The American Crocodile Education Sanctuary on Wednesday night relocated an American crocodile. The feisty young five-foot croc got lost on the grounds of a developing resort on Ambergris Caye. According to Chris Summers of ACES, the croc was taken for a health inspection and data collection before it was released into the wild. Summers says that the croc did not pose any danger to the residents in the area. 

Chris Summers, ACES

“He came unto a development. There is a resort just up the road up here, not far from where we live. It is actually under construction. I think they have a few of the buildings done now. He wanders in there. They are not really sure where from but he couldn’t find his way back out again. He got himself cornered in a corner up against the wall. A gentleman who works there called us to come and assist. He is only five and a half feet. So for an American crocodile that is still pretty small. It is not even counted as an adult as yet. So five and half feet he is a sub adult like a teenager but generally he seemed pretty health. We brought him home. He weighed about thirty-five pounds and if he had his proper growth rate he is probably around about five years old.”

Hipolito Novelo

“Is there any possibility that he will return to the area?”

Chris Summers

“Into that construction site? I doubt it. He might return to that lagoon area in the vicinity if that is where he was trying to get access to. We didn’t take him far from the initial capture site because he wasn’t a problematic animal. He just got himself in a situation where he was stuck. He wasn’t actually causing any harm. We didn’t take him too far away at all. It is possible that he may return. Absolutely.”

Channel 5