Last night we told you about the big layoffs at Tropic Air - 220 of its 380 employees are being sent home by the end of this month. The company says it can't continue with no set date for tourism. It is currently running about 5 flights a day, when it used to fly 200!
And what about the other domestic airline, Maya Island? Well, they flew four flights today - so they are definitely feeling the pinch.

Speaking with owner Eugene Zabaneh this evening he told us, quote, "the numbers are very very low."

He says the lack of revenue is depleting his company's reserves - but says he is determined to hold unto staff for as long as the company can, and hopefully until the tourism industry strikes up again.

He said they had 30 high season employees who they sent home - but they are holding unto other staff, what he called the "fixed crew".

He says he plans for the company to hold on until the first week in July - in the hopes that the tourism sector opens up.

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