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The San Pedro Baby2Baby Pantry held their first distribution on Friday, April 24th, handing out 60 packages to pregnant women and families with newborn babies. The handing over of items took place by Caribeña Street from 9AM until midday. Several women, who had been previously identified, gratefully accepted a package with items such as pampers, baby clothing, milk formula, Cereal-Rice/Honey and even prenatal vitamins among others. Main organizers of the project, Conchita Ayuso and Dayrin Almendarez were very happy to have been able to garner enough support from the community to help those in most need.

The distribution is intended to be weekly and for next week, 40 packages have already been prepared to be delivered. These new packages will include items for babies 2-years-old and above, and as the pantry receives additional donations, organizers are hoping to be able to cater for more children.

How to apply for the San Pedro Baby2Baby Pantry:

Visit the Facebook page San Pedro Baby2Baby Pantry – Home for more information. Certain information will be required from applicants including the parent’s and child’s details and what items they need. For those that may not have access to the internet, you can contact Ayuso at 635-8768 or Almendarez at 615-2937. Those who apply will be notified via telephone when to pick up their package.

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