2 Albanian Nationals Busted for Importing Cocaine from Belize into the UK

There have not been any reported drug plane landings since the start of the COVID-19 crisis. In fact, the last drug plane landed on the Coastal Road on February twenty-seventh, 2020. But it does not mean that the movement of drugs has ceased; narcos are always looking for new ways to export the drugs.

According to a report on the UKs National Crime Agency, two men were busted on the discovery of a refrigerated container loaded with sixteen kilos of cocaine. It is not known when the cocaine was exported, but it arrived at port there from Belize last Friday, May first. The two men are from Albania: twenty-year-old Mariglen Bajraktari and twenty-three-year-old Romario Vukzaj. The duo was charged with the possession and importation of a class A drug.

The two appeared in the magistrate court today and are on remand until June third when they are scheduled to reappear in court. The two men were arrested when they broke into the London Container Terminal in Tilbury to retrieve the packages of drugs. The National Crime Agency was called on Tuesday when alert port workers reported that the men were acting suspiciously. The drugs are said to have a street value of more than one million pounds, which is about two point four-eight million Belize dollars.

Channel 5