A while back, Ruby's Hotel was sold to the owners of the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi - a company and service that I use all the time, recommend and like very much. They now plan to knock down the Ruby's Hotel site - the old wooden building at the south corner of Front Street, San Pedro - and build a large water taxi terminal at the busiest intersection in a WILDLY busy town. Aside from being busy for traffic - the largest school on the island, the San Pedro RC Elementary School is just across the street with about 1000 kids between the ages of 5 and teen.

A water taxi terminal brings boat traffic, taxis, hotel pick up, traffic, salespeople...

This town, already at the breaking point when it comes to foot and cart, van traffic will...break. I have vowed to stop taking the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi going forward.

Here's is a petition (that was created by others) to tell the TOWN COUNCIL AND OUR MINISTER OF TOURISM that this cannot be allowed.

Below is a picture of this intersection.

If you agree that this should be stopped and that the water Taxi company should use the $6mm+ water taxi terminal built just a few years back (as celebrated by our minister of Tourism), please sign attached.


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