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The San Pedro Sun

Four persons caught with undersized out of season conch and lobster
Four persons were detained after they were caught with undersized out of season conch and lobster by the Hol Chan Marine Reserve. According to information reaching our newsroom, the perpetrators were spotted by Hol Chan Rangers on patrol. Their Quick Response Team, which involves members of the San Pedro Police Formation and the Belize Coast Guard quickly moved in to make the apprehensions.

British Army Training Support Unit Continues to Assist the Ministry of National Security during COVID-19 Pandemic
This support includes the provision of BATSUB’s barracks accommodation, laundry services, and exclusive access to their recreational area. Security forces personnel are also able to purchase groceries from the San Cas Store at Price Barracks. Additionally, a donation of 1,000 packs of 24-hour rations was handed over for distribution to the Belize Defence Force and the Belize Coast Guard.

Belize Observes World Intellectual Property Day 2020
April 26th of each year marks the celebration of World Intellectual Property Day. In 2000, the World Intellectual Property Office (WIPO) designated an annual World Intellectual Property Day to address the perceived gap between intellectual property (IP) as a business/legal concept and its relevance to people’s lives. The convention establishing WIPO was first entered into force on this date in 1970.

Ambergris Today

San Pedro Polyclinic Postpones Vaccination Schedule
Being in the state of emergency, the Ministry of Health has adviced them to further discuss and strategize how they will administer the vaccines in a method that will not put the mothers, babies and nurses in harm's way.

Various Belizean Sources


SI No 62 of 2020 Belize Constitution Emergency Powers Regulations 2020
Effective today, April 26th, Statutory Instrument No. 62 of 2020, the Belize Constitution (Emergency Powers) Regulations, 2020, will come into force.

Government’s Response to Wildfire Situation
The public is hereby advised on the situation with wildfires across the country and updated on the work being done by the Government of Belize. The Forest Department, the Department of the Environment (DOE) and other agencies including the Fire Department, the Belmopan City Council, the San Ignacio Town Council, and ranger volunteers such as the Southern Wildfire Group, continue to collaborate to actively address the ongoing fires.

NFS Response to Bush Fires
The National Fire Service (NFS) has been in constant motion trying to address as many bush fires as possible, but it is important to remind the public that they are the first line of defense in the protection of their property from fires. Here are some tips they can do to help. Do not light fires in your yard, especially in these extremely dry conditions. Cut a 'fire pass' (6ft) around your yard. This will reduce the chances of a fire getting out of hand and reaching your home. Have your hose ready. If a fire is getting close, aim for the base of the fire and start spraying the area with water.

Belize Celebrates World Malaria Day in the Midst of Response to COVID-19
World Malaria Day is observed every year on April 25th. This year’s theme, “Zero malaria starts with me”, is a grassroots campaign that aims to keep malaria high on the political agenda, mobilize additional resources, and empower communities to take ownership of malaria prevention and care. According to the World Health Organization's (WHO) World Malaria Report 2019, there were no global gains in reducing new infections over the period 2014 to 2018.

COVID-19 Update
This is our data up until today. As we go into the weekend actively searching for further contacts, we must continue to emphasize the elements of social distancing. While there is no further lockdown on Sundays (for now at least), please, if you don’t have anything to do on the streets - please stay home!

Thunderbolt to resume routes by reservation
We will be resuming our regular run on 27th April by reservations only. You can do so via inbox or at 6288590. Corozal to San Pedro 7am, San Pedro to Corozal 3pm, With stops in Sarteneja by reservation only. Please present your valid ID at check-in. Please be reminded that all passengers must have a valid reason to travel and wear face masks and practice social distancing while waiting before boarding. For any other questions or concerns feel free to reach out.

RCD Barge Service
See below our run for this coming week. We will be accepting cargo at the Port of Belize on Wednesday up until 2pm and again on Thursday up until 2pm. We then depart for Caye Caulker to do deliveries on Friday. Kindly have all chilled items delivered on Thursday only. Any further questions, please feel free to message us or call the office at 206-0083. RCD hardware will also be open for Deliveries ONLy as of Monday, April 27th. Call 206-0083 and place your orders!!! For Caye Caulker, it’s once a week for general cargo with two days loading at the port. Once business starts to resume to a normal mode and the demand increases, then we will also increase the quantity of trips per week. We use to run every week day, Monday - Friday from BC deliveries on Tuesday - Saturday in CC.

Belize Zoo Emergency Closure Update
Due to the outbreak of the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis, the Belize Zoo and Tropical Education Center (TBZTEC) made the hard decision of temporarily closing our gates on March 23rd in the interest of public safety, and the safety of our staff and animals. We have now endured 5 weeks of full closure, with a lack of normal income, among the other socio-economic constraints as a result of the State of Emergency declared throughout Belize earlier this month. Despite the unprecedented challenges, our dedicated team of zookeepers, managers, and security staff continue working to ensure our beloved animals receive the best care and nutrition on a daily basis.

San Antonio Free Soup Project
The San Antonio Free Soup project gave out over 100 containers of soup. Thank you! Their gofundme page.

Daily Visitors to Roni's Pond
During the last 2 weeks in April, every year, my bird pond overflows with thirsty visitors. We made this small pond several years ago, and I cant think of how many birds it has saved over the years. The daily max temperature here has been 104*F. Here are some daily visitors.

Hunab Ku is a Colonial period Yucatec Maya reduce term meaning "The One God" or "One Deity" . The earliest known publicly available written reference to the term "Hunab Ku" (which translates as "Sole God" or "Only God") appears in the 16th century Diccionario de Motul, where "Hunab-ku" is identified as "the only living and true god, also the greatest of the gods of the people of Yucatan. He had no form because they said that he could not be represented as he was incorporeal". The term also appears in the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Fires are now mostly forest fires; Government may declare Vaca Forest fire as an emergency
The Government informed today that as the temperatures again approached 107 degrees Fahrenheit, new fires […]

Over 100 fires per week with temperatures above 100 degrees – Forestry and Environment Departments share details
Over the Easter weekend, very high daytime temperatures were recorded which along with the long […]

Vaca forest fire has potential to release enormous smoke on Cayo- Government to dispatch firefighting crew tomorrow
The Government of Belize has informed that tomorrow, the Forest Department firefighting crew will enter […]

National Student Union of Belize elects new executive
The National Students’ Union of Belize elected a new executive council on April 19th. Kevin […]

Belmopan Chinese community donates food items to Belmopan and surrounding communities
Today, the Belmopan Chinese community joined forces and donated food supplies to Belmopan and surrounding […]

National Fire service advises against lighting of fires
The National Fire Service (NFS) says that it has been in constant motion trying to […]

Belize celebrates World Malaria Day in the midst of response to COVID-19
World Malaria Day is observed every year on April 25th. This year’s theme, “Zero malaria […]

Volunteers assist in effort to mitigate fires in Vaca Forest
Earlier today, BBN reported on continuing fires in the Vaca Forest. In a statement issued […]

Victim in road traffic accident was well known and loved in Yo Creek
Just before 8 o’clock last night a man died in a road traffic accident. He […]

Muslims in Belize to fast for one month of Ramadan
Muslims in Belize and across the world are celebrating Ramadan, which commenced on Thursday and […]

Banks must step up: Mayor Wagner
Веlіzеаnѕ аrе аnхіоuѕlу lооkіng fоrwаrd tо thе ѕlіghtеѕt hоре оf а tіmе bеуоnd СОVІD-19, whеn thіngѕ gеt bасk tо “nоrmаl.”...

Cities’ COVID-19 revenue hurt
Веlіzе’ѕ munісіраlіtіеѕ аrе hаrdlу ехеmрt frоm thе есоnоmіс раіn brоught bу СОVІD-19. Оur twо mајоr сіtіеѕ – Веlmораn аnd Веlіzе Сіtу – аrе іn а wоrld оf hurt...

The Belize Zoo remains closed; wildlife conservation and education continues
“Wе hаvе nоw еndurеd 5 wееkѕ оf full сlоѕurе, wіth а lасk оf nоrmаl іnсоmе, аmоng thе оthеr ѕосіо-есоnоmіс соnѕtrаіntѕ аѕ а rеѕult оf thе Ѕtаtе оf Еmеrgеnсу dесlаrеd thrоughоut Веlіzе еаrlіеr thіѕ mоnth...

Cristo Rey volunteers join efforts to mitigate fires
Volunteers from Cristo Rey Village have worked diligently in an effort to mitigate the fires affecting surrounding communities...

San Ignacio teen missing
The family of Brian Robinson, 18, of San Ignacio is concerned about his whereabouts. According to his relatives...

Belize City Animal Aid distributes over 800 pounds of food to animal owners
Веlіzе Сіtу Аnіmаl Аіd, іn thе mіdѕt оf thе hаrdѕhірѕ brоught оn bу СОVІD-19, bеgаn аn іntіаtіvе tо dіѕtrіbutе оvеr 800 роundѕ оf dоg аnd саt fооd tо аnіmаl оwnеrѕ fееlіng thе есоnоmіс ріnсh durіng thе раndеmіс...

Online Resources for a Quality Education at Home
Ву Міkаіlа Нudѕоn (Теасhеr): Wіth ѕсhооlѕ асrоѕѕ Веlіzе сlоѕеd, аnd nо соnfіrmеd rе-ореnіng dаtе, lеаrnіng frоm hоmе іѕ mоrе іmроrtаnt thаn еvеr...

More fires reported in Vaca Forest
Еаrlіеr thіѕ wееk, Frіеndѕ fоr Соnѕеrvаtіоn аnd Dеvеlорmеnt (FСD) rероrtеd оn fоrеѕt fіrеѕ іnѕіdе оf thе Vаса Fоrеѕt. FСD urgеd fаrmеrѕ tо сеаѕе burnіng аnd аѕkеd fоr lаw еnfоrсеmеnt tо аvоіd thе fіrеѕ...


Update from Ambergris Caye Belize, Quarantine Day 34
A month has passed since we entered quarantine on March 23rd – and as I BEMOANED in the last post – uncertainty is the new normal. On an international level – when will airlines start flying internationally again? When will people feel safe to fly? On a local level, we have been very fortunate, at least where the virus is concerned. The economic situation is on everyone’s mind.

15 Creole Phrases To Learn Before Visiting Belize
The Creole are one of the many ethnic groups that make up Belize’s cultural diversity. As such, most Belizeans speak English and Creole, or “Kriol”, as a part of our Belizean identity. Before you visit, have some fun with learning a few phrases of Creole to feel right at home.

CC+L’s Top 9 Budget-Friendly Things In Belize
Many people may think they can’t enjoy a great Belize vacation without big bucks. In Belize, you can find plenty adventures that are either free or won’t break the bank! Find our top nine recommendations to see Belize on a budget below.

International Sourcesizz

Isolation postcards from around the world
Chelsea Young, 12, Belmopan, Belize: An adventurer at heart, Chelsea loves exploring the rich biodiversity of Hopkins, a seaside village in Belize and one of her most favourite places to visit. But, because of covid19, she is unable to do it. But while she may not be able to explore outdoors, she is busy having adventures at home and discovering new favourite places.


  • Dolphin Pod in Corozal Bay, 3min. Earlier today, I saw a Dolphin Pod swimming along the water on Corozal Bay. Most pods can contain anywhere from 2 – 30 dolphins depending on the species and the situation, however, there are occasions where pods may grow even larger in size reaching 100 or more dolphins. In some instances, numerous dolphin pods may gather together for an activity or event which can further increase the overall pod up to several thousand dolphins. Both the size of a single pod and group can vary greatly based on the dolphin's species, population size, endangered status, habitat, and social structure.

  • Super Furia Band Live, 98min. The Super Furia Band had a virtual concert this evening

  • POD OF BOTTLENOSE DOLPHINS SIGHTED ON OUR COROZAL BAY LESS THAN 100' FROM OUR SEAWALL, 2min. Bottlenose dolphins are very social animals. We have lived along the Corozal Bay for 14 years and have never seen a pod so large just 200 feet from our front yard. AWESOME!!!

  • Belize: History of Mennonites, 3.5min.

  • How the Maya weave hammocks, 7.5min.

  • WACPtv Belize: on COVID-19 LOCKDOWN Ep5.0, 31min. This Episode is about Healing the mind and body to combat disease. Meet a natural healing Bush Doctor and one of his patients who was dying from cancer.

  • Belize On Fire · Santinos Messengers Band, 5min.

  • Belize 2020, 8.5min.

  • WHAT TO DO in BELIZE? -TOP THINGS TO DO in BELIZE, 5.5min. With its picturesque beaches, ancient Maya ruins, incredible wildlife and action-packed excursions, this truly is an adventure like no other! Explore this beautiful country called Belize.

  • Belize Municipak Airport: Landing in Belize on the smallest runway ever, 1min.

  • Virtual Meeting on Financial and Technical Support Needs for the Tourism Industry, 7min. Positive action for Caye Caulker!

  • The Savannah of San Pablo was on fire, 6min. We want to congratulate the San Pablo village council and the Cawich family for extinguishing the fire.