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The San Pedro Sun

Tourism Minister says Tour Guide license renewals to be free of cost for three months
free license renewalsOn Thursday, May 21st, Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation Honourable Manuel Heredia Jr. announced that via an upcoming Statutory Instrument (SI), all tour guides countrywide will be able to renew their license at no cost, from June through August 2020. This is a way to assist tour guides affected by the current COVID-19 crisis, and as soon as the SI is passed, renewals can start online through the Belize Tourism Board’s website, Any applicants renewing their license after this three-month period will have to go through the normal process and pay a fee.

COVID-19 pandemic continues to take its toll as unemployment soars
The COVID-19 crisis is far from over, and the economic situation in Belize is expected to get tighter as business decreases, and more people lose their jobs. Those that are still working are advised to make the best of their earnings and to prepare for unprecedented obstacles, as the end of the pandemic is unknown. The government is encouraging others to stimulate the local economy while concerned islanders believe that if a proper plan is not put in place, Ambergris Caye and the rest of the country could face a humanitarian crisis.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Friday, May 22nd Meal Pick ups Location: Barrier Reef Sports Bar and Grill Times: Village: 11:00am - 11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am - 12:30pm.

COVID-19 preparedness tour in Southern Health Region
Yesterday the Minister of Health Hon. Pablo Marin and CEO Dr. George Gough went on a COVID-19 preparedness tour in Southern Health Region which included Punta Gorda Hospital, Isabel Palma Polyclinic, Independence Polyclinic and Southern Regional Hospital. Both the Minister and CEO engaged with frontline healthcare workers at these facilities. We thank them for the hard work and dedication as we continues working in the Ministry’s COVID-19 response.

John Paul II Junior College student forum: "Young Belizeans Join in the Story"
John Paul II Junior College students will be having some interesting student forums starting tomorrow, and continuing Monday and Tuesday. A series of student forums aimed at awakening national consciousness and promoting social awareness.

Artist of the Day - Jael August
Born and raised in Belize City, songstress Jael August has been involved in the creative arts since she was 4 years old – first as a dancer and now a vocal artist. It was at the age of 9, she made her singing stage debut at the Bliss Centre for the Performing Arts in Belize City. In May 2011, she was a part of the “My Body is Precious” Country Tour commissioned by Special Envoy for Women and Children and the successful “Ozzy & The Playground Posse” Country Tour created and directed by the Youth Development Officer of ICA/NICH. Jael also represented Belize with her performance in the “My Body is Precious” musical theatre at the prestigious Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) 2013 held in Suriname. She has recorded three original songs collaborating with the Legendary Lord Rhaburn, Maestra Raquel Robles Pacheco and Maestro Carlos Perrote. She continues to showcase her beautiful and powerful voice, in various genres, at numerous community and charitable events.

Art & Soul series: Miss Joanna Magana
Our Art & Soul series this week has the pleasure of showcasing one of Corozal's gems. Miss Joanna Magana, educator at Corozal Junior College, artist, writer, poet, community and women's advocate. A fearless passionate soul, Joanna is always ready to push thoughts, ideas and concepts to the next level. She has been involved with the House of Culture from its inauguration in 2012, a regular contributor and guest speaker at the annual Arte con Voz de Mujer Exhibit (she gave the exhibit its name). Miss Magana's poetry speaks volumes; insight into being a modern woman in Belize. Enjoy!!

Assisted Voluntary Return Program
Are you a Belizean stranded in a neighboring country? IOM, in coordination with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Belize can help you to go back home

Minister of National Emergency Management feeds Doctors, Nurses and Support Staff at Cleopatra White Polyclinic
Minister of National Emergency Management Honorable Edmond Castro visited Cleopatra White Polyclinic in Belize City where he provided meals for doctors, nurses and support staff at that public health institution. Honorable Castro personally participated in the preparation, delivery and distribution of the meals, a key ingredient in which is ‘Papa Jeff Smoked Beef’ produced at Castro’s own farm and processing facility.

Central Medical Laboratory receives 3000 viral swabs
On Wednesday, May 20, the Central Medical Laboratory of Belize received an additional 3000 viral swabs from the PAHO-WHO Belize country office. These viral swabs are an essential component for the testing of COVID19. With much appreciation, the Acting Director of the laboratory, Mr. Juvencio Chan, received the swabs on behalf of the Ministry of Health Belize. PAHO/WHO Belize continues to support and strengthen the health system to effectively respond to COVID-19.

This is our data up until 3 pm today. A further 72 samples were done today, all negative - the random sampling continues. We note that neighbouring Othon P. Blanco municipality has a total of 46 total confirmed cases with 16 of these active and Guatemala now has a total of 2,265 cases and the two entities continue to report increasing numbers. Physical distancing remains a vital element for prevention. Let's all keep safe.

Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen Fundraiser
Tonight join the fun!

Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen Serves 10,000th Meal!
Today we hit a milestone! We served our 10,000th cooked meal! Time for an update about numbers and finances. A little recap: At the beginning of this project, we promised transparency and to be good stewards of your donations. We also promised 100% of your dollars to be used only for food and directly associated costs (propane, utilities, barge fees, etc). Of course we’re keeping this promise, we do not pay any staff member, we do not pay volunteers. We promised you that we would not exceed our maximum cost of 2.50 BZD (1.25 USD) per meal.

Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams will be visiting San Victor Village in the Corozal District. The visit is being prompted by a recent confrontation between villagers and customs personnel as the villagers were being intercepted by custom officers with a contraband haul. The illegal activity of bringing in contraband in the area is routine, however, with the onset of COVID19, it has become more concerning to law enforcement personnel who now fear that the virus could be imported via this route.

Atlantic Bank has an express service for renewing drivers licenses

Support La Isla Carinosa Academy Education Program
The island children need your help! In 2015, Alberto Luis August established a small high-quality school on the island of Caye Caulker, Belize. This GoFundMe page was created to seek your assistance in keeping this small island school alive.

Call for Entries!
We extend a warm invitation for short videos or Art submissions in highlighting and empowering our talented Belizean children with Diverse Abilities! Such video may highlight but not limited to Cultural dance, Multi-Cultural Language Demonstration, Poetry (with use of sign language), or you may submit images of paintings, drawings or sketch! Send your edited two (2) minutes video or image of Artwork to ([email protected]) or via our Facebook Messenger. Each submission must be accompanied by a short biography of the child and a description of their talent.(Call 223-4524 for further inquiries).

The first 20 Belizean who have asked to be repatriated home to Belize after being stuck abroad because of the closure of our borders and airports due to COVID-19, will start arriving tomorrow May 22, 2020 onboard a United Airlines flight that is scheduled to arrive at 10:00am the Philip Goldson International Airport (PGIA). As no airlines are flying to Belize except to repatriate foreign nationals it is thanks to the collaborative efforts of the U.S. Embassy Belize and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that 20 Belizeans will return on the United Air Flight that is scheduled to fly to Belize tomorrow to repatriate U.S. Nationals longing to return to their home.

Belize Children’s Assistance
To those that have visited the beautiful island of Ambergris Caye, I'm sure you have met and dealt with the wonderful people that live there. A majority of the inhabitants of Ambergris Caye depend on the tourism industry for their livelihood. Due to travel bans resulting in no tourists, they are barely able to make ends meet and will be affected for at least a few more months. San Pedro and surrounding areas have been terribly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Many rent their homes and without income they won't be able to provide shelter and food for their families.

Channel 7

Guatemalan Diplomats Came Thru West Border, Privileged To Home Quarantine
Belize's borders have been re-opened to resident Belizeans returning from the many parts fo the world where they have been stuck since the borders closed in late March.  Among the first to return are 10 Shipyard Mennonites who are under quarantine at a designated hotel, the Lamanai Inn in the Orange Walk District.  But, among the very first to come in also a pair of Guatemalan diplomats.  They arrived at the western border today - and were reportedly escorted by the Health officials.  Our reports are they were not subjected to swabbing, and were then sent to self quarantine at their embassy in Belize City.

Belizeans Will Not Be On Friday Flight
And, while the Guatemalans are quarantIning at home, it has been confirmed that Belizeans will not be able to come in on that first flight tomorrow.  Yesterday on Ask The Experts, CEO Burns said that they were tying to work it out. The United Airlines flight is coming empty from the US to pick up Americans stranded in Belize.   And the hope was that maybe resident Belizeans - who urgently need to come home - especially those with chronic illnesses - could get on the flight coming in.

Health Ministry's Advice on Repatriation
But although there are no Belizeans on that flight, the the Ministry of Health is getting ready to ensure that when Belzieans do start arriving that they aren't exposing the country to the coronavirus. They are also preparing to oversee the repatriation of Belizeans who have been stuck abroad for several weeks after the Government closed the borders. At today's edition of the Government's Ask the Experts Webcast, members of the public asked the Director of Health Services to shared details about what their role in the process will look like. Here's how he put it:

Salary Cuts At BTL, But What About Staff Cuts?
Turning down to economic news, the prognosis continue to be very bad.  As we told you Tropic Air is laying off 220 of its 380 employees, and BTL is in talks with its union for across the board paycuts that could go as high as 15%.   This evening we spoke to CEO Ivan Tesecum via video conference about the company's review of all operations and every expense line - from salaries to staffing:

Cops Brutalize Galindo
7 months ago we told you about the cold-blooded murder of 58-year-old Mirna Young, a grandmother who became collateral damage in what looked like a retaliatory attack against her sons, David, and Jorge Galindo.  And tonight David is back in the news after an incident of what he describes as police brutality. Here's his take on the 6:30 a.m. drug and ammunition search allegedly led by the GSU which has left him bruised and burned. 

Funerals, From Cultural Anchor, To A Passing Event
In recent days you've heard constant talk of the new normal affecting every facet of daily life from dining out to taking a walk, but COVID-19 has had more profound effects, even altering customs and traditions from cradle to grave. Today, Cherisse Halsall looked at how COVID has turned the funeral, a cultural anchor, into a small event in passing: When a loved one dies, it's natural to want to honor that person's life with a gathering of friends and family. But what does a funeral look like mid-Pandemic? It's smaller, much smaller.

Crashed Vessel Was Racing
On Monday's newscast, we told you about a boating accident in San Pedro in which a tour vessel crashed into the wooden Wharf belonging to San Pedro International Marine Terminal. Well, preliminary investigations are indicating at this time, the captain was in some kind of boat race when he lost control of the vessel. As we told you, at around 5:45 p.m. on last Sunday evening, 35-year-old Horace Bladen, a Tour Guide from Belize City, was the captain of the boat, named "Jackson Nicholas", which is registered to  Searious Adventure Tours. He had 4 passengers on board, including the owner of the tour company.

Cannabis In Coke Truck Gets Driver Fired
On Tuesday's news, we told you about 26-year-old Melvin Velasquez. He's the Bowen and Bowen delivery truck driver from Pomona Village who police busted with weed in his truck. Well, his now former employer, Bowen and Bowen has confirmed that he has pleaded guilty. A press release from the beverage company says, quote, "We are managing the situation internally through dismissal of the delivery truck driver and the termination of the other two members of the truck crew.

38 Days Covid Free
The extended State of Emergency regulations may have you stir-crazy from being stuck at home for almost 2 months now. Or, maybe you're tired of the breathing difficulties that come with wearing a face mask all day. But, the good news tonight is that all those self-sacrifices in this new COVID-19 world have helped Belize to reach 38 days and counting with no active coronavirus cases. This was among the first few talking points for the Ministry of Health officials who returned to the Ask the Experts Webcast to update the nation on ongoing the COVID-19 fight. Here's the Director of Health Services discussing this very positive development:

Health on Schools Reopening
And what did Manzanero have to say about schools?   Last night on the news, you heard Education Minister Patrick Faber say that at this time, it appears unlikely that schools will re-open before this current school year ends. He stressed that he was not willing to make that decision just yet, because he is still hopeful the students will get some of that in-class contact time that the pandemic has deprived them of.  The problem is that there is still no finalized protocol on whether or not students will have to wear masks at school. And then, there is the set up of the classrooms, which don't exactly allow for that 3 to 6 feet of social distancing between each student.

Manza Not Keen On Gyms Opening
And while some schools are ready to go, they cannot be more eager than gym owners.   Earlier this week, several of them signed unto a list of suggestions for sanitary measures they are willing to take to make sure their gyms remain COVID free.  The gym owners insist that they are able to implement protocols to minimize that risk and that they are able to ensure that their clients observe strict social distancing. They also assert that their customers also need to remain healthy.  Well, the Director of Health Services explained why the Government is still concerned about allowing gyms to re-open:

Get Ready For a Long, Long Run With Masks
But, how about going to the gym in a mask?  Doesn't sound like much fun at all, but if you're patiently waiting for the day when the Government will lift the restrictions requiring a mask, the Director of Health Services says don't hold your breath. Here's how he explained why the face masks rules will be around for an extended period of time: "Continue to be on the lookout for information, we are not - part of what we keep trying to address in the multiple interventions we do is understand there is a new norm..."

Police Subdue Battling BDF On A Bus
A BDF soldier was caught on camera being manhandled by police - but what you see is only half the story.   Police say the 21 year old volunteer soldier Ryan Santos had been in a fight with a civilian. It happened on a Westline bus passing Ontario Village shortly before 7:35 a.m. this morning when Santos allegedly punched 21-year-old Nigel Reyes in the face. 

Cement Truck Topples On Tough Corner
A Maheias United cement mixer truck overturned this morning in the west Landivar area when the driver made a critical error of judgement on a corner turn. The truck dieppe into a deep drain, and because of the weigh, then fell on its side.   Moments later we spoke to one of the company's owners who told us that while he blames his driver, the badly designed street corner has caused problems before.  "I think there are two things. Last week there was a complaint of a Bowen truck that also had the same problem. I think it's maybe the driver kind of misjudged the angle of the street but it collapsed so I think it's a combination of both but it looks more like driver error to me than anything..."

The Other Manza Says Science Not Spin Solved COVID Tracing
Last night we told you about the slightly puzzling story of an article appearing in a Canadian Newspaper article discussing Belize's current COVID-free status. The article claimed that technology is at the forefront of Belize's COVID-19 efforts. It claims that a secret weapon developed locally, which drove decisions on a day-to-day basis.   It goes on to say that quote: "a small group of software developers, statisticians and health professionals got together and designed their own in-house tracking, tracing and reporting platform for Covid19, possibly one of the earliest such integrated efforts in the Americas."

Belize’s Neighbours Spike With CVOID Cases
As we've been telling you, Belize is the only country in the mainland Americas that does not have an active coronavirus case. But the number of cases are spiking in neighbouring countries, and today, the Director discussed the regional perspective:

Active COVID Surveillance
And because Belize is among the select few countries in the world that is COVID-free, the Ministry of health is maintaining high surveillance to detect any emerging coronavirus threat early.  Here's what the Director of Health Services had to say about the way the ministry is currently handling its testing:

Dengue Could Be Heading For Another Record Year
And, while all the emphasis has been placed on COVID 19,  Dengue is actually a greater immediate threat.  Last year was a record breaker for Belize, 10 people died from Dengue and there were 8,141 laboratory confirmed cases.   It's a very serious public health issue, and as we enter the rainy season, it will give rise to more mosquitoes and greater community risk.

12 Year Old Crushed and Killed In Tractor Turnover
A 12-year-old boy was crushed to death this afternoon by an overturned tractor. It happened in the Green Hills area of Spanish Lookout. The boy Widel Garcia was in the company of his father when 29-year-old Venus Penner lost control of a loaded red tractor which overturned on a hillside killing the boy and injuring his father, 35-year-old Pedro Garcia. 

Drugs Busted, Mexican Quarantined, The Twain Never Met
Belizean Law enforcement made a major drug bust in the Orange Walk District yesterday, finding 7 pounds of marijuana near an illegal border crossing. A joint patrol with police, customs and Baha near the Botes illegal crossing came upon a group of men who dashed off when they saw the patrol. Before they escaped, the culprits dumped a camouflage bag in an area located near the Yo Creek and San Antonio Roads.

Channel 5

Bus Industry is at the End of its Tether
The economic news continues to be grim; the unprecedented impact and the effects of the novel coronavirus are reverberating throughout the economy. In fact, even before the crisis hit Belize, [...]

MOH to Implement COVID-19 Prevention Protocols for Repatriated Belizeans
Since the government announced that it will be receiving its citizens, who got stuck in countries abroad when the airport and borders were closed, Belizeans have been preparing to return [...]

Ministries of Health and Education Talk Schools & COVID-19
While the country continues to relax its measures and open up back the economy, the same can’t be said for schools. Students are still at home doing online classes, but [...]

M.O.H. on COVID-19 Management
Today marks thirty-eight days straight since Belize last reported an active COVID-19 case. It seems like a big feat accomplished especially when cases continue to grow all around our borders. [...]

M.O.H. & S.I.B. Partner Up for COVID-19
To help complement the work of the health staff, the ministry says they needed some help to make it easier to manage the cases and the country’s response. By the [...]

Police Officers Arrest B.D.F. Soldier
A Belize Defense Force soldier found himself on the wrong side of the law this morning. He was placed under arrest by police officers on a West Line bus that [...]

Bowen and Bowen Deliver Truck Driver Fired After being Busted with Weed
Bowen and Bowen Limited has fired three employees but not due to the COVID 19. It is because police in Pomona Village found seventy-three point eight grams of marijuana in [...]

FECTAB is a House Divided: Are Personal Interests Taking Lead?
For years, we have been covering the loud noises coming from the leaders of FECTAB, the Federation of Cruise Tourism Associations of Belize on all things related to tourism. But tonight, [...]

Tourism Stakeholders Need G.O.B. to Help with Accessing Long Term Low Interest Loans
Tourism was the first sector to start showing the impacts of COVID-19. Hotels and resorts in prime tourism destinations such as Placencia, San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Hopkins and the Cayo [...]

Local Tourism Won’t Make Money, But Will Likely Boost Morale
As you know, with the ease of restrictions, domestic tourism is being promoted as a first step to open up the industry. Stakeholders are offering great deals for Belizeans to [...]

Salary Cuts at B.T.L.
Unemployment is growing due to COVID-19 and most companies have had to offer salary cuts to employees and reduce work hours to be able to stay in business. The cuts [...]

B.C.V.I. Affected by COVID-19
The health sector has been in high gear due to the corona virus but like other sectors, it is also facing challenges. Even before the lockdown of the economy, the [...]

BCVI Reviews Protocols to Ensure Safety for its Clients
B.C.V.I. is in the process of reviewing new protocols to ensure the safety of its clients. But during that time, its message to clients, in case of emergencies, is to [...]

K.H.M.H. Terminates Doctor Amin Hegar
Not far away from the B.C.V.I. is the national referral hospital, where eye treatment is also on the chopping block.  Ophthalmologist, Doctor Amin Hegar’s contract with the Karl Heusner Memorial [...]

Dr. Hegar: “My services are needed”
Hegar’s termination leaves a huge vacuum at the K.H.M.H.   According to the doctor, it places the members of the public in a vulnerable position since he was the only one [...]

COVID-19 Testing Continues; MOH May Switch to Targeted Approach
Back to the coronavirus…random testing continues three times a week. The Ministry of Health says that they are screening all persons with flu-like symptoms that show up in the health [...]

COVID-19 Tests and Testing Capabilities
So, as you heard just now, the Ministry of Health may be doing a more targeted approach in its testing in the coming weeks. The Director of Health Services says [...]

No Vaccine; No Rapid Tests for COVID-19
Doctor Marvin Manzanero says that no vaccine is available as yet, despite developments being made overseas.  It is similar news on the issue of rapid tests, which is an option [...]

COVID-19 Risk Factors – Know the Info!
While Belize has not detected new cases in more than a month, COVID-19 continues to spread around the world and more is being learnt about the virus. Now the virus [...]

Mental Health – Building Awareness Can Make a Difference
The economic and health impact of the coronavirus is taking a toll at homes across the country where families are having a difficult time to put food on the table. [...]

ACES Relocates Another Croc
The American Crocodile Education Sanctuary on Wednesday night relocated an American crocodile. The feisty young five-foot croc got lost on the grounds of a developing resort on Ambergris Caye. According [...]

Healthy Living: Dengue – Another Potential Outbreak
Since the start of 2020, we’ve all been focusing on COVID-19.  But that doesn’t mean it’s the only health issue you should be concerned about.  There’s another potential outbreak that [...]

The Reporter

Truck overturns on Campus Avenue
A white truck belonging to Maheias United Ltd overturned on Campus Avenue this morning. Details are sketchy but the driver escaped unharmed and a crane is currently underway to clear the way.


Mental disorders in Belize may worsen during covid-19 pandemic
As international mental health awareness week continues, it is important to note that those who are currently battling with mental illnesses may be having an even harder time dealing with life amid the COVID-19 pandemic. The effects that it could have on a person’s mental well-being may be detrimental, especially since help may not be so easily accessible especially with restrictions in place.

Belize Tourism Board talks about their future plans and local tourism
It is for a fact that countries around the globe are experiencing the economic impacts due to COVID-19. Here in Belize many companies and government departments had to undergo some sort of cost-saving measures.

The most common mental disorder in Belize: Anxiety
Anxiety is the most prevalent mental disorder in Belize. This disorder is characterized mainly by excessive worrying. While worrying may seem like a minor symptom, anxiety can lead to hospitalization and may also need medication to maintain.

Belize Communications Workers Union to enter into negotiations over pay cuts
Companies large and small have had to make some degree of reductions in their payroll expenditure among other areas. Tonight Belize Telemedia is looking to do the same but they will have to go through the Belize Communications Workers’ Union (BCWU).

Teen lucky to be alive following a house fire
A young boy is lucky to be alive and he has his uncle to thank for saving him from his burning home. 13-year-old Delroy Cuthkelvin was asleep in his house in Lucky Strike Village, Belize District when the fire began. According to the child’s mother, 29-year-old Shamar Herbert, she was at a neighbour’s house when she saw smoke coming from her place just after ten o’clock yesterday morning. Herbert rushed to her son’s aid but it was her brother who managed to take the young boy out of the burning bungalow home.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

By Detroy Cuthkelvin: Our mouth and nose are covered up these days (because of COVID-19), but our eyes are wide open; and we can see the stupendous sights and signs of development still progressing all around. […]

Police seek man accused of raping a minor
Police are seeking a Belize City man accused of raping a minor. According to police […]

Over 1,400 tests done; Belize remain COVID-19 free
The Office of Director of Health services informed today that 1,435 tests have been done […]

Astrum Helicopters implement new COVID-19 measures on helicopter flights
Astrum Helicopters says that it continues to closely monitor the evolving COVID-19 situation worldwide and […]

Pan American Health Organization/World Health Organization donates additional viral swabs to Belize
On May 20, the Central Medical Laboratory of Belize received an additional 3000 viral swabs […]

NEMO Minister provides food for frontline workers at Cleopatra White Polyclinic
Yesterday, Minister of National Emergency Management, Edmond Castro visited the Cleopatra White Polyclinic in Belize […]

Cement truck overturns in Belize City
A cement truck belonging to Maheias United overturned in a drain in Belize City this […]

Ministries of Health and Education still discussing reopening of schools, changes need to be made
The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Education, Youth, Sports and Culture are still […]

“Vaccines might not help with COVID-19 right away,” Director of Health Services suggests
Research into the COVID-19 pandemic is taking place all over the world and several medical […]

Over 200 applicants so far for repatriation – How long will it take?
Already, there have been more than 200 applications since the repatriation process form went live […]

MoFA: Belize “well prepared” to welcome Belizeans home, but it will cost
Belize has been relying on support from the Caribbean Public Health Administration (CARPHA) and Pan […]

“Controlled return” of Belizeans abroad underway
Following the go-ahead from Prime Minister Dean Barrow, Belize’s Ministries of Health, Foreign Affairs and […]

Caribbean Union of Teachers demands postponement of CSEC exams until September
Belize’s Minister of Education, Youth and Sports, Patrick Faber, says he is generally in agreement […]

National achievement – Beds designated for COVID-19 patients are empty
This national achievement is something which we can all appreciate. “This is important in the […]

Pesticides Control Board issues update on COVID-19 measures
The Pesticides Control Board thanks the public for the cooperation demonstrated during its implementation of […]

Mexican Embassy launches new digital cultural program
The Embassy of Mexico in Belize is launching a new cultural program, so the people […]

Bowen & Bowen dismisses truck-driver and crew busted with more than 10 grams of weed
On Friday, May 15, police in the Stann Creek District arrested and charged a delivery […]

The Second-term Inaugural Address by Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen
On the morning of May 20, ROC 15th-term President Tsai Ing-wen and Vice President Lai Ching-te attended inaugural […]


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5 Reasons Placencia is an Unforgettable Belize Destination
The 16 miles long Placencia Peninsula in southeastern Belize is often called “the island you can drive to”. It’s also called the “barefoot paradise” thanks to its beaches, which includes the longest on the mainland. Here are five reasons to visit Placencia! The tiny Placencia village with its population of 1,500 made it into the Guinness Book of World Records thanks to its 4000-foot long main street. You can enjoy its colorful street murals as you visit its many shops, bars, and restaurants. No need to worry about traffic – no vehicles allowed since it’s just 4 feet wide. Thats what makes it the world’s narrowest main street!

OPINION | How Belize used Technology to Combat COVID19
by Mike Singh. On Monday, May 4th, Belize reported zero active cases of the COVID19 coronavirus. Behind Belize’s containment success lies a locally-developed technology, aimed to bring normalcy amidst a global pandemic. For this small developing country in mainland Central America that depends heavily on international tourism and cross border trade, such a feat is an incredible one. With a population of just around 400,000, Belize’s public health system could hardly hope to cope with a massive outbreak of COVID19. Despite the large numbers in cases in neighboring countries, Belize has only had a total of 18 cases. With no new cases since April 13th, this has not been by accident.

Caribbean Nations Plan Border Reopenings
With economies heavily dependent on tourism, Caribbean countries like St. Lucia, Antigua, Aruba, and even Belize are eager to reopen their borders. Not to mention, CARICOM endorsed plans for a phased reopening of Caribbean borders solely to intra-regional travel in first instance, for as early as June. Given the COVID-19 crisis by the numbers is “largely contained” within the region, this agreement was made following the 50th Meeting of CARICOM’s Council for Trade and Economic Development (COTED). Across the region, Caribbean nation states have reacted to the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic by strict protocols and travel restrictions. But when will the Caribbean reopen? Besides being a vacation destination, many second homes and part time residencies are stuck abroad. Unfortunately, there is no concrete answer. However, some Caribbean nations fire ahead with border reopening plans and safety protocols to one day welcome cherished travelers back.

International Sourcesizz

The OAS has informed that due to the current COVID-19 situation, they will ONLY consider applications for ONLINE studies for both Undergraduate and Graduate Programs. Due to this, the National Liaison Office has extended the deadline to June 14th,2020 to give those that have submitted applications for on-campus studies an opportunity to make changes if they wish to do so and to allow new applicants to consider their options.

Belize’s Prime Minister Celebrates 31 Days With No New Cases of Coronavirus in the Country
Belize’s coronavirus numbers have reportedly held steady for 31 days, making the country one of 12 regions in the world that say they are currently free of COVID-19. 18 people were confirmed to have the virus in March, and no new cases have appeared on record since. Two people in the Central American country passed away from it. No new infections have surfaced since then, although it’s unclear how often people are being tested. Still, Belize Prime Minister Rt. Hon Dean Barrow credited Belize’s medical and scientific community for their efforts amid the pandemic.

Caribbean Nations Rally Behind UN Nuclear Weapon Ban Treaty
Caribbean support for the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons (TPNW) continues to grow, with Belize ratifying the landmark agreement on 19 May. Belize is the seventh member of the Caribbean Community, or CARICOM, to become a party, following Guyana, Saint Lucia, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinidad and Tobago, Dominica, and Antigua and Barbuda. Caribbean nations have been vocal supporters of the TPNW, reflecting their longstanding support for diplomatic efforts to achieve a more peaceful world free from the threat of nuclear weapons.


  • Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services with the Ministry of Health, 44min. It has been more than a month since the last confirmed case of COVID-19. The experts warn that this should not allow us to let down our guards as it is always possible to have a second wave of infections. Dr. Marvin Manzanero, Director of Health Services with the Ministry of Health was our guest to talk with us about the ongoing surveillance strategy.

  • Sherry Gibbs is the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology at Galen University., 40min. We are living through what will certainly be a major chapter in world history. Sherry Gibbs is the Dean of the Faculty of Arts, Science and Technology at Galen University. She had a conversation with us about how these types of events cause paradigm shifts in our culture and behavior. She shared that the push towards a digital transformation will be the most noteworthy in our collective COVID-19 experience.

  • Today we talked with Linda Blease who is a Resident DJ with Celebrity Cruises., 25min. The conversation continues about how to repatriate those students and Belizeans currently away from home. Today we talked with Linda Blease who is a Resident DJ with Celebrity Cruises. She is currently on a cruise ship docked near Costa Rica awaiting her time to return to Belize. She shared her experience living on a cruise ship during this global pandemic.

  • Representatives of St. Catherine Academy on how the school has been adjusting to the new normal., 42min. How we teach children will change and the future of our educational system will have to incorporate digital mediums. We checked in with representatives of St. Catherine Academy about how the school has been adjusting to the new normal. They also talked about their online quarantine series that airs on Fridays at 6:30 pm on the school's YouTube channel. The show features the talents of the students.

  • Diana Shaw, Executive Director of The Child Development Foundation., 33min. It's all about finding balance and flexibility! This was the advice given by Diana Shaw, Executive Director of The Child Development Foundation. She joined our show to talk about parenting in the times of COVID-19. She explained that parents need to put more focus on supporting children's emotional and mental health in these times of uncertainty.

  • Thursday's "Ask the Experts", min.

  • Dr. Lyra Spang helped us prepare to start a backyard garden., 37min. Dr. Lyra Spang helped us prepare to start a backyard garden. Her suggestion is to plant Chaya and Moringa as they are easy to grow and provide enough nutrients for families. She also gave us useful tips like turning vegetable scraps into compost to fertilize the soil in your yard.

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - ENRIQUE LORENZO CASTILLO, 2min.

  • Learning the body parts in the Yucatec Maya language with Nojoch Mak Faustino Yam, 2.5min. Nojoch Mak Faustino Yam is a retired teacher, member and spiritual adviser of To'one Masehualoon NGO. He is a proud Yucatec Maya of the Village of Cristo Rey Corozal and the founder of the Yucatec Maya Museum U Kuchil Maya Uchben Baalo'ob . He is a hard working Yucatec Maya cultural Guardian .

  • Channel 5 Obituaries - ANN MARIE CUMBERBATCH, 2min.

  • Mr Andre Perez on The Voice Of Caye Caulker, 30min.

  • BOTE HOUSE BELIZE PODCAST, 1/2min. Short video (30secs), lots of pictures and longer podcast about BOTE's history with Belize, Jeff and Cayo Frances Farm & Fly --> how the Bote House started. The best-laid plans are usually started by sketching on a napkin. When Jeff Spiegel and Corey Cooper sat down on a balmy Belizean night to discuss world peace, this was what they came up with ... the BOTE House Belize. Now, the double occupancy cabana won't solve the issue of world peace, but it is certainly a place where peace can be found. Bonefish, permit and tarpon too!

  • Accident between Georgeville and Ontario, in the vicinity of Orange Gallery, 15sec. A BDF soldier traveling in the pan of a pickup truck was injured this evening in a traffic accident. The driver escaped unharmed. Witnesses claim that the driver was on his phone and did not see the workmen on the road construction site indicating for him to slow down. The driver lost control of the pickup which ran into a pile of rubble. Witnesses on the scene say that the BDF soldier was visibly hurt.

  • Lobster rejects eel in Belize, 1min. A green moray eel just off the northern coast of Ambergris Caye, Belize, gets rejected by Lonny the Lobster. I thought I heard, "Stay out of my home Mary!" Lonny and Mary...not meant to be.

  • Join Me At My Beach Villa In Belize | Quarantine Vacation, 16min. My friend Mark, who is a tour guide and archaeologist took us to the Belize Zoo, Xunantunich (Maya Ruin) and taught us so much about our rich Belizean culture. My uncle Roger took us the Caye Caulker and to his girlfriend Miriam's bakery and her home for a wonderful meal. In this part 2 of the Belize vacation my sister and her husband gifted us with a 2 day 1 night stay Los Porticos Villa in Placencia Belize.

  • Tour the Hicatee Conservation & Research Center, home to critically endangered Hicatee Turtles in Belize, 4min. In honor of World Turtle Day 2020, we are taking you on a tour of the Hicatee Conservation & Research Center at the BFREE Biological Field Station and Privately Protected Area in southern Belize. The HCRC is a joint project between BFREE, Turtle Survival Alliance, and Belize Fisheries Department. The Central American River Turtle, locally known as the Hikcatee is one of the world's rarest turtles on Earth and classified as critically endangered. Join the staff of the HCRC as they introduce you to the captive-breeding facility and some of the resident turtles.

  • Belize 2020, 10min.