For a second time in recent weeks, the San Pedro Town Council is at odds with the state of emergency regulations. Weeks ago, the town council announced measures to be undertaken on the island that went against the state of emergency. Today, Commissioner of Police Chester Williams took a firm stance against the council. With the relaxed regulations now in place, persons can travel to and from San Pedro Town. The council there, however, is screening persons and deciding who is permitted on the island and who is permitted to leave. Commissioner Williams says the town council and Mayor Daniel Guerrero have no such power and they must cease immediately.

Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police

I have had that talk with Mr. Noble. The S.I. did not empower the town council to be engaging in any screening. The SI empowered the security forces and have said to Mr. Noble under no circumstances must any employee of the town council be with the police asking people questions as to where they are going, why they are going. They do not have that authority. The information that I had received was that n order for people to go to San Pedro or leave San Pedro they have to get some permit or some written permission from the mayor and I said to Mr. Noble if that is happening that needs to stop immediately because the SI did not make provision for that. I trust and hope that it is no longer occurring if it was occurring. And that is all I am going to say about that for now.

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