Complaints of high electricity bills flooded social media this morning as many consumers noted that their bills had almost doubled. They questioned if it was some mistake by Belize Electricity Limited (BEL), but BEL told us today that the increase in bills should be expected. According to them, since most people are at home due to various reasons caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, they will no doubt consume more electricity. More consumption therefore leads to the increase in bills. Customer Service Manager, Lisa Standford, told us today that they have been trying to explain this to consumers who have been calling their offices.

Lisa Stanford, Customer Care Manager, BEL: “Everybody is at home the kids are at home and so they might see an increase in their consumption during this period of time but we implore our customers to also conserve electricity. It is very hot right now that also contributes to the increase in consumption so we ask that they conserve electricity. Things that you’re not using, take it off, if you could go out on your veranda to take a little breather instead of having the fan on let’s do that anything that you could do to conserve energy during this time especially when everybody is at home would help in terms of that as well and we applaud people who do exactly that because some people do call in with high bill and we explain and what you could certain tips you know make sure that not everyone is in the fridge at the same time or all the time, turn off the lights when you’re leaving the room things like that just simple little things that can help with the consumption.”