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Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Tuesday, May 12th Meal Pick ups Location: Food Republic Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30 pm. Please continue to bring your containers and bags. Thanks!

Belize Emergency Relief Report
We thank you for your patience as we gather numbers together. Please find our report attached for the week of April 29, 2020 food deliveries and community support. This was week 2 using our gofundme funds, aside from our private donor that helped us the first 2 weeks. Week 3 numbers will be ready this week for the delivery we just did.

Fuego the kinkajou passes away
It is with great sadness that we share that Fuego the kinkajou who became a victim of the fires, and then eletrocuted on his attempted escape, passed away last night. He had been so fortunate to have brave rescuers and many cooperate to bring him to care where he had shown miraculous stamina, spirit and initial recovery for 8 days. His burns had all but healed but his electrocution injury was still severely compromising. And then he developed pneumonia (despite antibiotic coverage) and despite our best efforts he did not pull through that. We are heartbroken and sorry to share sad news but this is unfortunately a common reality in this field. We can by far not save them all.

NEBL Commissioner Steps Down After 6 Years
The commissioner of the National Elite Basketball League (NEBL), Karim Juan, tendered his letter of resignation to the league after serving in that capacity for the past 6 years. The league will be advertising for the post of commissioner later this week as they start preparing for the 2021 season.

The current Westline schedule
Below is our weekly schedule. If any changes due to GOB announcements or increase in passenger flow, we will be revising & sharing with you all. Thanks again for allowing us to continue serving you.

George Price Highway Rehabilitation Project
Last week we highlighted Mr. Ramos on the road during the initial road work monitoring in April 2020. Here are a few more pictures of the development that is underway by the George Price Highway Rehabilitation Project during the month of May! The work steady continues, to ensure that infrastructural development does not come at the cost of our heritage !

The Artists of the Day, Jankunu Productionz
Jankunu Productionz is a theatre concierge business with over 35 years of combined experience in theatre, between its founders, Sandra McKay and Julieann Ellis Bradley. Our company brings together service providers to create and deliver productions of the highest quality. We currently provide an income stream to some 25 such persons, both individually and corporately. We are currently doing school shows of “Belize Rewind” our flagship production and mainstay that is also available for tourists. “Belize Rewind” is a Belizean Historical & Cultural immersion, depicting Belize from settlement to independence via live on-stage acting, singing, dancing and poetry. We have also showcased original and overseas productions, namely: “Kruffy Air”, “Frenemy”, “Saving Alligator High”, “Love & Laughter Comedy show”, & “Parisian Kruffy.”

Mr. Faustino Yam, curator of the soon to open U Kuchil Maya Uchben Baalob Museum in Cristo Rey Village
Today we are delighted to introduce Mr. Faustino Yam, a proud Yucatec Maya who is the curator of the soon to open U Kuchil Maya Uchben Baalob(A place for old Maya things) Museum in Cristo Rey Village. Mr. Yam is a retired educator and member/spiritual advisor for the NGO To'one Masehualo'on. Maestro Yam's collection began with his parents handing down cultural items to him. He decided to continue their tradition of holding onto artifacts, offering a space for younger generations to view with the goal of retaining their identity. Maestro Faustino has already had many visitors including educational institutions to his museum where he encourages all to learn more about Yucatec Maya culture.

Tune in on May 15 at 10:30 a.m. for the webinar "Effective Communication for Tour Guides."
Register here:

Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce Announces Third Annual Competitiveness Month
The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce (MITC) through its statutory body, the Belize Trade and Investment Development Service (BELTRAIDE), along with several of its key regional and private sector partners, is teaming up to host a virtual Competitiveness Month 2020. Competitiveness Month, which began three years ago, is a month-long series of activities that aim to strengthen competitiveness in the private sector through the enabling environment created by the government.

Ministry of Natural Resources Issues Statement on Squatting
The Ministry of Natural Resources hereby reminds the public that squatting on national land or private land is illegal. It has been brought to the Ministry’s attention that unauthorized individuals are involved with private lands in the Agricultural Area of Cotton Tree Village, near the Benny’s Warehouse at mile 44, George Price Highway, Cayo District. The public is advised to be cautious not to engage in activities that lead to the illegal disposal of land and unauthorized occupation as persons will do so at their own risk.

Virtual Trivia Night to support SP Tour Operators Food Pantry
Join us this Friday for a live virtual trivia night hosted on our Facebook page at 7pm CT / 9pm ET. There is no cost to play but we are asking for donations to the San Pedro Tour Operators Association food pantry. The program is providing weekly groceries for more than 150 tour guides and their families. We recommend rum punch but not so much that you’re singing “I Shot the Sheriff” before the game is over! Winners will receive two (2) Caye Caulker day sails with SEAduced by Belize to be redeemed when Belize safely reopens to tourism.

US national charged for escaping from Quarantine
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams during a police briefing today reported that a US national who illegally entered Belize into the Corozal Free Zone is the individual who has been charged with failing to comply with a directive of the Quarantine Authority. Williams says the man was found inside the Free Zone and was placed under mandatory quarantine. He subsequently escaped and is now in police custody at a cell block in the Corozal Police Station. A COVID-19 test has been done on him and if the results return negative he will be taken to court. If he pleads not guilty, he will still have to remain in mandatory quarantine until the 21 day period is up.

Power outage 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 12 to affect customers on Seagrape Drive in San Pedro
BEL to install underground power lines to facilitate the connection of customer in the area.

Restart of PLB Football July 2020
Re-Start of Football | Premiere League of Belize tentative July 2020.

Ya'axché Radio Show
Tune in on Sunshine Raydio Station, Tuesday, 12th May 2020 at 4-5 pm. We will be discussing fire management, how to prevent escape fires and our work at Ya'axché Conservation Trust. Be sure to join Julio Chub, Eugenio Ah and Evairsta Sho on the Ya’axché radio talk show. With the support of Europe Aid through the Forest Governance Project.

Channel 7

28 Days Later...
We have completed 28 days since Belize's last confirmed case of COVID-19, and, tonight after hundreds of tests later, it's safe to say that the country's first wave of COVID-19 infections is over. We take a look back now at how Belize flattened its curve starting at its peak, that dark and harrowing easter weekend that gave the entire nation pause. Cherisse Halsall reports: It's been 28 Days since Belize confirmed its last case of COVID-19 and back then, over the canceled Easter weekend, the country was coming off what, to date has been its most traumatic weekend.

Belize 1 Of 13 Countries With O COVID Cases For 28 Days
And, while the numbers are increasing in neighbouring countries, in terms of countries worldwide that have gone 27 days or more without detection of any positive cases, Belize joins just 12 other countries or territories on that list. According to the World Health Organisation website, most of those countries or territories on this side of the world, like Dominica at 30 days without a case, Montserrat at 27 days, St Barth's at 41 days, Angulla at 37 days, are tiny islands. Belize and Surinam are the only countries on the American mainland with zero cases for 28 days or more.

Angry Guat. Truckers Block The Western Border Crossing
But, one thing you can be sure of is that the Prime Minister will not recommend opening the borders anytime very soon. But, cross border trade and cargo transfer must continue. At the northern border, the trailers with goods from Mexico are unhitched at the transfer station - and Belizeans towheads then come and take them across. This is so that the Mexican drivers don't come across to Belize. But, out west, it's a little different. First off, many of the Guatemalan trucks are fully licensed, registered and duty paid in Belize. So, they just switch to their Belizean plates and legally come across. By doing this, they avoid costly axle fees and they also bring in their own cheap labour from Guatemala to load and unload cargo.

Police Say Border Blocking is A Diplomatic Matter
So, the commotion at the border between Melchor de Mencos and Benque Viejo Town caused Belizeans to take notice. Belize Police were also informed of the situation, and they were following it, in the event that they were called upon to keep the peace on the Belizean side of the border. Police Commissioner Chester Williams told the press in a briefing this morning that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs would have to take lead in resolving it since it is outside of their jurisdiction:

Car Dealer Stuck At Border, They Won't Let Him In
And, for another perspective on the border, we have the story of Guillermo Forman. He's stuck at the Belize northern border tonight with two vehicles, and he's been there since Friday. They won't let him into Belize because the border is closed and the Mexicans don't want him back. So, he's stuck there at the bottom of the Chactemal bridge on the Belize side of the border. He shared his plight with a group named Oldany Packaging:

American Busted Coming through Free Zone
So, while that Belizean was stuck on the Chactemal bridge, an American man tried to enter Belize illegally through the Corozal Free Zone. He has been identified to us as 40-year-old Quenton Lavar Askew. Reports reaching 7News is that he was caught on Saturday trying to sneak into Belize through a hole in the Free Zone's fencing. He was quickly detained and placed in quarantine, and according to Police Commissioner Chester Williams, he then escaped from the quarantine area. He was quickly recaptured, and now, he's facing multiple charges for offenses against the State of Emergency Regulations. Here's what the Commissioner had to say about that incident:

The Ambulance Arrest?
Last night, a cell phone video went viral on Facebook, which depicted several heavily armed police officers pulling over an ambulance - their weapons trained on the vehicle, and their mobile blocking one lane of the George Price Highway. Inside, we heard the the panicked female recording the scene - saying that her mother was dying. Belizeans were ready to believe the worst. It appeared that once again, police were caught on camera harassing civilians.

Veteran EMT Says Ambulance Shoulda Stopped
Stinking attitude or not, it seems the ambulance driver was completely in the wrong and it's not just the police who think so. This afternoon Jose Canul, formerly a medic with Belize emergency response team, told us that the driver of the ambulance was required to slow down at checkpoints and that there is no reason for an ambulance to be driving at 100 miles an hour. He also gave us some insight into how a hijacked ambulance might be apprehended. "I will say it is rather strange for police to stop an ambulance in my career at B.E.R.T we had this understanding with the police that they wouldn't stop the ambulance for no reason at all and the commissioner was right when he said there's no law and that the police have a right to stop an ambulance but how would somebody know when there's an emergency."

SOE Violations Spiked On Mothers' Day Weekend
At the top of the news, we told you how Belize is among 13 countries in the world that is free from all active coronavirus infections for more than 27 days. That's a great reason to quietly celebrate health and wellbeing, but according to the cops, some Belizeans are behaving as though they are ready to "brukout", and they don't have to obey the State of Emergency rules, which are still in full effect. And that is reflected in the numbers; this weekend police arrested 156 people for state of emergency violations.

Mack 10 Machine Gun in Griga
Gang rivalries have been fueling crime in Dangriga and a police operational team went to the south last week to crack down on the gangs. On Friday afternoon, anti gang efforts in Dangriga led to a significant weapons stash linked to one of the town's gangs. The search of an abandoned lot in the 2nd New Site area, Dangriga Town turned up a black plastic bag concealed in a bushy area. Inside police found a high powered submachine gun with ample ammunition. The head of national crimes investigation told us more:

Weather Worn Gun On Caye
And, later, on Friday evening, that Anti-Gang Task Force visited a caye east of Dangriga, controlled by one of the town's gangs. Police found a weather worn machine gun, this time an AK-47 wrapped in a grey tarp along with an empty magazine. ACP Myvett told us more: "As a part of the same investigation police sometime around 4:45pm on Friday last visited an unnamed caye just east of Dangriga where they conducted searches and found a grey canvas hidden and in that was wrapped a green AK-47 rifle with an empty magazine. No one was found in that area, so that too was also processed and will be sent to the lab for comparison."

Guatemalans Had Weapons Stash In Santa Cruz
And, another big weapons bust was made further south in the Stann Creek village of Santa Cruz . On Friday night police went to the village where a Guatemalan man was said to be armed and dangerous. Police searched his home and found 3 loaded firearms - one fo them very high powered. Here's more from Myvette: "Also on Friday sometime around 8:30pm police in Santa Cruz Village, members of the special patrol unit along with the police officer stationed in Santa Cruz Village conducted a search on a home and at that time..."

Stabbed By Home Invaders
So, while the cops are investigating the origins of those weapons found in the south, Police from Ladyville are trying to get to the bottom of a home invasion in Ladyville, which has left a 61-year-old man hospitalized from stab wounds to the chest. At around 12:30 a.m. this morning, Michael Avilez was sleeping inside his home on Mirage Road when 2 burglars broke in. 1 assailant was armed with a knife and another had a gun.

Rt. Hon. Musa Stable, Recovering
Former Prime Minister Said Musa remains hospitalised tonight, recovering from what is described as a mild stroke which he suffered on Thursday night. He is scheduled to return home tomorrow. On an update on Saturday his politician son, Kareem Musa advised friends and supporters, quote, "we remain optimistic for his recovery that will require time, therapy and patience."

Mother Wants Answers For One Year Old's Foot Infection
One-year-old Skyla Bodden has had much more than a rough two weeks. On March 30th she broke her leg leaning over a railing, but the toddler's troubles really began at the KHMH. Her mother says that while they were there, hospital staff used bandages to bind the toddler's foot to a bed in an attempt to keep her leg straight. But the bandages had an adverse effect and by checkout time the flesh on Skyla's foot was raw and infected. Here's how Skyla's mother describes the ordeal that she and her child have been put through.

Fire Guts Hattieville Home
Belizeans continue to face the financial hardship that the COVID-19 pandemic has inflicted on the global economy. One citizen who has it worse during these difficult times is 29-year-old Dorian Garnett. He's a resident of the windmill area of Hattieville Village, and he has told police that someone lit his house on fire and completely destroyed it On Saturday night, his wooden home burnt down. Firefighters could only contain the blaze and put it out - he was unable to save anything.

On Friday we told you about Doctor Fuasto Pineda, a public doctor who was criminally charged for for practicing medicine privately during the State of Emergency. That was made illegal two weeks ago. That caught the attentions of the Belize Medical and Dental Association which put out a staining release on Friday night. It complained bitterly about Pineda's arrest and also about the transfer of a doctor from Dangriga to Hopkins.

COMPOL Not Backing Down on Charge For Doctor
We asked Police Commissioner Chester Williams what he thought of the release from the Belize Medical and Dental Association in defense of Dr. Pineda's actions. He was firm in his declaration that nobody, even doctors, are exempted from obeying the law: Chester Williams "Yes, and it is my honest belief that the release is one that goes against the grain of equality before the law..."

MOH Used Expired Swabs
Going back now to the Director of Health Services. He appeared this afternoon on Ask The Experts. We asked him about expired swabs that the Ministry of Health was using to test for COVID 19 back in late March and early April when supplies were low. Sources tell us the swabs had expired in November of 2019. He didn't deny it today: "We have received a report that in late March/April that MOE is using expired swabs from government 2019, can you comment?" "Yes, that has been done across the region, not only in Belize. We did consult with region public health agents and there is a little indicator that changes color once those swabs..."

Hospitals Going Back To Routine
And with the end of the first wave, hospitals are rolling back COVID routines to accommodate much-needed consultations and surgeries. But that might mean more wait time in your hospital lobby. And earlier today the DHS ask patients to bear with hospitals.

Many Factors Considered For Airport Opening
Hospitals are resuming routines and one industry that wishes it could say the same is the tourist industry but Manazanero says it may be a while before the airport re-opens and he wondered out loud whether tourism is even a viable option at this time. Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director Of Health Service "What factors would you consider Belize safe before you open the borders and the airports?" "Multiple factors, epidemic everywhere else, whether people want to travel is also a factor, because people might not be travelling. As long as the US has that travel advisory and it seems that will stick for the end of 2020..."

Manza: Cruise Ships Are A Petri Dish
And while those would be the possible airport protocols, for cruise ships, it's a lot more uncertain. There were major COVID outbreaks on a number of cruise liners in March and today Manzanero made it clear that welcoming them back is another consideration altogether:

Belize In a Bubble As Region Spikes
As we told you at the top of the news, 13 countries or territories worldwide have been COVID free for over 28 days. And as Belize joins the list we find ourselves in a unique position giving advice to international partners on the public health measures that helped us get our heads above water. But DHS Manzanero says it's no secret, just science.

Channel 5

Police Draw Weapons to Stop a Presumed Runaway Ambulance
An ambulance was stopped by heavily armed police at the Hattieville junction on Sunday afternoon. It was coming from Hopkins in the south and was transporting a patient accompanied by [...]

Police Department Demands Apology for Ambulance Fiasco
Even though the police department found out that the ambulance was in fact transporting a patient, and so the life of a the patient was at risk, the Commissioner of [...]

COVID-19 First Wave Contained; What’s Next?
Belize has passed its first wave of COVID-19. But don’t expect that things will go back to normal immediately.  Coming out of today’s meeting of the National Oversight Committee, it [...]

P.S.U. Says the PM Not Seeing the Picture Clearly
A joint meeting between Prime Minister Dean Barrow, the Public Service Union and the Belize National Teachers’ Union is scheduled to take place on Wednesday.  The meeting will revolve around [...]

P.S.U.’s First VP says PM Needs to do Fact Checking
Also on Friday, Prime Minister Dean Barrow stated that ministers, chief executives officers and heads of departments will also be making a sacrifice which is much more than what public [...]

B.N.T.U. Members Have Mixed Feelings Over G.O.B.’s Cost Saving Measures
The Belize National Teachers’ Union is yet to form an official position on the government’s cost-saving measures proposal. The waiving of increments will also affect the thousands of teachers and [...]

P.S.U., B.N.T.U. to Meet with PM
In a letter sent to the President of the P.S.U. by Financial Secretary, Joseph Waight, the union is told that if it continues to reject the proposal, the prime minister [...]

Ministers Giving Up $1K Phone Allowance, 50% of Entertainment Allowance
According to the Prime Minister, the ministers will be giving up fifty percent of their entertainment allowance, which is a monthly sum they receive to host international guests as well [...]

Said Musa Remains Hospitalized
As we reported on Friday, former Prime Minister Said Musa was hospitalized after a mild stroke on Thursday night.  The seventy-six-year-old For George Representative continues in the hospital tonight.  His [...]

Elderly Man Stabbed Multiple Times in Ladyville Home Invasion
There was a home invasion in Ladyville in which an elderly man was brutally stabbed multiple times. Sixty-one-year-old Michael Avilez was inside him house when two persons stomped in the [...]

Guillermo Foreman Stuck at Northern Border
And there is trouble at the border points. Up north, the Mexicans don’t want him, and the Belizean authorities won’t let him enter his own country. Tonight Guillermo Foreman finds [...]

American National Busted for Illegal Entry at Corozal Free Zone
An American national was busted up north for entering Belize illegally over the weekend via the Corozal Free Zone.  According to police, the man was intercepted while attempting to make [...]

Tensions at Western Border as Guatemalan Truckers Temporarily Block Bridge
Tensions ran high this morning across the western border, in Melchor de Mencos, where Guatemalan drivers blocked the bridge. While the borders remain close, cargo is allowed into the country.  [...]

156 Persons Arrested, Charged for S.O.E. Violations
Even though it is now twenty-eight days without any new confirmed case of COVID-19, a state of emergency remains in place for the country.  Thousands have already been charged for [...]

Guatemalan Labourer is Busted with Prohibited Gun/Ammo, Gas Discharge Weapon
A Guatemalan labourer is in big trouble with the law tonight for a slew of firearm offenses. Police say that on Sunday in Santa Cruz Village, Stann Creek District, Geovanni [...]

Cache of Guns and Ammo Found in Dangriga
In recent weeks, there has been a spike in gun violence in Dangriga where four persons were injured in separate shootings. The incidents, according to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams, [...]

DHS Outlines What Restrictions Relaxation May Look Like
At the top of the newscast, Director of Health Services, Doctor Marvin Manzanero shared that Belize has contained its first wave of the COVID-19, but the number of cases are [...]

Will Borders and P.G.I.A. Be Reopened July?
Doctor Manzanero says that it’s not likely that they will recommend for an opening for the borders. As you know, Belize is the only country in Central America with no [...]

COVID-19 Testing Reduced to 3 Times a Week!
And on the topic of testing, the Central Medical Lab will not be doing daily COVID-19 testing, with the country’s first wave contained. Director of Health Services Marvin Manzanero outlines [...]

What’s Up with Criminally Charged Cayo Doc?
A doctor was criminally charged in the San Ignacio Magistrate’s Court on Friday. Doctor Fausto Alvin Pineda of Benque Viejo del Carmen was arrested and charged for ‘Engaging in Private [...]

DHS Responds to Alleged Case of Victimization at Southern Regional Hospital
In a separate, but health related matter, the Belize Dental and Medical Association also called on the Ministry of Health to look into a case of what they deem victimization [...]

MOH Outlines Donor List for COVID-19 Management
During today’s Ask the Experts webcast, Lizette Bell of the Policy, Planning and Project Management Unit provided a list of funding and donation committed to Belize for COVID-19.  The total [...]

Kinkajou Dies 2 Weeks Later!
Almost two weeks ago we reported on a Kinkajou that was injured up north and was receiving treatment at the Belize Wildlife Referral Clinic. Well, the sad news tonight is [...]

EU to Invest $1 Billion to Assist Caribbean in Fight Against COVID-19
May ninth is recognized as European Union Day and this year the occasion highlighted the impact that the novel coronavirus is having on Europe and other countries that enjoy bilateral [...]


Guatemalan Protest in Melchor de Mencos halt Cargo trucks from entering Belize
This morning, cargo trucks coming into Belize were stopped by Guatemalan protestors at the bridge in Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala. The protest halted products coming in from Guatemala to Belize.

Dozens arrested over the weekend
One hundred and fifty-six persons were arrested and charged over the weekend for going contrary to the State of Emergency regulations. The breakdown shows that 63 persons were charged for not wearing masks in public spaces; 51 for breaching the curfew; 30 for being unable to provide proof of sufficient reason for moving outside the curfew hours; 8 for not practicing social distancing; one for not adhering to the cross districting regulation; one for failing to comply with the directive of quarantine authority; one medical personnel for engaging in private practice when prohibited to do so and one for entering Belize illegally. During today’s press briefing Police Commissioner commented specifically on the illegal crossing at Corozal Freezone in the north.

Belize meets its 28-day milestone in the COVID-19 fight
This weekend marks 28 days since Belize has reported a case of COVID-19. It is a key milestone for Belize and will be a deciding factor for the National Oversight Committee on how they will move forward with the restrictions and the State of Emergency.

International flights are set to enter Belize in July; PM says otherwise
International airlines have begun selling flights into Belize for as early as June 28, 2020. While it is yet to be confirmed by the local authorities when the borders and the airports will reopen for tourism, carriers such as American Airlines and Delta Airlines have already begun offering flights into Belize.

Majority shareholder in NGC based in the US
The National Gas Company (NGC) was registered at the Belize Companies Registry on April 20, 2016. Currently the company has seven shareholders and has not really been heard about until last year when the idea to nationalize the importation and distribution of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) was brought at the House of Representatives when the Liquefied Petroleum Bill was passed.

COMPOL comments on the Ambulance fiasco
A video of an ambulance being pulled over at a checkpoint circulated over the weekend rendering anger at the Belize Police Department.

Weekend rains bring reprieve to residents in the north, west, and south
The weekend rains brought reprieve to residents in the north, west, and south after having bore weeks of forest fires and smoky air. This coincided with the conclusion of efforts by government officials to extinguish the fires.

Public Service Union and GOB at an impasse
Tonight, there is no progress to report on the impasse between the Government of Belize and the Public Service Union (PSU). When we left you on Friday, we told you of the ultimatum the government gave the PSU and the union’s rejection of an increment freeze for this fiscal year. We also told you of the Prime Minister’s response in saying that the union’s position is unacceptable. While we cannot report any solution to the impasse, we can tell you that the two bodies have agreed to a virtual meeting for Wednesday morning. Love News spoke to the Vice President of the Public Service Union, Dean Flowers, who explained that the PSU and Belize National Teacher’s Union are ready to sit and come to an amicable solution.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

Belize City men charged for stolen boat engines
Yesterday Belama police detained and charged two Belize City men, Calvin Palma and Ryan Theus, […]

National Association of Media Literacy and Education and Reuters launch educational resource to identify misinformation on COVID-19
By Zoila Palma Gonzalez: The National Association of Media Literacy and Education (NAMLE), in partnership with Thomson Reuters, […]

Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen needs your support
The COVID-19 pandemic had a major economic impact on Caye Caulker despite the island not […]

“First wave of COVID-19 contained,” says Ministry of Health
Today the Ministry of Health (MOH) announced that Belize has successfully contained the first wave […]

Ministry of Natural Resources warns against squatting
The Ministry of Natural Resources issued a statement today reminding the public that squatting on […]

Can Digi and Smart rebound from COVID-19?
A report released this week discusses the long-term forecast for the survival of Belize’s telecoms […]

United Nations, PAHO, European Union and Canadian Fund donate to Belize for medical equipment to fight COVID-19
Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero and Lizett Bell, Director of Policy, Planning and […]

Dr. Marvin Manzanero: Expired swabs have been used across the region
Today, Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero said that across the region, expired swabs […]

Ministry of Health thanks organizations; partners for assistance in fight against COVID-19
Director of Health Services, Dr. Marvin Manzanero and Lizett Bell, director of Policy, Planning and […]

Dolly, Nana, Teddy among storm names for 2020
The Atlantic Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30. The 2020 hurricane season […]

Commissioner of the National Elite Basketball League resigns after serving for 6 years
The National Elite Basketball League (NEBL) informed today that Karim Juan, who served as the […]

Taiwan develops 10 minute COVID-19 antibody test kit
Focus Taiwan reported on May 7, 2020, that Taiwan has developed a rapid antibody test […]

Over 150 people arrested on Mother’s Day weekend
The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams, informed that 156 people were arrested and charged for […]

Inter-American Development Bank says Caribbean tax revenue under threat
The Jamaica Observer published a report on the Inter American Development Bank (IDB) and the […]

Aggravated burglary in Ladyville
Police are investigating a case of aggravated burglary that occurred just before 1 o’clock this […]


When This is Over I’m Going to Belize!
I don’t know when international travel will resume, when Belize will open her borders (July?) or when people feel financially secure enough to travel for fun…I don’t even know when airlines and countries are going to figure out HOW country-to-country travel will begin safely (quarantines? testing?) I’m just saying it feels like time to plan travel in my head (and on my computer) because, for me, that is absolutely my favorite thing to do. I know so many of you are thinking about Belize. I get emails every day asking when Belize is going to “reopen” and when airlines are going to start scheduling flights.

Top Reasons to Visit Belize in the Fall
Belize, and the wider global community, continues to battle the COVID-19 pandemic. If not cancelled, a vast majority of events and activities have been postponed to later in the year. As summer vacation remains a big question mark for much of the world, travellers are looking to the next season: fall. By visiting in the fall, guests can take advantage of Belize’s seasonal seafood, resort discounts, local festivities, and more. If you’re dreaming about your next Belize vacation, here’s a few reasons why Belize’s off-season in the fall could be right for you.

Island Daydreaming: A Trip to Caye Caulker
Caye Caulker is a prime example of what is quintessentially Belizean. As a small island, barely 5 miles long, the island motto ‘go slow’ comes easy. For decades, Caye Caulker has been a popular day-trip at 20 miles northeast of Belize City. The island’s vibe is rustic and laidback. Additionally, Caye Caulker is easily accessible by water taxi (one hour) or a 15- minute light aircraft plane. When in Caye Caulker, stroll along its sandy streets, enjoy street food, and sunbathe at The Split. As a result of disastrous hurricane, Hattie to hit Belize in 1961, the island of Caye Caulker was split into two sections: north and south.

International Sourcesizz

Latin America’s Avianca Airline Files for Bankruptcy
One of Latin America’s largest airlines filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Sunday in New York, saying the COVID-19 pandemic has devastated its business. Avianca Holdings said in a statement that the move is aimed at continuing operations and preserving jobs when it is able to resume normal operations following a global health emergency that has grounded 90% of global air traffic. It said its own consolidated revenues had been slashed by 80%.

Earlier today, May 11th, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister virtually invited AXS TV into his retreat in Belize for an episode of At Home And Social Online. During their chat, which can be seen in its entirety via the video below, Dee spoke about his current activities. An excerpt has been transcribed as follows: "Last year, I decided — I told my management I'm taking 2020 off," said Snider. "And they were, like, 'What? You're not gonna book any shows?' And I said, 'No shows for 2020. And I just wanna focus on my writing.' 'Cause I've been developing my writing for decades now. And, oddly, nobody has shows in 2020 (due to the Coronavirus pandemic). And being stuck here in our house in Belize, all I do is write all day. So it's been an awful situation that had a silver lining."


  • Monday's 'Ask the Experts', min. Today's guests include Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services and Ms. Lizett Bell, Director of Policy, Planning and Project Management Unit at the Ministry of Health.

  • A long line of 18-wheelers is forming in the Guatemalan side of the border, 2min. News media from Melchor de Mencos are reporting that Guatemalan drivers have staged a protest at the bridge leading to this side of the border. The drivers are upset that they are unable to enter the country due to the COVID-19 response.

  • Meet Mr. Martinez, a cat keeper, today on 'Bringing The Belize Zoo To You.', 2min. We'd like to introduce you to one of our front cat keepers: Edward Martinez! If you have questions for Edward, comment them below!

  • BELIZE - Thru the Motions, 1min.

  • BELIZE - Break the Repetition, 1min.

  • Peter Lawrence on ReefTV, 2hr. Peter Lawrence on drugs

  • #1 Band in Belize Gilharry 7 Band, 53min. Capturing a live performance by the great Gilharry 7 Band.

  • Found a Green Jay nest where I least expected it, 1min. On a farm, near the road, beside a busy transit area! I have been enjoying the hourly interactions of the parents coming in to feed and clean the nest. Enjoy! Just filter thru all the other noises, which include playing children. LOL

  • MARCOS CANUL(El corrido de Marcos Canul), 6min. This a beautiful song made by people of Yucatec Maya descent from Northern Belize for our Maya General Marcus Canul . Enjoy please share . Que Viva nuestro Marcus Canul!! Que viva los Mayas del Norte de Belize !!! Que Viva Belize !!!! Compositors Excellent effort. Yuum Bo'otik to the composers and musicians.Guitarist are Freddy Tammy, Leonardo Cantun, Severano Cantun, Senor Salvador on the Bajo guitar.Vocalist are Mr Roman Canul, Mr Adan Palomo and Mrs Adela P Vallejos de Moh . Image by Hugo Carrillo Cocom

  • Monday's "Ask the Experts", 50min. Today's guests included Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services and Ms. Lizett Bell, Director of Policy, Planning and Project Management Unit at the Ministry of Health.

  • Attorney for LPG Importers Make an Appearance on Love Fm's Morning Show, 48min.

  • Nigel Espat, Covid-19 survivor shares his story, 60min.

  • Views on the national response to the COVID-19 crisis, 52min. Sr. Counsel Andrew Marshalleck was our guest to share his views on the national response to the COVID-19 crisis. He explained that the risk of COVID-19 will remain with us for some time and so it is necessary to create regime that can be permanent and is not disruptive to the economy and allows for the citizenry to be able to prepare for the changes in regulations and operations.

  • The National Student Union of Belize - Reflections on the COVID-19 crisis, 32min. The National Student Union of Belize was our final guests to share their reflections on the COVID-19 crisis. They talked about how it has impacted their educational experience and how they feel leadership can better adjust.

  • Road to economic Recovery, 50min. The conversation about the road to economic recovery continued this morning with representatives from the Belize Chamber of Commerce & Industry. They shared their take on what is required to strengthen the economy. They all agreed at the buying local, growing our disposable income and diversifying our industries will be key to any future economic strategy.

  • Nurses Week 2020, 37min. Imagine coming home from work and having to take a shower outside to prevent yourself from contaminating your family? This has become a part of the daily routine of some of our nurses during this COVID-19 crisis. For all the sacrifices they make 6th - 12th May is celebrated as Nurses Week. This year the theme is reflects their contribution. Nurses - A Voice to Lead - Nursing the World to Health. We had a chat with a group of nurses to discuss the role of a nurse in the health system and to share their experiences in providing health care to Belize's families.

  • Access the services of a doctor without leaving your home, 21min. The innovation continues and today we featured the new concept of Telemedicine. You are now able to access the services of a doctor without leaving your home. Dr. Kyle Habet shared the details of this new platform and how you can access his services for your health needs.

  • Clandestine airstrip destroyed, 3min. The Reporter has received footage of what is believed to be an active clandestine airstrip being destroyed by BDF personnel. The airstrip, located in Dolores, Toledo District, was approximately two kilometres long.

  • UNCOVERING COVID, 87min. BTIA’s Executive Director, John M. Burgos appeared on the UNCOVERING COVID show hosted by William Neal on Channel 5 along with Senator Mark Lizarraga and Attorney-at-Law Mrs. Magali Marin-Young to discuss the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic and the path to recovery.

  • La Llarona, 6min. The Benque HoC's story of the week is about La Llarona. HORROR MONDAYS: oral legends, ghosts, spirits and other chilling stories. "aaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy mis hijos", the terrifying weeping woman, a figure familiar to many Benqueños. A story about how she is doomed to roam the earth, especially through Benque streets... thank you Ms Rosita Kuylen for sharing with us your creepy encounter with La Llorona...

  • Placencia residents voice concerns over ongoing dredging, 3min. Residents on the Placencia Peninsula have grown concerned over the dredging occurring along their coastline. Our colleagues at Southern Belize media filed the following report.

  • Belize 2017-2018, 10min. New Years Eve in Belize... snorkeling, jungle, ruins... what more could you want?

  • Belize Virtual Music Festival 2020 | Mervin Budram - MD, 4.5min. Mervin Budram - MD virtual performance for the Belize Virtual Music Festival.

  • Mystery Of The Iguana Man | Revealing Secrets Of The Belize Lizard Eco Sanctuary | San Pedro 4K, 9min. Are you ready to meet some of the most exciting, beautiful and misunderstood creatures in the world? Journey with me into the heart of the Belize swamps, to journey back in time to the Jurassic-era. On today's episode, we visit the ECO IGUANA SANCTUARY in San Pedro, Belize. Join us as we feed these incredible reptiles, and meet the mysterious IGUANA MAN!

  • Belizean Yucatec Maya Food: Onsikilbii boox Bu'ul Part 1, .5min. Onsikilbi boox bu'ul being made and explained by Maya women Adelida Che in the Yucatec Maya language . This is part 1 of the video doing this delicacy which starts working in a molino . Adelida Che is a Yucatec Maya from the Village of Yo Chen (Corozal) . Nuestra cultura Maya del Norte de Belize .

  • Belizean Yucatec Maya Food: Onsikilbii boox Bu'ul Part 2, 2min. Onsikilbi boox bu'ul being made and explained by Maya women Adelida Che in the Yucatec Maya language . This is part 2 of the video doing this delicacy where Mrs Adelida shows us the ingredients . Adelida Che is a Yucatec Maya from the Village of Yo Chen (Corozal) . Nuestra cultura Maya del Norte de Belize .

  • A glimpse into everyday life and the Maya tradition of making tortillas , 4min. To'one Masehualo'on enjoying the amazing skill of making homemade delicious corn tortillas on the fogon with Mrs Tzul in beautiful Yucatec Maya Village of Patchakan (Corozal district) . There is no comparasion to enjoying a lunch like this one. Simple pleasures of life are the best. To top it off, the company and conversations ,completes the wholesome experience.