As the Belize Tourism Board promotes local tourism, it is also getting ready for the day when international visitors arrive at the P.G.I.A.  It is collaborating with the Ministry of Health, the Belize Hotel Association and other industry partners to develop a property manual that will ensure that hotels and resorts put in place sanitation measures and processes to avoid any risk of COVID-19. The manual takes into consideration international standards and best practices. Marketing and Industry Relations Manager Jocelle Stephen of the B.T.B. says that a first draft should be available in the coming weeks.

Jocelle Stephen, Marketing & Industry Relations Manager, B.T.B.

“It is important indeed for us to have these protocols and measures in place because this is what travellers will be looking for; they want to travel safely. We have worked also in collaboration with a consultant and he is developing for us what would be like a manual, so to speak, of what will be those procedures, protocols on social distancing, whether it is sanitation rules and processes, it will encompass everything that is necessary for us to maintain that level of safety and to ensure that we are on par with world standards, as well. We are hope that in the next few weeks it will be available for public dissemination. Of course, once we have finalised and compiled it, we would then have to have training and awareness for the industry on how to implement and use these.”

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