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The San Pedro Sun

PM Barrow updates the nation on COVID-19; calls out San Pedro Town Authorities
After registering 17 consecutive days without a case of COVID-19, Belize Prime Minister Right Honourable Dean Barrow updated the nation on Thursday, April 30th, announcing a further relaxation on the level of restrictions to hopefully kick-start the local economy. These new measures will be part of the new proclamation of the State of Emergency starting on Friday, May 1st for two months. Barrow opened his address stating that Belize is turning a corner after achieving a milestone in the campaign against COVID-19, however he made it clear that the country is still under the threat of the virus and Belizeans should continue exercising the necessary precautions to avoid any potential infections.

San Pedro Tour Operators Association hand out groceries to tour guides
After the tourism industry came to a grinding halt on the island, the labour force of tour operators such as tour guides, boat captains, deck and office personnel found themselves without a job. Over the past weeks, they have been doing their best to make ends meet with the support of the community and loved ones. But on Wednesday, April 29th, the San Pedro Tour Operators Association (SPTOA) contributed 150 packages of groceries to them in an effort to assist them.

San Pedro Fire Department responds to bushfire in northern Ambergris Caye
On Tuesday, April 28th, the San Pedro Fire Department (SPFD) responded to a bushfire, which was threatening to get out of control and edging to nearby structures in northern Ambergris Caye. The fire posed a challenge to residents in the area, who joined in the efforts with the firefighters to control the blaze.

Various Belizean Sources


SI No 65 of 2020 Belize Constitution Emergency Powers Regulations 2020
Effective tomorrow, May 1st, Statutory Instrument No. 65 of 2020, the Belize Constitution (Emergency Powers) Regulations, 2020, will come into force. TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD A COPY OF THE NEW SI, CLICK THIS LINK

Today is a great day for employees of Gas Tomza and customers in the north of Belize. Tomza opened its Orange Walk Plant on the San Antonio Road. Many customers are aware of our great service and have begun to take advantage of our current, low rates while thanking us for adding our service to the community. We will continue offering our 24/7 customer service. We appreciate and invite you to visit our northern facility in the Orange Walk District. We must also clarify that there is a misleading advertisement on social media by a political party in an attempt to confuse our customers. Gas Tomza is a private company and does not participate in the agenda of any political organization.

Streaming Live / Local & Abroad Musicians/ Friday’s 4pm-7pm
Hosted by Caribbean Fusion Brewing Company. Streaming LIVE from Caribbean Fusion Brewing Company every Friday until the New Normal. We present Friday Music Session with Local & Abroad Musicians. Hosted by Greg Micheals. Friday Night Music Session Fund Raiser for Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen. ALL proceeds donated directly to [url=https://www.gofundme.com/f/caye-caulker-soup-kitchen-for-covid19-relief]Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen’s GoFundMe account[/url].

Cristo Rey Village calls for Food Assistance
If anyone can help the villagers of Cristo Rey who have not received any food baskets or hampers, please contact Ana Peña and Jovanna Peña to organize proper and fair food distribution at cellular number 608-8620.

Great adventures for Institute of Archaeology in Educational Outreach
Taking a stroll down memory lane, we reminisce on the great adventures the IA has had actively pursuing Educational Outreach. Interacting with our students of Belize, we express how important cultural heritage is to our national identity as Belizeans. It is our civic right and duty to be guardians of our heritage. This is why we do it. This is why we Preserve the Past for the Future.

Our newsroom has been informed that the appeal made by Gas Tomza on the temporary injunction application against the GoB that was recently denied in the Supreme Court was dismissed by the Court of Appeal today. This is the second loss for the LPG Mafia who was represented by Audrey Matura, the Attorney General was represented by crown counsel Agassi Finnegan.

Ya'axche Nursery
Our nursery has the capacity to hold 50,000 fruit, timber and spices quality organic seedling. We work with communities, farmers and reforestation projects across southern Belize. Our prices are great and discounts are available upon purchases of 200 or more seedlings, to support small and large projects. Contact us at 722-0108 or email marcelia.assi[at]yaaxche.org or visit us at our nursery, which is located at Mile 68 on the Southern Highway, Golden Stream Corridor Preserve. For more information visit our website: https://ecotourismbelize.com/nursery/.

Corozal artist Carlos Carrillo
As part of our Thursday Art & Soul Series we are delighted to showcase Corozal artist Carlos Carrillo. Many of us have had the pleasure of watching this young man develop his skills over the past ten years. A devoted artist, husband and father Carlos continues to live his passion. Interested persons can contact Carlos via facebook at Carrillo's Art Paintings.

Update on the Food Assistance Programme
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation hereby updates the public on the COVID-19 Food Assistance Programme. Approved households who have already received their first food basket will receive notifications by text or WhatsApp informing them of their continued eligibility and the information needed to collect their baskets. There is no need to reapply; however, bear in mind that approval for continuous assistance is not automatic. Only households that receive the notification should go back for their second baskets.

Update on the Situation with Wildfires
The air tankers funded by the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) continued flights over the western communities in the Cayo District today, April 30th, from 5:00 a.m. up to around 5:00 p.m. Several fires were suppressed in the areas of El Pilar and Chapel Hill in Benque Viejo del Carmen, and in the villages of Georgeville, Barton Creek and Unitedville. A house was saved from flames south of Unitedville and a large fire was extinguished in the Riverwalk area, among many other fires suppressed today. Around 5:00 p.m., a large thunderstorm rolled over the western part of the Cayo District, drenching all the fires in the Vaca Forest Reserve, Arenal, and Blackman Eddy. With the rains this evening, the far west is considered to be significantly out of harm’s way.

Update to Statutory Instrument No. 65 – Additional Businesses Allowed to Operate
Subsequent to the appearance of the Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte on the Government Press Office’s “Ask the Experts” webcast today, April 30th, consideration was given to certain businesses to operate under Statutory Instrument No. 65 of 2020. Laundromats will be allowed to operate as of May 1, 2020, for drop-off/pick-up services only during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Insurance companies are also now included and can operate as of May 1, 2020, during the hours of 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Magistrate Deborah Rogers travels to Caye Caulker for court proceedings
Due to the restriction of movement as a result of the current state of emergency, on Tuesday, Magistrate Deborah Rogers traveled to Caye Caulker for court proceedings. A total of fifty-two persons were arrested and charged in Caye Caulker, under the State of Emergency Power Regulations as well as other offences and appeared before the magistrate. Twenty-four cases were concluded for breaching the curfew, eight for breaching of curfew and ten other charges were withdrawn. In the case of criminal offenses, one person was charged for wounding, while two persons were arraigned for common assault and two others for harm...

BEL Introduces its COVID-19 Relief Program
Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) continues to provide relief for persons countrywide who are adversely affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The Company will provide food and care packages totaling $75,000 in value for distribution to approximately 600 marginalized families across the country, commencing May 4, 2020. The distribution will be managed by the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, through its Food Assistance Program. Recipients will be selected based on the Ministry's standardized screening criteria of over 80,000 persons, who have no source of income or recently lost their main source of income.

A statement from Panthera Belize about fires
This dry season, Belize is experiencing an unusually high number of uncontrolled fires which have spread into natural wilderness areas with devastating consequences for the wildlife. Our work in Central Belize during the fires of 2011 showed that some animals, such as tree-living species or those with small ranges, cannot escape the fires and burn to death. Those that escape the fires are unable to travel far enough to find food and starve to death. Wide-ranging species, such as jaguars and pumas, are displaced by the fires, forced out of their natural territories and, potentially, closer to human habitation, where they may attack livestock in search of food.

Galen University Summer Semester

Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen Friday Location
Friday, May 1st....Happy Labour Day Belize! Meal Pick up location: Barrier Reef Sports Bar& Grill Times: Village: 11:00-11:45 am Bahia: 11:45 am-12:30 pm Thank you for bringing your containers!

ATTENTION U.S. CITIZENS IN BELIZE: Travel Alert – U.S. Embassy Belmopan, Belize
This message is to make you aware of two possible upcoming repatriation flights departing from Belize. First, there are seats available on a confirmed WestJet Airlines flight departing from Belize City to Toronto, Canada on Wednesday May 6. See the information below from the Honorary Consulate of Canada for additional requirements for non-Canadian citizens who are considering purchasing tickets on this flight. Secondly, the U.S. Embassy is working closely with United Airlines and the Government of Belize to provide another repatriation flight to the United States and will disseminate the details as soon as the flight is confirmed. The safety and security of American citizens is our highest responsibility. If you have any questions, please contact the U.S. Embassy Belmopan American Citizen Services Unit at [email protected]

A&R Reopening
Parents, Teachers, Students, Home-vacationers, we heard you missed us and are in need of our services. Sadly Labor Day is a holiday, but rest assured, that at 9am on Saturday May 02, our doors will be open countrywide for you. We're happy to have you all back, but please remember: For the safety of yourselves, your families, and our employees, we all need to maintain COVID-19 precautions. Wear your masks (you need one to enter), wash your hands, and keep your social distance so that we can all have a great time shopping. Thank you, and see you soon! .

Football Federation of Belize Capacity Building online classes
It may all be a little uncertain right now but it doesn’t mean we’ve stopped working. The Football Federation of Belize invites you to join in the Capacity Building online classes facilitated by our Technical Director Mr. Philip Marin. For further information and to sign up please do not hesitate to contact our office at 672-7755.

This morning Mayor Rigo Vellos assisted the All China Federation of Overseas Taishanese (Chinese Association) in Corozal with the distribution of food hampers to needy families. This is the second food hamper distribution courtesy the members of the Association. Their leaders expressed a commitment to continue to assist as many Corozalenos in these challenging times. On behalf of the Corozal community, the Mayor expressed gratitude to the Corozal Chinese association for their humanitarian service and generosity.

BWS is now processing the COVID-19 Relief for the April Bills
This Relief will be shown on your next bill as a CREDIT (PAYMENT).

2020 CARSI Small Grants Q&A Session
Join us for an informative session on the Central America Regional Security Initiative (CARSI) small grant opportunity to strengthen government through civil society engagement. Time: 1:30 - 2:30 p.m Date: May 7, 2020 Live on our Facebook page! Questions? Email us at [email protected]

Masks for sale in San Pedro
@'the moment a few of this ready to pick up, other prints upon request only...$6. each phone #664 2514

Channel 7

"Substantial Easing" Of COVID Measures
Again, tonight, there are no new confirmed cases of COVID 19 in Belize, making it 18 days since a positive sample was taken. And that's why tomorrow, the national state of emergency responding to COVID enters a new phase.  In a two hour press conference this morning, the Prime Minister characterised it as "substantial easing" of the measures which we have all been living with for much of the past month:..

Re-Starting The Economy, With Caution
But, no lockdown right now.  While the curfew does remain in effect, the economy is being re-started, and businesses allowed to re-open.  Yes, it won't be the same. Strict social distancing has to observed - and everyone has to wear a mask inside those businesses - and this time it's a requirement by law, not an option. The Prime Minister listed the businesses that will be able to open on Saturday, after the labour day holiday:

Relaxation of Measures is Not For Recreation
And so while you can finally go get that trim - by appointment only - you can't go down by the river.  The bottom line is that social interaction is being very strongly discouraged - and the PM said this relaxing of regulations is no open invitation to recreation:

Business Tourism Only
But, can you still be with the program, while being a tourist in your own country?   It's a kind of grey area since the government is trying to direct some business to hotels who have no tourists coming in. The Prime Minister explained this balancing act: "And since we are saying that anybody can move across district lines in order to attend or in order to seek the services that are available..."

Regular Tourism Not Coming Back Now
But, many resorts and hotels will be happy for any kind of business, because right now occupancy is at zero - and it looks to remain that way for the foreseeable future.  The Prime Minister said that the airport will be the last thing to open:

Basically, School's Out For Summer
And while the airport will not be opening until standardised quick tests are available, schools also look like they will not be opening very soon. The Prime Minister said right now it is not a primary consideration:

Border Busters Going To Jail
So, the biggest lesson to students is to stay home - and if you live on the north along the Rio Hondo it's not a suggestion, it's the law. Those who choose to skip across to Mexico for some cheap groceries or beer - will got to jail.  Yup, that's what's contained in the new State of Emergency regulations.  The Prime Minister outlined it:

Strict Regs For Public Buses
So, if you can't go to Mexico - can you travel within Belize? Well it's limited primarily to persons who are going to do business in other districts, and of course, persons who qualify as essential services.   And for those travelling on busses there are strict rules:

Rain cools Down Cayo
They say rain throws a damper on long weekends - but, tonight, residents of San Ignacio and Santa Elena are rejoicing after an evening downpour.  It's a relief for the twin towns which have been battling with suffocating smoke from out of control forest fires for the past month.  

Guatemalan Press Reports Falsely Claim BDF Kidnapped Citizens
This morning, Guatemalan news outlets had a sensational headline; they reported that Belizean soldiers kidnapped the president of a community group in Guatemala - along with two other men.  According to the report it happened in San Luis Peten. But, according to Belizean authorities that's not what happened at all. 

Mayor Bernard Dismisses Keith's Claims
On Tuesday we brought you an interview with PUP Stalwart Keith Yearwood, who claimed he was fired by Mayor Bernard Wagner for failing to wear a face mask at the traffic department. The former Assistant Parks manager told us that he was a faithful PUP soldiers, and expressed disbelief that Wagner could fire him without consulting the PUP hierarchy. But According to Mayor Wagner the only hierarchy he adheres to his that of the City Council.

No Sacred Cows At City Hall?
And the Mayor went on to say that unlike what pertains in the UDP his party and municipality have no sacred cows.  Reporter "Sir he spoke to the hierarchy of the PUP that you did not have the power to make such a decision, what do you have to say to that?"

CITCO Workers Staying On
But while Wagner renounced sacred cows, he says he is keeping his staff.   Today he made it clear that while city council staff has been living with a 50% pay cut since the start of April, he has no intention of laying them off. On the contrary, he says he's aware of their suffering and hopes that the council's slowly returning revenue can help alleviate it.

The Continuing Curfew
At the top of the newscast, we showed you the Prime Minister's virtual press conference. He headlined it with announcement that Government is slightly relaxing some of the stricter rules of the State of Emergency, even though it has been extended for 2 more months.  This afternoon, Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte made an appearance on the Ask the Experts webcast, to fill in the details, and give a bit more clarity on what is being allowed, and what isn't. 

Mask Regulations Super Strict
Another group of rules that the Government is doubling down on is the strict adherence to social distancing. In particular, no person should be out of their houses without a mask, and if you are caught without one, you're risking a hefty fine or even jail time.  That's right, masks are not optional!  Here are the Attorney General's comments on that topic:

Here's Which Businesses Will Open
From there, the Attorney General gave an overview of the different types of businesses that the Government is allowing to re-open under the State of the Emergency. That list is extensive, but here's an excerpt: So, to go over it again, business owners and their employees are expected to observe social distancing practices.

The Details On Hotel Stays
And at the top of the news, we showed you what Prime Minister Dean Barrow had to say about the special cases of hotels being allowed to re-open during the State of Emergency. Well, the Attorney General discussed hotels in a bit more detail, and he stressed that recreational or vacation use of the hotels isn't being encouraged.

No Leisure Travel
So, it should strictly business at hotels, because, according to the AG, the government will continue to restrict inter-district travel. Very much like being outside of your homes during non-curfew hours, traveling between districts is being discouraged at this time, and if you must do so, it must be for a valid reason. Here's how the AG explained why that is the case:

Casinos? Closed!
And, you definitely can't travel even within your district to go to the casino!  The Attorney General briefly spoke about closed businesses: Hon. Michael Peyfitte - Attorney General "Closed, Casinos and gaming establishments are closed. Gymnasiums, sporting complex remain closed. Discotheques, bars, rum shops and night clubs remain close. You have to continue to at least for now, party virtually and online. I don't know what kind of party that but for now, that's the kind of party we have to have."

FCD on Fires
Yesterday we showed you the heroic efforts of a Spanish Lookout crop duster and it's pilot water bombing fires that had been threatening communities out west.  One organization glad of the fly-by efforts and the rain that followed is the Friends for Conservation of development. Over the past few weeks, they've been on the front line of the fires working hard to keep them away from the boundary line of the invaluable natural resource that is the Chiquibul national park.

Chinese Donate To City Hall
And while the Chiquibul may be safe, thousands of Belizeans are still in peril: The peril of economic instability and even hunger.  It's a problem which the government, private entities, and even altruistic individuals are attempting to remedy.  Yesterday we told you about the Bangladeshi community's donation to Belizeans, and tonight we're highlighting three more organized efforts to feed Belize City families.  We start with the China Federation of Overseas Taishanese, who today made an enormous grocery donation to the Belize City Council. 7News was there for the handing over ceremony.

The Indians and The Politicians
And the Indian business community is also showing its generosity.  Their members chosen to specifically target those who have yet to receive government assistance in the form of food pantry or food package.  And they're doing this by handing out coupons to those on the frontline:  UDP and PUP standard-bearers as a way to pad Citywide social assistance programs and keep city-dwellers fed. 

BEL's Funding For Food Assistance Program
And a corporate citizen is also getting in on the giving. In a press release today BEL introduced its COVID-19 relief program saying that starting May 4th the Company will provide food and care packages totalling $75,000 to approximately 600 marginalized families across the country.  This afternoon Cherisse Halsall spoke to Corporate Communications Manager Vonetta Burrell about BEL's efforts to take care of customers in these extremely trying times:

The Bottom Line On The Number of Tests
And turning back now to COVID 19….for weeks we've been asking what is the specific situation with the number of tests available for the deadly virus?  And, many times, those numbers seem to lead an indeterminate dance. Today, in a rare media appearance, the CEO in the Ministry of Health gave a breakdown:

The Swabs Situation and US Customs
And while the tests are in abundance, swabs to collect those tests are running low.  And that's because the shipment which was supposed to come in last week was confiscated by US customs. Here's more on that:

Ashcroft Relief Fund Still Hasn't Found What They're Looking For
And, while the difficulty with getting supplies through the US is one thing, sourcing them any at all can prove difficult if not impossible. That's what the Lord Ashcroft Covid-19 Relief Fund learned very quickly when they tried to source supplies. - according to the PM:

San Pedro Local Leaders On A Lark Of Their Own
And, finally from today's press conference, the Prime Minister had strong words of censure for his senior Minister Manuel Heredia and San Pedro Mayor Danny Guerrero. Two days ago, they put out a press release saying that they have made local modifications to the latest State of Emergency Statutory Instrument - which, we should add, is the law of the land.  

Not Micah In Mix Up
And, finally tonight, in our last segment we told you about the police action involving former city council employee Keith Yearwood and councillor Oscar Arnold. That ended up at the police station where both sides decided to not make complaints.

Channel 5

A New Relaxed S.O.E. Comes Into Effect on Labor Day
There have not been any new cases of COVID-19 for seventeen days, so beginning May first, which is the extended Labour Day weekend, there will be a further relaxation of [...]

Wearing Face Mask in Public is Now Mandatory
The state of emergency is entering a two-month extension, but with relaxed regulations and the public will be able to move a bit more freely. While that is the case, [...]

G.O.B. Announces Stiff Penalties for Anyone Crossing Borders Illegally
While the stringent measures over the past two and a half weeks will be relaxed as of May first, government is tightening up considerably on other infractions.  Travel to Guatemala [...]

Work Resumes After Labor Day
A new statutory instrument to introduce another sixty-day state of emergency comes into effect on Friday.  Since May first is a public and bank holiday in observance of Labor Day, [...]

Salons, Barbershop to Reopen but Under Strict Conditions
One of the relaxed measures, which is bringing relief, is that salons and barbershops are now allowed to open and operate. This is one area that, in the past weeks, [...]

Street Side Vendors Still Not Allowed to Operate
If you are smiling all the way to the salon, one of the businesses still not allowed to operate are street-side vendors.  So the tacos stands up the road and [...]

Court of Appeal Dismisses LPG Importers’ Appeal
An inaugural shipment of liquid petroleum gas arrived at the Port of Big Creek this morning, following a direct route from the U.S. Gulf Coast.  At news time this evening, [...]

LPG Importers to Appeal Decision at the C.C.J.
The matter is going before the Caribbean Court of Justice in an expedited hearing, though a written judgment from the Court of Appeal has not been perfected.  According to attorney [...]

San Pedro is Also Subject to National S.O.E.
The San Pedro Town Council, Area Representative Manuel Heredia Jr. and the local Emergency Operations Centre have come under harsh criticism for taking matters into their own hands by amending [...]

Tourism Will Be Last Sector to Reopen
San Pedro is prime destination and tourism is the number one revenue generator for the Belizean economy but it will be the last sector to be reopened as the country [...]

Hotels Can Now Open but for Only Local Guests
With Belize’s tourism industry on life support and hoteliers going out of business, one of the changes to the regulations is that hotels can resume business. But there is a [...]

Unemployment is Slow to Come By
Help is slow to come for thousands of Belizeans who continue to wait for unemployment assistance through the Government of Belize. More eight thousand persons applied but the process has [...]

Cyclists Can Now Ride
There is good news for cyclists tonight. That is because they were not allowed on the highways during the first thirty days of the state of emergency. Under the new [...]

Animals Dying Due to Forest Fires
The forest fires in the west and south are having devastating consequences for wildlife. Panthera Belize, an organization that focuses on the future of wildcats, has been monitoring the situation.  [...]

CitCo Anticipates that Revenue Stream Will Pick Up
Now that there will be a relaxation of certain measures of the state of emergency, municipal governments are looking towards an improvement in revenue streams. Since April first, most departments [...]

Mayor Bernard Wagner Says There is No Room at City Hall for the Likes of “Yellow Man”
Even as the revenue stream at the municipal level is only trickling, Belize City Mayor Bernard Wagner says that he is not contemplating axing any of his staff. On Tuesday, [...]

Gang Truce Holding Up, but Police Keeping Close Watch on Other Factions
In March, a state of emergency was declared to deal with the spike in gang-related gun violence in the city. Persons affiliated with eight south side gang groups were rounded [...]

Indian Community Gives Back to Needy Families
The Indian community has been extending generosity to those families who have less and are hurting during this COVID-19 crisis. Today, the community reached out to the Port Loyola residents [...]

All China Federation of Overseas Tiashanese Makes a $100,000 Donation to Belize CitCo
Belize City residents are also benefitting from food items courtesy of the All China Federation of Overseas Tiashanese. Mayor Bernard Wagner and councillors received the supplies and distribution will begin [...]

Healthy Living: Vaccination During COVID-19
For the past few months, the only vaccine all of us have been talking or thinking about is one that could rid us of the current COVID-19 Pandemic. While that [...]


Indian Community in Belize making its mark during COVID-19
The Indian Community in Belize is contributing to the vulnerable population in Belize during the COVID-19 Pandemic. They have distributed vouchers to all the Standard Bearers in Belize City to pass on to their constituents. The vouchers are a pass to receive a food package from the Water Walker Outreach Ministry in Down Town Belize City. The packages contain the necessary staples including rice, beans, flour, sugar, liquid soap, and many more items to assist families throughout the city.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Four (4) more patients recover from COVID-19
The daily infographic prepared by the Ministry of Health and posted a short while ago […]

Two motorcycle riders injured in accident in Duck Run 3, Cayo District
Reports to BBN is that around 6:30 p.m., a motorcycle and a pickup crashed in […]

Prime Minister Dean Barrow’s update on COVID-19 Response
Today marks something of a milestone in our national campaign against COVID-19. The first state of emergency (SOE) […]

Chinese community makes food assistance donation to Belize City Council
Today, the All China Federation of Overseas Taishanese made a donation of food items and […]

Curfew violators will be arrested
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte stressed at length today that despite the relaxing of some of […]

Attorney General: “Border crossing now carries automatic jail time”
Attorney General, Michael Peyrefitte, is warning all Belizeans that crossing the border is expressly prohibited […]

“Masks now a requirement,” says Attorney General
Attorney General Michael Peyrefitte, speaking on today’s session of Ask the Experts, said that under […]

Butane importers seek appeal after losing injunction case to GOB
By majority, the Belize Court of Appeal has confirmed the order of Acting Chief Justice […]

PACT provides fuel support for water bombing over Vaca Forest Reserve
This morning, the Protected Areas Conservation Trust (PACT) informed that airplanes have completed work over […]

Ministry of Human Development: No need to re-apply for food assistance but continuous assistance is not automatic
The Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation, and Poverty Alleviation informed today that approved households […]

Police detain 60 people countrywide for violation of State of Emergency
The Commissioner of Police (COMPOL) informed that 60 people were charged countrywide for offenses under […]

BEL to contribute $75,000 in food supplies to Ministry of Human Development’s food assistance program
The Belize Electricity Limited (BEL) announced today that it will provide food and care packages totaling […]

PM Barrow: Move by San Pedro Town Council is ‘absolutely improper’
Prime Minister Dean Barrow said today in a virtual interview with the press that the […]

PM Barrow: Measures relaxed following international benchmark for COVID-19 testing
Prime Minister Dean Barrow explained today that the new relaxed measures come after examining the […]

Why Belize’s testing protocol is adequate
Belize, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) benchmark, is well below 10 percent in […]

Relaxation of restrictions to reopen some private businesses
Government departments will reopen in full on Monday after the Labour Day holiday. Returning as […]

Prime Minister introduces new emergency regulations
Prime Minister Dean Barrow announced that from Friday, Belize turns the corner with a new […]


Why You Should Hungry Grouper
Looking for a great local meal? Hungry Grouper is a popular restaurant in downtown San Pedro. Well known and loved Chef Argyle is back in business and serving up his tasty cooking with a side of humor. (Pick up only till further notice.) If you are wondering, here is what getting a meal from Argyle’s looks like during covid-19. Walkup up with a bell and a limited menu of stewed or fried chicken, sweet and sour pork chop, wings popcorn shrimp, and ceviche.

April 2020’s Best Instagram Moments
Let’s take a trip down memory lane (in your camera roll) for a little wanderlust! In this time of quarantine, we reflect back at adventures we’ve been on, while looking for travel inspiration for when travel opens up again. Below, find our CC+L Top Picks of 6 Belize Instagram Moments for April 2020. We can’t wait to see more of your best IG moments!

International Sourcesizz

Why WeStay Home: Suzie Learns about Coronavirus
Beautifully explained for younger children. If you want to download PDF file just click the link.

Most US airlines will require passengers to wear face masks as they guard against coronavirus
Major U.S. airlines on Thursday said they will require travelers to wear face masks on board their planes as carriers take steps to try to protect the health of passengers and crew. Delta’s policy requires travelers to wear a mask or other face covering in the check-in area, premium lounges, boarding gate areas and on board for the whole flight, except during meals. The airline is also urging travelers to wear them in security lines and in restrooms. The policy takes effect Monday.

Air Canada anticipates return of worldwide air travel by Christmas
An Air Canada vice president suggests that by the time winter holidays roll around again, Canadians will be able to board his company's planes and fly almost anywhere in the world. But Tim Strauss said he knows that one of the biggest tasks involved in bringing air travel back to life after pandemic restrictions lift will be convincing the public it's safe to fly. "I think by Christmas you will see a significant amount of flying again," said Strauss, vice president of cargo at Air Canada. "We'll be flying to most places around the world and certainly domestically."


  • Live update on State of Emergency Measures, min.

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  • Channel 5 Obituaries - CIRIO MARTINEZ, 1min.

  • Destination Belize asking everyone to Stay Safe, 1min. Destination Belize along with everyone at the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) takes this time to remind everyone to stay home and stay safe.

  • Belize- This is the Life, min. Our 2011 vacation to beautiful Belize.

  • Rainy Day in Belize, 3min. A few minutes of a soothing gentle rain in Belize. I get to experience this every time I travel to Belize.

  • Hear from former CDC Global Communications Director, Dan Rutz, 60min. Join us to discuss facts and fiction in the midst of COVID19!

  • "Ask the Experts" for Friday April 30, min. he Attorney General Hon. Michael Peyrefitte will join us on 'Ask the Experts' to discuss the new measures under the recent state of emergency.

  • Belize Bus Association - Update on Bus Schedules, 39min. Ewart Metzgen is the Secretary of the Belize Bus Association. We got an update from him about how they are adjusting in this COVID-19 era.

  • Grace Flava With A Beat - Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli recipe, 16min. Grace Flava With A Beat prepared a Pasta with Chicken and Broccoli recipe. Chef Duane Lizama shared the recipe that featured Grace pasta shells and chicken pieces fried in Grace's Fish and Meat sauce. He topped it off with shredded cheese.

  • The Belize's First Virtual Music Festival, 22min. The Belize's First Virtual Music Festival will take place this weekend. It is a COVID-19 Artist Fundraiser Event that will be feature local artist performing on the Facebook platform. We spoke with the organizers about the impact of the crisis on the music industry and how you can support them during this time. www.Facebook.com/BZVirtualMusicFest James Sanker - Organizer, Virtual Music Festival Leslie "Bastic" Jenkins - Artist

  • State of Emergency extension - changes to the latest Statutory Instrument, 56min. There have been changes to the latest Statutory Instrument to enforce new regulations and the extension of the State of Emergency. Audrey Matura, Attorney-at-Law unpacked the regulations and what is expected of families and businesses.

  • Belizean living in Paris who had tested positive for COVID-19, 23min. Windsey Neal is a Belizean living in Paris who had tested positive for COVID-19. He recounts his experience as a asymptomatic patient who had very little symptoms. He has since recovered and talked about the situation in that country.

  • Purple Passion Studio & Spa - manicured nails in the comfort of your home, 21min. If you are looking to give your hands a treat for this long weekend we've brought in an expert to help you. Stacy Badillo of Purple Passion Studio & Spa shared the steps for getting manicured nails in the comfort of your home.

  • Dripless Shaft Seal is Filling the Boat with Water in Remote Belize, 18min. We have a lot of drama this week when we get way too close to a reef and then our dripless shaft seal starts to drip....and then full on leak! We scramble to get her fixed with no real option of getting the boat hauled out during the lockdowns.

  • Belize 2019, 9min.

  • Another Deep Drop Day in Placencia/Belize, 12min. Deep Drop, Day fishing in Belize. Catching a wide varieties of fish.

  • Belize! 2 Weeks in 6 Minutes - Ambergris Caye, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Mexico Rocks, San Pedro, 6min. Our Vacation from Belize! Ambergris Caye, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, San Pedro, Secret Beach, Mexico Rocks and More! Visited April 2019.

  • Hidden Gems in Belize I Travel to Gaia & Matachica I 2020, 2min. Just before all the madness took off, I was lucky enough to travel to Belize and create a bunch of content (videos + photography) for two really insane and unique resorts!

  • Turneffe Island Resort - Belize, 3.5min.