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The San Pedro Sun

Gang members pledge to maintain the peace in Belize City after being released from prison
After being locked down for a month, 137 gang members were released from the Belize Central Prison on Thursday, April 16th. They had been remanded as part of a State of Emergency prompted by a streak of violent murders in Belize City in March. Their release was made possible after they agreed to surrender their weapons to police and signed an agreement with the Conscious Youth Development Program (CYDP) committing to keep the peace in the city.

USA provides assistance to Belize to respond to COVID-19
USA, via USAID, has committed USD$300K to support these priority areas for investment: infection prevention, case management and surveillance and rapid response in the battle against COVID-19.

The Placencia Ambition Forum brings together major actors in the climate change
The Government of Belize, in its capacity as Chair of the Alliance of Small Island States (AOSIS), hosted the Placencia Ambition Forum from April 20-22, 2020. The Placencia Ambition Forum brought together major actors in the climate change negotiations around the central theme of increasing ambition and safeguarding the Paris Agreement.

Officials seeking to extend National State of Emergency through June
The current National State of Emergency is due to expire at the end of the month, but now reports are that it could be extended for two more months. The state of emergency was triggered by the current COVID-19 pandemic, and the possible extension was announced by the Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr., during Reef TV’s Morning Show on Wednesday, April 22nd (statement begins at minute 21 in video below). According to him, this will not be made official until it is discussed at the House of Representatives and the Senate before it is signed into law by the Governor General.

Public Advisory from the Ministry of the Environment on fires and persistent burning
With the high and unprecedented number of fires and persistent burning, the Ministry of Fisheries, Forestry, the Environment, and Sustainable Development has enacted a set of new regulations cited as Environmental Protection (Prohibition of the Open-Burning of Refuse and Other Matter) Regulations via Statutory Instrument No. 59 of 2020 which comes into effect today, April 21, 2020.

Cruise port to be built in Port Loyola by Waterloo Holdings valued at US$200 Million
Waterloo Investment Holdings of the Ashcroft Alliance has announced plans to build a USD$200 Million cruise ship port facility at Port Loyola, which would be able to berth 4 Oasis class cruise ships, with 5000 passengers each. Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow first hinted at this development back in 2016. The project now awaits for the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) to be approved. This will happen whenever the State of Emergency is lifted; at which time Waterloo Holdings would also prepare an Environmental Compliance Plan (ECP), and obtain the mining and dredging licenses to dredge 1.5 Million cubic metres of sediment to deepen the channel. This sediment would be used to reclaim the land, where the tourist village would be built.

Ambergris Today

United States Provides Assistance To Belize To Respond To COVID-19
The United States Government has committed $300,000 U.S. dollars to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in Belize. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing these funds to UNICEF-Belize. The United States, via USAID, is providing this life-saving support through coordination with the Government of Belize, international humanitarian partners, and other stakeholders to support these priority areas for investment:

Various Belizean Sources


Unemployment Relief Program Status Check
Have you applied for the Unemployment Relief Program and want to check the status of your application? Click the link to the left to see the terms of your application.

Food Help on Caye Caulker
Thank you Food Republic for cooking a day to feed our islanders. I want to thank everyone that participated in putting out our hot meals today. 306 plates went out! Glad we are able to help in this endeavor. We want to make sure everyone has food in their bellies! Are you or do you know someone that needs a meal. PM me. No questions asked. Together, We will get through this!

Smoke in Santa Elena
This is 6:30am in Santa Elena ! This is not fog but SMOKE! It’s been like this for weeks and getting getting progressively worse. Last night was especially difficult to sleep and even breathe. Going outside burns your eyes. It is impossible to keep the smoke out of the house even if you lock it up completely ...this is beyond ridiculous. Some people must be held accountable for putting the health of thousands of people in the Twin Towns, Benque Viejo and surrounding villages at risk. Today, I will call upon the Town Council and Police Department, Forestry Department and Belize Department of Environment to see if they can organize a multiagency response to this dangerous ongoing and worsening situation.

The Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen
We as a united community want to thank Andy Horton for collecting funds on behalf of The Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen. You have made a difference for many people that receive these hot meals 6 days a week! Thank you donors for your contributions. Share and like. Stay tuned for the official go fund me page for The Soup Kitchen! Much love.

Caye Caulker Coronavirus (Non-emergency triage/ information) hotline

Global Giving: Building Community Fire Fighting Capacity
Empowering communities in the Maya Golden Landscape through training, awareness and proper fire fighting resources are vital to prevent run-away fires. Ya’axché works with communities to implement climate-smart practices to protect forests and have sustainable livelihoods. Visit the following link to learn more about our current project and help us to build fire fighting communities in the Maya Golden Landscape, southern Belize.

Items for Food Assistance Program (a two week supply of food)
Each food basket should contain these listed items. The number of baskets depends on the number of household members.

Placencia Ambition Forum
The Placencia Ambition Forum brought together major actors in the climate change negotiations around a central theme of increasing ambition, and a focus on safeguarding the Paris Agreement. The Forum was hosted by the Government of Belize as the Chair of AOSIS (Alliance of Small Island States. For more information and to view the recordings of the plenaries and sessions, visit

The severity with which COVID-19 affects any country depends on the socio-economic and health conditions of that country. The impact that this pandemic will have on Belize will be determined by all the below factors.

Belize Taxi Drivers Relief Fund
To those that have visited the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, I'm sure you have met and dealt with the wonderful people that live there. In particular, the taxi drivers that take you to all the restaurants, shopping, tourist venues...etc. A majority of the inhabitants of Ambergris Caye depend on the tourism industry for their livelihood. Due to travel bans resulting in no tourists, they are barely able to make ends meet and will be affected for at least a few more months. San Pedro and surrounding areas have been terribly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The United States Provides Assistance to Belize to Respond to COVID-19
The United States Government has committed $300,000 U.S. dollars to mitigate the spread of the COVID-19 outbreak in Belize. The U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) is providing these funds to UNICEF-Belize. The United States, via USAID, is providing this life-saving support through coordination with the Government of Belize, international humanitarian partners, and other stakeholders to support these priority areas for investment:

This our data up until 3 pm today. We have 3 more patients officially recovered so that brings the total to 5, with 11 cases still considered as active. The 11 active cases are all recovering home as we don't have any patient hospitalized with COVID-19. Note that when you add the positive + negative cases you will get 6 less than the total of 816, the reason for this is because we had 6 cases who remained positive when they were re-swabbed and they aren't counted twice.

Status Tool for COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Online Portal Under Repair
On Tuesday, April 21st, an additional tool was uploaded to the COVID-19 Unemployment Relief Program online portal. This tool enables applicants to go online to check on the status of their application for financial relief. Many applicants have made use of this to check on their applications and, in large measure, it has been effective. However, a number of persons have mistakenly received a message indicating that their application does not meet the eligibility requirements. That message has been removed until its functionality can be corrected.

Countrywide power outage this morning
BEL has dispatched crews to conduct repairs to a transmission structure near San Estevan in the Orange Walk District, responsible for a countrywide power outage. Restoration of power supply to sections of the country will commence shortly. UPDATE: Power supply restored to portions Belize, Stann Creek and Orange Walk Districts and entire Corozal and Toledo Districts. Our teams continue to work on restoring power supply to the remaining sections of these districts as well as to the Cayo District and San Pedro, Ambergris Caye.

COVID-19 "Check Your Payment Status" Form
Click the link to the left to check on the status of your COVID-19 Payment:

Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen for COVID19 relief
It takes a village to feed a village, several volunteers and businesses have joined forces to serve meals to all those who are now without any income to provide a meal to themselves or their families. Being a tourist destination, Caye Caulker is feeling the economic effect of the global impact of Covid-19. Any assistance given to this feeding program would greatly be appreciated as the funds will be used to provide a meal to someone. We thank you in advance for any contribution made.

Are you picking up a meal tomorrow (Thursday, 4/23) at the Happy Lobster on Caye Caulker?
We would greatly appreciate it if you could bring a food container with you. Our goal is to provide as many meals as possible while stretching our donation dollars as far as they can go. Every bit helps and the use of reusable containers is good for our planet!

BEL Intensifies Countrywide System Maintenance Program to Combat Impacts of Extended Drought
The extended drought and seasonal dry weather conditions have been causing excessive dust build-up on BEL's power lines across the country, resulting in numerous electrical faults and sudden disruptions of electricity service to our customers. Frequent outages have also been occurring in various parts of the country due to bush fires which damage the base of the pole structures of our transmission and distribution lines. In most cases. the time required to replace the pole structures damaged by such faults and fires can last anywhere from 2 to 8 hours.

TASTY CUTS COROZAL - LIVE CHICKENS FOR SALE - $1.00/LB this Friday 24th, April 2020
Take 6th Street South down to San Andres Road. This is an effort to assist families in need and a collaboration between TastyCuts (Mr. Hairo and Ivan Valencia) and Mr. Johan, a Mennonite farmer of Little Belize. Place your order at 621-2581 or 630-9813.

Kinich Ahau the representation of the sun
The Sun is also link with the supreme God creator Hunab Itzamna . These days Kinich Ahau is making us feel his power with the heat .

Channel 7

State of Emergency To Be Extended For Two More Months
Tonight there is some sense of ease among Belizeans.  We have gone 9 days without the report of a positive test, and while we await the latest test figures which had not been published at newstime, the trend has been encouraging - after it was reported last night that two of the 18 infected persons had recovered.   But, the government isn't about to relax. It is going to the House of Representatives and the Senate next week Monday and Tuesday to extend the State of Emergency for two more months! 7News has the house papers which state, quote, "recognizing that the period of public emergency shall expire at the end of day on the 30th day of April 2020.

When Can Economy Start Warming Up Again?
Before we had learned about the Government's plan to extend the State of Emergency by 2 months, we got a chance to speak this morning with Tracy Taegar-Panton, the Minister of State with responsibility for Investment, Trade, and Commerce. The press took that the opportunity to ask about a possible timeline for a return to normalcy. The Cabinet Minister was asked about when Belizeans could expect to see the Government maybe slightly re-opening the shuttered economy. She said that the country is maintaining this holding pattern for at least a few more weeks. Here's our conversation with her on that topic:

Can GOB Push Cattle Through Bullet Tree?
And one sector of the economy that's rearing to go is cattle export - but the western border backdoor has been effectively blocked by a village leader.   So, we also asked Minister Panton about the Government's plan to address the sudden halting of the cattle exportation between Belizean livestock producers and their Guatemalan customers. An informal trade route was established many years ago with the Cayo village of Bullet Tree as the transit point. But, for several weeks now, the Chairman of the Village Council has been preventing this trade, which generates over 40 million dollars annually in revenue.

Fuel Prices Still Not Coming Down
Last week we told you about pump prices for fuel - with word from the Financial Secretary Joe Waight that a sharp, even historic three dollar per gallon price decrease was coming any day now.  Well 6 days have come and gone since we spoke to the Fin. Sec. and there is still no letup in those pump prices.   And even though the new shipment is already landed and loaded up at the PUMA Depot, it seems the old and much more expensive stock is taking a long time to finish.  That's because the economy is at a virtual standstill and neither buses, nor company vehicles, nor personal vehicles are going anywhere

Inside The Central Lab
Almost every night on the news - we show you the COVID-19 infographic. It lists how many tests have been done, along with the number of negative and positive results, number of persons under investigation and more recently the number of recovered persons. But behind that tidy infographic are at least a dozen men and women working 24-7 to contain the spread by confirming active infections. And less than a month into Belize's first 21st. century pandemic, they're marking Medical Professionals Laboratory week while still bogged down in countless COVID investigations. This morning Cherisse Halsall went into the lab where these frontline workers are carrying out what is likely the most important work being done in 2020.

COMPOL Say Deceased Roca's Family Needs To Look At Themselves
So, police say they can prove they had no blame for any physical injury, and the officer who did wrong will face tribunal tomorrow. But, Commissioner Williams didn't end there. He went on to lambaste Roca's family for how they treated him - and claim that they should look at themselves in assessing blame for Roca's death: "Now what I have to say might may not sit well with some people but, I believe that fair is fair and we must call a spade a spade. There is much within the public domain to be said particularly about the police. Mr Roca have family members..."

COMPOL Has Explanation For Rocca's Swollen Face
And, Williams still didn't end there.  He went on to explain that police believe that there was actually no injury at all to Roca's jaw; it may have been caused by his advanced HIV infection. Jules Vasquez: "We know the post mortem found that he died from multiple organ failure consistent with HIV infection. Might the entire controversy about someone causing an injury that caused his face to be swollen be a misunderstanding of what was actually a manifestation of his HIV situation?"

Coercive Cops Bering Querried For Dismissal
In another police update, the Commissioner says his department will seek to expel the three officers involved in forcing a man and woman to have sex. Police formally arrested and charged Corporal Jason Shaw, countable Leslie Martinez and Constable Anthony Villamil for the crime of "Willful Oppression".  The officers have pleaded not guilty and are out on bail.  But, while that matter is in the courts, Williams says that their dismissal is being sought:

Cops Caught After Curfew Cautioned By COMPOL
Williams also commented on the two police officers we told you about last night who were charged for violating the curfew. They are constables Martinez and Roches, officers assigned to the northside, but were arrested by southside cops and taken to the precinct two station like any other detainee. That did not go down well with some who believe the police fraternity should provide protection against such humiliation.  The Commissioner is not one of them: "We have tried as best as we can not to discriminate in terms of how we enforce the state of emergency regulations..."

Can Police Put Out The Fires?
Williams also spoke about the new forestry regulations which call for no bush or clearing fires during the state of emergency.  It gives Police the power to enforce, we asked Williams if they are up to it: Jules Vasquez: "Police officers can act as the enforcement officers, not only forestry officers. Explain to me, we know it's a big problem in the Cayo district. How will the police department be working to enforce these new fire regulations during the state of emergency?"

Teenagers Charged For Making Gang Videos
Two men and five minors have been charged with the crimes of  Producing a Video Recording to Promote a Gang-Related Activity. It all started on Monday, April 20th, when 19-year old Jalen Babb along with three minors was charged for a facebook live video in which he wore gang colors and threatened those who were another colour.  Babb was also charged with the  Crime of being Unable to Provide a Reason for Movement Outside of Curfew.

Minister On Port's Big Plan
Last night on the news, we told you about the public unveiling of a major development upgrade that has been proposed for the Port of Belize. The Ashcroft-related company, Waterloo Investment Holdings Limited, has presented a 200 million US-dollar package to the Government of Belize for the Port's facelift, which would expand bulk handling and agricultural shipping capabilities. Also, Waterloo wants to build a cruise terminal on the Port's property. If it is given the necessary government clearances, this cruise port addition would become the country's second facility that is able to accommodate shore-side berthing of cruise ships.

Indian Community Donates Food For Most Needy
We spoke to Panton at a donation handover from the Indian Community.  The Belize Indian Community has decided to set aside 80,000 dollars in food packages to donate needy Belize City residents who aren't getting formal aid from the Government. They have decided to work with the Albert Division's Area Representative, the PUP Standard Bearer for the Albert Division, and the Belize City Council. The premise is that the area representative, her political rival, and the Mayor are able to identify the city residents who would benefit the most from this donation. This morning, the Indian Community's two past presidents, Dinesh Bojwani and Preeti Wadhwani, and the Arun Hotchandani, the Honorary Consul General of India, officially handed over the donations. 

Corona Cases Spike In Chetumal, Mexico Declares Phase 3
Mexico has entered what its government calls "Phase 3" of the spread of the coronavirus, the most serious stage, as transmission of the virus intensifies.  But what does that mean for Belize?  Well, we certainly have to closely watch our neighbor to the north with whom we share cultural and economic ties as well as an extremely porous border. Mexico has registered 857 coronavirus deaths and 9,501 infections, with 729 new cases reported today.

Education Ministry Says Take Time Out From Testing
Today on Ask the Experts, the focus was education - one of the sectors most affected by the COVID shutdown.   School have been shut down since Friday March 20, and - one month in - the focus is on distance learning - how to give meaningful instruction to thousands of students who are at home. Today, the Deputy Chief Education Officer stressed that distance learning does not mean distance testing for pre and primary school students:

No Plan For CSEC, Yet
And so what about C-SEC and CAPE examinations - is the ministry also ignoring those assessments? Well, the fact is that with the entire region more or less on lockdown, the Caribbean Examinations Council has not yet settled on a tight testing timeline, and right now Deputy Smith says it's wait and see: Host "Is the MOE saying that no matter what strategy CXC gives, Belize will not participate in those examinations for this academic year."

Radio Education
And, right now the ministry is working feverishly to put out some distance learning radio shows for pre and primary schoolers. The hosts are regular teachers who are figuring it out as they go along. It's a work in progress, but Smith says it should be ready for Monday:

The Other Way Of Renewing Your Driver's License
If you're a driver who is licensed with the Belize City Council, and your license is about to expire, you'll have to make use of the Council's online portal for renewal. It's their solution for this important service, given that the State of Emergency regulations prevent them from opening up for business during this COVID-19 threat. Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner says that the service is solid, and the renewal steps are straightforward. It was set up that way to make the process as simple as possible, but the Mayor concedes that it is not a perfect solution since online access isn't something that all Belizeans enjoy.

CITCO Employees Working Hard For Half Pay
Even though the City Council is observing the State of Emergency regulations by not opening for business, the Mayor says that a few of its key departments that provide essential services are still operating. Here's what he had to say about those departments and the employees who have to settle for half-pay during the COVID-19 crisis:

Police Aggressively Investigating San Martin Police Abuse
Earlier in the month, we told you about the severe police beatdown of an elderly San Martin landlord. Belmopan residents will remember the incident as it led to widespread reports of after curfew gunshots ringing out. 78-year-old Alejandro Chavez later reported that police used undue force against him.

Cops Beat Up Man Caught After Curfew
In another internal investigation, Cayo Resident Gilbardo Velasquez was roughed up after police detained him for violating the curfew.

Farewell For A Holy Man
The Funeral service was held today for Roman Catholic Bishop Emeritus of Belize, Bishop Dorick Wright.  And this morning mobile funeral procession began at 8.30 from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital morgue. The procession passed several Churches over Belize City ending with a Funeral Mass at the Holy Redeemer Cathedral at 10.

Channel 5

ComPol Williams Says Ulysease Roca Died of HIV Complications
Tonight there is more on the death of fashion designer Ulysease Roca, who was determined to have died from multiple organ failure. The HIV patient was found dead in his [...]

Police Constable Charged for Videoing Ulysease Roca
A number of police officers have come under fire for their brutish behavior and abuses against citizens.  As for the officer who videoed and ridiculed Roca while he was in [...]

National AIDS Commission Chair Disturbed by Case of Ulysease Roca
Just prior to the interview with the ComPol, Chair of the National AIDS Commission, Laura Longsworth-Tucker said that she was devastated on how the case of Ulysease Roca evolved over [...]

Chester Williams Holds the Fate of 3 Police Officers
Jason Shaw, Leslie Martinez, and Anthony Villamil have been charged and arraigned for the crime of Willful Oppression. The trio is accused of forcing a man and a mentally challenged [...]

Special Sitting of the House to Discuss Extension of State of Emergency
A Special Sitting of the House of Representatives is being called for April twenty-seventy. But unlike past meetings of the House, Monday’s sitting will be only by quorum, which means [...]

Bishop Wright is Laid to Rest at Holy Redeemer Cathedral
At eight o’clock this morning, the remains of Bishop Dorick Wright were removed from the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for its final farewell. The seventy-four-year-old bishop died last week and [...]

Uncertainty About Reopening of the Economy
The Ministry of Health has not reported any new cases of COVID-19. But while that is encouraging news, the government will be extending the state of emergency up until the [...]

Cabinet Investment Subcommittee Reviewing Port Expansion Projects
Minister of Investment, Trade and Commerce, Tracy Panton today confirmed that the cabinet Subcommittee for Investment is reviewing two proposed projects linked to the expansion of the Port of Belize [...]

Johnny Briceño Remains Co-chair of National Oversight Committee
On April eighth, Holy Saturday, Opposition Leader John Briceño appeared in a recorded statement during which he chided government’s response to the COVID-19 crisis.  Briceño is co-chair of the National [...]

Police Officers and Coast Guard Members Charged for Breaching Curfew Regulations
Six law enforcement officers have been charged for being in breach of the curfew regulations. Two police constables appeared before a magistrate on Tuesday; they were arraigned and given bail. [...]

Cpl. Eldon Arzu Vs Chester Williams, Again
The Belize Police Association’s President, Corporal Eldon Arzu and Commissioner of Police Chester Williams are at it again. Arzu and Williams are said to have a strained relationship and have even [...]

An Update into the Vicious Beating of Elderly Man
But police officers are yet to be held criminally charged for the vicious beating put on Alejandro Chavez, a seventy-seven-year-old resident of the San Martin community in Belmopan. The incident [...]

San Ignacio Police Officer Charged with Harm
Meanwhile, in San Ignacio, two police officers were held accountable for using excessive force on Gilbardo Velasquez. Velasquez was detained for breaching curfew regulations on April nineteenth.  A video of [...]

How’s Belize CitCo Coping with COVID-19?
The Belize City Council, like other municipal governments around the country, has been feeling the effects of COVID-19 pandemic. One of its employees, Hubert Pipersburgh was the fourth person to [...]

City Hall Services Available Online
Even as City Hall has closed its doors for now because of the state of emergency, there are a number of essential services being provided, including sanitation and market vending. [...]

MOE Re-Emphasizes Response and Action for Pre-Primary, Primary and Secondary Schools
Deputy Chief Education Officer Cecilia Ramirez Smith was the featured guest on today’s Ask the Experts Webcast.  Students are at home doing home-based learning and so the Ministry of Education [...]

MOE Says School Work During SOE Not Meant to be Assessed for Grades
And continuing on the matter of education, Cecilia Ramirez Smith says that the lessons and work being given to students from the pre-primary, to high school levels must not be [...]

Teachers Licenses Continue to Process!
While that information is for the students, there is also some news tonight for the teachers. Cecilia Ramirez Smith of the Ministry of Education announced that the processing of teachers [...]

MOE Offers Online Resources for Teachers
…and while the ministry has called on teachers to play a critical role during this time that classes remain closed, today Cecilia Ramirez Smith says that they are also making [...]

The Belize Indian Community Providing 2000 Food Packages to be Distributed Across the City
The latest organization to reach out to persons affected by the COVID-19 is the Belize Indian Community. Today, they delivered vouchers to be issued to persons who are eligible to [...]

Methodist Church, Belize Honduras District Benefits from Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 Relief Fund
Ensuring that affected persons are fed during the COVID-19 pandemic is a priority. Government, N.G.O.s, the private sector as well as the religious community have been engaged in food distribution. [...]

April 15th Plastic Importation Stopped!
On April fifteenth, the importation of single-use plastics and styrofoam into Belize stopped and in three months time, local manufacturers will also stop production of these items as the country [...]

Belize Remains on Schedule to Phase Out Plastics!
Doctor Percival Cho outlined that while the current state of emergency has caused a hold-up for some of the work needed to be done, Belize is still expected to meet [...]

Placencia Ambition Forum Concludes; PM Barrow the Alliance of Small Island States
The third and final day of the Placencia Ambition Forum concluded today. The Government of Belize hosted the three-day forum which brought together the Alliance of Small Island States, via [...]

COVID-19 Magnifies Importance of Climate Change
According to Prime Minister Dean Barrow, COVID-19 magnifies the importance of key island priorities for the global climate change agenda.   Prime Minister Dean Barrow “If left to the Small [...]

The Reporter

St. Margaret Feeding Program
In the midst of the uncertainty and economic devastation of the Coronavirus pandemic, stories have surfaced which reveal the goodness in the hearts of many. At St. Margaret Mary RC School on the Hummingbird Highway, a feeding program sponsored by Compassionate Hearts which provides a meal to 90 students every day has survived the closing of schools. Since the closing, Compassionate Hearts, through James and Lorrie Pitre, have been providing support in the form of food items to the families of the students in the St. Margaret Feeding Program and continue to do so.

Human Rights Commission of Belize calls for full investigation into police wrongdoings
The recent death of Ulyses Terry has prompted the Human Rights Commission of Belize to call for a full investigation into police wrongdoings. "We implore the Ministry of National Security and the Commissioner of Police to act swiftly in their investigations and remove those officers found to be in contravention of their duties. We call on them to make the findings of these investigations public. Only so, will confidence be regained in our authorities. "

Tutors for Secondary Students
A group of seven undergraduate students at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and one undergraduate alumnus from Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, will be tutoring secondary school students in Belize affected by the continued COVID-19 school closures. All program costs and expenses will be fully covered by the eight tutors and Sea Alms, a small spa and skincare company recently formed in Belmopan. No Belizean student or family will incur any expense for this tutoring program.


Drought predicted to affect Belize this year again
As dryer weather prevails this year there has already been talk of another drought impacting Belize. Last year several sectors were impacted by this phenomenon which has not only created severe losses but also an opportunity for several agencies to work at mitigating the impacts.

Coast Guard officers arrested
Six members of the Ministry of National Security were arrested and charged for violating curfew regulations. Two police officers were arrested and charged on Monday night whilst off-duty.

Communities in the Cayo district adopt a bartering system to help relieve the impacts of COVID-19
Farming communities in Cayo South have reverted back to the days of bartering and have started a trading initiative amongst themselves with the aim to assist each other during the COVID-19 pandemic. The initiative began after a meeting between the village chairpersons and the Area Representative for Cayo South, Julius Espat.

Harvard undergrads to tutor Belizean students
The COVID-19 pandemic has caused plenty of damage to world economies, and to families who have lost loved ones to the virus. However, in many instances, it has also caused communities to come together to assist those in need.

Belize City gang members arrested
A situation of gang rivalry was captured over social media recently where several young men were arrested and charged for producing a video recording to promote gang related activity. 19-year-old Jalen Babb was additionally charged for the offense of “ Unable to Provide a Reason for Movement Outside of Curfew”.

No response yet for cattle farmers
Farmers in the north are growing more anxious as they have not received any response to the dilemma they are faced with when it comes to cattle exports. We have been reporting that the chairman of Bullet Tree Village, Sabino Pinelo, is allegedly implementing a fee for them to pass through the village to export their cattle to Guatemala.

Philip Willoughby claims harassment by political rival
Political rivalry is looming at the Port Loyola constituency between the People’s United Party and United Democratic Party Standard Bearers. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, the UDP Standard Bearer is reportedly being attacked via social media by his opponent, Gilroy Usher.

Cultural Sector takes a hit due to COVID-19
On Monday, April 20 the SICA representatives from Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Panama, El Salvador, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, and Belize met online to discuss the Effects of COVID-19 on the Region's Cultural Sector. Sapna Budhrani, President of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH), attended the meeting. In speaking with her, she explained that the cultural sector in Belize has been impacted significantly by COVID-19.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Nationwide blackout caused by damaged transmission structure in Orange Walk
Belizeans countrywide – except for the island of Caye Caulker which is not connected to […]

Three more persons recover from COVID-19
The Government of Belize Press Office has indicated that another three persons recovered from COVID-19. […]

Today marks the 50th celebration of Earth Day
Environmental organizations and the people that support them all over the world are celebrating the 50th anniversary of Earth Day […]

United States Government donates $600,000 to help Belize battle COVID-19
The United States Embassy announced today that the US Government has committed US $300,000 to […]

Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 relief fund donates $60,000 to Methodist church
The Lord Ashcroft COVID-19 relief fund donated $60,000 to the Belize Methodist Church. The Methodist […]

University of Belize targets August reopening
University of Belize President Dr. Clement Sankat, citing continued “uncertain times” has announced a reorganization […]

Human Rights Commission of Belize lashes out against police abuse
On Sunday Ulysease Roca was found dead inside his home in Willows Bank, Belize District. […]

Ministry of Education to provide training support for teachers
Today, the Deputy CEO in the Ministry of Education, Cecilia Smith informed that the Ministry […]

MOE: ‘Resource activities are to keep students engaged; not to assess them’
On the Ask the Experts show today, Deputy CEO in the Ministry of Education, Cecilia […]

Secondary schools to develop and implement continuity plan
Deputy CEO in the Ministry of Education, Cecilia Smith informed on the Ask the Experts […]

Harvard students to provide free tutoring to Belizean students
A group of seven undergraduate students at Harvard University in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and one undergraduate […]


Bring Belize’s Outdoors Home
As wellness trends go, ‘forest bathing’ and ‘outdoor therapy’ are two of our favorites. Being outdoors is proven to improve both mental and physical well-being. In Belize, nature connects us all. Whether it’s a soothing sea breeze, the prospect of seeing a majestic jaguar in the wild, or appreciation of local produce from a farmer’s market. Ironically, as we grapple with the coronavirus pandemic and are urged to stay at home, opportunities to spend time in the outdoors is limited. But according to experts at Forbes, there are still plenty of ways to engage in outdoor therapy – we just need to get creative. Whether you have your own garden, veranda, or just access to a farmer’s market, you can bring the stress-relieving Belizean outdoor experience home.

Take Virtual Vacation Or Get COVID-19 and Grocery Information
Many of us are going through tough times in surviving COVID-19 on Ambergris Caye Belize. And tough times call for creative measures. Over the years I have been so grateful for the support of my readers not only with wonderful testimonials about my blog but with my charities as well. Many donated to Hope Haven during my last COVID-19 news and outreach. And even more, people used the Flight Code For a Cause (until flights stopped) which not only helped the Cancer Center with a monthly donation but also sustained my blog. With zero passenger flights right now that means a big freefall into the abyss for me, along with many other people I know.

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Reasons The Cruise Business Should Go To The Bottom
Interesting article for Earth Day. This article points out why cruises are the probably the worst thing for Belize. Worth a read.
Before Coronavirus totally cratered the entire industry, cruise tourism had been on the rise for the past decade with more and more millennials warming to the idea of spending enough money to buy and legally murder a sea turtle for the privilege of playing shuffleboard on the [#%!]-washed decks of a smog-farting leviathan adrift like a lost icebreaker two days before cannibalism sets in. But before Washington D.C. decides to bail out an industry that doesn't pay U.S. income tax, the following facts should give just about everybody not named Mr. Carnival pause.

Florida aquarium makes breakthrough discovery that could save dying coral reefs
Scientists at the aquarium in Tampa successfully reproduced cactus coral for the first time in human care, using coral rescued by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission and NOAA Fisheries. The scientists are aiming to learn more about coral reproduction in the hopes of replenishing reefs in the state that have experienced a disease outbreak since 2014. They have learned for the first time about when ridged cactus coral reproduce and what the babies look like. Previously, not much was known about the ridged cactus coral’s reproduction as no photos, videos or studies existed before the Florida Aquarium’s success.

Caymans, With Too Many, Will Sell COVID Test Kits
The Government of the Cayman Islands is prepared to sell up to half of its COVID-19 tests to other countries in the region. Speaking during a recent press briefing, Premier Alden McLaughlin said the territory’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. John Lee had advised that 100,000 kits would be enough for the population. The territory initially procured 200,000 tests – although only 165,000 of those have arrived, with the remainder being kept in the UK.

new report predicts that some Caribbean countries are headed for a debt crisis. S&P Global Ratings says islands like Barbados, Belize and The Bahamas are on the list. These three territories are some of the most exposed to the sudden stop in global tourism due to the coronavirus pandemic. After decade-long borrowing sprees, these countries are also staring down big bond payments, raising concern over how the Caribbean region can repay its debt.


  • Bishop Dorick Wright's funeral live, min.

  • Interview with Peter Lawrence on the COVID-19 situation, Who Let the Dawgs Out on ReefTV, 1hr23min.

  • Wednesday's "Ask the Experts", min. Joining us are Mrs. Cecilia Smith, Deputy Chief Education Officer, Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture.

  • Police and Jesus Loves Me! - At the gas station! - Belize, 3min.

  • Cool video from the FCD Environmental Youth Group, 2min. With support from the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives, a mentoring program was started by FCD titled, “Protecting Planet Earth – Mentoring Young Minds to Care.” In Belize the mentoring was done by members of the FCD Environmental Youth Group, while in Guatemala the activity was run by members of Todos Por Un Mundo Verde. This video is a recap of the mentoring program conducted in March with children from Belize and Guatemala.

  • Color Blind Multimedia Productions has a virtual book club going, 19min. Reading can relax your mind, teach you new things, distract you from the COVID19 stresses, and it expands your imagination! Reading is almost effortless – unless your prescription glasses go missing! In today’s edition of CB Book Club, we welcome another Belizean writer, Ms. Sayu Bhojwani, author of 'People Like Us'.

  • The Culture of Peace is such an amazing initiative, 4min. Cultural Unity through the Arts, as we maintain our social distance our artists,keep growing an maintaining their creativity using the media source, a positive message for this and every day,promoting a Culture of Peace 2020!

  • MAYA 4K - A Magical World - by Martin Engelmann, 11min. This short film shows the beauty of the Mayan World in Mexico, Guatemala and Belize. The journey begins in the caves of Belize, known as the underworld "Actun Tunichil Muknal", and leads outside to the most beautiful rainforest of Chiapas in Mexico. At the end you will reach the highlands of Guatemala, with a view to an eruption of active Vulcan Fuego. The film is without music, but contains original sound from caves and rainforest. This film is part of the 2020 Maya Exhibition at MAMUZ Museum Austria. In the next years the Exhibition will move to some places in the United States and Canada.

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  • The Covid 19 is effecting every Belizean, 7min. This Maya lady from the district of Corozal share her experience in the Yucatec Maya language . Please if you can help others in this moments please do so .

  • WHO Director-General's opening remarks at the media briefing on COVID-19 - 22 April 2020, 1hr25min.