Commissioner Chester Williams also took some time to speak on food vendors, who sell items such as the all time favorite tacos and barbecues. Vending is not allowed, but the new relaxed regulations are providing some sort of accommodations for vendors to sell from their houses. Williams says that vendors can now operate at their residence, but within the curfew hours.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

“If it is that you are a street tacos vendor you are not supposed to operate. So we have advise the tacos vendors, because we have to understand that people need to eat and we can’t be harsh on people we have to have that humanitarian aspect in us so we try to advise. SO we try to work around that and advise tacos vendors to sell from their house. So you can sell from your house and then people come and pick up and go as oppose to being on the street and sell. We have seen that a number of tacos vendors have adapted that method but the opening hours, we must stick to what the law is. The law is eight o’clock.”

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