After being approved by the House of Representatives on Monday, April 27th, a day later, the Senate debated the two-month extension of the National State of Emergency before unanimously agreeing to it. The motion will now await the signature of the Governor General His Excellency Sir Colville Young before it becomes a law.

The debate took place inside the National Assembly, where Senator and Leader of Government Business Honourable Godwin Hulse, Business Senator from the Opposition (People’s United Party) Honourable Michel Chebat, Government Senator and Attorney General Honourable Michael Peyrefitte and Senator for Trade Unions and Civil Society Elena Smith discussed the proposal. Senator Hulse opened the session by introducing the proposal and indicated that an extension was needed because the country continues in a persistent State of Emergency.

Senator from the Opposition Chebat called out the government on the closure of the financial assistance portal to those affected by COVID-19. He argued that from the over 80,000 that applied only 27% were approved and that there are many Belizeans suffering with lack of food. He questioned why an extension to the State of Emergency where there have been no further cases and government has no clear plan to move forward. Chebat said that a 30-day extension could be better instead of 60 days to come up with a better plan and help those in most need.

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