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A Maya Mound in the San Pablo Subdivision south of San Pedro Town, on Ambergris Caye, is allegedly being dug out, and its rich black soil being sold. The site is considered to hold significant Maya heritage, thus its preservation is important. Beyond asking culprits to desist, anyone who knows who may be involved in the alleged digging is asked to make a report to the authorities.

The moundís preservation has been in jeopardy since 2009 when it was apparently sold to a developer. It contains an abundance of black dirt, known as anthropocentric soil. A visit to the area revealed that the site is unattended and filthy with garbage. maya mound litterThe piece of land is between two construction sites and after taking a closer look, its edges showed signs of digging. A nearby resident, who wishes to remain anonymous, told The San Pedro Sun that people visit the area and dig the mound for the black dirt, which they then sell for gardening. This activity is considered illegal and those involved are breaking the law. The Institute of Archaeology (IA) in Belmopan City has been notified of the disturbances, but they indicated that due to the current State of Emergency they cannot travel to the island for an inspection. However, they will monitor the situation and get in touch with the San Pedro Town Council. The fact that the Maya Mound is on private land leaves the island authorities with little ground for enforcement.

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