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Not that we’re counting or anything (who are we kidding!) – but 53 days after we shut down, we can taste FREEDOM once again! Nearly two full months have passed since that fateful Monday, March 23rd, when our borders and our town businesses officially closed down due to Covid-19. Now that we officially have zero cases of coronavirus in the country of Belize, restrictions have been eased, and a little bit of ‘normal’ can ensue.

Friday, May 15th marks the first official day when we can swim in the glorious sea before us. Imagine the torture of not being able to dip into our beloved waters all this time! We can also congregate 10 at a time, and al fresco dining in restaurants is possible too. Things we have to bear in mind: masks on when in public – except when eating out, swimming or exercising. Small inconveniences that hopefully add up to big gains later on, I say! Of course, dining out entails making reservations – so that businesses can manage groups, and sanitize before and after, ensuring hygienic conditions are optimal in our continued battle against COVID-19.

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