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The San Pedro Sun

New construction under scrutiny; mapping department says it’s on a designated street
The construction of a residential home in the DFC Area is under scrutiny as it is reportedly being built on a designated street. One property owner in the area, Charles Godfrey, says construction has been ongoing for weeks, posing a safety hazard to his premises and affecting his home/property value as well. The house being erected is alleged to be that of Joel Chi. Godfrey’s attorney, Wendy Auxillou, confirmed that a stop order was approved and issued, but construction continues at press time.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Tuesday, May 19th meal pick ups Location: Food Republic Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

SP Belize Express Water Taxi to Build Boat Terminal
This is not rocket science is it There was a Custom Ferry Terminal Built specifically to house the Ferrys on the island and once it was completed ALL ferries were supposed to move to the back because as the Island grew it was impossible to have the ferrys operating on the front in town for many reasons. 7 Million Dollars was spent so the front of the island could be less congested, less golf carts, less taxi's etc.

San Pedro Town Council: Attention Owners Of Derelict Or Abandoned Vehicles!
The San Pedro Town Council and the San Pedro Traffic Department on their on going effort in keeping La Isla Bonita clean, hereby inform the general public that we will be identifying all derelict and/or abandoned vehicles, and removing them from the island. Vehicle owners will have a 14-day period (May 18 - June 1, 2020) to remove any derelict or abandoned vehicle(s). After the 14-day period, the San Pedro Town Council will be removing these vehicles at the last registered owner's expense. Vehicle owners are reminded that ALL vehicles must be registered and licensed with the San Pedro Traffic Department, failure to do so could result in the vehicle being impounded and or removed from the island.

Art Contest
Do you love to Paint? How about Sketching? Here is a cool contest for our Artist Age Group 13 -15 years old! This "From My Home" Art Contest will focus on your artistic talent and creativity in 2 Separate Areas - Painting and Sketching. This contest is offering 2 Entries . Paint Artist - You can choose to submit a photo of your Painting done with either - Water, Acrylic , or Oil Paints - you can choose ANY material to create your art work . For example- standard paint canvas, bottles glass or plastic , wood , cloth fabric, bristol or construction paper , absolutely anything you can put your painting on ! For our Sketchers - Pencil ( not colour) or Charcoal ONLY. Sketching Surfaces - Sketch Paper, Plain Print Paper, Bristol Board. Open to artist from all districts in Belize. Our selected winner will have the chance to receive a little treat from our sponsors. All submissions will be displayed on our Facebook page and will be judged by our Art Team. Remember everyone is a winner when it comes to Art!

The Downtown Rejuvenation Project's Ecomuseum Update
The Downtown Rejuvenation Project like many other projects was on a break due to the COVID-19 shutdown. As the country starts to awaken from its economic sleep, so is the Downtown Rejuvenation Project. As an update, below is a quick recap of the various components’ status in the Downtown Rejuvenation Project:

The Artists of the Day, YATA
Youth Advocacy Through Arts "YATA", was established in 2013 and is perhaps the only Youth Theatre Company active in Belize. The group currently has 6 productions in their repertoire since inception. Initially, a social arts organization with plays that highlight issues affecting marginalized communities, the company has evolved into cultural development through the arts. The composition of its members ranges from students to young professionals, who have already begun careers.

Call To Action: Please Sign This Petition!
A while back, Ruby's Hotel was sold to the owners of the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi - a company and service that I use all the time, recommend and like very much. They now plan to knock down the Ruby's Hotel site - the old wooden building at the south corner of Front Street, San Pedro - and build a large water taxi terminal at the busiest intersection in a WILDLY busy town. Aside from being busy for traffic - the largest school on the island, the San Pedro RC Elementary School is just across the street with about 1000 kids between the ages of 5 and teen. A water taxi terminal brings boat traffic, taxis, hotel pick up, traffic, salespeople... This town, already at the breaking point when it comes to foot and cart, van traffic will...break. I have vowed to stop taking the San Pedro Belize Express Water Taxi going forward. Here's is a petition (that was created by others) to tell the TOWN COUNCIL AND OUR MINISTER OF TOURISM that this cannot be allowed. If you agree that this should be stopped and that the water Taxi company should use the $6mm+ water taxi terminal built just a few years back (as celebrated by our minister of Tourism), please sign attached.

Belize Zoo Soft Re-opening May 23rd & 24th
The Belize Zoo will be having a soft re-opening to the public on Saturday and Sunday May 23rd & 24th only- info below! - Opening hours will be from 9am to 4pm, with last admission at 3:15pm. - Admission for this weekend will be $7BZ for adults and $2BZ for children (ages 3-12) - The Harpy Café will be open for takeaway food orders, and limited open-air dining by reservation (contact 625-3604)...

"Strategic Planning for Tour Operators" Webinar
Reminder: The next webinar, "Strategic Planning for Tour Operators," is scheduled to take place on May 22, 2020, at 10:30 a.m. Kindly register here:

Belizean Arts Announces Annual Children’s Art Competition
“We would like to announce our very first annual children’s art competition. We are taking this opportunity to reach out to you children at home. We know you have more time on your hands and we would like to inspire you to use your imagination and creativity. Many of the successful Belizean artist we represent started right at home. Sketching on paper, carving a piece of wood and even beading a bracelet. This year it will be done virtually and we are asking for a painting, drawing or sketch.” Submission Date: May 14th - May 28th

Repatriation for Displaced Belizeans Abroad
IMPORTANT NOTICE FOR DISPLACED BELIZEANS ABROAD. If you are a Belizean who has been unable to return home to Belize due to the closure of our borders as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, you will now be able to do so BUT with prior coordination and approval with the Government of Belize. From Monday, 18 May 2020, displaced Belizeans can visit the website and complete the application form and the COVID-19 Screening Application. These MUST be completed and submitted electronically in order for you to be considered for a coordinated return to Belize. A link to the forms will also be available on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website at

One day the animals approached a Mayan and said, " We don't want to see you sad, ask us what you want and you'll have it. The Mayan said :-I want to be happy. The owl replied, - Who knows what happiness is? Ask us for more human things. "Well added the man," I want to have a good view. The buzzard said to him,-You'll have mine. - I want to be strong. The jaguar said to him,-You'll be strong like me. - I want to walk without getting tired.

Job opportunities for principals
Two vacancies available for principals, one at San Marcos Village as Teaching Principal and one in Bullet Tree at Immaculate Conception as Administrative Principal. Interviews will be held at the Kostekie Hall at Sacred Heart Parish on Wednesday May 27th from 9:00 am to 12 noon, valid teaching license is a must. All interested parties kindly take note.

Applications open for CXC Supervisors and Invigilators
Just in case you missed this great opportunity to be a part of the 2020 CXC Belize invigilators team! Click the link below to apply now!

BWS announces extended opening hours to accommodate our valued customers

Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation Job Portal
Create Vacancies. Apply for Jobs. Make connections. Explore the Job Portal today! Visit and discover the possibilities.

Úuchben nukuch máako’ob (The ancient lords) This are not "Gods" but the manifestation of every human action ,aspects of life and nature : Birth,Death,ball game,gambling,traveling ,trading,Pregnant human,rain,creator,Corn etc . The Yuumstilo'ob are what makes the world move and life to continue .

The Belize Tourism Board (BTB) today made a soft launch of its 2020 Belizean Traveller Campaign marking the reopening of the local tourism industry after a two-month hiatus due to COVID 19. The campaign comes on the heels of Government’s official announcement of the relaxation of certain security regulations under the National State of Emergency, which now allows Belizeans to, under certain conditions and while still observing social distancing, be able to visit various tourism destinations throughout the country to enjoy our beaches and swimming and the various natural attractions in Belize.

Channel 7

Petillo's Land Grab For The People Draws Crowd
We haven't seen a mass gathering in months. But on Sunday morning, a crowd descended on Cotton Tree village. They had been called by land activist Nigel Petillo who summoned them out of lockdown with the promise of an acre each for any man or woman willing to clear it. But as expected police and health officials quickly deemed the large group a threat to public health, and not just for the village but the entire nation.

COMPOL Says Nigel's Crowd Was Against SOE Regs.
And while Petillo was charged for a mask violation, the commissioner of police says he could have been charged for a whole lot more. This afternoon, Police Commissioner Chester Williams appeared on "Ask the Experts". He discussed the mass gathering in Cotton Tree spearheaded by Petillo and said Petillo and the other organizers lured attendants to his public meeting into a situation where they violated social distancing and State of Emergency rules:

Nigel Says He Was Watching His Back, Not The Crowd
And while the Commissioner says that's the process to go through - Petillo says the process he was going through, was hide and seek with the police. He told us he was dodging arrest and couldn't count the crowd: "I personally don't know how many people were there because to tell you the truth I had to be hiding from the police for a while so I was in the jungle for quite some time..."

Boat Crash At Caye
There was a boating accident yesterday evening at the San Pedro International Marine Terminal. A 25-foot vessel crashed into the wooden wharf of the terminal. At around 5:45 p.m., 35-year-old Horace Bladen, a tour guide from Belize City, was the captain of this vessel, which is registered to Searious Adventure Tours. His passengers onboard included 54-year-old Sandra McLean, the owner of the tour company; 24-year-old Roy Bradley; Celestino Campos, and Jose Lopez.

PSU Capitulates To GOB, Agrees To Forego Increment, For Now
Last week, we told you about the stern press release that the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry sent out scolding the unions for haggling over an increment when the economy is in meltdown and the private sector is taking heavy losses. The unions and the Government can't agree on how to not pay this year's annual increment. Government wants to forego it, the unions want it deferred. Both sides met last Wednesday and agreed on a compromise, but, by Thursday mornings, the unions allegedly changed the language of the compromise, and government then said the deal was off.

Constable Vs ASP in Ugly Tangle
A Police Constable is claiming to be a victim of police brutality. On Saturday night, Mark Rodriguez says he was on his way to pick up his wife after her shift at the Belmopan Hospital when he claims police beat him up at the behest of a senior ASP Aaron Gamboa. Gamboa though, has a very different take on the situation: he says he pulled Rodriguez over after reports that the PC was drunk and driving recklessly after the curfew hour. We spoke to both men today and got two distinct accounts on the events that lead to an arrest, 6 charges, and a possible discharge for PC Rodriguez.

Fishy Business Eena Kinel
This morning, a group Belize City residents living East and West Canal Streets in Belize City called our newsroom to investigate some fishy business. They say that for a few days now, the waters of the canal have been stifling them with the stench of dead fish that are now trapped in it. These residents say that they've been living with the awful smell since last week Wednesday. After inspecting the length of the canal for themselves, they say that someone loaded up a pile of clay in the canal.

CDB Comes Through With COVID Relief Funds
So far, Belize's costly COVID-19 response has received not a single dollar of international funding. The Prime Minister says he hopes 6 million plus from the IDB will come at the end of this month. Well, the Caribbean Development Bank has announced that it will also contribute. A release says the CDB is making emergency loans to seven Caribbean countries for a total of $66.7 million US dollars. Antigua and Barbuda will get US$13 million, Belize will get US$15 million, Dominica will get US$2.5 million, Grenada will get US$5.9 million, Saint Lucia, US$10.8 million, St. Vincent and the Grenadines US$11.3 million, and Suriname US$8.2 million.

Over 1,300 Arrested For SOE Violations Since March
Today on Ask The Experts, Commissioner of police Chester Williams discussed the ongoing State of Emergency arrests that have been ongoing since March. In the two months since, more than one thousand persons have been arrested: Dorian Pakeman, Government Press Office: "How many people have been charged so far in relation to state of emergency violations?" Chester Williams, Commissioner of Police: "It's around one thousand three hundred."

COMPOL Answers Critics On Jules Non-Arrest
And not included in those 1,300 arrestees is our News Director Jules Vasquez. For the past few days some on facebook have been demanding that the commissioner arrest him after he was caught on camera without a mask when he responded to the street side arrest of Raymond Rivers. When asked about it today, Commissioner Williams said he was not there, but did speak with the officers who were:

Adversity and Advantage For Police During SOE
Commissioner Williams also spoke about the challenges and advantages of policing crime during a state of emergency: "We continue our anti-crime operations and campaign across the country all with a view to ensure that we minimize the occurrences of criminal activities. I know that you have been told that there was an armed robbery over the weekend I think in Valley of Peace where the gas station was robbed and I can say that 3 of the suspects are in custody for that matter..."

Police And The Porous Border
And, policing borders is much more complex because - as we have been reporting - illegals are constantly trickling across north, south, and west... "One of the greatest challenge is the fact that the border is extremely big in terms of length particularly between Belize and Guatemala as well as the portion with Belize and Mexico and we must also bear in mind that we also have the maritime border with Honduras and so we are bordering 3 countries where the spread of the Corona Virus is somewhat rampant..."

COMPOL: Local Gov't Should Stay Out of Police Work
But when it comes to policing and screening water taxi passengers - Commissioner Williams says that is the job of police, not town constables. As we told you on Friday, the San Pedro town board had its constables screening persons getting on board the water taxi. An exasperated compol said this is plainly illegal:

Works Truck Flies Off Road At Mile 30
No one was seriously hurt when a Government pickup flew off the highway and ended up resting vertically atop a ditch this afternoon. It happened between miles 30 and 31, at about 1:30 pm when the white Chevy Colorado pickup truck assigned to the Ministry of works was hit. That caused driver, 32-year-old Anthony Leslie to lose control, slide off the road and crash into the ditch.

Some Drinks With Your Food Allowed, Not Vice-Versa
The state of emergency regulations were again adjusted today. That's after this weekend when the government monitors of social behaviour - whoever they are - observed the consumption of food with alcohol at newly re-opened outdoor restaurants. Seems they saw some people eating with their drinks, rather than the other way around. The attorney general said you can have a drink or two with your meal, but don't get carried away. Here's how the AG put it on Ask the Experts:

Holders OF Public Special License Sell Food, Not Drink
And so now, here's the change: those establishments with a public special license - which are usually bars - can now open up - but they have to sell food, and that food has to be the main attraction - not the drinks. Here's the AG: "If you hold a publican special license you will be able to open, but you must operate as if though you are a restaurant. So even though you can open and you have a publican special license for now you can only serve you liquor with food..."

How Can Cops Count Your Drinks?
Now, this one drink before, and one drink after your meal really is a bit much to expect police to enforce, isn't it. I mean, are they supposed to watch you eat, and count your drinks. We asked the COMPOL about the difficulty of enforcement:

Sites For Sore Eyes
Another change in the regulations effective today iOS that archaeological sites can re-open and licensed tour guides can take you there. Here is how the AG put it:

Busted 16 Pounds of Weed
On Friday morning, police conducting a search for illegal firearms ended up making a sizeable weed bust. It happened at about 5:30 a.m. at the home of 32-year old Dale Saragoza at mile 21/2 on the George Price Highway.

The BDF Bungled With Mexicans Escaping From Quarantine
On Friday's news, we told you about the 3 Mexicans from Xcalac, who escaped from quarantine. That's after the Coast Guard caught them conducting illegal fishing in the Bacalar Chico Marine Reserve. They were supposed to have been in quarantine for 21 days, after which they would face criminal charges for immigration offenses, as well as illegal fishing. But, somehow, all 3 men were able to evade the authorities who were in charge of the ITVET building Corozal, which was being used as that municipalitiy's quarantine center.

Cop Got A Grip In Guinea Grass
Another topic that the public wanted his input on was that cell phone video out of Guinea Grass Village in the Orange Walk District. As we showed you on Friday, a police officer was recorded have a moment with a young-unmasked civilian from the Village.

Compol On Continuing Curfew
During that same webcast, one of the viewers then asked the Police Commissioner to explain the rationale behind keeping the curfews in place.

Gangs Slowed Down after SOE
Several weeks before the State of Emergency was implemented for COVID-19, the Police and the Government implemented the SOUTHSIDE State of Emergency for 8 areas of Belize City. You'll remember that it was a response to that 48-hour crime wave, which resulted in 6 murders, including the killings of the two 5-year-olds, Kia Herbert and Dominique Rhamdas.

Channel 5

35 Days Since Belize Has Recorded Positive Case of COVID-19
It’s day thirty-five since Belize has recorded a positive case of COVID-19, but the Ministry of Health remains on alert as border communities in neighbouring Central American countries continue spiking. [...]

Restaurants Resume On-Premises Dining, but Al Fresco
Restaurants resumed on-premises dining on Saturday but the hospitality industry is looking a whole lot different.  The use of the face mask by diners and employees is a must and [...]

Statutory Instrument 72 Amended
And while some restaurants were able to begin to operate over the weekend, there is another category of restaurant-style businesses that will have to adapt to the regulations. According to [...]

Pet and Arthur Saldivar Charged After BGYEA Land Meeting in Cotton Tree
A crowd of persons showed up at mile forty-four on the George Price Highway on Sunday, lured by the promise of a piece of land.  Nigel Petillo, of the Belize [...]

Locked Up With No Means of Adhering to Social Distancing
So while Petillo and his attorney were both arraigned this morning for matters having to do with social distancing, use of face masks and movement outside of the curfew, their [...]

P.S.U. Rethinks Its Position on Increment Agreement
While there has been no official word on whether a deal has been reached, the Public Service Union has re-examined its view of the use of the word “defer” in [...]

P.S.U. Optimistic About Economic Recovery
According to Flowers, a formula will be devised to calculate what each public officer will receive in gratuity at the point of retirement which will also factor in what they [...]

Rivers of White Ash in the Vaca Forest
Friends for Conservation and Development, F.C.D., has been battling for the preservation and conservation of Belize’s forest to the west for many years. For the past few weeks, the environmental [...]

Guatemalan Farmer Caught Illegally Farming in Belize
F.C.D. has had to take up the responsibility of arresting encroachers and manning the forest to keep it from disappearing. In his article, Rath asks the question, ‘where is our [...]

Displaced Belizeans Can Return Home but With G.O.B.’s Approval
The government is making provisions to allow Belizeans in other countries who have been displaced by the COVID-19 pandemic to return home by the end of May. The COVID-19 Controlled [...]

Why Wasn’t Jules Vasquez Not Charge for Failure to Wear Face Mask in Public?
As you heard earlier in the news, Nigel Petillo and his attorney Arthur Saldivar have been charged with S.O.E. violations, including a charge for not wearing a mask in public. [...]

Police Officers Fight to Detain a Drunk Colleague in Camalote
There was a scuffle on Saturday night involving a team of police officers attempting to arrest a colleague, who was reportedly drunk and acting unruly while being apprehended.  The incident [...]

Ministry of Works Employees Critically Injured in RTA
A road traffic mishap along the George Price Highway just outside of Mahogany Heights has left a pair of men, both employees of the Ministry of Works, critically injured.  Sometime [...]

Boat Crashes into San Pedro Pier; 2 Persons are Injured
There was another accident, but this one at sea. Two persons were injured during a boat accident on Sunday evening in San Pedro. After six o’clock on Sunday, police were [...]

Motorcycle Goes Up in Flames on Philip Goldson Highway
A delivery man from Atlantic Restaurant on the Philip Goldson Highway escaped with his life on Sunday afternoon after the motorcycle he was travelling on suddenly combusted. Robert Thomas was [...]

Commissioner of Police Warns San Pedro Town Council, Again
For a second time in recent weeks, the San Pedro Town Council is at odds with the state of emergency regulations.  Weeks ago, the town council announced measures to be [...]

Tacos Vendors Can Sell from Home
Commissioner Chester Williams also took some time to speak on food vendors, who sell items such as the all time favorite tacos and barbecues. Vending is not allowed, but the [...]

The Rules on Social Events at Home
And while vendors are now given some leeway to operate from their house, you are allowed to have a social event at your house.  But there is one big restriction, [...]

Police and B.D.F. Soldiers Patrolling Borders for Border Jumpers
Guatemala and Mexico are registering an increasing number of positive COVID-19 cases and while our borders are closed, the threat of a spill to this side of the border is [...]

Archeological Sites Now Open for Business
Statutory Instrument seventy-two was amended to also allow archeological sites to open in an effort to encourage domestic tourism.   This will permit Belizeans to travel across the country to undertake [...]

Couple Charged for 16 Pounds of Weed
Two persons, charged jointly in connection with the discovery of sixteen pounds of marijuana, today appeared in the Belize City Magistrate’s Court where they were granted and met bail in the [...]

Mark Gentle Charged with Dangerous Harm
Also in the Magistrate’s Court, a man, who is accused of attacking and stabbing another man last month, was charged and arraigned with Dangerous Harm. But he is home tonight, [...]

Over 1,300 Persons Charged So Far for S.O.E. Violations
For more than a month now, Belize has not reported any new COVID-19 cases, but a state of emergency remains in place until June and a curfew is in place [...]

Police ID Machine Down
A complaint was made to Commissioner of Police Chester Williams during his time on Ask the Experts today.  According to the complainant, who is a Benque Viejo resident, plain clothes [...]

The Reporter

Couple Nabbed With 16 Lbs of Weed
A couple who live at Mile 2 1/2 on the George Price Highway today appeared in the Belize City Magistrate's Court on Monday where they were formally arraigned for possession of 16 pounds of marijuana. Dale Saragosa, 32, and Sharen Thompson, 19, are charged with Possession of a Controlled Drug with Intent to Supply Another after a search at their house last week Thursday resulted in the discovery of the drug.

Digicel files bankruptcy before Bermuda courts
Regional telecommunications giant Digicel has filed for bankruptcy before the Bermuda courts, but it insists that its day-to-day operations will not be affected by the filing. The bankruptcy filing involves the appointment of three provisional liquidators from KPMG, the global services company. Coming days after the company implemented a group-wide salary reduction, the move is being seen as part of Digicel’s attempt to restructure US$1.6 billion of its estimated US$7 billion debt.

Traffic accident on the George Price Highway near Mahogany Heights
There are reports of a traffic accident on the George Price Highway near Mahogany Heights, involving what appears to be a Government-issued vehicle. Sources say that officials have not arrived on the scene as yet. There also appears to be persons trapped inside the vehicle.


Officer allegedly attacked by one of his own
A police constable was beaten over the weekend in rural Cayo District. The allegations are that the assault against 39-year-old Mark Rodriguez has to do with a dispute over land in Camalote Village that was passed down to his wife, Krista Zelaya.

Archaeological sites and water-based locations reopen
The Statutory Instrument was amended today and reflects some minor changes in regulations. One of those amendments now includes the reopening of archaeological sites and water-based locations including but not limited to the Hol Chan Marine Reserve.

Valley of Peace farmers have their first market day
Covid-19, albeit an alarming pandemic, has brought on many positive and creative ideas. Students and teachers are learning to transition from the traditional classroom setting to online schooling.

Police officers continue to enforce the wearing of masks and social distancing within the public
Potential imported cases are not the only issue being monitored by the police. The regulations to wear masks and the practice of social distancing is also being monitored by the authorities.

Robbers overturn while fleeing crime scene
On Saturday evening, four armed masked men reportedly robbed the Valley Gas Station in Valley of Peace Village, Cayo District. They got away with an undisclosed amount of money and surveillance camera videos.

The illegalities of the Cotton Tree land
Under the State of Emergency regulations, gatherings of more than ten persons are disallowed, making yesterday’s meeting in Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District highly illegal. The criticism was that land activist, Nigel Petillo, put the lives of Belizeans at risk by organizing the meeting during a pandemic.

Illegal gathering over land disrupted by police
Land Activist Nigel Petillo is leading the charge to assist Belizean farmers in acquiring land in Cotton Tree Village, Cayo District. We took you to the land site in question on Wednesday and there and then the residents had agreed to meet again on Sunday morning.

Guatemalan man caught sneaking into the country
Aside from the borders being porous they are also miles long, making it difficult for law enforcement agencies to monitor. As we noted earlier today, one Guatemalan man was caught sneaking into the country earlier today but there could be many who were not caught.

Belizeans abroad anxiously waiting to come home
Screening applications for repatriation for Belizeans living abroad were to be made available today. There has been a slight delay and our newsroom was told that the forms will be made available within the next day or two.

Ease of regulations lead to an increase in persons being arrested
Since the State of Emergency was declared in March Police have arrested one thousand three hundred persons for going contrary to the Covid-19 regulations. In recent weeks arrests have increased with the ease in those regulations.

Belize remains COVID free with numbers surging in surrounding countries
It has been thirty-five days since Belize reported its last confirmed case of Covid-19. Since the first case was confirmed on March 20, 2020, there have only been eighteen cases to date with two turning fatal and sixteen patients recovered.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

COMPOL says gang members are behaving well
The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams said on Ask the Experts today that the young men […]

Guillermo Foreman in quarantine; to be charged
Belizean Guillermo Foreman who had been stranded for days at the Northern Border was detained […]

Police say officers used discretion in not detaining Jules Vasquez
On Thursday morning, police responded to reports of a group of people gathered near Channel […]

ComPol warns social gatherings still not allowed
The Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams informed today on Ask the Experts that social gatherings […]

Establishments with Public and Special license can now open; only serve liquor with food
The Attorney General, Micheal Peyreffite explained today that establishments that hold a public and special […]

Archeological sites allowed to open
The Attorney General, Micheal Peyreffitte informed today on Ask the Experts that a new statutory […]

Government vehicle involved in traffic accident
BBN has received reports of a road traffic accident on the George Price Highway near […]

FCD outlines causes for recent fires in Vaca Forest Reserve
Photojournalist and member of the board of Friends for Conservation and Development (FCD) Tony Rath has […]

Ordinary Belizeans demand voice through land ownership
Can Nigel Petillo of the Belize Grassroots Youth Empowerment Association (BGYEA) turn the trick again […]

Tropic Air expands domestic flights between San Pedro, Caye Caulker and Belize City
Tropic Air announces that effective today, Monday, May 18 the company is adding service days […]

Drawing contest- “ Este es mi Mexico”
The Embassy of Mexico in Belize announced the open call for this year’s children’s drawing […]

Arthur Saldivar charged with taking off mask in police station
Belmopan police have charged attorney Arthur Saldivar with not wearing his mask in public after […]

CXC – Examine This
By Lisa Shoman:“Why is CXC so resolute in its admission of only a paper one examination, when it no longer yields any tangible benefit?” […]


It All Evens Out In The Wash
Join Mary Yarbrough and Bill Yarbrough for a fun freestyle story, a complimentary Belize vacation, and find out what it cost to hire a truck with 3 guys to get a washer-dryer moved.

Oceana x Tiburon Rum
Guest Writer, David Alex Courtenay, spoke to Tiburon Rum's Basil DeStefano about his partnership with Oceana and the journey that led him to not only his love for Belize, but also his desire to protect this jewel's natural wealth through one of his loves - rum!

Did you know that the CCJ Academy for Law's webinar tomorrow is completely FREE to the public? Be sure to view via the CCJ's Facebook page, UWI TV's website or UWI TV's Facebook page so you won't miss out.

International Museum Day Spotlight: A look at the U Chan Muul Yaax K’aax (Little Mound in the Green Forest) Museum during Covid-19
In Belize, there are many community-based museums contributing to this overall effort. In this segment of our Heritage at Home Series, we feature the compelling story of U Chan Muul YaaxK’aax. Nestled away in the quaint village of San Lazaro, Orange Walk District, Belize, the U Chan Muul Yaax K’aax Museum is a hidden treasure. As a member of the Museum Association of Belize, this community-supported resource center fuses tangible and intangible cultural heritage elements to tell the story of the Maya Mestizo communities of Northern Belize. We interviewed Mr. Hugo Carrillo, one of its founders to hear more about the Museum, its development, their work, and how it has been impacted by Covid-19.

International Sourcesizz

Government of Belize credits ground-breaking technology for halting COVID-19
Despite the large numbers in neighbouring countries in its largest tourism market, including the U.S., Belize has had a total of 18 and no new case since April 13th. The government says, this has not been by accident and it’s due to the early steps it took to manage the disease by quickly closing borders, bolstering its medical capacity, implementing a State of Emergency and by closely managing the population’s movements with an ever-evolving set of laws that were changed at a moment’s notice to suit the situation as it unfolded. But, one of the least known factors that assisted greatly in achieving this positive outcome, is the use of technology to manage the crisis, and the use of real-time data for decision-making by health and other senior authorities.

Belize, A&B, SV&G to Get Lion’s Share of CDB Rescue Loan Package
Financial assistance to the tune of US$13 million is coming to Antigua and Barbuda in a bid to ease the nation through the economic fallout triggered by Covid-19. The emergency loan from the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) is one of seven being given to nations in the region to help stave off recession. St. Kitts and Nevis has not applied for such funding. The Bank’s board of directors has also approved US$15 million for Belize, US$11.3 million for St Vincent and the Grenadines, US$10.8 million for St Lucia, US$8.2 million for Suriname, US$5.9 million for Grenada and US$2.5 million for Dominica.

Central America allied against the Coronavirus COVID-19
The COVID-19 crisis has demonstrated the importance of preparedness and the coordination capacities of national and regional disaster risk management agencies. The notes below includes good practices and lessons learned from Central America and the Dominican Republic. The promotion of regional and cross-border cooperation mechanisms is essential for effective, multisectoral and coordinated management of the pandemic from a disaster risk reduction approach.

GraceKennedy's pre-tax profit up 50% in Q1
While classifying the first quarter of this year as a period of great uncertainty, the GraceKennedy Group is announcing that results for the period have been the highest in recent times. In the US, displaced hospital workers have been given meals and products by the Grace Foods team, while in Belize and UK, products have been donated to the Belize Mental Health Association, the Brixton Soup Kitchen, and The National Health Service.


  • COVID-19 explanation, 12min. his Jamaican Doctor/Physician, I don't yet get his name but he gives the best explanation of this covid19 virus. He talk straight, holds back nothing

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  • Monday's "Ask the Experts", min. Joining us was the Hon. Michael Peyrefitte followed by the Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams.

  • Azbel Alvarenga Poetry Reading, 1.5min. This past Saturday night Belize Festival of Arts shone the light on 5 year old Azbel Alvarenga of Patchakan R. C. School. Check out this adorable poetry recital! And thank you to Azbel for taking the challenge to create and submit! Children and youth can still submit throughout the month of May. For more information, visit the National Festival of Arts fb page.

  • Paul the howler monkey with head trauma enjoying figs, 1/2min. Paul the Howler Monkey is doing well. Brief patient update and ode to the happiness of finding the right food for the individual (knowing that anorexia can be a huge challenge in wildlife rehabilitation) with this video of Paul the howler monkey with head trauma enjoying figs. He has come a long way from his dire prognosis on intake, but because of his temporal skull injury he is still very dysbalanced. He climbs and has returned to full avoidance of any human contact, but he walks like a drunk :( After 2.5 weeks it is obvious that he will likely need months to recover enough physical abilities to become a candidate for release back into the wild. As medical treatments have concluded BWRC is fortunate to be able to transfer Paul to the primate program by Wildtracks for further rehabilitation, conditioning and eventual release.

  • The Ozzy Show, 43min.

  • Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen, 4min. Wonderful charity work from the Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen

  • Affectionate nurse shark follows scuba diver like a lost puppy, .5min. Big Sexy is a world famous scuba dive master who leads his clients on explorations deep below the surface. Famous for his underwater bubblering demonstrations, he is a popular and entertaining dive master. But he is also very well known for his love for the animals of the reef. As if they sense that he is a gentle soul, they seem to interact well with him as he swims along. This small nurse shark was a perfect example. Possibly hoping for a meal, or possibly just curious, he took a serious liking for Big Sexy and followed him closely for almost an hour. At one point, the shark came up over a small coral head and swam up underneath Big Sexy. Slightly startled by the closeness, he jumps slightly but recovers immediately and he can’t help but reach out to give the shark a little pat.

  • Here's Roni Martinez on Bird Week, 60min.

  • La Horqueta is the scary story for today, 6min. HORROR MONDAYS: oral legends, ghosts, spirits and other chilling stories. 1925, no electricity in Benque Viejo and under the light of the moon and los farolitos, many encountered spirits wondering about. This is the story of "La Horqueta" by Ms Elvira de la Fuente...

  • Scuba Diving In Belize, 20min.

  • Spearfishing Lionfish in Belize - ReefCI, 25min. Lionfish are an invasive species in the Atlantic Ocean. I had an opportunity to spear lionfish and fillet them. It was a great experience to be part of the ReefCI conservation.


  • Acción Deportiva Sports Action, 28min.

  • BTB Customer Service Essentials webinar, 66min.

  • International Museum Day, 4.5min. In Belize we are blessed with diverse cultures and at our Maya Museum we are inclusive becuase we strongly support Museums for Equality. We embrace everyone especially our elders, on the other hand our future generations have a long journey, but without a sound knowledge that road will be a challenge. Therefore our museum is a stepping stone to that journey.

  • Director of the Museum of Belize and Houses of Culture International Museum Day 2020 Address, .5min.