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The San Pedro Sun

Two islanders charged for possession of protected Nurse shark and out of season Conch and Lobster
On Wednesday, May 13th, two fishermen from the San Mateo Subdivision, Angel Alfonso Diaz and Ledvin Ixpatac, were slapped with seven different charges after they were detained with out-of-season conch, lobster and a Nurse shark, which is a protected species in Belize. The pair were arraigned at the San Pedro Magistrate Court and fined a total of $5,505 for the charges of Possession of out-of-season and undersize Conch, out-of-season and undersized Lobster, Possession of a Nurse Shark, Not being the holder of a fisherfolk license, and Obstruction.

Maya Mound on Ambergris Caye being looted for black dirt
A Maya Mound in the San Pablo Subdivision south of San Pedro Town, on Ambergris Caye, is allegedly being dug out, and its rich black soil being sold. The site is considered to hold significant Maya heritage, thus its preservation is important. Beyond asking culprits to desist, anyone who knows who may be involved in the alleged digging is asked to make a report to the authorities. The mound’s preservation has been in jeopardy since 2009 when it was apparently sold to a developer. It contains an abundance of black dirt, known as anthropocentric soil. A visit to the area revealed that the site is unattended and filthy with garbage.

Various Belizean Sources


Belize’s western border after the fires is a desolate area
It is obvious that land conversion by Guatemalans from agricultural farming to cattle ranching is the trend. In the Vaca, Caracol, Chiquibul and Columbia River this is an ever growing concern.

Thursday's "Ask the Experts"
Following the Prime Minister's Virtual Press Conference, the Attorney General and Minister of National Security, Hon. Michael Peyrefitte will be LIVE on Ask the Experts, Thursday, May 14th at 3:00 p.m. to discuss updates to the COVID-19 measures.

Virtual Press Conference on COVID-19 Response Measures Thursday
Tune for a live stream on the Government of Belize Press Office Facebook page on May 14, 2020 at 10:00 a.m. as the Prime Minister of Belize, Rt. Hon. Dean Barrow will be hosting a conference to discuss COVID-19 Response Measures.

A whale has turned up dead just outside Belize City
Jamal Galves and the Clearwater Marine Aquarium team are heading to the area to properly examine the corpse to confirm its species and the cause of death. If you or anyone you know has any information, please reach out to Jamal Galves at [email protected]

The Artist of the Day, Richard Pitts
Richard Pitts has been a career musical performer for 15 years and a music educator for 11 years. Richard is known widely as a saxophonist, recognized for his smooth jazz approach to the instrument, and is currently the only Belizean EWI (Electronic Wind Instrument) player. Having taught in every region of Belize, Mr. Pitts is currently settled in Dangriga where he directs the music program at the Stann Creek Ecumenical College and is the founder of the Richard Pitts Music School in Placencia Village, where he is also the most dominant musical performer. His regular weekly shows include "Jazz Night At Cha Chi’s with Richard Pitts and Friends", "Open Jam Session" at Barefoot Bar and Grill, Dinner at the Turtle Inn, and is also regularly contracted to do private functions for numerous resorts in and around that area. Richard is the founder, bandleader, and pianist of the new “GarinaJahz” group which also features a prominent musician within the Garifuna culture.

2nd Edition of printed lessons for Pre Primary, Primary and Secondary school levels
Education on the Move! We are pleased to announce that our 2nd Edition of printed lessons for Pre Primary, Primary and Secondary school levels are now available for download.

Corozal Rotary Food Relief
On April 10th 2020 The Rotaract Club of Corozal in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Corozal embarked on a helping hand initiative to help families most impacted by the Corona Virus with groceries for a month. This small initiative from 5 families has grown to 30 households and 146 hampers across the Corozal District. With your help, together we can reach out to more families.

Belize Bank 2020 Scholarship Program
Attention High School and Sixth Form students ! The Belize Bank is now accepting applications for their 2020 Scholarship Program. Head to to apply !

Caye Caulker Grocery Bag Hand Out
The Caye Caulker Village Council would like to express gratitude to San Pedro Belize Express for a second donation that arrived today and was handed over to the Council. We sincerely thank the company for remembring our community in time of need. Thursday morning the Caye Caulker Village Council will be distributing groceries. If you are NOT on the Hands of Love food program, or receiving any assistance from the the social relief or pantry program from the Government of Belize, please come out tomorrow between 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at the Community Center to receive a bag of groceries. We continue to do it in this manner to ensure that assistance is being provided to as many community members. Thank you!

New Controlled Prices for Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
The Supplies Control Unit (SCU) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce hereby informs the public that effective today, May 13th, 2020, new fixed controlled prices will be introduced for the sale of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG). This change now reflects the sale by wholesale volume and retail sale by volume in both urban and rural areas. Of note, is that this price adjustment reflects an increase in the acquisition price of LPG.

COVID-19 on a Regional Context per the Office of Director of Health Services
With soaring numbers, we cannot forget that all neighbouring countries as can be seen in the graphs are having increasing numbers. The LAC map shows comparative numbers from May 4th & 11th and the other infographic how the last 6 countries (in terms of decreasing numbers of COVID-19) are comparing. The data is as compiled by IDB from multiple sources.

Recommended measures for COVID -19 recovery
Here is a list of recommended measures for COVID -19 recovery for our tourism stakeholders prepared by the Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation. The Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation is pleased to provide the tourism sector with recommended measures that they can take as part of Covid-19 recovery efforts. Please visit to access the document.

Raices Mexicanas - Retoños Beliceños
A dynamic Yucatec Maya dance group from the village of San Joaquin in the Corozal District. Mrs Maria Angelita Alvarez Magana is the founder of Raices Mexicanas - Retoños Beliceños since the mid-1964. The birth of this group can be awarded to a group of young community students with the sole objective of raising funds to purchase a statue of the Patron Saint, San Joaquin for their village. Seeing the enthusiasm of the youths, Ms Magana started to envision greater things for her group and community. As the years went by Ms Magana started to focus more on teaching her group cultural dances which were very popular in the Corozal district.

Join BHA and ViaVenture this upcoming June for a Virtual Tradeshow
The Belize Hotel Association remains resilient! Even during this slowdown, we have partnered with Viaventure Central America to network with our Membership, get to know more about the properties, and talk about future travel plans for when everything comes back to normalcy. If you are a BHA Member, deadline to sign-up has been extended to Wednesday May 13! Contact our team at [email protected] for more info!

NICH Launches Virtual National Festival of Arts 2020
In response to the COVID-19 Pandemic and accompanying social distancing norms, The National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) through its Institute of Creative Arts (ICA) has launched the annual National Festival of Arts in a virtual format. This year’s theme is “Creative Resilience – Social Media is My Stage”.

Channel 7

PSU and GOB, Closer To Compromise On Increment
We've been reporting on the dispute between the Barrow Government and the Public Service Union. In the wake of the global COVID-19 pandemic, Belize's economy, like the rest of the world, has taken a massive hit due to the shutdown of the tourism industry, and the State of Emergency, which mandated the closure of all businesses for weeks. The government's revenue base from taxes are way down, and the monthly wage bill for all public servants is around 45 million dollars.

Educ Min. Says BNTU Understands
The Prime Minister is expected to address this issue at the top of a virtual press conference which he is tomorrow morning at 10:00. So where do the teachers stand in all this? The usually vocal BNTU has been noticeably silent on the divisive issue. This evening in a press briefing about CXC exams, the Minister of Education said he feels they support the government's position that this year's increment can be sacrificed: "I want to say that I support the Prime Minister's position fully. But it is not only that I support the Prime Minister's position fully it should be that a good majority of the teachers themselves support the prime Minister's position..."

Western Border Blockade Ends With New Cargo Protocol
The three day blockade on the Guatemalan side of the Western border ended this afternoon. That's after customs and immigration hammered out a protocol to allow the passage of about a dozen Guatemalan 18 wheelers which arrived on Monday to purchase yellow corn in western Belize. They were not allowed to enter because the drivers are Guatemalan - and their COVID status is not known. When that happened, those truckers blocked the border bridge in Guatemala, leaving more than two dozen other large cargo trucks bound for Belize stuck on the Melchor side unable to come across.

Wilfred Would Rather Guat Drivers Not Enter
And while it is an immigration and customs matter, in a sense Belize - Guatemala relations are also the domain of the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Today the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington told us that he would prefer if the Guatemalan drivers didn't come in: "The Guatemalans, apparently, purchase corn from us, and they come in, pick it up, and take it out of the country. But, we've always had some worries about that. Particularly now, the worries have gotten greater because of the blocking and the locking down of the borders..."

The Corn Crisis That Could Have Been
And that compromise had to be made because corn is a really big deal in the west. And after the backdoor cattle trade disappeared, its economic survival has become even more vital to the economy. We found out a little about the scale of the corn industry and its exports when we spoke via zoom conference call to Gilly Canton Jr, the GM of Cayo Grain and Agro Supply Limited: "I don't know the exact numbers on the value on cattle but I can tell you that before the next crop is harvested we have almost 500 thousand bags of corn to move, that's about $12 million worth of corn that we need to move..."

He Wanted to Get Into Belize; He Ended Up In Lockdown
And while that border issue appears to have been solved, there's still another in the news. That's the case of Guillermo Foreman who we have been reporting on for the past two nights. He drove from the US earlier this month, and ended up in a kind of no man's land - stuck at the southern approach of the Chactemal bridge between Belize and Mexico. He was in Belize territory, but stuck there because the border is closed. The Belmopan resident who is returning from the US arrived there on Friday - and was pleading with the government to let him into his country - even if it meant doing a COVID test.

Hon. Sedi's Straight Talk On Stranded Belizeans
Guillermo Foreman now becomes a vivid example of the Government's strict enforcement of the State of Emergency Regulations connected with the closure of the country's borders. But, there are other Belizeans, including students studying abroad, who have been unable to return home for more than a month - since the airport and border closed in late March. Today we asked Foreign Minister Wilfred Elrington about them. Those stranded Belizeans have been in contact with the embassies of diplomatic missions abroad that fall under his Ministry, and so, we asked him about his message to those who are stuck out in the cold.

Mennonite Businessmen Stranded in Chet
Among those waiting Belizeans - or big business people that Elrington referred to - are 7 members of the Shipyard Mennonite Community including community leader, Juan Martinez. His community members say his absence at this trying time is especially difficult for the many who depend on his guidance. Martinez had led a group to Peru in March to survey a land purchase. They were deep in the Peruvian jungle when borders started to close, and while they left South America in time they got stuck right next door in Chetumal.

A Timeout For Tacos Means Desperation For Vendors
So, as you can see, the Corona virus has brought hardships to Belizeans abroad and at home. And for food vendors who've had to abide by health and safety measures, it's meant a complete loss of livelihood. And while certain measures have been relaxed this week, food carts remain on the list of prohibited businesses. But there's been some pushback by vendors desperate to earn a living. This morning Cherisse Halsall spoke to two taco vendors fighting through restrictions to earn a living while serving a much-needed budget-friendly breakfast.

Young Men Charged For Ladyville Stabbing
On Monday night, we told you about 61-year-old Michael Avilez. He's the resident of Ladyville Village who was stabbed and robbed by two burglars who broke into his home in the early morning hours of Monday. Tonight, the cops have charged 2 men for that crime. They've been identified to us as 20-year-old Tyrese Gladden, and 21-year-old Shyiem Casimiro. Both men have been charged with aggravated burglary. Casimiro was additionally charged with attempted murder, the use of deadly means of harm, and dangerous harm.

CXC Exams Pushed To July
Normally, the C-SEC and CAPE exams would be underway this month - but due to the COVID 19 - which has forced schools to close all across the region, those CXC exams have been delayed. But, now, new dates have been announced: those exams will be held in July. This is the decision coming out of the First Emergency Virtual Meeting of the Council for Human and Social Development - which Beize's minister participated in. He told us about the decision via zoom teleconference today:

Schools Opening Any Time Soon?
And while those CXC exams have been rescheduled, what about schools in general? Is there any plan to re-open? Or any consideration of what might be the way forward when schools do re-open? Faber today said he is not yet ready to scrap the current school year which should have ended in June: "I am still not comfortable and at the point where I can say that in fact we will not resume classes in this current school year and again, we continue to take advice from the health officials, the kind of situation that would exist putting students back in a classroom 30-40 in some instances where it is really bad..."

WHO/Unicef Talks Return To School
And, what is the rest of the world doing? How are they getting ready to go back to school? Today we looked at a W-HO - UNICEF webinar on COVID-19 and schools. They looked at the full issue including the downside of keeping kinds out of school for extended periods. Here's a small clip from that: The webinar recording can be accessed here.

Zeta Gas Talks Business Disruption
Last night on the news, we told you how Southern Choice Butane, formerly known as Zeta Gas, announced publicly that they no longer have any cooking gas to sell to its customers. As a result, the company closed all of its branches countrywide. They are among former Central American importers of LPG who have gone to court to challenge the Barrow Government's change in the regime. Southern Choice, Gas Tomza, and Belize Western Energy all held licenses to import butane into Belize, but at the end of April, those licenses expired.

A Tragic Whale's Tale
This morning, video of a whale carcass off a mangrove island started making the social media rounds. And while for many it was a sad but interesting curiosity, Manatee man Jamal Galvez saw it as a tragedy. Within hours Galvez along with the Wildlife Conservation Society's Nicole Gomez was leading a team to perform an assessment. And this afternoon as the team returned to shore, Gomez told us what they were able to learn even though they were unable to do a necropsy.

The Givers That Keep On Giving
Last night, we told you how the Belize Indian Community was moving around the different constituencies of Belize City to spread a bit of humanitarian cheer to needy city residents who have been devastated financially by the coronavirus pandemic. Well today, they were in the Pickstock division to deliver food packages to residents through their area rep., Wilfred Elrington. We stopped by this morning to speak with the donors and the recipient of this aid from the Indian Community. Here's what they told us about how it will work for residents from that division:

Another Across The Southern Border
Earlier in the week, we told you about incursions across Belize's closed southern borders. Two persons were caught crossing that border, but, now, a 23-year-old Guatemalan woman has been caught in Punta Gorda town. Police apprehended Yesenia Neomi Hernandez Lima at a house in the town told the cops that she's been in the country for 2 months, a claim that they can neither prove nor disprove because she had no passports or documents of legal entry only an identification card.

Moody's Downgrades Belize Over Superbond Worries
A major investment rating agency has downgraded Belize. Moody's Investors Service, today "downgraded the long-term foreign-currency and local-currency issuer and senior unsecured debt ratings of the Government of Belize and changed the outlook to negative from stable. A release says, quote, "Moody's decision to downgrade Belize's rating reflects the increased and now very high probability of a deferral on interest payments or distressed exchange on Belize's market debt as a result of the severe economic shock the country is experiencing due to the coronavirus outbreak that has collapsed the country's tourism receipts.

Channel 5

Guatemalan Truck Drivers Speak to News Five on Protest
Tonight, the situation at the western border involving cargo trucks has been resolved and traffic is now flowing freely.  For two days and a half, the truck drivers from Guatemala [...]

Immigration Minister says New Protocols Are for Public Safety
This afternoon, Immigration Minister Beverly Castillo informed News Five that cargo is moving.  After a meeting today, a set of protocols was established to allow Guatemalan truck drivers to enter [...]

Melchor Mayor Comments on Protest by Guatemalan Truck Drivers
Belizean representatives in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, which included Said Badi Guerra, met with his Guatemala counterpart, Edgar Aguilar and the mayor of Melchor de Mencos, Amado Yanez to [...]

Guillermo Foreman is Taken into Police Custody; Will He Be Charged?
At the northern border, a Belizean, who had been stranded there since last Friday, remains in a conundrum tonight.  Under the State of Emergency, Belizeans are being denied entry except [...]

Cooler Heads Prevail Between P.S.U. and G.O.B.
Another dispute that was bubbling is also been ironed out.  The Public Service Union, the Belize National Teachers Union and the Association of Public Service Senior Managers met with Prime [...]

Education Minister Says G.O.B.’s Request in not Unreasonable
Education Minister Patrick Faber has also weighed in on the matter in respect of teachers and their allowances, as they, too, are being affected by the fiscal crunch. Faber says [...]

New Selling Price of LPG, Zeta Gas Wants New License to Import
An LPG dispute has been taking place for some time. Tonight, there is an answer to one of the thorny issues involving prices. Before a release from the Belize Bureau [...]

Zeta Gas on Impact to Employees, Customers
Southern Choice Butane Limited is one of six former LPG importers whose license has expired. That company supplies thirty-percent of the industry in Belize. Today, Zeta Gas Rep Ernesto Wu [...]

NGC Says Distribution Imminent
The commercial operation start date for the National Gas Company was set as May first – but it is  thirteen days past that. So, what’s been the hold up? Is [...]

Wholesale and Retail Prices to be Released Soon!
As you heard just now, Doctor Canton says that the price setting exercise will help to determine the wholesale price for local distributors. That price, up to the time we [...]

Destruction of Clandestine Airstrips Continue
The destruction of several clandestine airstrips across the country is an ongoing exercise being carried out by the Ministry of National Security, in light of their usage for the illegal [...]

Baby Caal’s Cause of Death Yet to be Determined
The official cause of death of a five-month-old baby girl from Bella Vista Village has yet to be determined. A post-mortem examination has not been conducted on the body of [...]

CXCs to be Taken in Early July
High school students across the region, including Belize, will sit the annual CSEC exams at the beginning of July and will now only have a little over six weeks to [...]

UB Students can Visit Campus in PG for Online Courses
Students attending the University of Belize, those in the far-flung communities in the Toledo District will be able to travel to Punta Gorda to access the internet in order to [...]

Faber Still in the Race for U.D.P. Leader
“Faber for Party Leader” is a campaign slogan that former Deputy Prime Minister Patrick Faber very much intends to revive once the existing COVID-19 threat subsides.  Faber told the media [...]

Family Homeless after House Collapses on Mahogany Street
The Smith family of Mahogany Street is homeless tonight. As Elizabeth Smith and her five children were in deep slumber on Tuesday night, their house collapsed. Luckily, they were not [...]

San Pedro Belize Express Gives Back!
The San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi made two COVID-19 relief donations today. The first donation comprises food packages to almost fifty families in the Majestic Alley neighbourhood of the [...]

A Dead Whale in Belize – No Answers on Cause of Death
A dead whale was discovered this morning in the vicinity of Drowned Caye. It’s not a usual occurrence to find such a large whale dead in very shallow waters.  Local [...]

Be on the Lookout for a Manatee Entangled in a Gillnet!
And on the topic of marine animals, there is a manatee that needs help somewhere in our waters. Local manatee conservationist Jamal Galvez is asking the public to report any [...]

383 Bird Species Spotted in Belize for Global Big Day!
Last week we told you about “Global Big Day” which was being observed on Saturday. It’s a single day out of the year when birders all over the world try [...]

The Reporter

Accident on the Haulover Bridge
There are reports of an accident on the Haulover Bridge between two trucks which were wedged together, blocking the bridge. Traffic was blocked up and authorities worked to clear the obstruction.

Dead whale off the coast of Belize City
Today a team from Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute and WCS Belize responded to reports of a dead whale off the coast of Belize City, near the Drowned Cayes. The whale approximately 18m/59ft male was identified as a baleen whale. The exact species of whale is currently being determined. When you think of large animals, you might have visions of elephants or hippos. But even those large animals can't compete with the animal group of baleen whales. These are the largest animals on the planet, and there are twelve different species of baleen whales. Some of the whales included in this group are blue, gray, and humpback whales. Baleen whales can be found in every ocean on the planet.

Traffic block at the Western Border
The traffic block at the Western Border with Melchor, mainly by Guatemalan truckers wanting to bring in their cargo into Belize is a matter that is being worked out diplomatically between our two countries’ Ministries of Foreign Affairs. The situation at the Western Border is different from that of the Northern Border, in that up north, the containers that the Mexican truckers bring are unhinged at the border and then brought in by their Belizean counterparts. However, when our law enforcers tried to introduce that practice at the Western Border, they met strong resistance from the Guatemalan truckers, who decided to park their trucks at the border, creating a bottleneck with traffic flow and also successfully impeding our Mennonite farmers from taking their produce across to Guatemala. The situation is expected to be resolved sometime this week, perhaps as early as later today.


Education Minister of CARICOM makes agreement with Belize on CXC and CAPE
The Caribbean Examinations Council announced recently that a portion of the CXC and CAPE papers will be done in July. Initially, Belize was uncertain if they would be participating in this year’s exams but following a meeting with the Education Minister of CARICOM, an agreement was reached.

Harmonyville; Part two. ?
More than two dozen persons have taken control of private lands in the west for agricultural purposes. The squatters are now feeling threatened following an advisory from the Lands Department. Reporter Alisha Valentine has the story.

Students studying abroad must wait until borders are reopened to return home
Ever since the Government of Belize announced that the borders would be closed to both locals and foreigners, students studying abroad have been forced to remain where they are despite exploring various avenues to come home. Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred Elrington spoke with the media and explained that these students will have to stay put until the borders are reopened.

Online classes the future for the education system?
The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed persons from around the world to transition to online commerce, online learning, online meetings, and other virtual engagements. Health officials are currently preparing for the second wave of COVID -19 but what are the decision-makers in the education sector doing to move away from the traditional classroom setting to online schooling.

Faber speaks on his candidacy for UDP party leader
With things transitioning to the new normal following the first wave of COVID-19, Love News sought some clarity on where the United Democratic Party is on selecting a new leader. Faber didn’t have much to say on the new date for the convention but he did speak on his candidacy for leadership.

Belize gets another downgrade on its credit rating from Moody’s
Belize’s credit rating has fallen for a second time in 30 days. Moody’s Investors Service published its report yesterday, downgrading Belize from a B-3 score to CAA1 under the foreign currency category.

Indian community donates food packages to families in Belize City
Today, the Belize Indian Community (BIM) continued its initiative of handing out food packages to various families of the Lake Independence constituency in Belize City. Approximately 50 people received their food packages which contained rice, beans, flour, cereal, and other basic food necessities. According to the Honorary Consul General of India in Belize, Arun Hotchandani, the Indian communities in other districts have started to adopt the initiative.

Wooden house collapses middle of the night with five children
A mother and her five children were disturbed in the middle of the night last night when the house they were sleeping in collapsed. The family had already retired for the night when a consistent cracking sound was heard coming from under the house.

Progress reported between the PSU, BNTU and the Government
The impasse is over and there is a framework to be fleshed out following a meeting between the Government of Belize, the Public Service Union, and the Belize National Teachers Union.

Miscommunication with Guatemalan truck drivers led to a protest in the western border
On Monday morning Guatemalan truck drivers were blocked from entering Belize at the Melchor de Mencos Bridge halting the trade cycle for a few hours. Since then Love News found out that this was because of the COVID-19 regulations set in place by the Government of Belize. In speaking with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Wilfred “Sedi” Elrington he explained that due to these regulations truckers are asked to stop at the border for Belizean truck drivers to carry the cargo within the country.

Body of 5-month old awaits a post mortem at the Southern Regional Hospital
The body of a 5-month old baby is at the Southern Regional Hospital awaiting a post mortem examination. The baby passed away yesterday evening after ailing with a high temperature and respiratory issues.

Body of 5-month old awaits a post mortem at the Southern Regional Hospital
The body of a 5-month old baby is at the Southern Regional Hospital awaiting a post mortem examination. The baby passed away yesterday evening after ailing with a high temperature and respiratory issues. Reports are that Baby Kynslee received a vaccination shot on May 8 and started running a fever almost immediately. Police have categorized […]

Breaking Belize NewsPJ Minister provides food for frontline workers
As a show of gratitude and appreciation to frontline workers in the battle against COVID-19, […]

McNab Publishing continues to support tourism sector through concessionary rate for exposure
Following its “Brands Helping Brands” initiative to assist the tourism sector with the economic impact […]

Dead whale found near Belize City coast
Manatee man, Jamaal Galves, informed today that the team at Clearwater Marine Aquarium Research Institute […]

Government issues new controlled prices for Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG)
The Supplies Control Unit (SCU) in the Ministry of Investment, Trade and Commerce today informed […]

GOB and unions reach compromise on cost saving measures, Prime Minister will not amend regulations
The Public Service Union announced today that the joint union negotiating team and the Government […]

Former Prime Minister Said Musa recovering at home
Former Prime Minister Said Musa was hospitalized last Friday with symptoms of a mild stroke. […]

National Gas Company makes first LPG sale – to BNE
The former petroleum exporters based in Spanish Lookout, Belize Natural Energy (BNE) have acquired a provisional […]

Councilor Micah Goodin to build new home for displaced single mother
Belize City Councilor, Micah Goodin, is set to build a home in the Lake Independence […]

Caribbean Lifestyle’s Belize Gold Book re-imagined for tourism health and safety
McNab Publishing Limited is re-imagining its Caribbean Lifestyle’s Belize Gold Book, which was to launch […]

Zeta Gas calls for re-opening of LPG imports
Zeta Gas/Southern Choice Butane promises in its advertising to “keep your fire burning,” but its lights […]

Belizean stranded at Northern border detained by police
Belizean national, Guillermo Foreman, who had been stranded for days at the Northern border has […]

Moody’s downgrades Belize’s economic rating to negative from stable citing concerns about interest payments on commercial bond
Moody’s Investors Service, in its latest rating of Belize published yesterday, has downgraded Belize’s long-term foreign-currency […]

U.S. Embassy continues to provide support to Belize amidst COVID-19
The United States Embassy in Belize continues to provide logistical support to Belize amidst the […]

U.S. Embassy’s Acting Deputy Chief of Mission shares more about CARSI on COVID-19 watch
On May 12, the U.S. Embassy’s acting deputy chief of mission, Beverly Mather-Marcus shared more […]

Teachaz Da Gold!
By Rudolph Neal: I Teachers are pure, absolute Gold, With a wealth of knowledge and wisdom untold; They […]

Carnival gets 600 percent more bookings for August cruises
Could Belize see a tourism boost earlier than expected? With Prime Minister Dean Barrow suggesting foreign […]

Belize remains free of COVID-19; Central America and Dominican Republic approach 25,000 cases
Belize’s number of COVID-19 cases remains steady at 18 as of yesterday, but the worry has […]


My Quarantine “Home Base”: A Stone’s Throw From Our Spot on Ambergris Caye
500 feet, give or take a hundred, is pretty much my roaming range these days. More correctly, my dog walking range. Luckily, it’s a beautiful area – and since I’m not getting out and about much at all, I thought I’d share yesterday’s picture of my range with you. I live in a tiny subdivision about 7 miles north of San Pedro town – there are 3 other houses built. And to the north of me is LOVELY Tuto Belize. To the south, the resort Xtan Ha.

10 Facts About Belize You Probably Didn’t Know
Belize is only a few hours by air from the United States and Canada, yet many travelers know little about this Central American jewel. Below, you’ll find 10 interesting facts about Belize. Belize is the only Central American country with no coastline along the Pacific Ocean. It does, however, have the world’s second largest barrier reef system in the world.

A 2020 Special Edition: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel
The destination’s primary marketing agency – the Belize Tourism Board (BTB) – has been working with industry partners to develop a core set of health and safety guidance for the travel industry to adapt. Widespread education of these new protocols is key to potential visitors feeling safe to travel to Belize again. Therefore, McNab Publishing Ltd. (MPL) will merge Caribbean Lifestyle’s Belize Gold Book (set to debut in June 2020) with Belize’s new Gold Safety Standards to create the Tourism Health and Safety: The Gold Standard for Belize Travel. Through collaboration with the BTB, this 2020 special edition magazine will feature travel industry guidance and safety policies for Belize alongside a comprehensive travel guide of crucial marketing collateral, advertorials, captivating photos, and more.

International Sourcesizz

Coronavirus update in Quintana Roo
Currently there are 1144 positive cases. Othon P. White increased from 34 to 35 positives.

High contagion areas in Chetumal
These are the high contagion areas in Chetumal, according to the geo-referentiation where the largest number of reported cases of COVID-19.

10 ways to be a better traveller in a post-lockdown world
Well-known travel publication Condé Nast Traveller UK has featured Belize’s eco-friendly hotels in its article, “How to Become a Better Traveller in a Post Lockdown World.”

The safest vacation? Your own private island
While nearly all leisure travel remains paused because of the coronavirus pandemic, the demand for private islands is on the rise. The privileged few who can afford such extravagant isolation are exploring their options with new fervor. The spike in bookings for the island he personally owns and rents out, Gladden, in Belize's Barrier Reef, illustrates the growing inclination toward privacy. Krolow says that while it was always popular, it quickly got almost fully booked for the rest of this year after Covid-19 gained traction.

Belize could delay coupon payment, says Moody’s
Central American sovereign Belize, which last restructured its international debt in 2017, is likely to seek to delay a $13m coupon payment due in August on its only external bond, believes Moody’s. With tourism estimated to account for as much as 40% of the gross value added in the country’s economy, as well as 42% of Belize’s goods and services exports, the country is one of the most vulnerable to the Covid-19 economic shock. Even before the virus hit, triggering a ...

Belize 2034 bond sinks following questions over finance capacity
The price on Belize's 2034 sovereign bond fell precipitously on Wednesday, a day after Moody's Investors Service downgraded the government's sovereign credit rating, questioning its ability to make interest payments on the debt given its tourism sector has suffered from the coronavirus pandemic. The 4.9375% February 2034 bond fell 11 points in price to bid 40, pushing the yield up to 16.88%, according to data provider Refinitiv. As recently as late February, the yield had been as low as 10.15% before steadily climbing as the pandemic deepened in the region. The current yield has not been this high since the bond was restructured three years ago.

Caribbean tourism has been decimated by COVID-19
We are all in the same COVID-19 storm, but not all countries are in the same boat. Here in the Bahamas, 70 per cent of our gross domestic product (GDP) is generated from tourism. Tourist-based economies like ours throughout the Caribbean region have limited social safety nets. This means our people, economy and future are far more likely to be wrecked by COVID-19 than nations with more diversified economies. Today, airports and hotels here are shuttered, unemployment throughout the region is soaring, and nobody knows when these tourism sector jobs may come back.

Caye Caulker Power Scheduled Outage
Power outage 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. on Friday, May 15 to affect portion of Caye Caulker Village: Avenida Langosta, Estrella Street, Aventura Street, Playa Asuncion, Calle Al Sol, Pasero Street, Avenida Hicaco, Alux Street, Calle Aguada, Date Lane, Calle Al Posa, Park Street, Beachfront Street, Calle Alemandro, Hattie Street. BEL crews to replace utility pole in the area.

National Competitiveness Month Webinars
BELTRAIDE is celebrating National Competitiveness Month with a series of free business webinars. Check out their website for more information, and registration. The first webinar is the Friday at 10:00am, and covers digital marketing.

Webinar on Friday: Navigating the New Norm
BELTRAIDE is celebrating National Competitiveness Month with a series of free business webinars. Check out their website for more information, and registration. The first webinar is the Friday at 10:00am, and covers digital marketing.


  • This is Tropic Air - Belize Travel, 4min. I spent a week with Tropic Air, in San Pedro, Belize. Tropic Air looks after all your local air transportation needs, flying you in Cessna Caravan Aircraft, powered by the highly regarded Pratt and Whitney Canada PT6A engines. Their aircraft are maintained to very high standards, by a dedicated and passionate team of people. Whether you are taking a local flight from Belize City to Dangriga, or Placencia, or a sightseeing trip to see the famous "Blue Hole" from the air, you will be taken well care of. If you are lucky, you'll get a front seat, alongside the pilot. If you enjoy flying, you'll love Tropic Air. It's what flying is all about!....

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - PEARL BERNANDA ARZU WADE, 2min.

  • Dance routine for this year's virtual Belize National Festival Of Arts, 1.5min. We are heading West! With a dance entitled "Made for Now" by Jediah and Clihanna Martinez from St. Andrew's Primary in Cayo! Remember to like and share all the entries, let's keep the support going.

  • NA MINÚSCULA ILHA | Provei a COMIDA mais TRADICIONAL de BELIZE | Caye Caulker, 9min. Sem dúvida esse foi o melhor lugar que visitei em Belize. Caye Caulker é uma pequena ilha do Caribe localizada no lado leste do País. A ilha é tão pequena que você pode conhece-la por inteiro em uma hora de caminhada. O lugar não possui estradas pavimentadas e apenas carrinhos de golf elétricos e bicicletas servem de transporte em um cenário que mais parece ter saído de um filme, onde os moradores são bem tranquilos e vivem uma rotina sem estresse ao lado de palmeiras enormes, mar azul, areia branca, turistas e muito reggae. Confira!

  • Thrilled swimmer meets manatee on the reef in Belize, .5min. Nito, known in the scuba diving world as "Big Sexy" was swimming on the reef in his home in Belize. San Pedro is one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean and it has some of the most abundant and beautiful life, above and below the waves. Big Sexy is a world famous scuba dive master who leads his clients on explorations deep below the surface. After the diving is done, a stop at a reef that is part of a protected marine conservation area is always a welcome part of the day.

  • BELIZE ZOO & ALTUN HA | BELIZE, 6min. We went to Belize city to visit the zoo & the famous mayan ruins Altun Ha.

  • Darina Museum in Libertad Village, 15min. Let's take a tour of the Darina Museum in Libertad Village with proud Garifuna woman and curator Mrs. Simeona Zuniga! This post was originally part of our International Museum Day activities in 2018 where we were able to introduce Corozal's cultural museums to the world via Facebook.

  • Mr. Faustino Yam, curator of the U Kuchil Maya Uchben Baalo'ob Museum, 1min. And retired educator fluent in Yucatec Maya language engages with children teaching Yucatec Maya.

  • Virtual celebration of Europe Day 2020, 23min. The EU Ambassador to Belize, Ambassador Malgorzata Wasilewska, was our guest to talk about this year's virtual celebration of Europe Day 2020. The day is set aside to commemorate the creation of the European Union. The theme for this year is "Stronger Together" and Ambassador Wasilewska explained that in this COVID-19 era there is much benefit in collaborating for development.

  • Legacy Fund Limited, 46min. Ervin Perez is the Managing Director of Legacy Fund Limited. We invited him to share his recommendations on how we can recover the economy. He talked about increasing our exports in the region and diversifying our revenue streams to supplement tourism dollars.

  • Healing Touch Day Spa, 36min. Healing Touch Day Spa walked us through the basics for an at-home massage session. If you are in need of some pampering this segment shared how you can take items you have at home to have a relaxing session.


  • Belize Trip 2019, 8min.

  • Introduction To The Ocean Academy, 24min. We'd like to introduce you to the school, the students, and the Ocean Academy philosophy. Many students featured in this video took part in the 2019 Digital Silence Networking and Security Course.This is who we are raising money for during #BucksForBelize

  • The Salvation Army Belize District Home League May 13, 2020, 65min. The Salvation Army Belize District Home League May 13, 2020 Mother's Day Celebration.

  • Blue Bonefish Lodge, Belize, 2min.

  • Acción Deportiva , 33min.

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