Want to do something to switch up the homeschool routine during this turbulent period?

In an effort to ease some of our financial burden and continue our wildlife care and rescue efforts during this difficult time, we are offering online educational sessions for you and/or your kids via Skype, WhatsApp, FaceTime and Zoom!

For a minimum donation of $10 USD towards our wildlife rescue efforts, you and your children can get a 15- minute personalized, real-time educational lesson about one of nature's most impressive species - crocodiles!

The session can be catered to children/teens of any age and the focus of the session can be tailored to whatever the student/parent would like to learn about I.e behavior, biology, habitat, or the world of wildlife conservation!

After the session we will email you an educational activities packet which can be printed at home to practice what you learned and spark a love for crocs! For younger children these activities include a maze, word search, crossword puzzle and more! For the older children/teens, we have an informational sheet originally written for interns to study that has a books worth of Crocodile facts compressed into a few pages. This can be used as a base for further education on the subject of crocodilians, or has enough information in it to be used as a source for a school project that can earn extra credits when school starts again.

Contact us at [email protected] to schedule your session today!

Donations are US tax deductible and can be paid through our website, AmericanCrocodileSanctuary.org.

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