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The San Pedro Sun

Recycle San Pedro Belize relocates to DFC Area
The new place to drop off empty glass bottles, of all sizes, is at a property in the DFC Subdivision near the channel bordering Mahogany Bay Village. When heading on the Marina Drive, turn left on the second to last street and then make a right when sighting the Recycle San Pedro sign. About 150 yards ahead on the right-hand side, the new home of the recycling team can be spotted by another sign. Also, if entering the Escalante neighborhood from Seagrape Drive, signs have been placed along the street for guidance.

Various Belizean Sources


Caye Caulker Soup Kitchen day Location
Wednesday, May 27th, Meal Pick ups: Location: Happy Lobster Restaurant & Bar. Times: Village: 11:00am-11:45am. Bahia: 11:45am-12:30pm.

Ocean Ferry Schedule
Kindly note that Ocean Ferry Water Taxi will be doing normal runs from San Pedro to Caye Caulker and Belize City everyday.

Webinar “Marketing Planning for Tour Operators”
The webinar “Marketing Planning for Tour Operators” is scheduled for May 29, 2020, at 10:30 a.m. Register here:

Artist of the Day - Jaylan Craig
Jaylan Craig is the founder and creative director of Modern Dance Movement, a dance studio founded in September 2019 and located at the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts. The primary focus of Modern Dance Movement is to promote dance education to students through technique and performance. Modern Dance Movement currently has forty members who are categorized in four levels from Beginners to Adults. From 2014 to 2016, she was a member of the Belize National Dance Company. Through the company, Jaylan represented Belize abroad in CARIFESTA XII and in Cuba at Danza Contemporánea de Cuba. At three years old, she began her dance training as one of the first students at Vista Dance Studio, directed by Belizean dance legend Sistie Fairweather-Harmes.

Statistical Institute of Belize - Facebook Live - Press Conference
The Statistical Institute of Belize invites you to join us live, via our Facebook page, today Wednesday, May 27th, 2020 at 10:00 am, for our second press conference of the year. We will be presenting on the following statistics: First Quarter 2020 Gross Domestic Product Estimates, April 2020 Consumer Price Index Statistics, April 2020 External Trade Statistics.

Attention High School and Sixth Form students
The Belize Bank is now accepting applications for their 2020 Scholarship Program. Head to to apply !

Items for Food Assistance Basket 3
As the Ministry embarks on the last stage of its assessments of the over 100,000 applications to the Food Assistance Programme, it would like to inform recipients of their third baskets that the items have been updated as reflected. Thank you for your continued patience

COVID-19 update
This is our data up until today. All 31 samples negative. Let’s not lose sight of what our neighbours are reporting as Mexico reports the worse day in terms of number of deaths in a single day - 501. Numbers are also projected to continue to increase in Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador and Nicaragua. The US accounts for 30.4% of the global cases at 1.73 million cases. We now enter week 7 without a case - let’s continue to be safe.

From June 1st to June 4th (MORNING ONLY). Documents needed for NEW Students Only: Birth Certificate, Immunization Form, Social Security (If available), REGISTRATION FEE: $50.

Belize Training and Employment Center (BTEC), a unit of BELTRAIDE, is pleased to announce our first ONLINE training. Administrative Assistant Training will equip individuals to expand their knowledge on soft skills, customer service, technical and office management skills. Don't Miss out!!! Date: June 1st-26th June 2020. Platform: Zoom Meeting. Price: FREE.

It is with regret that the Sarteneja Alliance for Conservation and Development (SACD) must report two unfortunate incidents that our Rangers attended to last week (w.c 05/18/2020). The first was a report of a dead manatee seen floating in the Belize New River. Our Rangers and Natural Resource Manager attended to discover a 3 meter long adult manatee near the Pueblo Nuevo ferry. They conducted a necropsy but due to the poor stage of decomposition were unable to determine the exact cause of death. There is some concern that the manatee may have been struck by a boat upstream of the Pueblo Nuevo ferry. We therefore ask all boat captains to be alert to the presence of manatees in the bay, as well as in the rivers that flow into the bay. The second incident involved our Rangers finding an abandoned gill net while on patrol within CBWS. Unfortunately, in recovering the gill net they discovered a juvenile bull shark pup had been caught, and subsequently died, in the net.

The CARSI Application Deadline is June 4th
For more information visit:

Channel 7

A Cruise Ship Homecoming
Tonight, 10 Belizean cruise ship entertainers and crew members are under mandatory quarantine at the Radisson. That's after their triumphant return to Belizean shores on Saturday morning. 7News was there at the Radisson Pier, and while police kept us away, they spoke to Cherisse Halsall via zoom. Here's what they had to say about the end of one quarantine and the start of another.

Foreman Found A Way Home
And while those 10 cruisers wait for their COVID test under quarantine - one Belizean who took another route to get back home had had a very different kind of experience. Two weeks ago, we told you about Guillermo Foreman, the Belizean car salesman who found himself stuck at the Chactemal bridge waiting to get into the country. But he didn't wait too long because 6 days later he was let in, only in handcuffs. Foreman was expected to face three months in prison for violating the state of emergency regulation which closed the border, but tonight he's at home, out on bail. This afternoon we heard from Foreman's Attorney, Norman Rodriguez who is asking how his client could have committed a crime while complying with immigration instructions.

City Mayor Says Open Sesame
Belize City's Mayor Bernard Wagner has had his back to the wall for months. The council went in half-pay in April, and since the quarantine measures have been slightly rolled back, the Mayor has been trying to get the council's finances back to some kind of normalcy. But, with some quarantine measures still in effect, it's been choking the cash-strapped council's revenue stream. Today - at another event - the mayor who has become very impatient said - that business is the lifeblood of the City and pleaded with the task force to bring the City back to life:

Satish Sticking To Story
On Friday there was late breaking news about a prominent Corozal free Zone businessman who was caught with contraband cigarettes in his vehicle coming out of the zone. Tonight we can confirm that he is Satish Punjabi - no less than a member of the Zone's Board of Directors - who has been doing business in the CFZ for over 20 years. Punjabi was intercepted by Customs late on Friday evening. They found two cases of cigarettes concealed in a compartment at the back of his Kia Sorrento.

An Especially Cruel Murder
There was an especially violent murder in the Orange Walk District over the holiday weekend and it has cops puzzled. The victim is 30-year-old Abner Novelo, who is originally from San Jose Village. Residents tell us that about 2 months ago, he became the caretaker of a farm located off the Yo Creek Road. Sometime before last Saturday morning, someone ended his life and his short tenure at the farm by killing him with gratuitous violence. Our news team has been following the story for most of today, and Daniel Ortiz has this report:

68 Year Old Dies After Hit and Run
Another group of family members grieving a traumatic death are the loved-ones of 68-year-old Rudolph Rodriguez. At around 7 o'clock on last Saturday night, he was the victim of a hit-and-run accident on the Old Northern Highway. He suffered serious injuries from that collision, and after clinging to life for over 2 days, he passed away in his hospital bed this afternoon. His family is claiming that police are aware of who the hit-and-run driver is, but so far have only impounded the vehicle that that knocked down Rodriguez. They are now demanding that the cops make an arrest in the name of justice for their deceased loved one.

Wild Hattieville Stabbing Leaves Four Men Injured
Four men were stabbed after a feud got out of hand n Hattieville last night. It started at around 6:00 when two men ran up on Enrique Pook and Roger Trapp - who were hanging out in a back yard. While police were responding to that attack, another one occurred about 500 feet away - and it was directly related to the first. Long weekend lawlessness, and we spoke to police and a relative about it:

Two Men Dead, No Arrests Yet
Police still have made no arrests in the Hopkins double murder which happened last week Friday. 55 year old Belizean dive master Quintin Espinosa and 70 year old American Wayne Burley were both killed when shots rang out at their farm near Sittee River in the Stann Creek District. Today police told us that there was an element of theft.

A Hideous Case of Rape
Keeping it in the south, there is a disturbing case of child rape. It involves two sisters, aged 5 and 9 who were victims of a man in his mid 20's. Police told us more: "On the 23rd May a 29 year old woman visited the Dangriga Police Station in the company of two female minors..."

Santa Cruz, East Of Southeastern Mexico
On Friday we took you on the Commissioner of Police's ride along to the border village of San Victor. It was a well-publicized attempt to curtail cross border contraband at a time when border jumpers risk bringing back much more than the main ingredient for a hangover. But the tour didn't end in San Victor, and after a stern but a friendly warning to the villagers who have gained a reputation as outlaws, the Commissioner, and his squad moved on to Santa Cruz, a village just across the river from Botes, Mexico. Cherisse Halsall reports: As Belizeans marked more than a month without a positive COVID-19 case, the Commissioner of police lead a group of senior officers on a tour of northern villages on the border with Mexico

COMPOL Says No Border Jumpers!
And further to his trip up the Rio Hondo, the Commissioner of police has sent a memo to his police officers telling them that they must rigorously enforce the law against border jumpers. It says, "when it comes to border jumpers, we must use no discretion. Every such person caught must be arrested, charged and taken before the court. This offence must be considered very serious as the violators are putting the entire country at risk for a second wave of COVID-19." End quote. But, in other cases, as regards masks or failure to provide reasons for moving outside of the curfew, Williams writes in the memo that police should show dome discretion in enforcement.

COMPOL Backtracks on 1 Year SOE Declaration
Williams says about 150 arrests for state of emergency violation were made nation-wide over the long weekend. Now, that's a lot of regular folks - not common criminals being dragged before the court. And that's why it raised a lot of eyebrows when Williams was quoted in an online article as saying that "extending the ?t?t? ?f Emergency until the end of 2020 would h?l? ??mb?t ?r?m?." Today he said that quote was taken out of context, and what he really meant was...

Major Crime Takes A Major Dip During SOE
Williams is also quoted as saying that the Sate of Emergency has had a significant impact in controlling crime. And, indeed, if you watch the statistics from the Belize Crime Observatory - April, when the country was under lockdown - was a real outlier as crime rates plummeted. That month registered the lowest murder count for any month since November of 2013. Robberies were down by 90%, and reports of major crime declined by 48%. But, today in Belmopan, the COMPOL said it's not about the SOE, it's about the crime strategy:

The Mayor, The Giver
In recent weeks, Mayor Bernard Wagner has been in the news both giving and receiving much-needed supplies to ease the City's COVID suffering. And this morning we caught up with him at Sister Cecelia's Home for the elderly where he was making donations to keep residents cool, comfy, and entertained.

City Watching Revenue Like A Hawk
And the City may be able to keep donating, that is if its revenue streams continue to make the improvements they've seen in the last two weeks. Mayor Wagner and his council have been closely tracking the city's coffers as well as its traffic. This morning he told us that collecting data on revenue activity is the only way to plan.

Council Rotating 460 Employees To Keep Them Paid
An essential element of the council's plan is keeping their 460 staffers paid. Right now they are working on a bi-weekly, rotational basis to take home 75% of their usual pay. Here's how the mayor broke down the hierarchy of the City Council's salary sacrifices. "We know that many of our staff are excited and want to come back to work, but we continue to be responsible and we want to look at the numbers and really analyze the numbers before we make any decision in bringing back our full staff..."

The Mayor Mortgages
Back in March, Wagner told us that the council's revenue had sunken to a few hundred dollars a day. The council had to dip deep to find even money to pay 50% of its wage bill. We asked the Mayor if his council was one of those who expected a GOB overdraft guarantee - which the PM said he could not give. Was the council hoping for one? Here's how Wagner answered:

COVID-Cruise Blues In Ja
At the top of the news we told you about the Cruise Ship which brought home 10 Belizeans staff on Saturday. They will be swabbed for COVID next week. But, the Jamaica Gleaner is reporting that a Royal Caribbean cruise ship which arrived there with its nationals did not have the best receptions.

Channel 5

First Group of Belizeans Repatriated by Sea
Belize’s borders remain closed but on Saturday, a first group of Belizeans to be allowed to re-enter Belize due to the COVID-19 pandemic arrived on a Royal Caribbean ship. Belize [...]

A Callous Murder in OW; Watchman is Chopped, Shot to Death
The lockdown across the country has minimized crime, but all that changed in the Orange Walk District on Saturday were a grisly find was made. The body of Abner Novelo [...]

Investigation into Double Murder Continues
In respect of a double murder in Hopkins, police say that they don’t have a clear motive or suspects for the homicide that happened on Friday morning.  At this time, [...]

Delivery Man Charged under S.O.E.; Says He was Working
Mason Berry, the owner of a delivery service in the west, feels that he may have been singled out and unfairly charged under the state of emergency regulations. Berry says [...]

Elderly Man Knocked Down and Left for Dead
Sixty-eight-year-old Rudolph Rodriguez died this afternoon after being the victim of a hit and run incident that occurred on Saturday night.  It happened on the Old Northern Highway when Rodriguez [...]

Family of Hit and Run Victim Wants Justice
The family fears that Rodriguez’s death might not be properly investigated by police.  Alvarez says that the person who knocked down and killed his uncle is a well-known, highly connected [...]

NCL Lays Off Close to 300 Employees at Harvest Caye
The tourism industry is a major player of the economy, driving job creation and foreign exchange.  But COVID-19 has severely affected the industry, causing massive layoffs. As a first step [...]

Business Community Struggling; What’s Next?
It’s been forty-five days since there has not been a confirmed case of COVID-19 recorded in Belize, a fact that has placed Belize in a unique health position on this [...]

Revenue Stream Update from Belize City Mayor
While we were with the Belize City Mayor today, the media asked for an update on the revenue streams at the Council. In April when the state of emergency was [...]

Four Men Receive Stab and Chop Wounds during Violent Incident in Old Hattieville Area
As the state of emergency is relaxed, crime is rearing its ugly head.  Tonight, four men are recovering at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital for varying degrees of injury following [...]

Was Hattieville Violence Over Territory, Marijuana?
The Gang Suppression Unit was deployed to the area and it resulted in the detention of four persons, whose name will not be disclosed at the time since charges have [...]

ComPol Williams Visits Santa Cruz to Put a Stop to Contraband
The village of Santa Cruz up north is a haven for contrabandistas and a way of life for the villagers.  Santa Cruz sits immediately in front of the Mexican community [...]

Kafele Garcia Not Guilty of Murder
Kafele Garcia is at home with his family tonight after he was found not guilty of murder today in a trial without a jury before Supreme Court Justice, Colin Williams. [...]

D.P.P. Withdraws Attempted Murder Charge against Ulide Allen
Also in the court, the prosecution in the attempted murder trial of Ulide Allen, on instruction from the Director of Public Prosecutions, withdrew the charge against him before Magistrate Albert [...]

Two Minors Raped in Dangriga
There is a disturbing rape case coming out of the south tonight. Two children were allegedly raped by a man in Dangriga.  Police say that on the twenty-third of this [...]

ComPol Speaks on Policing During the SOE
Commissioner of Police Chester Williams says that it is not easier policing during the state of emergency than it is under normal circumstances. He says that it is actually more [...]

ComPol on Extension of S.O.E.
On the topic of the state of emergency, an online site conducted an interview with Commissioner of Police Chester Williams last week where he is quoted as saying; “I would [...]

CitCo Donates to the Elderly at Sister Cecilia
On a positive note, life at the Sister Cecilia Home for the Elderly will be more comfortable for the vulnerable population who has to adhere to the strict guidelines imposed [...]

Frontline Workers and Police Officers Get Pantry from Indian Community
Saving the best for last…today the Belize Indian Community issued its last batch of vouchers as a part of its pantry programme to assist those affected by COVID-19.  The recipients, [...]

Environmental Advocate Passes Away
The environmental community is without one of its member tonight. Doctor Candy Gonzalez passed away over the weekend.  Gonzalez was the founder of the Belize Institute of Environmental Law and [...]

American Croc Starves with a Stomach Full of Plastics
An American crocodile was found on the brink of death on the north side of Ambergris Caye over the weekend.  He was eventually euthanized because his condition was too far [...]


Elections coming up for the Belize Police Association
The presidential seat for the Belize Police Association is up for grabs again. This time, two slates have been put together with former President, Eldon Arzu, and Sergeant Jane Usher vying for Presidency. As you may recall, the Commissioner of Police (COMPOL), Chester Williams decided that the tenure of the President should be limited to two terms. Corporal Eldon Arzu who has already served in that capacity for seven years is challenging that decision in court. While the matter is still before the court, elections are coming up and according to Commissioner Williams, he remains neutral.

Man brutally killed in northern Belize
The peacefulness of Yo Creek Village, Orange Walk District was disrupted when resident was viciously murdered on Saturday morning. The body of 30-year-old Abner Novelo was found with his right hand chopped off and with a gunshot wound to the head.

Crocodile found starved with plastic bags in its stomach
Two weeks ago, the American Crocodile Education Sanctuary (ACES) in San Pedro Town made a harrowing discovery – a crocodile beached in the mangroves that had been reduced to mere reptile skin and bones. What ACES later discovered, however, was much worse. It turns out that the crocodile was starving to death and could not eat because its stomach was filled with plastic bags.

The Belize Zoo reopens to the public
The Belize Zoo launched a soft reopening on Saturday after two weeks of being closed. Reporter Courtney Menzies paid a visit to the many animals and learned more about what has been going on during their closure.

Belize endures weekend heatwave
A scorching weekend is what Belizeans experienced over the weekend as temperatures rose as high as one hundred and seventeen degrees Fahrenheit in the Cayo District. As a sort of public service announcement, Dr Marvin Manzanero issued a reminder via social media for people to keep hydrated.

Four men injured in an altercation in Rural Belize
Three men are tonight nursing varying degrees of injuries after they were stabbed last night in Hattieville, Belize District. 28-year-old Enrique Pook was cut to the chest area and received lacerations on his left hand. 35-year-old Christopher Lee Hyde sustained a large cut wound to the left side of his head and 30-year-old Calbert Mejia received a cut wound to the back of his head. During a police press brief held this morning in Belmopan preliminary information was presented to the media.

Man survives being chopped in Belmopan
A Belmopan resident was stabbed by his friend seven times on Sunday evening. 39-year-old Porfilio Ico now remains hospitalized in a critical condition. Cayo Correspondent Fem Cruz has the story.

Citrus Products of Belize Limited to start processing more tropical fruits
The Citrus Growers Association (CGA) delivered its first shipment of pineapples for this year to be processed by the Citrus Products of Belize Limited (CPBL). 250,000 pounds of the fruit will be shipped to them for processing between today and tomorrow. This is only the start for CPBL to advance their facilities to be able to process tropical fruits aside from citrus.

Jobs available for over 500 persons
At a time when many have lost their jobs and vacancies are few, the RCC Business Process Outsourcing is offering hundreds of jobs. The Ready Call Centre as it is commonly known as, is celebrating its fifteenth anniversary as an established Call Centre in Belize and is looking to fill positions at both branches in Belize City and Orange Walk District. As COVID-19 recovery efforts begin, RCCbpo envisions hiring as being an integral part of the rebuilding work. Love News spoke to the Chief Executive Officer, Nubia Ramirez and she stated that It is a perfect opportunity for persons who were once a part of the tourism and hospitality industry because the skills transfer to the call centre environment immediately.

First group of Belizeans repatriates received over the weekend
Ten Belizeans, over the weekend, joined the list of persons under quarantine after they became the first set of repatriated persons to Belize. The group came home via cruise ship and were place under quarantine at the Radisson Fort George Hotel. The Director of Health Services explained the process upon their arrival.

Breaking Belize NewsPJ

A successful local tourism-Commonwealth day weekend in Belize
Pictures of Belizeans enjoying quality relaxation time at Belize’s resorts and hotels flooded social media […]

Belize enters 7th week without a COVID-19 case – 31 more samples test negative
In today’s COVID-19 update, the Ministry of Health reports that 31 more samples were tested […]

Belize City Mayor says business picking up steadily, urges GOB to fully reopen the economy
Belize City Mayor, Bernard Wagner said that the Belize City Council’s revenue collection has increased […]

Dangriga man charged for 3 counts of rape against 2 minors
A 29-year-old Dangriga man has been charged with three counts of rape against two minors. According […]

Of service and sacrifice: Organizations going the extra mile for the elderly
Since mid-March, the majority of activities held at the Sister Cecilia Home for the Elderly […]

Suriname’s 74-year-old former military dictator’s party beaten into second place in general election
President of Suriname, Desi Bouterse, is potentially in trouble after preliminary results of Monday’s general […]

Belize Economic Recovery Plan: A Working Document – PART I
By John Saldivor MSc (Econ): Since March 2020, the Belize economy has come to almost a grinding halt as a consequence of the worldwide pandemic COVID-19. Tourism, the mainstay of the economy, collapsed immediately after the closing of the international airport and with it has gone over fifteen thousand jobs and millions in foreign exchange […]

Belize Economic Recovery Plan: Part II – AGRICULTURAL REVIVAL
By John Saldivor MSc (Econ): Since March 2020, the Belize economy has come to almost a grinding halt as a consequence of the worldwide pandemic COV1D49. Tourism, the mainstay of the economy, collapsed immediately after the closing of the international airport and with it has gone over fifteen thousand jobs and millions in foreign exchange. […]

By John Saldivar MSc (Econ): As Belize attempts to recover from the economic impact caused by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, jobs need tob ted, industries need tob tablished, and our economy needs to be rebuilt. This economic recovery at least for the next twelve months will have to be mostly internally driven […]

Belize City Council supporting the elderly with donation to Sister Cecilia Home
Today, the Belize City Council made a donation of equipment and supplies to the Sister […]

Crime Stoppers offers reward in Hopkins double murder case
Crime Stoppers Belize is offering a reward of up to $2000 for information leading to […]

Lev Dermen still in jail; two ex-associates charged, one pleads guilty
COVID-19 has dominated the news cycle in Belize since March, but for a while before […]

RCCbpo (Ready Call Center) taking on 500 positions for 15th anniversary
With the unemployment ranks swelling, news of hiring anywhere is a major development. Belize’s first […]

National Aids Commission provides food assistance to persons living with HIV
As part of its ‘Continuity of HIV Services during COVID 19 Action Plan,’ the National […]

Over 1,000 COVID-19 cases in Haiti
Haiti has become the first Caribbean Community (CARICOM) nation to register 1,000 positive cases of […]

Costa Rica leads the way for same-sex marriage in Central America
The Central American nation of Costa Rica today becomes the first country in Central America […]

United States placing restriction on incoming travelers from Brazil
The United States is imposing a travel ban on all non-American travelers trying to enter […]

Four men injured in brawl
Police are investigating a fight that occurred last night in Hattieville and left 4 men […]

Meet Saint Ignatius High’s Salutatorian – Wagner Maldonado
By Zoila Palma Gonzalez: On Saturday, May 30 Saint Ignatius High School in Santa Elena, Cayo will host […]

COMPOL Williams: Curfew minimizes night time gatherings and activities
This morning, Commissioner of Police, Chester Williams issued a statement refuting claims that the curfew […]

We Need to Help Plug Coronavirus’s Huge Impact on the Belize Economy
by Gordon Kirkwood:The Belize economy is having a really tough time due to Coronavirus impacting its number one earner Tourism. In 2018 tourism accounted for more than all the other sectors of the Belize economy added together […]

Glen Gordon, cycling’s “Big Man”, passes on
The Cycling Federation of Belize this morning announced the passing of Glen “The Big Man” Gordon, 65, a top contender in the sport in the 1970s


Two Great New Belize Books
Knowing urgency was a factor and wanting to support the cause with something that directly ties into feeding people, the Ambergris Caye COVID Relief Cookbook was born. 100% of the profits from this book are getting donated to the San Pedro Hot Meals Program, to purchase food and supplies so they can continue to feed those in need on the island. I, too, was writing a book this week, I have done many one-offs over the years. This particular project had been a bit overdue, so I put it on the top of my quarantine to-do list last Sunday. Along with housecleaning and the holiday Sex and the City Marathon. It’s one of a kind, an organic kids’ story called Tinker’s travels. I was inspired to create it by recycling the leaves in my fresh flower assortment, a gift a few weeks back from Pandora at Kunahmul Organics.

Finding Joy In Quarantine in Honey Bunches of Oats
I can let the news cycle and social media take over my roller coaster. CNN, Fox News, non-stop BREAKING NEWS. My roller coaster was driven by “news” in April. It left me feeling helpless, scared, and…catatonic. I can try to control this roller coaster with things that I think are good for me. I’ve tried that. Yoga videos, meditation apps, gratitude journals. And I know all these things will make things better but man…it’s hard to force a new healthy habit during all of this uncertainty. I don’t need that stress right now. OR I can focus on the little things that are making me extraordinarily happy during this time. Fresh mangos, Honey Bunches of Oats cereal with cold milk, good and even great books that I’m reading in the afternoon under the covers, my new dog Mocha, who is a total leaner…

The Toledo District
Toledo is the southernmost district in Belize, with Punta Gorda as the district’s capital and hub of activity. It is small, tranquil, and untouched, yet has everything to offer in experience. To experience Toledo is an eye-opening surprise: calling its 1,700 square miles of rainforests just ‘lush’ would be an understatement. There is an extensive network of caves, coastal lowland plains, and offshore cayes, as well as mountains. Several cultures live and share this Southern gem: Mopan and Kekchi Maya, East Indians, Mennonites, and Garifuna. Toledo is referred to as the ‘forgotten land’ because it is remote, quiet and unspoiled. This is a place where you could certainly live off the grid. Surely, there are few places like it; a place to explore and immerse oneself in nature, untouched for centuries.

The Caves Branch Experience
If adventure is a top priority on your vacation then experience Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch, an oasis tucked away in Belize’s lush rainforest! Just off the Hummingbird Highway, this jungle lodge boasts a 20 year history in Belize – now home to some of the most thrilling and adventurous tours Belize has to offer. What first started as a small jungle camp by founder Ian Anderson has now evolved into a 5-star jungle retreat, including tree top villas, outdoor showers, and private rooftop hot tubs. From the moment you step foot at the Lodge, you’re immersed in the tranquility of this calm oasis and its viridescent vegetation. Nestled in a lush 50 thousand acre estate, Caves Branch Jungle Lodge is an escape from the hustle and bustle of the world.

International Sourcesizz

During coronavirus lockdown, Belize locals donate food to zoo animals
Belize Zoo has something of a reputation for being a haven for animals. Most of the species living there have been rescued from poachers or poor conditions. All are native to the Central American country bounded on one side by the Caribbean and on the other by lush rainforest. Usually, visitors to the zoo can get a close look at jaguars, toucans, tapirs and other endemic species. But now that the country is in coronavirus lockdown and can't welcome any customers, founder Sharon Matola, says the institution is struggling financially. And that makes it hard to keep their hundreds of animals sufficiently fed. But locals are stepping in and donating everything from sugarcane to pigs' heads to supplement the zoo dwellers' diets.

Caribbean Turning Tide On COVID-19
Caribbean countries quickly introduced strict public health measures, including the closing of borders to international travel, social distancing rules, work-from-home solutions, curfews, and in some cases, lockdowns,” he noted. He said the latest statistics indicate that several countries in the region “have already begun to turn the tide against COVID-19 with increased testing and more isolation, resulting in increasing numbers of recoveries”.

Free Webinar by CATA and TripAdvisor on the current tourism trends for Central America
Date: May 27th Time: 10:00am Register here:


  • Belize Eco Village: Daily Gardening, 3.5min.

  • Belize: Animal protection during the coronavirus pandemic, 7min.

  • Belize: Tier- und Artenschutz während der Coronavirus Pandemie, 7min. Im "Belize Zoo" leben ausschließlich heimische Tiere. Jaguare, Tukane, Affen, Tapire - der Zoo ist für viele Belizianer die einzige Möglichkeit, die Artenvielfalt ihrer Heimat hautnah zu erleben und somit zu verstehen, warum Naturschutz wichtig ist.

  • Dawn Bird Calls in a Belize Rainforest, 1.5min. The Belize Zoo is reserved for indigenous animals like jaguars, toucans, apes, tapirs. It’s a place the Belizeans can learn about their country’s wildlife and how important it is to protect it. But the project is threatened by the coronavirus pandemic.

  • Peaceful Night in a Belize Rainforest - Common Paraque and Gecko Close By, 1.5min.

  • The village of San Antonio in the Cayo district, 2.5min.

  • Webinar “Learning the Mayan Number System”, 57min.

  • BTEC Communications Series, 22min.

  • The Development of the Health Sector in Belize - Covid-19 Update, 50min.

  • Frigatebirds caught on video this eveving soaring in style over our Corozal Bay, 1/2min.

  • Vistro interviewed Terry from D' Vine Cravings, 1min. Meet D' Vine Cravings, with only over a year old they have become famous across San Ignacio and Santa Elena with their Ceviches. Terry Juan( the owner) shares a bit of their journey in this week's highlight.

  • Beneath the Surface Episode 7: BOTE House Belize, 1/2min. In episode 7 of the Beneath the Surface Podcast, Corey and Sean reminisce about meeting Jeff Spiegel and the building of BOTE House Belize.

  • Backpacking Belize - Hero 3 Black, 3min. Backpacking through Belize, December 2019. SHot on Hero 3 Black. Caye Caulker and Placencia Belize.

  • The Belize Zoo reopens to the public, 5min. The best little zoo in the world reopened it's doors to the public this weekend after being closed for eight weeks. Our reporter Courtney Menzies paid a visit and learned more about what has been going on during their closure.

  • Driving golf cart San Pedro Belize, 2.5min.

  • Turneffe Island (Belize) Scuba Trip, 21min.

  • Bringing The Belize Zoo To You Keeper Feature: Meet Shania!, 2min.

  • Belize 2019, 13min.

  • Belize Tourism Industry Association on Open Your Eyes Thursday, 21st 2020, 58min. In response to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the tourism industry of Belize, the Belize Tourism Industry Association (BTIA) offers its recommendations on behalf of its members and tourism stakeholders about the actions and strategies that the Government of Belize should take into consideration. The tourism industry of Belize must adapt, survive, and recover from the negative impacts of the pandemic. As a nation whose GDP comprises of 40% from tourism, it is vital for Belize to have a Recovery Plan for the tourism sector.

  • Chasing Coral | FULL FEATURE, 1.5hr. Chasing Coral explores the reality that coral reefs around the world are vanishing at an unprecedented rate. A team of divers, photographers and scientists set out on a thrilling ocean adventure to discover why and to reveal the underwater mystery to the world.

  • Drive down "backa back street" in San Pedro, 1.5min.