that left to go back to their loved ones come home again to San Pedro? When will that be? So many questions we have, so many unanswered thoughts to process. But for now, we wait…we wait for the world to get back to some sort of “normalcy”.

International Sourcesizz

IDB Webinar "How Caribbean Businesses Can Cope with the CoronaVirus"
Caribbean Economies in the Time of the Coronavirus. The Caribbean is the world's most tourism-dependent region There is NO WAY we can wait for a vaccine to open our economies (way too long a period) but we are NOT going back to normal and tourists are not returning anytime soon. See the more nearer-term future for international tourism as travel in a "CoVid free corridor to CoVid free community" (using rapid result testing - this will need to be coordinated on a regional basis)


  • The Ministry of Education's live stream on the state of Education in Belize, 1hr53min.

  • Lancha in the making, 6min.

  • Councelor Verlie Rebecca is here with us again!, 4min. The Belmopan Active Youths have Councelor Verlie Rebecca giving a positive message about staying home. Stay motivated and safe.

  • The Belize Zoo Needs Your Help!, 2.5min. The Belize Zoo is asking for help for one hundred and fifty plus residents. The zoo has closed its doors and, like many other entities, it is unable to earn funds during this time. Founding Director Sharon Matola says that they have received a positive support from the business community and many Good Samaritans. But the zoo needs additional support, so she is asking those who can give to please extend the generosity to the animals of the best little zoo in the world.

  • Subterranean Arthropods of Runaway Creek Nature Reserve, Belize, 4min. Written by my undergraduate students, Q. Redmond and Dana Hedman, this video was produced to support their science poster, which is being presented at the UGRADS Virtual Symposium at Northern Arizona University. The symposium runs from 20 through 24 April 2020. Produced by Q. Redmond.

  • San Pedro Island. Snorkel con Tiburones, 6min. Un viaje a las maravillas de San Pedro de Belize (La Isla Bonita de Madona) por la Gran Barrera de Coral y Nado con Tiburones. Un espectáculo natural único. Una de mis mejores experiencias de aventura.

  • Dive Amigo's Wreck Belize, 1/2min. The wreck is near the reef. Lay down at 15 to 22 meter depth. She becomes the reef fauna such as groupers, snappers, green moray also nurse sharks and turtles.

  • WHO Director-General's remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 - 20 April 2020, 1hr30min. Good morning, good afternoon and good evening. First of all, I would like to wish all who have celebrated Orthodox Easter yesterday Happy Easter, including my own country Ethiopia. Today is the first day our press conferences are being interpreted in all official United Nations languages: Arabic, Chinese, ...

  • Walking around San Pedro Belize, 9min. This video shows our experience walking the streets and beaches of San Pedro, Belize. We show footage during the day and at night. We traveled to Ambergris Caye during August. It was a great time for us to go because we had the beach to ourselves and there was no waiting in lines at restaurants. If you want a more intimate trip, go during this time of year. The weather is still great. It's hot during the day, and the water feels great. At night, the temperature drops a bit, so a light jacket or long sleeve shirt may be needed.

  • Nino Arzu in Hopkins Belize, 2min.

  • Belize, Pontoon Ride on the Macal River, 4min. Vaca Lagoon pontoon boat tour.

  • Experience Cotton Tree Lodge Belize, 3min. Short video to give you an idea what Cotton Tree Lodge in southern Belize is like. Very remote, off grid, jungle lodge with loads of activity options. Caving, snorkeling, kayaking, exploring Mayan ruins, boating, fishing and of course culture options.

  • Despierta Belice April 20 2020, 3hr.

  • BELIZE STATE OF EMERGENCY: Day 28 | Update on the Coronavirus Quarantine in Belize, San Pedro, 24min. I haven’t watched this in full but he’s a traveler who’s decided to wait out quarantine on the island at Sandbar Beachfront Hostel and Restaurant. One American view on wadda gwan.

  • "Bringing the Zoo to You", 1.5min. The Belize Zoo is starting their "Bringing the Zoo to You" program. Jamal has a quick video about the zoo, and how its doing. "We are excited to launch our "Bringing the Zoo to You" program. We thank everyone who commented with their requests for topics and themes to learn more about. Keep an eye out for previews and updates!"

  • WACPtv Belize: ON COVID-19 LOCKDOWN, 26min.

  • Pastor Chon - Orange Walk, Belize, 8min. My chat with Pastor Chon about the people and churches in Orange Walk, dealing with Covid-19, and praying for present/future ministry in Orange Walk, Belize.

  • Spearfishing Belize 2020 | River Fishing, 6min.

  • Garifuna blocked party Hopkins Belize Nov,17th, 22min.

  • Tarantula Hunting Part 1- Belize -2019, 4.5min.

  • Acción Deportiva, 30min.

  • The Plug, 25min.